Luigi's Adventure: The New King


Chapter Three: A New Arrival

Luigi's eyes snap open.

"Bowser..." he mumbles. "Save Plit... Bowser... WHAT'S GOING ON?"

Kenny and Toadita quickly appear. “What is wrong, hijo?" Toadita asks.

"It's Bowser..." Luigi replies. "The person that sent me here, the dark one! He's going to kill the planet! Bowser... Bowser's just a puppet! I have to go!"

Kenny and Toadita gasp. "But..." Kenny says.

"If Mario isn't here to save the day, I must!" Luigi gulps in a heroic way. "I don't even know where my brother went."

"That may be true," Toadita says in an uncharacteristically quiet voice. "But we don't know your historia... Tell us, Luigi."

Luigi gulps and proceeds to tell his tale.

"Bowser kidnapped Princess Daisy of Sarasaland. So, I went to face him. In short, some mysterious figure appeared, killed Bowser, and I came here... So then, I fell asleep, right? And then I... I had a dream. Bowser... he was being controlled. I just know it was real, I just do!"

Kenny nods sagely. "If you have a hunch, follow it."

Toadita is soon back to her loud self. "QUELL! I suppose that I must make comida y bebida for hijo on the road, no?

"No is right," Luigi says. "I'm staying."

"No, no, hijo. You do not have to stay out of kindness!"

"But I must. I am weak, to put it lightly. I need partners. I will wait..."
Chapter 4: Alliances
"Not all of you may know why you are here," Kammy Koopa says softly. "So it is my job to inform you."

She is in a dimly lit room at the head of a long table. The others around the table snicker.

"Issues have come up that are beyond my control.. They are in the hands of all of us... all of you. Every. Single. One."

At this, Lemmy and Iggy burst into laughter.

"I wouldn't be laughing, for... for...-"

"Get it out already, you old hag!"

"Bowser... Koopa... IS DEAD!" Kammy screams.

Gasps go up around the table.

"Mario?" asks a villain.

"No," Kammy replies. Under her breath she mutters no more than, "Luigi."

"Luigi?" exclaims Bowser Jr. "That wimp runs from a Goomba! King Dad wouldn't… couldn't lose to him... Could he? Could he? COULD HE?

"Aye, I'm afraid he did lose, young Jr," Ludwig spits.

The comment causes confused muttering around the room.

"Bowser wouldn't have been defeated!"

"Luigi spread the mustard of his doom?"

"SILENCE!" Kammy yells. "We are all villains, the scum of the world, the dregs of life! We are hated everywhere! But yet, for centuries, we have stayed alive, with everyone after us! We always got another try! We were the best! And now, it comes to this? The greatest of them all, dead? Killed by a coward? I have sworn that I will avenge his death! And you? Do you work for our cause?"

"Yes!" Kamek stands up.

"Count us in!" Lemmy and Iggy.

The names tally up. The rest of the Koopalings. Wart. Bowser Jr. Clawdia. Crump and the X-Nauts. Tatanga. Everyone there was in. The question is... is it enough?

"Interesting. Very interesting." The dark figure grins and cackles. "A scapegoat. An alliance. You mean more to them then I thought... my lord."

The Corrupted Bowser roars.

"Iggy." The dark figure stares down at the Koopaling. "Resistance is futile." A lightning bolt strikes the unfortunate Koopa and Lemmy, who happens to be nearby.

"Two more to the cause! Come now... I would like your castle."

To Be Continued...

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