Mario, Luigi, and Chris: Partners in Time

By Chris

Last time on Mario, Luigi, and Chris, Partners in Time, the babies and the adults were separated, and the babies and L33t Hammer Bros. fought. Then the babies, after winning the fight, went and found the adults. Later, they fought Swiggler and got the Star Shard back. But Baby Bowser swipeed both shards from them and ran off. And that’s where we continue…
Ch. 11: The Way Back
Mario, Luigi, and Chris are on their way back to the time machine. They are all mad about Baby Bowser. They are in the middle of the woods.
Mario: I wonder where Baby Bowser could have run off to?
Luigi: He could be lost.
Chris: And so could we.
Luigi: … But we were parked that way…
Chris: But we went out a different way from before.
Mario and Luigi: Oh… Didn’t think of that.
Luigi: Wait, the map!
Mario: It was taken when we were frozen.
<i>Darth Vader: Check the prisoners before freezing them in carbonate; they might hive something valuable.
Stormtrooper: They have a map. It looks valuable.
Darth: Ok. That sounds good. Anything else?
Stormtrooper: Nope.
Darth: Ok, throw them in carbonate.
Stormtrooper: … It’s not a carbonate freezer. It’s a humongous ice cube maker.
Darth: … Ok, just as long as they stay frozen. </i>
(Flashback end)
Luigi: Oh… COME ON!!!
Chris: Cameos have saved us in the past, maybe one will now.
6 hours later…
Mario: … It’s… been… a… long… time…
Chris: Have… faith… We should… be… good… soon…
9 hours later…
Luigi: … I’m hungry…
Mario: … Any… luck… with… getting… help… yet?
Chris: … Must… I… say… it… again?
15 hours later…
Mario: … Must… eat… soon…
Chris: … *Snap !*
Mario and Luigi snap to their senses too, and realize the babies are gone.
All: BABIES!!!
They go and search for them, and find them.
Chris: Oh thank god.
Luigi: Wait, what do you have in your hand?
The babies have a whistle from Super Mario Bros. 3.
 They use the Whistle and warp to the time machine.

Mario: Ok, back to 2009.
They go back.

They wonder how they are to find their next destination without the map.
Mario: Well, we have enough coins, let’s go to the store.
They go to the armory…
Defense: Shroom Slacks= +25 Defense
Defense: Shroom Slacks= +25 Defense
Defense: Shroom Slacks= +25 Defense
Defense: Baby on a Mission clothes= + 20 Defense
Shopkeeper: I have another special item for you in the back. Would you like to see it?
Mario: The last item worked well, why not!
They go to the back.
Shopkeeper: Check this item out.
He pulls it out of a chest.
Mario: IT’S THE MAP!!!
Shopkeeper: You’ve seen it before?
Mario: Yeah, Dar- uh, someone stole it from me.
Shopkeeper: Really? Because I bought it off Evil-bay.
Mario: … What does it cost?

Shopkeeper: I’ll say 50 coins.
Mario: Deal!
Mario runs out of the store.

They all rejoice.
Chris: Ok. Now we have 562 coins left. Item shop?
Mario: Nah, We’re good.
They go to E. Gadd.
E. Gadd: How’d it go?
Mario: Not good. We had both Shards stolen.
Luigi: But it’s fine. We can find him.
E. Gadd: Good. By the way, we found one of the three leaders.
Chris: Which one?
E. Gadd: Jacob Bowyer the Third. He has a business deal.
Luigi: Where at, and with whom?
E. Gadd: You deal with the Shards. I haven’t figured out when yet, just where.
Mario: Ok. Let’s go. What does the map say?
Luigi: It says… Yoshi’s Island! 1320 Yoshi’s Island!
Chris: Let’s go!
They go to the time machine. They set it to 1320 Yoshi’s Island and set off.

Ch. 13: The Surprise
They land in the middle of Yoshi Village. The mayor comes to meet them.
Ok, maybe not a warm welcome.
A half hour later, they are tied up to separate poles.
Mario: We’re not bad!
Luigi: We’re good!
Mayor: Then why are you here?
Chris: To recover the Star Shards from Baby Bowser.
Mayor:!!! You mean a tiny monster who is obsessed with cookies!!!
Mario: That’s him.
Mayor: No wonder! He came through here and stole all of the cookies! He said he had something to take care of.
Mario: Which way did he go?
Mayor: West toward the mountain.
Luigi: If we go and defeat him, can we be untied?
Mayor: Guards! Release these gentleman and their babies!
They do so. They shake hands with the mayor and go on their way.

About a half an hour later…
Mario: I’m getting kinda tired.
Luigi: The babies are asleep.
Chris: They are pretty lucky.
Mario: I wish they would carry us for a whi- What was that?!
They hear voices behind a bush.
??? 1: Where are the shards?
??? 2: Patience. You ordered them from Evil-Bay?
??? 1: Yes. But I had to meet you here to make sure they are actually real.
??? 3: Master Bowser, are you for certain about this? This man is a bit shady.
??? 2: No worries. We’re getting good money.
Mario: (hushed) It’s Baby Bowser and Kamek! But who is the other one?
Baby Bowser: Ok, here are the Shards. Cough up the dough.
???: Ok. Here are the 500 coins. Princess Shroob will be pleased.
Chris: !!! It’s not him, is it?
That is when they notice the babies are gone.
Mario: Where are the babies?!
Baby Bowser: Huh? Did you hear that?
???: Let’s check.
Mario: Oops.
They are caught.
Baby Bowser: Looky here! The Mario Brothers!
???: And my old friend, Chris.
Chris: I knew it was you, Jacob!
They are now face to face with Baby Bowser and Jacob Bowyer the III. What will happen? Will they get the two Shards back from the two baddies? Find out next time in Mario, Luigi, and Chris, Partners in Time.

To Be Continued...

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