Lúmes and Klúmes

By Amos Magikoopa

Prologue: The Insanity of Klúmes

Rosalina screamed. Her dress was ripped into shreds, and her hair was burnt to a crisp. She tried breaking the two Lumas up, but all her efforts failed. They would not stop fighting and their feud was breaking up the Observatory. Lumas scattered everywhere in panic as chaos consumed the Observatory.

Klúmes was behind this of course. Who else would have pulled the Observatory into a black hole and ambushed it? She had brought demons to the Observatory; enormous creatures with the power to kill and destroy. They were powered by the Universe's fear, anger, hate, and wickedness; destruction was their main cause. They had sprung upon the Comet like a bear trap, ensnaring it and making it helpless. They had captured Lumas, and made ruins to the once peaceful sanctuary. Klúmes had led them into battle, and after she was ensured that they were doing their job, she struck out for her sister, Lúmes.

Klúmes was a dark, corrupted Luma whose view of the world had changed after the assault of a demonic presence that still lurked in the deep corners of her mind. Her sister, Lúmes, had tried to stop Klúmes's plans too many times, and now she was cornered. Her sister had her trapped in the remains of the terrace.

"Now you will pay, dear sister!" Klúmes cackled. "You have stood in my way for too long. Too many times have you stopped my success, and I don't know what I saw in you before. I don't know why I didn't see the truth in my youth. Good and Evil don't exist, right and wrong are meaningless, and of course the only way to succeed is to destroy those in your way. And that is exactly what I'm going to do to you. Maybe, as your life ends you will understand. As you finally fade from existence you might plead for mercy once you see through the veil of lies Rosa has taught you. I will not hesitate to strike you down even if you do. Once you evaporate into stardust, I shall take that and use it to power chaos and destroy love. You will be very useful, once dead."

Rosalina's heart was racing, for she knew Klúmes was true to what she said. She had spread the whole Observatory into pandemonium, capturing and killing Lumas. What Klúmes was planning to do with the stardust they had collected, didn't sound very good. Killing the Lumas wasn't their only plan. They had collected all the Star Bits that powered the Comet, and now the planet had lost its ability to fly. It now drifted towards a purple planet in the shape of a mushroom.

Rosalina ran towards Klúmes, screaming, "Please, please don't! Don't do it, don't destroy your sister! Don't you remember all the good times you had together? Can't you remember the joy you experienced in your childhood? Is that all meaningless now?!"

"Do I need to answer your question? Honestly, haven't I just shown you that it means nothing? I assaulted your home, killed and captured your friends, and almost killed you. I thought I had killed you, but I guess you somehow survived. HOWEVER, THAT ENDS NOW! I shall kill my sister now, but don't worry, you can watch!" Klúmes snapped her fingers and a skeletal arm appeared out of the floor and picked up Rosa. "NOW! Back to business!"

She slowly moved towards Klúmes, smiling.


Suddenly, the terrace exploded into flames. Klúmes screamed as the fire consumed her, for fire was her one weakness. Another explosion rocked the Observatory, as the top spire came crashing down. The arm holding Rosalina vanished, and she rushed outside, followed by Lúmes.

The demons had stopped to stare at the oncoming spectacle. At least 50 UFO saucers floated before the Observatory, and behind them was a rather large cannon. Both the saucers and the cannon were firing pink lasers at the Observatory and the demons. One of the beams hit the beacon, and it flashed and started to shake. When another beam was fired at the beacon, it erupted into flames and blasted the whole Observatory apart.

Rosa, Lúmes, Klúmes, the demons, and the remaining Lumas drifted down towards the purple planet, unconscious.

PART ONE: The Feud

Author's Note: The next chapter will take place many years before the prologue.

Chapter One: Change of the Universe

"Do you hear the baby stars? These newborns will grow up to become Galaxies one day," a soft female voice says as she floats before a man in red. "When stars die, they become stardust and scatter across the cosmos. Eventually, that stardust reforms into a new star... and so the cycle of life continues."

