Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter #24: The Takeover
Redip goes up to the control room, where he finds Holts waiting for him. They smile at each other and begin to laugh.
Holts: I take it we have won.
Redip: The Brothers still live, but Peach is still in the Underwhere.
Holts: Amazing.
Redip: The Brothers will spend so much time looking for her they won't take notice as we move in here.
Holts: And then.... we'll control the army with help from Stul, and Edger and Warth will deal with the Brothers and we'll have a new home.
Redip: One where we rule.
The two laugh evilly.

Meanwhile in the Underwhere, we see Peach crossing the river Styx on the boat. She looks over the side.
Peach: I'm coming, Mario. Please stay alive long enough....
Boat Owner: Mario, you ssssay? The Mario who came here before with you and the otherssss?
Peach: Yes.
Boat Owner: I know why you’re here.
Peach: Hmm! You do? This has nothing to do with Mario.
Boat Owner: I know. You were brought here by one of them. The already dead one. The one who we gave a link to here.
Peach: WHAT? know of them.
Boat Owner: Not much myself, by Jaydesss doesss. Ohhh... We’re here. Remember to ask her about what I ssssaid.
Peach: Ummmm, thank you.
Peach smiles and gets off and starts running to where Jaydes is.

Meanwhile above ground, we see the doctor crawling through the woods to where he finds Mario and Luigi walking around riding Yoshi, who is moving slowly due to the extra weight.
Doctor:! Mario!
Mario: What...? Doctor, what are you doing here?
Doctor: I know... the leader…
Mario and Luigi: WHAT?
Doctor: It's... him...
Luigi: Lovely, but who is him?
Doctor: Re...
Before he can finish, Warth and Edger drop from a tree.
Warth: Found you, you naughty doctor. Trying to give away our plans and leader.
Edger: Hmmm. You are pesky, Mario Brothers, but Peach will never come back.
Luigi: WHAT?
Edger: Holts has escorted her into the Underwhere.
Mario: No... WHY YOU!
Mario lunges at Edger, who backs up and trips. Mario claps and slams his hands on Edger and sets him ablaze. Edger gets up and storms about, flinging his tentacles about and draining energy from trees to stay alive. Warth slashes Mario across the face and he falls. Warth looks up to Luigi and Yoshi, who gasp. Yoshi turns and runs with Luigi, who tries to go to Mario but can't.
Yoshi: Sorry Luigi, but we need to run...
Warth: EDGER!
Warth holds his hand to Edger and sucks the fire off him, and he falls.
Edger: Ugh, that was close. Stupid Mario, but now... we have him.
Edger gets up and walks to Mario and flings his tentacles out and shoots them at Mario, but he rolls away and ends up rolling down a hill.

Back at the castle, Stul has joined Holts and Redip. The three go through the halls talking to each other.
Redip: I'll need entrance to the Underwhere once more, Holts. You'll need to take me.
Holts: Why go there?
Redip: I need the water of River Styx.
Stul: WHAT?
Holts: Are you crazy?
Redip: It isn't the water that kills the dead, it's the hands in it that do. I have my own talents besides my eye. I am a man of science. I will convert the water to acid. Once done, I will have it sprayed over the kingdom. The water is dead and so will be the acid.
Holts: You'll form a compound that will turn them into the living dead. Every being in the kingdom.
Redip: Heh! Jaydes made a mistake, and she'll regret it.
Stul: Heh! How nice. You’re as nice as you were before we died.
Redip: Of course. Where are Edger and Warth?
Holts: Doing as planned, dealing with the Brothers to hold them up more.
Redip: Good, good. We’re almost there.
The three turn a corner and go down some stairs while laughing.

Meanwhile underground in the Underwhere, we see Peach walking up to Jaydes, who gasps.
Jaydes: Peach! Why are you back here?
Peach: You don't know? I was brought here.
Jaydes: But I can tell you aren't dead, and if you were why would you come here?
Peach: Holts brought me.
Jaydes: HOLTS... Oh, I made a mistake.
Peach: What?
Jaydes: All seven of them. Are they all attacking you?
Peach: Yes.
Jaydes: I have something to tell you. Something I need you to know.
Peach gasps, and Jaydes moves up to her.
Chaper #25: Jaydes’s Secret
Jaydes: Those seven were all dead.
Peach: WHAT?
Jaydes: You see, they said they wanted one more chance to prove to Grambi that they were really good people, so he and I agreed to give them a chance and we revived them partially
Peach: What do you mean?
Jaydes: They are all living, but only through an orb of energy I placed behind a marking I gave them.
Peach: The markings. That is why they live.
Jaydes: Yes, HOWEVER! Neither of you knew that, so why did Tongulty and Veny die?
Peach: I know already. Veny told me.
Jaydes: Okay. Now the big part is that I see your world. Mario is injured and Luigi made an unwanted getaway on Yoshi. Redip is attacking your castle with Stul and Holts, while Edger and Warth are holding the Brothers off.
Peach: Oh no.
Jaydes: I will warp you up, but I need to tell you more about these remaining five that makes them quite different.
Peach: What?
Jaydes: I chose all their powers. When I did so, I gave them all a role. For example, I gave Edger the ability to drain energy, and told him directly that he has the ability to straight out kill the other six. I did this because if he resisted the urge to do so then he would automatically quality to go to the Overthere. I gave Stul the ability to hypnotize people. If even once she used it she'd fail to prove herself.
Peach: So you gave them these powers to test if they were ready for the Overthere.
Jaydes: Stupid, I know, but you see, I can't bring them down again unless the energy is pulled from them. Redip is your biggest worry. I gave him a deadly ability, the ability to predict the future through his eye. He can see what you do before you do it. How else did he kill Funja? He knew exactly where he went without making any attempt to keep him in sight.
Jaydes: Yes, and you are going up and you’re going to tell the brothers. The best I can do is send you up to where you were brought here from. Please get them down here.
Peach: I will. It is my duty.
Jaydes: Okay. Here we go.
Jaydes glows and Peach disappears.

Above ground we see Edger riding a rampaging Warth through the forest after Luigi and Yoshi. The two catch up into sight and Edger shoots a tentacle out at them, but Luigi turns to the side and the tentacle ricochets off a cliff side and flops down. Edger withdraws it and jumps off of Warth and corners Luigi and Yoshi at the cliffside.
Edger: Heh, nowhere to run now, Greeny.
Luigi: I'll get you. I'm not scared.
Warth: Well aren't you confident? No matter, your brother is probably dead by now. It’s you against us.
Yoshi: I'll help you, Luigi.
Warth: Oh my. Try if you wish, it won't help.
The four prepare to fight.

Meanwhile we see the doctor crawling into a cave as Peach appears in it. Peach gasps and runs to him and picks him up.
Peach: Oh no! What happened?
Doctor: Redip.
Peach: Darn. Okay, let's go. We’re going to find Mario and Luigi.
Doctor: Mario is crawling in that direction after Luigi and Yoshi. He is severely hurt, we need to hurry.
Peach: Okay.
Peach begins to run, while elsewhere, Mario crawls slowly, his face turning purple more and more.
Mario: Dang, I’d better not need a metal head. Where are you, Luigi?
Mario keeps crawling until he comes to a clearing with a village in the center. Mario crawls up to it and some Mushroomers run to him and lift him up and carry him away in silence and take him into a building.

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