Lúmes and Klúmes

By Amos Magikoopa

Chapter 5: Lady Klúmes

While Lúmes drifts into the cold water below, the physical battle for the possession of Klúmes has been won by the Dark Lord. However, a whole other battle rages on in her mind, not just anywhere, but in her dreams. This was a place not commonly found with a scalpel or power saw, but merely a place that existed somewhere else, in a place where people could do as they please, and think what they wish.

Deep in her unconscious, she finds herself in some sort of meadow. It is a quite beautiful place, with lush green grass and a shining sun. Little plants grow here and there, and there is not a cloud in the sky! However, this is all soon to change, and Klúmes knows it. She can feel him coming... like a dark cloud over the horizon. And then, there he was, a dark cloud on the horizon, a very dark cloud, multiplying and moving quickly. Within minutes the meadow is covered in its shadow of death. The plants begin to wither and the leaves fall from the trees, not orange or red, but black. A wind blows through the meadow, carrying hate and destruction. The trees begin to crack and decay, and smush into powder. A black smoke starts to billow into the meadow, limiting sight to just a few inches all around. Klúmes begins to feel afraid, very afraid. Soon she is shaking as the presence of evil starts to close in all around her. Thinking it is a bad dream, she screams, hoping to wake up soon, but to no effect.

Footfalls are heard from the black haze. Klúmes begins to hear the screams and pain of the Dark Lord's many victims as he approaches. The smoke begins to close in and the Dark Lord pops his face into the clearing.

"Game over," he whispers.

Klúmes screams louder than all of the haunting voices around her combined. The Dark Lord charges at her with brute force and grabs her tightly in his skeleton arms while she struggles to break free. With a rapid, searing pain she begins to be electrocuted from the inside out. Screams ring in her head.

"Get... out... of... my... mind," she rasps. Suddenly, Klúmes has a flashback.

Lúmes and Klúmes splash in the fountain, cheerfully playing until Lúmes stops. "Sis," she says, "do you think that we'll always play like this?"

"Well... hopefully, but when we're planets I don't think that we'll be able to," Klúmes tells her sister.

"I wonder what it's like being a planet? I wonder what type of planet I'll be? I always dreamed of being a big, shining star like the sun!"

"If that's your dream and what you wish for, it may come true," Rosalina says as she enters the fountain. "No one can ever invade your dreams and take them away. They are yours and you can wish and do whatever you like with them."

When Klúmes comes back into the present, she realizes something. "THESE ARE MY DREAMS!" she screams. "IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO GET OUTTT!"

There is a flash and lightning strikes the meadow. The plants begin to grow and flower. The sun comes out from the clouds and the Dark Lord shrieks in pain. He then darts forward into the ground, becoming some sort of powder that is soaked up into the ground like a sponge. The field begins to decay again, as the figure becomes one with Klúmes's mind. She screams and dreams up something more. A light rain falls, making some things grow and encircle the Dark Lord in a single concentrated area. Klúmes then dreams of a great Pull Star, bigger than any before. Her body glows in light and becomes just that, and it grabs the Dark Lord right from the ground and right from his body. His recently possessed body lays there on the ground and melts down into it. His true form shines through as a demonic creature. He is black in color and has massive claws on his feet and hands. His face is black with red eyes and sharp teeth. He has a rattlesnake tail and bat wings. The creature roars and charges at Klúmes. She then charges at him and there is a flash as her powers that defeated the Imps, reactivate. The demon is blasted apart and he falls to the ground as a glowing orb.

"Phew," she says. "That was a close one..."

The orb shines and begins to float, coming nearer to her. "You can't kill me, you fool!" he exclaims.

"No!" she yells, coming up with an idea. "BUT I CAN DO THIS!"

In a split second, great stone walls spring up from the ground and enclose around the orb. The walls are protected by an electric charge and can't be broken. The orb screams from inside the walls, as it is trapped with no escape.


"I may not have won," the orb whispers," but the battle has just begun. Right now the remains of my true form and the evil in the bones are soaking into your brain, corrupting you. Soon you will fall victim to my power and you will see the truth of life."

In that instant, the grass of the meadow wilts. A dark haze spreads across it like a dam that has just overflown. Klúmes shrieks as the battle is lost, and she falls unconscious and into the depths of her mind.


She awakes, reborn. She sits up with a cape flowing from her shoulders like a river from a spring. She stands up and sees her reflection in the ice. She has become purple, and her eyes shine with something different. She is the same person... she isn't possessed, just... different. She stands up and looks around, seeing the castle. She remembers what happened after she trapped the Dark Lord in her mind. His evil and destruction corrupted her mind and she was born anew.

"Of course there is no evil," she thinks. "There isn't good either... just those who succeed and those who don't."

Upon her dawning of this new concept, she is also brought to the realization that this castle is hers. She is the ruler of this establishment and it is now hers to carry out. She also knows that she died back there... and became a new being who knows the truth. She must spread it, yes, she must let everyone know of the truth. Those who don't must be wiped out, and she will use them to spread the truth and her power everywhere. Yes.. this is what she must do.

"I am no longer Rosalina's little Klúmes," she says aloud. "I am, and will forever more be known as, Lady Klúmes!"

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