The man nods as he looks around. He's in some kind of tunnel, with bright lights at both ends and the cosmic protector Rosalina before him. The feeling there is very serene and soothing. The crying of the newborn stars doesn't hinder the calmness of the situation, but enhances it. He feels at home in this glowing place of light. When he glances back at her, she continues.

"But the cycle never repeats itself in the same way. So... you'll see." She waves the wand she holds in her hand, and he fades away into the light, to reawaken on his home planet. She too fades away, and reappears on a small planetoid overlooking a large planet. She stands there next to yellow star-like creatures called Lumas. They are the stars of the Universe, the ones who one day will become Galaxies. She smiles at them, then turns to look at the planet before her.

"Yes," she says, knowing she is heard by the red man, "all new life carries the essence of stars... Even all of you."

She pauses, enjoying the calm moment after the stressful events that have just taken place.

She takes one last look at the planet, saying, "Thank you. I will watch over you all from beyond the stars." She then turns away and walks into a blue house that rests on the planetoid. She emerges on an elegant starship called the Comet Observatory. It consists of a Library, a Garden, a Terrace, Kitchen, Bedroom, Engine Room, and Fountain. This is where she raises the Lumas, who have just been reborn until the day they become planets. To them, she is known as "Mama", for she is their sole caretaker. She raises them here, as the Comet Observatory circles around the Universe, touring it.

She waves her wand in the air and it emits a blue sparkle that rises high above her, to the top spire of the Observatory. There it spreads out and consumes the Comet, surrounding it in a blue energy field. Then, the magnificent starship turns on its side and fires off into the cosmos, leaving a trail of blue behind.


Iceria's three moons shine brightly in the sky, casting a glow upon the frozen planet. The night is young, the air is cold, and there is not a cloud in the sky. The planet is silent and serene as the moons spread their dim light over the icy land.

A single figure walks across an icy plain, clothed in a black cloak and a hood that covers its face. Before it is an icy castle with titanic domes and monstrous towers, and behind it is a single mountain that boasts a small village. Nearly an hour ago smoke trailed up into the sky, coming from the houses and their fireplaces in the village. Now the village is as silent as a ghost town. No fires. No lights. No sound.

Not a single village on this barren planet is safe from the one who now walks along the icy desert. Nothing can withstand him. His jet black heart holds no mercy for those who stand in his way. His is cunning, sly, and silent in his work; he works under the cover of the moon. His darkness is enough to silence all the stars in the sky. He is unstoppable.

As the cloaked figure walks to the castle, leaving his dark deeds behind him, he spots a fallen Penguin on the ice before him. The Penguins are the residents of this planet, though not for long. Not after he has had his fill.

The Penguin is slowly crawling forward,  his legs broken. A small trail of blood follows him as he slowly tries to work his way to the silent village atop the mountain. He does not see the figure before him, and bumps into him in his slow crawl. He turns his beak up and his eyes meet those of the cloaked one.

The Penguin’s eyes are a wonder. They are a very dark green, and seem to stare into your soul. They shine with the innocence of youth, and yet at the same time they blaze with the frailness of the elderly.

Those eyes stare into the figure as he pleads, "Help me. Please sir, I've been attacked and.... and I need to get to the village upon that mountain. My sister is up there, and the smoke stopped... She could be in danger!"

"Yes, I'll help you. I'll give you the best thing I can offer. Since you clearly won't be able to make it up there all alone, I'll grant you mercy. Think of it as a gift." The figure's unseen mouth forms into a grin that if seen by the Penguin, would surely torment his little heart even more.


Rosalina looks at the Luma with a gaze that only a mother could give her child. "What a good idea, Lumaria, but I'm afraid we are past the planet known as Plit. Even if we were there, I don't know if Mario could help us."

"Yes. He might be saving Peach again, or he might be dead even. Bowser could have got him, and that could be bad. We might be in danger of attack. That's no good, ‘cause I didn't like the last one, but it could be coming. And if we go back, we might run into a black hole or get attacked by aliens. Oh the horror! What if we run into aliens on the way ahead? Oh, there are so many dangers!" Luma Pete says.

"Don't be afraid," Rosalina says calmly. "We'll all be fine."

