Mario and Kirby: The Seven Stars of the Star Portal

By Blade Guy

Prologue: Kirby Comes to the Mushroom Kingdom

Our story begins with Mario taking a walk to a landing site, where he was going to meet an old friend. Mario made it to the landing site and the minute he got there, he saw a star-like spaceship land. The top of the spaceship opened and out came out a pink puffball.

Mario: Kirby! It's been awhile. I haven't seen you since our adventure in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Kirby: Yeah, our world was almost destroyed. But we managed to save it. Hey, can you help me with the stuff I brought?

Mario: Yeah, but what about your spaceship?

Kirby: Oh, I can turn it small and carry it to your house.

Kirby grabbed the key to his spaceship and pushed a button, and the spaceship turned small within second.

Mario: Let’s-a go!

Mario and Kirby left the landing site, but the two were not the only witnesses to this event.

?????: So, this is where you landed? Well, I'll make sure you are destroyed right here! Smithy, come forth!

Then, Mario's old and most dangerous villain came into view.

Smithy: You called?

?????: Has Exor destroyed the Star Portal?

Smithy: Yes, but why did you need him to destroy the Star Portal?

?????: Because, it's the only way Kirby can get back to his home planet, and if he isn't there, then I can take over Pop Star! But I want Kirby dead first! Give the Stars to your most powerful minions.

Smithy: Well, I can't. You see, when Exor destroyed the portal, the Stars scattered throughout the kingdom.

??????: Well have your minions find them!

Smithy: Yes, Master Marx.

(For people who are wondering who Marx is, he made his first appearance in Kirby Super Star, and made another one in Kirby Super Star Ultra. Marx has a little round body, evil-looking purple wings with claws on them, a hat that is half blue and half red with white polka-dots, with two spiked white balls on top of the hat. He has little feet, but you do not want to mess with him.)

Marx: Ahahahahahahahahaha! This time Kirby, you will die!

Chapter 1: The Star Portal

Mario and Kirby had made it Mario's house, and Mario was helping Kirby settle in, until...

Toad: MARIO!

Toad came running in.

Toad: Mario, you have to come to Toad Town quickly! There is some strange big, fat bird destroying Toad Town with a hammer.

Kirby: Oh no. Mario, we have to get going!

Mario: Okay.

So Mario and Kirby ran to town as fast as they could, and when they got there they really did see a big fat bird with a hammer.

?????: All right! Someone had better tell me where Kirby is, or I will have to destroy every inch of this town to find him!

Kirby: I'm right here!

The fat bird turned around and saw Kirby standing a few inches away from him.

?????: I knew I'd find you sooner or later!

Kirby: Well it doesn't matter, because we’re taking you down King Dedede!

King Dedede: Very well, Kirby. But if you think a fat plumber will help you win, you are sadly mistaken.

Mario: HEY! Nobody calls me a fat plumber! Have you looked in a mirror yourself, tubby?

King Dedede: It's on now!

Kirby: Bring it!

Boss Battle: King Dedede

King Dedede made the first move and lunged at Kirby, but Kirby was quick and moved. Mario shot fireballs at him, but Dedede absorbed them thanks to him being fat. Kirby charged in at him and kicked him right in the belly. Then, Dedede swung his hammer around and threw it at Mario, who got knocked out.

Kirby: Mario!

King Dedede: Ahahahahahaha! It's over for you, Kirby!

Kirby looked around and found a Mushroom on the ground.

Kirby: It's worth a shot…

Kirby turned toward the Mushroom and sucked it right up, and Kirby transformed into Toadstool Kirby. In this form he wore a Mushroom hat like a Toad.

Kirby: I've never been this before.

King Dedede: You think you can beat me with that power?

Kirby then reached into his Mushroom hat and pulled out a Mushroom Bomb.

Kirby: Hey Dedede, watch out!

King Dedede: Huh?

Kirby threw the bomb and hit Dedede.

King Dedede: Ow! It looks like that form of yours can do something after all!

King Dedede ran toward Kirby and lifted his hammer and tried to smash Kirby, but Kirby fought back and grabbed a Mushroom Bomb and threw it at Dedede's face, knocking him over. Then Kirby jumped up and threw one last bomb at Dedede, and it made a big explosion and sent Dedede flying. Then Mario woke up.

Mario: Huh? Kirby, why are you wearing a Mushroom?

Kirby: Well, don't you remember in the Smash League when I sucked you up, I could shoot fire balls.

Mario: Yeah.

Kirby: Well, I sucked up a Mushroom and became a new form called Toadstool Kirby.

Mario: I wonder what else you could turn into if you sucked up something else in the Mushroom Kingdom?

Just then, a Shy Guy came and told Mario to follow him. Mario and Kirby agreed, and the Shy Guy took them to Shy Guy's Toy Box, where Kirby was amazed at how small the outside was but how big the inside was. The Shy Guy took them to the Shy Guy general, General Guy, who had quit working for Bowser and become the Mushroom Kingdom General.

General Guy: Mario, there is trouble brewing in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario: What do you mean?

General Guy: I mean that the Star Portal is broken!

Kirby: NO!

Mario: Why is that so bad?

Kirby: It's bad because it's the only way I can get back to my home planet!

General Guy: Right, it also means that no good guys can leave the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario: Then, why can bad guys?

General Guy: They can leave because the Star Portal only lets good guys leave and come back, but when the portal is destroyed, a picture of the person who destroyed it will appear.

Mario: But how will we find out who destroyed it?

General Guy: I have a telescope that can help us.

General Guy went to another part of the Toy Box and came back with a telescope.

General Guy: Let’s go outside.

General Guy, Mario, and Kirby all made it outside, and the general set up the telescope, then Mario looked through it.

Mario: I don't see anything.

General Guy: Try turning the telescope a little to the left.

Mario did so, and saw who destroyed it and was horrified.

General Guy: Well, what do you see?

Mario: Smithy.

Kirby: Who's Smithy?

General Guy: Smithy is a machine who wanted to takeover the world with weapons. But I thought for sure that you took him down, Mario.

Mario: I did too.

Kirby: Maybe he gave the pieces of the Star Portal to his minions.

General Guy: Good call, Kirby. Mario, I want you and Kirby to take whatever you want on this adventure, and me and my army will watch over the kingdom and the princess.

Mario: All right, let;s get back to my house and pack up, Kirby.

Mario and Kirby went back to Mario's house and packed up everything they could. Mario packed 12 Mushrooms, 6 Super Mushrooms, 3 Ultra Mushrooms, his Ultra Hammer, and his Lazy Shell. Kirby packed up food and his spaceship. When they were ready they went back to General Guy, who gave them a map.

Mario: Why do we need a map?

General Guy: Because I was listening to the radio before you got here, and I heard that people saw weird stars falling from the sky, and I marked every place they mentioned.

Mario: Well, it looks like the closest one from here is Sky High Mountain.

General Guy: Good luck, Mario. You too, Kirby.

Kirby: Thanks, and we will fix the Star Portal.

Thus begins Mario and Kirby's adventure. Find out what happens next in Chapter 2.

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