Mario and Kirby: The Seven Stars of the Star Portal

By Blade Guy

Chapter 18: The Road to Exor

Our heroes are seen heading to the underground pipe lines to get to the pipe that leads to Mt. Rugged. When they find the pipe, they all jump in, and come out in a town.

Mario: Oh no! I forgot, the pipe leads to Dry Dry Outpost. We have to go on foot to get to Mt. Rugged.

Yoshi: But, we could get lost in the desert. Even you said that you got lost at one point on your adventure here.

Mario: Don't worry, just follow the path and we will get to Mt. Rugged safely.

Mario and Co. head out of town and into the desert. But little do they know that Marx is watching.

Marx: They made it. It will only be a matter of minutes before they get here!

Smithy: What do you suppose we do?

Marx: We let them come. I want Exor to test their power!

Smithy: Very well.

Meanwhile. Mario and the gang are in the middle of Dry Dry Desert.

Mario: Be careful guys, and whatever you do, don't let a Tweester get you.

Yoshi: Those guys can be dangerous.

They continue on and Kirby just can't stop thinking about what might happen if they lose in the battle with Marx. Just then, a Bandit comes running toward them.


Mario sees him and whacks him away.

Tubba Blubba: Those guys are annoying.

Mario: Tell me about it.

As they continue, a gust of wind comes by and a tornado is formed.


Kirby: What do we do?!

Meta Knight: Maybe if I mach tornado him in reverse, he will leave!

Yoshi: Try anything!

Meta Knight starts to spin in the opposite direction and rams into the Tweester. The Tweester goes away and our heroes move on. They are almost to Mt. Rugged, but a horde of Bandits block the path.

Bandit 1: We are the Bandit Blockade. If you give use something valuable, we will let you pass.

Mario: But we don't have anything valuable.

Bandit 2: Then you can't pass!

Tubba Blubba: But, you can find valuable stuff in Dry Dry Ruins.

Bandit 3: Really?

Bandit 4: Okay boys, we are moving out!

The Bandits leave and our heroes move on. They make it to Mt. Rugged.

Doopliss: Now, where would Exor be?

Mario: My guess, at the top of Mt. Rugged.

Meta Knight: I'll go look.

Meta Knight flies up and sees a giant sword perched at the top of Mt. Rugged. He comes down and tells everyone.

Mario: Saw that coming.

They move on, but see a birdís nest and then see Buzzar and her babies.

Mario: We must sneak past her quietly.

They cross the bridge and make it to the other side without being seen. They head to the center of Mt. Rugged and start to figure out how to get up there.

Kirby: We could use the Star Pieces to get us up there.

Mario: No.

Yoshi: I could go Super Dragon and fly everyone up.

Mario: No, Exor might shoot us down.

Then Mario gets an idea.

Mario: But I do remember a secret passageway. Come on.

Everyone follows Mario and they find themselves inside Mt. Rugged. Then they come up to a wall that will lead them to Exor.

Mario: Okay everyone, we must get up there and defeat Exor. Itís the only way to get into the Factory.

Yoshi: Okay, how about I go Super Dragon and Mario can ride me?

Tubba Blubba: Yeah, and I can use the Star Piece to make myself grow, and have everyone else get on me.

Mario: Letís do it!

Mario hands both Yoshi and Tubba a Star Piece. They hold them tightly and feel power in themselves. Yoshi grows wings and Tubba grows to Exorís level. Mario gets on Yoshi, and Kirby, Meta Knight, and Doopliss get on Tubba. Yoshi flies up only to see Exor sleeping.

Mario: I'll handle this.

Mario gets his Lazy Shell and kicks it right into one of Exorís eyes. He wakes up and sees the heroes. But he eyes Mario the most.

Exor: YOU! You were the one who destroyed me, Master Smithy, and the Smithy Gang! Now youíre back to destroy me again and take out Smithy and the Smithy Gang again! But now you want to destroy Master Marx too! You must DIE!

Boss: Exor


Yoshi breathes fire into Exorís left eye, and Tubba smacks him in the right eye. But Exor shows no sign of weakness. Exor then opens his mouth and sends a beam at them. Yoshi avoids it, and Tubba takes the hit. Mario fires his Lazy Shell at Exor, but he still doesn't feel pain.


Yoshi sends a fireball at Kirby, who sucks it up and becomes a Kirby original: Fire Kirby! Fire Kirby shoots fire at Exor's right eye, who again feels no pain whatsoever.