"Wait a tick!" Lumaria says. "Mario isn't the only one on planet Plit who could help us! Polari told me that Mario told him, that there were Spirits that watched over them. They were called Star Spirits! We could go back to Plit and ask for their help!"

"Star Spirits? I... You know, that does ring a bell," Rosalina murmurs. "Hmm... But how do I know them?"

"Don't you remember?" Polari asks, joining in the conversation." A hundred years ago, when we last passed by Plit, we encountered a crying star. It wasn't a Luma, but it did look very much like a star. The poor thing was crying, and we couldn't get it to stop or tell us where it came from. So we stopped the Comet and headed down to Plit. There we saw seven floating stars, searching in a frantic manner. We came up to them, and they immediately saw the crying star. Don't you remember, Rosa?"

"I think... I think I do!" Rosalina exclaims. "Yes, I remember it now. They told us who they were and they thanked us for returning the star. They said they knew who we were, and if we ever needed anything, to ask them."

"You got it!"

"So now that we know of them... how do we get to them? We can't really turn around... we're too far away for that."

"We could always use Wormhole travel, m'lady."

"Yes, we could, but... we've only ever used it once... and it isn't always reliable."

Polari smiles. "Not anymore! I've had all the Gizmos I could find help me design a new Wormhole engine. It seems to be a better machine, and we have tried it out. We could successfully Wormhole ourselves across the ship and back, with increased speed and reliability."

"Well... I guess for the sheer dilemma of our situation... I guess it would be okay," Rosalina says worriedly.

Polari whistles. "Fire up the Wormhole Generator! Coordinate 0253.9, 6802!"

A light flashes from the Engine Room. The Comet Observatory halts in its path. All around it lights flash, and the Universe twists. In an explosion of color a portal rips its way right out of time and space itself. The Observatory is speedily sucked into it, like juice through a straw. Then the portal seals itself, as if it was never there at all.


"What sort of gift, sir?" the Penguin questions in a whimpering tone.

The figure rummages through his robes and pulls out a vial filled with a chunky red liquid. "This sort," he murmurs as he hands it to the Penguin. The Penguin whimpers and draws back.

"What is that, sir?"

"It's something that will help you. Now just take it!"

The Penguin grabs the vial and pulls the stopper. "Bottoms up!" he shouts and empties the whole thing like a shot glass.

"How do you feel?" the figure asks.

The Penguin hops to his feet on one foot. "Why! I'VE NEVER FELT BETTER IN MY WHOLE LIFE! I feel wonderful. I feel as if I could do anything... even fly! I've always wanted to fly, you know, but Penguins are flightless birds. We can only swim, which isn't as fun as flying must be... But that doesn't matter anymore because I probably can fly now!"

"Good. Glad to be of assistance," The figure mutters in an annoyed tone.

Suddenly the Penguin falls back down to the ice in a sudden, silent agony. He tries to scream, but nothing comes out. His voice echoes back inside his head with increased volume. He covers his ears as if to block the sound, but it is no use. His eyes bulge, and his mouth foams. He begins to shake, and his skin ripples with goosebumps. The goosebumps soon become circles, and look almost like scales. In a split second they are scales, and the sound in his head increases even more. It soon becomes an excruciating roar. Meanwhile, his teeth sharpen and his mouth forms into a snout. The sound begins to drive him insane, causing him to thrash about on the ice while his mouth and nose form into a snout. Horns poke their way out of his head and he grows a long, scaly tale. Wings cut their way out of his back, and he falls to the ground, with his own screams still ringing in his hears. Finally, when he can take the sound no longer, he passes out.

The figure is surprised by this action. "I surely must have grabbed the wrong vial. I meant to kill the fool, not turn him into this... Still, he could be very useful. Yes... VERY USEFUL!" The figure cackles. Before him lies stands a scaly, scary dragon with a single missing leg.


A hole rips open in the Universe, right before a planet known as Plit. A huge starship, with towering towers and domestic domes, shoots out of the hole in a bright flash of orange light. Then the hole closes.

"Here we are, safe and sound!" Luma Pete exclaims. "I can't believe it! Tragedy didn't befall us. Unless we're at the wrong planet. What if it's full of Star-eating vampires? I'm too young to be eaten by a vampire!"

