Mario and Kirby: The Seven Stars of the Star Portal

By Blade Guy

Chapter 11: EEK! We're Balls!

As our heroes made it back to the Mushroom Kingdom, they saw that some of it was in ruins. So they headed to Shy Guy's Toy Box to see what happened. They found General Guy, a few Shy Guys, and Watt at the end of the Toy Box.

Mario: We just saw the town. What happened to it?

General Guy: Well, some Shroobs and Magikoopas attacked the town and some of the town got kinda destroyed.

Mario: Oh. Well, we are happy to report that we have brought the Star Piece.

He showed the Star Piece to everyone.

General Guy: Way to go, guys!

He spotted Tubba Blubba and Doopliss.

General Guy: Ummmmm... Hey Tubba, long time no see.

Tubba Blubba: Likewise.

General Guy: And... I don't think we have met.

Doopliss: My name is Doopliss. I joined Mario's team so I could help him find the Star Pieces.

General Guy: Well, nice to meet you. Anyway, you have found four. You have the ones from Sky High Mountain,  Yoshi's Island, the Glitz Pit, and the Ruby Mines. So that leaves three Star Pieces left to be found. Take out the map and see where you should go next.

Mario took out the map and found a place.

Mario: How about Canvas Land?

General Guy: That place is for people who like art, or paint art. That's a good place to go.

Kirby: Then letís move out.

But before they could go, a Toad ran in.

Toad: General Guy! The Star Rod was just taken!

General Guy: WHAT?!

Toad: Come on, follow me!

The heroes, General Guy, and Watt all followed the Toad to Star Heaven to see every Star Spirit lying on the ground.

General Guy: What in the world happened?!

Mario walked up to Eldstar, who was waking up.

Mario: Eldstar! What happened?

Eldstar: Someone has... taken the... Star Rod.

Yoshi: But who?

Eldstar: Some villain named... Marx.

Mario: Who in the world is Marx?

Kirby and Meta Knight looked at each other.

Kirby: We know.

Everyone turned to Kirby and Meta Knight.

Meta Knight: Marx is a powerful and deadly enemy of ours.

Kirby: He tricked me into bringing out the Super Nova in my galaxy so he could make a wish to rule Pop Star. But I destroyed him. He then came back to get revenge. I beat him that time too. But I don't know how he has come back.

General Guy: I'll look over Star Heaven as well as the Mushroom Kingdom. You guys get going.

Tubba Blubba: We will not fail you!

General Guy: Good, now go!

In the middle of the forest, we see a robot with a spear-like head and a tall body. Then, the robot could see Hydra Blade coming its way. The ship landed and Red came out.

Red: Yard, how long have you been waiting for us?

Yaridovich: I've been waiting for a long time! What took you guys so long?

Red: We met up with Yoshi and had a battle with him. We had to get our Bullet Bill cannons fixed.

Yaridovich: Since when did Blade have Bullet Bill cannons?

Red: Oh, this isn't our regular Blade, that got destroyed. This is Hydra Blade!

Yaridovich: Impressive. But we should really move out.

Yaridovich and Red jumped into Hydra Blade and flew off, trying to find Mario.

In the depths of the forest, there were three elder Mushrooms, two ghosts, a giant purple Yoshi, and five robotic Mushrooms.

RC Shroober #1: Okay, our objective is to find Mario and take the Star Pieces he has away from him, and then we go and find the one that Mario was going to look for.

Ghoul Guy #1: But, Mario now has more allies working with him. What should we do?

RC Shroober #1: Okay, how about we split into teams? Here they are.

Shroob Teams:
Team #1: RC Shroober #2, Ghoul Guy #2, RC Shroober #5
Team #2: RC Shroober #4, Shroobsworth #2, RC Shroober #3
Team #3: Shroobsworth #3, Shroobsworth #1
Team #4: RC Shroober #1, Ghoul Guy #1, Yoob

RC Shroober #1: Okay, letís move out!


They all split up and went separate ways.

Mario: Okay, weíre not too far from Canvas Land. Just a couple more minutes and we can say hello to another Star Piece.

Yoshi: Yeah, but have you ever felt that someone was following you?

Doopliss: What makes you say that?

Yoshi: Because I have that feeling right now!

Tubba Blubba: I'm sure youíre just overreacting.

Meta Knight: No, he is right, I have that feeling too!

Kirby then looked up.

Kirby: You might want to look up.

Everyone looked up and saw Hydra Blade.

Yoshi: OH! Not those guys again!

Kirby: What should we do?



The Axem Rangers were firing Bullet Bills at our heroes. They were running pretty fast, but the Rangers were catching up quick.



Our heroes ran faster, but it was no use, they were about to die.





Doopliss: I WANT MY MOMMY!

Axem Rangers: ...

Meta Knight: Keep on running!

?????: Wahahahahahaha!

Then Meta Knight and Kirby looked at each other.

Kirby: She can't be...

Meta Knight: But she is...

Then everything stopped and everyone was frozen. Then there was a flash of light. Meanwhile from a distance, Marx and Smithy were watching.

Marx: Excellent! She has done well.

Marx then saw Hydra Blade.

Marx: Uh Smithy, I think your Axem Rangers and Yaridovich are frozen in her spell.

Smithy: Maybe we should've told them to wait for her to use her spell.

Marx: Yeah, but the plan hasn't failed yet.

Everything was unfrozen and our heroes felt and looked different.

Mario: Is everyone okay?

He took a look at Doopliss and screamed.


Doopliss: What?

Mario: Youíre in the shape of a ball!

Doopliss: Don't be silly. I look nothing like a ball.

Doopliss headed toward a lake and looked at himself in the water.

Doopliss: I AM A BALL! But it isn't just me! You guys are too!

Doopliss was right, everyone had turned into balls.

Yoshi: How did this happen?!

Mario: I don't know? But this does remind me of the Bowlo Candy from Mario Party 8!

Yoshi: Yeah, I guess so.

Tubba Blubba: But we have to keep moving!

Yoshi: Why, look up.

They all looked up to see the Hydra Blade had stopped moving.


Blue: We can't fire the cannons.

Green: We can't control Hydra either.

Black: I am going to pound the person who turned me into a ball!

White: How? You don't have any fists!


Green: Well, we have to do something! You don't think Master Marx did this, do you?

Red: Why, we are the best he's got.

Yaridovich: HEY! What about me?

Red: Oh yeah, you too.

Blue: Well, how are we going to move?

Red rolled over to the controls and pressed a button that says "land". Hydra Blade landed gently and the Rangers and Yard rolled out to find our heroes rolling away.

Red: Come on, we have to follow them.

So the Rangers and Yard followed our heroes, making sure they were not seen.

RC Shroober #1: What kind of magic is this? What kind of person turns someone into balls?

Ghoul Guy #1: Well, some weirdo, thatís who.

RC Shroober #1: Don't get smart with me!


They looked to see Yoob in the shape of a ball as well, a big one at that.

RC Shroober #1: I bet the others are in the shape of balls too!

Indeed they were, everyone near the forest had been turned into balls! What kind of person did this? Will Mario and Co. find a way to fight in their ball form? Find out in Chapter 12.

To Be Continued...

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