Mario: I don't get it! He doesn't feel any pain! But why?

Exor: Hahahaha! Now you will taste pain!

Exor opens his mouth again, but this time, he performs the diamond saw move. Yoshi is hit, but endures it. Tubba smacks him once more, but still nothing. Then, Mario gets an idea. He fires his Lazy Shell at Exor's mouth. That is when Exor feels the pain.

Mario: Change of plain! AIM FOR THE MOUTH!

Mario and Yoshi both fire the Lazy Shell and a fireball at Exor's mouth. Tubba hip attacks him, Kirby breathes more fire, Meta Knight drill swords him, and Doopliss transforms into the diamond saw and hits his mouth. All of those attacks cause Exor much more pain. Then his mouth hangs open.

Mario: Now we do what I did last time. Aim for the skull on the top.

Everyone fires their attacks at Exor's skull. Exor cries loudly and has had enough. His eyes light up and he shoots a laser out of his eyes. Everyone is hit, but they endure it. Then they all fire one big blast of attacks and finish off Exor.


Exor doesn't say anything else and just stays their with his mouth wide open. Then a beam comes out that sucks everyone in and turns Yoshi and Tubba back to normal. Now they must enter the factory and find Smithy and Marx.

Chapter 19: The Smithy Gang's Last Battle

Our heroes land with a thud on the floor of Smithy's Factory. They look around and see that it has changed very much. There are now gears, moving parts, and mechanical sounds.

Mario: Smithy must've made a little change inside Exor since I Iast came here.

Yoshi: Come on, we have to move on.

They move through the Factory and confront mechas of the Axem Rangers, Mack, Bowyer, and Yaridovich. They beat them all. They also run into some Shysters and Drill Bits, but beat them easily too. But, this is when the real fun begins, and by fun, I mean danger is ahead. The spot where Count Down was is now occupied by Shysters and Aeros. Our heroes beat them easily, but then, up from above come Mack and Bowyer.

Mario: You guys! I thought we took care of you on Yoshi's Island!

Mack: We had a long break and we are back up and running!

Bowyer: Refreshed we are nya! We now beat you nya!

Mack: We are also avenging Yellow and Pink for what that knight did to them!

Meta Knight: Your fate will end up the same as theirs!

Kirby: Easy Meta Knight, letís just beat them and then move on.

Mario: Time to bring on some pain!

Boss: Mack and Bowyer

Mack lunges at Yoshi, but Yoshi tongue-swipes him away. Bowyer grabs some Aeros and starts slinging them toward our heros. Kirby sucks one up and becomes Aero Kirby again. He starts to sling Aeros back at Bowyer. They both keep firing at one another. Meanwhile, the other five are up against Mack and his four Shysters. Tubba smacks the living daylights out of the Shysters and Mario, Yoshi, Meta Knight, and Doopliss all attack Mack at once. Mack takes a lot of damage but still stood strong.

Bowyer: Unleash my best move I will nya! STATIC E!

Mack: It is time for FLAME WALL!

Mack and Bowyer unleash their best moves and everyone is hit and knocked down, but still manage to get up. Mario charges toward both of them and sends his Lazy Shell toward them. They are both hit and get knocked over. But they get up and start to charge up for Flame Wall and Static E again. Then Mario gets an idea.

Mario: Doopliss, I don't know what the Star Piece will give you this time, but youíre the only one who hasn't unleashed another move from the Star Piece. So give it a shot.

Mario hands him the piece and Doopliss holds on to it tightly and he is able to turn into an object now. He then transforms into a barrier to block Flame Wall and Static E. Then he transforms into a time bomb and Mario throws him at Mack and Bowyer. Doopliss explodes and when the smoke clears, Mack and Bowyer are seen on the ground motionless, but still alive.

Mario: Well, that takes care of them. Letís go.

Mario and friends see a hole in the ground and fall in. By the time they leave, Mack and Bowyer get up.

Mack: Man, that guy is strong.

Bowyer: Evil I won't be if I must go up against guys like that nay.

Mack: I agree, man, letís blow this joint and find somewhere else to go.

Mack and Bowyer have turned to the side of good, and head out of the Factory/Exor to find somewhere where they belong. Mario and Co. are now in the room filled with Ninjas. They beat them, but have a little trouble. Then they fall through the hole only to find Yaridovich and the Axem Rangers.

Mario: ...