"Oh, don't be such a worrywart!" Lumaria hollers. "You need to chill out sometimes, Pete."

"Yes, don't worry. We've reached the correct planet. Soon our crisis will be over, and we shall be back on our way," Rosalina calmly states. Pete takes a deep breath and calms down.

"Now, I'll grab the Luma, and we'll go seek out those Star Spirits," Polari plans.

"No need!" a voice chimes in. "We're right here!" Suddenly, seven Stars float down onto the Observatory.

"We were told of your crisis by a psychic named Merlon. He told us that you would arrive with a deformed Luma, and no way to revert it back to normal," a big, yellow Star with a mustache says.

"That is exactly our need, Eldstar," Polari says as he shakes hands with the Stars.

"Thank you all for coming!" Rosalina waves to the Stars.

"Not a problem!" a Star named Klevar exclaims.

"We do owe you a debt as well," Mamar points out.

"So, where is the little dear?" Misstar asks.

"Right this way," Polari puts in. The Stars follow him into the bedroom. Upon the king-sized mattress, a large, two-headed Luma sleeps.

"Oh my," Kalmar gasps.

"How did this happen?" Skolar wonders aloud.

"We're not quite sure, but I think it has something to do with Stardust contamination," Polari hypothesizes. "It happens when some sort of poison or filth seeps into the Change of the Universe."

"Hmm... That would be the most likely cause," Klevar states. "Contamination can have all sorts of weird effects."

"How would we separate it?" Muskular asks.

"We would use a Star Beam, powered by the wishes of all those here. All they need to do is wish for the Luma to separate, and we’ll use those wishes and make them true," Eldstar explains.

"Sounds like a good plan," Muskular comments.

"Indeed," Eldstar says. He and the other Spirits form a circle above the two-headed sleeping Luma. They begin rapidly spinning while Rosa and the Lumas wish with all their heart. There is a flash followed by a circular beam of light that emits from the center of the circle. It rains down towards the bed, where the Luma sleeps. Once covered in it, the Luma glows and blinding white color. Its form drifts and divides. In a split second, there are two blue Lumas sleeping where only one slept before.

Even though they are separate now, they will always play together as children like they are still joined. Their minds will always be in touch with another. In one way they are like twins, but in another they are somehow the same person. They will be together, inseparable for most of their childhood years, until things go horribly, drastically wrong.

Chapter 2: Distress Signal

Snow rains upon the mountaintops of Mt. Dukomu and blankets everything in sight. The wind howls and the sun hides behind the clouds. What had started as a bright and shiny day, has now turned into a very horrible one. Yet, all through this weather, a battle rages on near the summit of Dukomu. The sacred mountain, worshiped by Penguins near and far, is being attacked by an evil force, the same force that has silenced a great many of Iceria's villages and has changed a Penguin into a dragon.

This "force" has been living on the planet for years, plotting silently in the chambers of his castle. No one knows where he came from or why he is here, but nonetheless, he is here. Not a single soul has dared to go near that castle, in fear of what doom might seal their fate. Some made up rumors about the castle, and it was eventually forgotten over the ages of Iceria. Until now, that is. Recently, the castle became a bustling fortress. Guards were positioned on the ramparts, weapons were installed all around it, and soldiers were seen in training. However, the most peculiar thing that was spotted was at night. Every once and a while the topmost dome of the castle would open like a sun roof. Some strange, winged beasts were spotted flying through this dome. With their huge claws and red eyes, they surely looked menacing and sent chills down the spine of anyone that saw them.

The same beasts are currently massacring the penguins in their mountaintop battle. They have fire breath and the skill to kill in one slash of a claw. Alongside them battle strange shadow creatures with magician robes and pointed hats. Their faces are a dark shade of purple, with yellow eyes and extremely sharp teeth. They wield large spears, with the point being made out of crystal and the shaft from iron. During battle the spears shoot out small bolts of electricity, and some of them spew fire.

While this battle rages on through the snow and storm, the one who began the whole thing watches through a glowing orb of emeralds. His red, beady eyes watch as his forces reigned supreme. "Good," he mutters to himself. "Those fools finally prove their use. All the trouble I have gone through has finally been paid off. Soon, I will rain supreme over Iceria. Then, I can begin phase two of my plans. Those Penguins won't know what's coming to them. Yes... I can see it now... They'll beg for mercy while they watch their precious planet rot from the inside. The whole structure will cave in upon itself and then explode wildly, leaving them all as good as dead. Once the deed is done, I'll dry up all the energy from this godforsaken barren wasteland! Then, I'll move to the next planet.... and the cycle continues! Then... I shall use the energy to revive the dead beings and create my own planet, AND I'LL BE THE SUPREME DICTATOR OF THIS ENTIRE UNIVERSE!"

He throws back his head and cackles wildly.


"Happy Birthday, all!" Polari cheers. "Today it is exactly one year from the day you all were born! Rejoice, for we shall party!"

"Oh nothing could go wrong today!" Lumaria cheers. "I've simply been having the best day!"

"Anything could go wrong!" Luma Pete shrieks. "We could get sucked into a black hole or abducted by aliens. Space pirates could loot our ship and leave us for dead on some floating asteroid!"

"Do you ever cheer up?" a blue Luma asks in a soothing voice. Her voice is as sweet as the chirping of a newborn baby bird. Her name, is Lúmes. She is known to be an extremely cute and sweet Luma, almost as nice as her sister, Klúmes. The two are never apart, not for a single minute. They have been together since the day they were born. Even that day, they were together, joined into one body. Even though they have been separated physically, they still cling together mentally. They are even together in name! Rosalina named them Lúmes and Klúmes, which when put together becomes lúmesklúmes. Back on Rosalina's home planet, lúmesklúmes is a word in a native language that means together forever. To those natives, together and forever are supposed to be the same thing, thus being the reason for the words being similar.

"Yes, you always do seem to be worrying about something. Perhaps you should relax today?" Klúmes asks.

"I can't relax though!" Luma Pete exclaims. "Today especially! I just have this gut feeling... that something... is going to go terribly wrong."

"Well... I'm not sure what to do about that, but I think you should just let it go and eat some cake!" Lumaria hoots.

"I think somebody has had a little too much cake," another Luma mutters.

"Nonsense!" Rosalina cheers as she enters the conversation. "There's never enough cake to be had!"

"Mama!" Luma Pete cries. "I've been having this horrifying feeling in my gut all day. I feel like something bad is going to befall the Observatory."

"What sort of thing?"

"Well… I'm not sure, but my head has been cooking up visions of an icy planet all day. The whole thing is covered in ice and clouds! Something on that planet makes me feel queasy."

"I've seen a planet like that!" a red Luma exclaims.

"Where?" Lúmes questions.

The red Luma points into space, just off the left side of the Comet. "Just right over there!"

Luma Pete shakes in terror.


Within the evil one's castle on Iceria, news of the approaching Comet Observatory is being discussed. The hooded one stands before a red glowing orb that shines with fire. The orb has no visible eyes or mouth or any type of facial features, and when it speaks, its form simply glows and vibrates ."Master, our sonar has picked up a flying object approaching this planet with intense speed!"

"What news is this to me? What possessed you to give me this worthless news? Hmm?!" the figure demands. "Why should I be caring about some flying object roaming about the Universe? It is, after all, a free Universe... for now anyways."

"Well... it is a giant star ship-"


"Sir, you didn't let me finish! We have received signals from the Penguin Village of Penguaca, being sent out to that ship. They could be asking for help, from whatever it is."

"Oh. In that case, destroy the ship."

"What should we do with the people on the ship?"

"Bring them here, to me, and I shall deal with them. Do not harm them."

"Yes sir, understood."

"Good, now don't let me see your face in here again until the task is complete!"

The glowing thing exits the room via a silver door. The figure walks over to his throne and sits down. He removes the small, spherical emerald from his robes. It glows like a normal emerald until he rubs it with his skeletal hands and mutters an enchantment of some sort. The emerald shines with green light that illuminates the pitch black room. The solid stone floor is visible, coated in a small sheet of ice and snow, and its walls, made of pure ice, reflect the green light. Within the orb's center, an image appears. It is of the room the dark one stands in at this moment.