Yoshi: This isn't going to be fun.

Doopliss: I agree.

Yaridovich: YOU! You not only have all the Star Pieces, but you now have the nerve to come in here and try to destroy us, AGAIN I MIGHT ADD!

Red: Yeah, we shall show you our awesome power now! We have been waiting for you to come, and so have Masters Smithy and Marx!

Tubba Blubba: Just try to stop us!

Green: If you say so.

Blue: We will slash you to bits.

Black: We will bomb you to death!

White: We will kill you once and for all!

They each charge toward each other and start a massive battle.

Boss: Yaridovich and Axem Rangers

Yaridovich: Hey, Red, Black, Green. You guys want Yellow and Pink back?

Red: YEAH! It will give us an advantage!

Yaridovich: Very well.

Yaridovich multiplies into one more of himself and both of them transform into Yellow and Pink.

Green: Now we are unstoppable!

Yoshi: Great, instead of six vs six, it is now eight to six!

Mario: This is going to be tough!


Green unleashes his diamond saw move. The move hits everyone and they are hurt badly. But they manage to get up. Yellow and Pink start to slash their axes at them. Black throws bombs at the heroes, and Red sends a wave of fire with his axe at them. Blue and White fuse together and start to roll like a ball with their axes toward the heroes. Every hero is hit by every one of the Axem Rangers attacks. They take major damage and can't get up.

Red: It ends here!

Green: Time to finish this.

Black: Once weíre through, all those Star Pieces will be ours!

Yellow: Time to unleash our final move!

Every Axem Ranger combines and they form into a big Axem Ranger with a giant axe. Mario notices this and reaches for a Star Piece. He tells everyone to touch it. Everyone slowly crawls to it and manages to touch it. They start to glow and the Axem Rangers unleash their giant axe. When it hit our heroes, they are unaffected. The Axem Rangers are puzzled and look down to see a giant Tubba Blubba, a Super Dragon Yoshi, a Cook Kirby, Meta Knight about to throw his cape, Doopliss with his eyes glowing, and Mario with his hands on fire.

Axem Rangers: Oh boy.





Doopliss: LASER EYES GO!

Every one of the heroesí attacks hit the Axem Rangers, who revert back to their normal selves and land in Kirby's cooking pot. Kirby stirs and unleashes the Rangers. The Rangers hit the ground and burst into pieces. Yellow and Pink turn back into Yaridovich and he is intact.

Mario: Okay, it is almost time for the final battle! All that is left is Smithy and Drawcia. Letís go.

They leave and Yaridovich wakes up.

Yaridovich: Oh boy, maybe I should give up evil and find something that I can do best.

He looks at the pieces of the Axem Rangers.

Yaridovich: But I feel bad for them.

He grabs all the pieces and leaves. Now, Mario and Co. are seen in Smithyís part of the Factory with all the Drill Bits being made. They head for the button to take them to Smithy. The claw grabs all of them somehow and they all jump into the hole where they confront Smithy.

Smithy: So, you defeated my army and now you think you can take me.

Mario: Thatís what I'm thinking!

Smithy: This is going to be just like old times. COME AND GET SOME, MARIO!

Boss: Smithy

Smithy throws his hammer like a boomerang and the heroes jump over it. The hammer comes back to Smithy. Mario fires his Lazy Shell by whacking it with his hammer for extra power. Smithy is hit and takes extreme damage. Yoshi charges up and slaps him with his tonuge. Kirby runs up, jumps, and stones him. Meta Knight drill swords him, Tubba hip attacks him, and Doopliss headbonks him. Smithy gets an angry look on his face and uses mega drain. He hits everyone and recovers a little. Mario charges toward him and punches him right in the face. Yoshi and Kirby jump and Yoshi ground pounds and Kirby stones him. Meta Knight uses mach tornado this time. Tubba smack him and Doopliss transforms into his hammer and goes and whacks him. Smithy has had enough. He does some more magic and performs meteor swarm. Everyone is hit and takes severe damage.

Mario: Just like old times, Smithy.

Smithy: You bet! This time, I am going to win though!

Smithy has more up his sleeve and performs his classic move, Sledge. Everyone is hit and takes more severe damage. Mario gets up and goes and whacks him with his Ultra Hammer. Smithy then grabs his own hammer and they have a hammer battle. They hit each otherís hammers until Smithy whacks Mario's out of his hand and Mario is left without a hammer. Smithy is about to hammer him until...