"Show me what I seek. Take this image of where I am, and bend it to create the image of what I desire to see. Go forth now, green spirits, and bring me back what I crave," the figure chants. In a split second the image bends and distorts itself. Suddenly it shows the Observatory, floating right on by Iceria.


At the same time as the figure conjures up the image on his emerald, a Gearmo rushes down from the Engine Room. It rushes to where the Lumas are all staring at the planet that a red Luma is pointing to. The Gearmo works his way through the crowd and finds Polari. He whispers something in his ear, and Polari gives him a befuddled look.

"Are you sure? We haven't received a message in ages," Polari whispers.

"I am sure," the Gearmo replies. "Now follow me." Polari does as the Gearmo says, and follows him up to the tall tower of the Engine Room. The Gearmo pulls on a hatch in the back of the room, and it opens, leading to the Ship's Control Room. The room is a giant circle, with monitors and machines all around. At least nine other Gearmos are rushing around the room, maintaining control of the ship. One yellow Gearmo stands next to some sort of machine with keys, speakers, and a microphone. The red Gearmo who Polari followed then rushes towards the yellow one.

"Ah, you have arrived," the yellow Gearmo says.

"Yes we have. "The Gearmo points to Polari. "Play him the audio clip we received."

The yellow one presses a key and the speakers activate. "This is the mayor of a small village on the planet you approach. Our high-tech lab has seen you moving on our radar, towards our planet. The shape and size of your ship seems to be rather large, and must have some sort of defense mechanism. We are in dire need of some assistance, for right now as I speak, Penguins are being slaughtered by an evil force! Please, help us in whatever way you can! There isn't very much time left, and we need you to-"

There is a long noise of static, as the message is cut short.

While Polari listens to the message, the Lumas back below watch in awe as something leaves the planet's atmosphere and zooms towards the ship with intense speed. Upon further inspection it appears to be a large, black sphere. There are two glowing dots on either side, and an expulsion of fire from the back end.


Rosalina addresses the crowd. "There is no need to panic. We have no relative idea what it could be, but I assure you we are safe no matter what it is. I would never let any danger befall a single Luma here! It is my duty to protect you and the Cosmos, to the best of my abilities."

Meanwhile, many dark creatures sit, all jumbled about in the flying pod. These beings are silver in color, with scales and horns; they are similar to what we would call Imps or demons. They all look out the tinted black window, unseen by the Lumas, and one of them directs the ship's path with a simple steering wheel. Others work complex machines, and even more suit up in green metal.

One whispers to another, "That one in the blue dress looks dangerous. I'll bet she's the leader. We should knock her out, or stun her with something to avoid any trouble."

"Aye. Sounds like a good idea," another rasps. That Imp creature whispers to the one in control of the pod's beams, and it fires a stunning blast towards Rosalina.


"MAMA!" Lúmes cries. "WATCH OUT!"

The beam comes hurtling towards Rosalina and knocks her falling forward and onto the Lumas, who catch her.

"Mama..." Klúmes whispers.

In a split second, the pod approaches the Comet and many weird Imp creatures hop out. They charge at the Lumas, and take captives. Lumas scatter everywhere, running. Others try to defend themselves and swarm about the Imps. Blue Lumas become Pull Stars and yank other Lumas out of the Imps' grasp. The battle rages on, with the Imps trying to take captives and the Lumas snatching them right back. Eventually the Imps decide they've had enough and one of them tosses a green disk on the ground. In a bright flash, a green barrier is erected and most of the Lumas stand on the other side. The Imps scuttle away into their ship with the few captives they've managed to take. They only managed to take six hostages: Klúmes, Lúmes, Luma Pete, Lumaria, an unconscious Rosalina, and the red Star from earlier, whose name is Redar. Once the Imps load their struggling prisoners onto their pod, they launch off towards Iceria.

Unbeknownst to Lúmes and Klúmes, this is just the beginning of their troubles. As they soar down towards Iceria, the figure watches, and likes what he sees. In fact, he has his evil eye firmly focused on Klúmes. He has his own plans for her…

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