Tubba Blubba: HIP ATTACK!

Tubba hip attacks Smithy and saves Mario from a flattening.

Mario: Thanks.

Tubba Blubba: No problem.

They look at Smithy and see that he is dazed.


Mario kicks the shell into Smithy, who takes damage.

Kirby: STONE!

Kirby turns to stone and lands on Smithy, who takes more damage.

Meta Knight: DRILL SWORD!

He spins and hits Smithy's body.


Yoshi lands on Smithy with a thud.

Tubba Blubba: HIP ATTACK!

Tubba Blubba performs another hip attack and Smithy is in more pain.

Doopliss: HEADBONK!

Doopliss flies to the sky and headbonks him right in his own head. Smithy is still dazed and everyone unleashes a final attack on Smithy. When every attack hits, Smithy falls to the floor and drops his hammer.

Yoshi: We did it.

Mario: Yup.

Kirby: You know that that means.

Meta Knight: It is time.

Chapter 20: Marx's Secret

They head forward and find themselves in a room that looks really freaky, and at the other end of the room, they see Marx and Drawcia.

Kirby: Marx.

Marx turns and sees Kirby.

Marx: Kirby, long time no see! I hope you enjoyed your life, because this is where it ends!

Mario: All right, no more funny stuff. You are going to hand over the Star Piece and the Star Rod!

Marx: You really want them? Well, you will have to fight for them! But first...

He grabs the Star Rod and points it at Drawcia.

Drawcia: WhÖ wh... what are you doing?

Marx: I must have your power if I am to defeat these guys! So give me all your power!

The Star Rod glows and Drawcia is sucked in. Marx points the Star Rod at himself and gains power.

Marx: YES! I can feel power flowing through me! Now, Kirby. TIME TO TASTE DEFEAT!

Kirby: You wish!

Marx: Have it your way!

Everyone charges at each other and the final battle starts.

Boss: Marx

Marx first starts out with his four orbs of energy attack, only this time, he sends them toward our heroes. Kirbys sucks them up and spits them back at Marx. Marx takes damage, but not much. Then he drops seeds, and vines with spikes pop up and try to slash our heroes. Mario whacks them away from him and his friends. Marx gets his cheeks puffed up and fires a ball of ice that hits the ground and sends a beam of ice toward our heroes. Meta Knight mach tornados it and his tornado turns into an ice tornado. He charges toward Marx, who is hit and takes severe damage.

Marx: Kirby, this should remind you of Drawcia!

Marx jiggles and turns into paint. Paintballs fly everywhere and keep falling. Yoshi eats up most of the paint and turns them into eggs. When Marx turns back to himself, Yoshi fires his eggs at Marx, who takes more damage. Marx puffs up his cheeks again, only this time, he breathes a fireball that sends two more fireballs at our heroes. Tubba grabs both of them and throws them back at Marx. He is hit and takes yet more damage. Marx gets to their level and charges up for his arrow attack. Doopliss acts fast and transforms into a Bob-omb and explodes. Marx doesn't get a chance to fire his arrows.

Marx: Not bad, but I was just getting warmed up. Letís see how you deal with me when I am at full power!

He pulls out the Star Piece and holds it tightly. He grows bigger and gets bigger fangs, larger wings, and more power.


Mario: Maybe we should use our own source of power.

Mario brings out the six Star Pieces they have and everyone gets one. They each hold on to it tightly and Mario, Yoshi, Kirby, and Meta Knight are able to perform their final smash, while Tubba gets bigger and Doopliss is able to shoot lasers.


Marx opens his mouth and a ball of energy is being formed.

Kirby: Guys! We have to finish him off here, or we are doomed!

Meta Knight: Kirby's right! This is Marx's special move!



Kirby: DIE!


Tubba Blubba: TIME TO END THIS!


Everyone fires their attacks, including Marx. Everything collides and an explosion happens. Then from Marx's side of the smoke, everyoneís moves make it through.


Marx is hit with everything our heroes threw at him. He drops the Star Rod and Star Piece. He turns smaller and falls to the ground.

Mario: We did it!

Kirby: YEAH!

Yoshi: We rocked!

Meta Knight: We destroyed him.

Tubba Blubba: We owned him!

Doopliss: We are the best!

Unfortunately, coming out of Marx's body is a small black star. The star charges toward our heroes and knocks them down. They drop their Star Pieces and the dark star grabs them all, including the one Marx had.

Kirby: Huh...?

Mario: What is that?

Kirby and Meta Knight observe it and get a clue on what it is.

Kirby: Itís him.

Yoshi: Who?

Meta Knight: Itís the master of the underworld in Pop Star.

The dark star grows bigger and gains an eyeball. Kirby and Meta Knight are devastated by who it is.

Chapter 21: Dark Nebula's Wrath

Kirby: Dark Nebula!

Dark Nebula: Thatís right, Kirby! It is I who was controlling Marx. It is I who thought up of the whole plan!

Kirby: But why Marx?

Dark Nebula: Marx was one of your toughest foes, so I decided to take control of him! When you sent me back to where I came, I plotted my revenge! When the time came, I rose back up and found Marx. He did not know me. So, I explained how me and him have the same goal- to destroy you! So, he agreed to help me, although he didn't know that he was going to become my puppet! I was waiting for you to collect the Star Pieces! Then when you defeated me in Marx's body, I would take the Star Pieces and become all powerful! Now, this is where my plan moves on!

Dark Nebula sucks all the power out of the Star Pieces and grows bigger, and black aura is coming off of him. He then laughs evilly.


Dark Nebula flies off.

Mario: Oh man, that guy is pure evil!

Kirby: There is no hope. We have lost. He drained all the energy from the Star Pieces. How can we beat him?

Mario, Yoshi, and Tubba Blubba eye the Star Rod.

Mario: Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?

Yoshi: We use the Star Rodís power.

Mario: Bingo!

Mario grabs the Star Rod and it starts to glow. Seven beams come out of the Star Rod and hit our heroes. One of the beams hits Marx, but they don't notice it. The heroes regain the powers they had during their battle with Marx, only this time, Tubba also grows wings. Mario hops on Yoshi and grabs the Star Pieces. Kirby and Doopliss hop on Tubba. Meta Knight flies by himself. Everyone rushes to the entrance to Exor and flies out. Marx gets up and wonders what happened. He then remembers the deal he made with Dark Nebula. Then he becomes angry, so he flies after our heroes, but nobody has made it out yet. Dark Nebula is outside of Exor and is about to perform a lightning attack that will destroy Exor, Smithy, and everyone else inside. He launches the attack and flies off into space. What he doesn't know is that our heroes have just made it out alive, including Marx. They fly after Dark Nebula and had catch up to him. He is about to pass through the star portal. Yoshi launches a fireball at Dark Nebula, who is hit and wonders who hit him. He turns around and sees the heroes.

Dark Nebula: !  You survived!

Kirby: NO! We made it out alive!

Dark Nebula: Too bad for you that this is where you are going to die!

Mario: Bring it on!

They charge toward each other and commence the final battle.

Final Boss: Dark Nebula

Kirby throws his frying pan and hits Dark Nebula, but he endures it. Mario and Yoshi fire the Mario Finale and Yoshi's fireballs at Dark Nebula. He fights back with fire by sending balls of fire toward Mario and Yoshi's. Tubba and Doopliss attack him with everything they have. But Dark Nebula had electrified himself and Tubba gets shocked a little, but still manages to get a hit on Dark Nebula. Doopliss had fired his laser eyes at Dark Nebula. Dark Nebula fights back by doing the same thing. The lasers are equal. Meta Knight flies toward him and performs his final smash. He hits Dark Nedula. Dark Nebula then changes his appearance. Instead of being all black, he is now a light blue color.


Dark Nebula lets off a blizzard attack that hits everybody. They are hurt badly, but still manage to endure it. He now changes from blue to red and performs a fire move. Everyone is hit, but Yoshi and Mario are unaffected. Everyone else is hurt badly. The he changes from red to green and launches a lightning move that hurts Mario and Yoshi. Everyone is now hurt badly and can barely move.

Dark Nebula: Hahahahahahaha! Is that all you got? You hurt me a lot of times and I still feel all-powerful! I think it is time to kill you all!

Dark Nebula turns back to normal and uses a dark beam attack to destroy our heroes. This will be the end for everybody. But before Dark Nebula can fire...


From behind Dark Nebula, Marx comes flying at high speeds. He then fires his arrow attack. This stops Dark Nebula from attacking. Then Mario reaches into his pocket and grabs all the Mushrooms he has. He throws them to everyone and they eat them. They all regain their health and are ready to fight again. Meta Knight charges and drill swords Dark Nebula. Tubba and Doopliss fire their attacks toward Dark Nebula. Kirby, Mario, and Yoshi fire their attacks all at once. Dark Nebula is in severe pain after that. He turns around and starts to spin wildly. He hits everyone and they are a little shaken up, but can still fight. Marx fires four energy balls at him and they all hit him. Dark Nebula is getting weaker from every attack everyone throws at him. Dark Nebula then charges up for his dark beam and starts to spin around. The beam is shot and with him spinning, and everyone is hit.

Dark Nebula stops spinning and sees what he did. He is glad to finally see Kirby and Meta Knight dead, or so he thinks. Our heroes manage to slowly begin to charge up for one final attack. Marx is doing this as well. Tubba gets Dark Nebulaís attention by hip attacking him. Dark Nebula sees what was about to happen. Everyone fires their attack, and Marx fires his special attack. Everyone hits Dark Nebula in the eye. He cries loudly in pain and then just floats where he is. He starts to shake and the darkness starts to come off of him. Every bit of darkness comes off of him until all that is left is an eyeball. The eyeball explodes and dust starts to come toward Mario. The dust is the power from the Star Pieces, and goes back to the Pieces. Then the Pieces fly toward the Star Portal and the Star Pieces are put back into place. Everyone is happy to see the portal back to normal. They fly back to the Mushroom Kingdom and see everyone cheering.

Epilogue: Kirby's Vacation Finally Begins

When everyone gets back to the Mushroom Kingdom, they see everyone cheering. Our heroes and Marx land next to General Guy, Navy Guy, Luigi, Booser, Shy Guy, Peach, and Toadsworth, although they are shocked to see Marx.

Kirby: It's okay, he's with us.

Marx: It's true.

Peach: Thank you, Mario, Kirby, Yoshi, Meta Knight, Tubba, Doopliss, and Marx, for destroying that dark star and repairing the Star Portal. I also thank you guys and General Guy and Navy Guy for taking out the Shoobs and Magikoopas invading our kingdom.

Mario: Youíre welcome, Peach.

General Guy: Good job, Mario, Kirby, Yoshi, everyone. Thank you for saving us and Pop Star from the Shroobs and that Dark Star.

Navy: We should go take the Star Rod back to Star Heaven.

Meta Knight: I'll do it. I must be off anyway. If Kirby isn't in Pop Star, I must protect it.

Meta Knight takes the Star Rod and returns it to Star Heaven.

Marx: Yeah, I have to go too. Maybe I can help Meta Knight protect Pop Star.

Marx flies after Meta Knight.

Tubba Blubba: We should go too.

Doopliss: Yeah, weíre going back to Tubba's Castle for a party.

Tubba Blubba: Nice seeing you again, Mario.

They head off for Forever Forest.

Mario: Well Kirby, you want to finally start your vacation?

Kirby: Yes.

Yoshi: Mind if I join?

Mario: Sure. The more the better.

Navy Guy: Well General, I must be off. Me and my army have to keep the ocean safe from any unwanted villains.

General Guy: It was nice to see you again, Navy Guy.

Navy Guy heads for his sub.

Luigi: Hey Mario, how about me, Booser, and Shy Guy join you?

Booser: Yeah, could we please?

Mario: Sure.

Shy Guy: All right!

General Guy: You guys have fun, I must see to the destruction of the Yoob body and Elder Shrooboid.

He heads for the Toybox, where they are going to do who knows what to Yoob and Elder Shrooboid. Mario, Kirby, Yoshi, Luigi, Booser, and Shy Guy head for Mario's house to find out what they should do first. They all agree on going to the Mushroom Kingdom Beach first. Once there they lay down and relax. After the adventure Mario, Kirby, and Yoshi had, they deserve it.

Now that Dark Nebula is gone, Pop Star can stay safe and Kirby can stop worrying. Meta Knight and Marx have everything under control on Pop Star. Tubba and Doopliss throw a party and invite Mario, Kirby, Yoshi, Luigi, Booser, Shy Guy, Peach, and many other people. Mario and friends go to the Glitz Pit the next day and enjoy the fights. They also meet up with Rawk Hawk, Gonzales Jr, Hamma, Bamma, Flare, the KP Koopas, and the Magikoopa Masters. This is an adventure and vacation Kirby and Mario will always remember. Thus ends the story of Mario and Kirby: The Seven Stars of the Star Portal.

The End

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