A Yoshi's Quest

By Fireball

Fireball and Kroshi are walking out of the forest, when they see a village way up ahead.

Kroshi: Maybe we can get some supplies at the village and rest for awhile. Fighting evil makes me tired.

Fireball: Same goes here.

Fireball and Kroshi walk straight for the village, but a Yoshi from behind bumps right into the two Yoshis

Fireball: Who are you?

???: I-I'm Yosh. So sorry I bumped into you two like that.

Kroshi: I guess it's all right. No one got hurt, or did they?

Fireball: No, I'm fine.

Kroshi: Fantastic.

Yosh: Yes, I was going back to Y.J Village!

Fireball: You mean the village up there?

Fireball points to the village.

Yosh: Yes, I was stuck in the forest, it was all brunt down. I was getting food for the Yoshis until a Toad named Tony knocked me out cold. When I woke up the forest was a disaster. Later when I came to, it went back to normal. I don't understand that part, but I'm glad I'm safe.

Kroshi: Fireball and I restored the forest with some green stone thing.

Yosh: Did you say... the green stone?

Fireball: Yeah, we’re trying to find the Yoshi Map.

Yosh: The Yoshi Map... I was afraid of this day.

Kroshi: What day?

Yosh: Follow me back to Y.J Village and we will talk about it.

The three Yoshis proceed to Y.J Village and find about only a dozen Yoshis. They head into Yosh's hut.

Yosh: Here, eat some of this.

Yosh passes fruit and some drinks to Fireball and Kroshi

Yosh: Now, I will tell you about the Yoshi Map. The Yoshi Map leads to a Gold Yoshi statue. The Map once went into the hands of evil and everywhere was horror. Yoshis had to stop the evil force. It wasn't easy, but in the end we won. We hid the Gold Yoshi statue so no one could use it
for evil anymore. The Gold Yoshi grants you any wish if you touch it.

Kroshi: What about the stones?

Yosh: The stones are something connected to the Gold Yoshi. The only way to open the Gold Yoshi is to capture all three stones and put them in their holding place, which you did at the forest. We Yoshis had to hide all the stones so no one can get them. But DJ destroyed the forest.
Fireball: You know that DJ Yoshi fellow?

Yosh: Yes, he is always up to no good. But when you put that stone back into its holding place, the forest was refreshed again. For when it is put back in its holding place, all trees and grass that have been burnt or killed return to life again.

Kroshi: But couldn't the stone fall out of the holding place? What if a bird took it?

Yosh: Once it's back in its holding place, it cannot be removed. Not even the strongest force in Plit could budge it.

Fireball: Well, that has explained a lot. But why did DJ destroy the forest? Why didn't he try to get the stone back?

Yosh: The Map shows you where all the stones are, but he must have not found it. He must have been so frustrated he destroyed the forest with his magic. He always had a bad temper...

Fireball: We saw two Koopas named Shades and Knuckle. What about them?

Yosh: Must have been his minions trying to look for the stone for him, so DJ could get on with the next stone.

Kroshi: Well, thank you for the food and for telling us all that Yosh. But where is the next stone?

Yosh: The next stone is in Grumble Mountain. The stone is called the "Flame Stone", and that green stone was called the "Grass Stone".

Fireball: What about the last stone?

Yosh: Oh, it's called the "Sky Stone".

Kroshi: I-It's in the sky?!

Yosh: We will talk about it more after you two get some rest; you are tired.

Fireball: All right.

In the morning the two Yoshis wake up in great sprit, all ready for their next challenge.

Yosh: Good, you two have woken up. I will show you where Grumble Mountain is, and you can get on your way.

The Yoshis walk out of the hut and out of Y.J Village. They head in front of a big Mountain. Fireball and Kroshi’s jaws drop at the sight.

Yosh: Here are two Mushrooms and some cocoa, plus some water.

Fireball: Why do we need the cocoa?

Yosh: Don't look at me like that, I'm just being polite.

Kroshi: Thank you for everything, Yosh.

Yosh: My pleasure, make sure to come back to the village after your adventure.

Fireball: All right, see you, Yosh.

The two Yoshis proceed to Grumble Mountain. There is some sort of pathway to get up.

Kroshi: All right, I guess there’s nothing to do but go up this pathway.

Fireball: Looks like it.

The Yoshis walk and walk, until a floating figure appears front of the two.

Fireball: A Lakitu?

Lakitu: Yep, they call me Ryder.

Kroshi: What do you want?

Ryder: Nothing, but for you to stop climbing up this hill!

Fireball: Sorry buddy, but we can do no such thing, now if you could-

Ryder: All right, if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you’re going to get!

Ryder slams right into Fireball, knocking him down on the ground. Kroshi reaches into his pockets and grabs the cocoa that Yosh left them. He takes some cocoa and splashes it on Ryder.


Ryder falls off his cloud and Kroshi lifts Fireball to his feet, and the two Yoshis get on the cloud and proceed to the Mountain entrance.

Ryder: T-They think they b-beat me, do they…?

Fireball: That was close, being a hero is tougher then I thought.

Kroshi: We’re not heroes yet, and I don't think I want to be one.

The Two Yoshis make it to the entrance of Grumble Mountain and get off the cloud. They walk inside the Mountain, not knowing what lies ahead...

Fireball: Wow, this is some volcano!

Kroshi: You can say that again!

Fireball: Wow, this is some volcano!

Kroshi: You can say that again!

Fireball: Wow, this is some volcano!

Kroshi: You can say that again!

Fireball: Ok, that's enough.

Kroshi: Agreed.

A bridge is in front of the two Yoshis, with a door leading to another room and lava under the bridge.

Fireball: This bridge seems unsafe, don't you think?

Kroshi: Yeah, but what other choice do we have?

Fireball: *sigh* I guess you’re right.

Kroshi: Uh, please don't sigh.

Fireball: Fine, I won't.

Fireball takes a step on the bridge, then a loud creak echoes through the room.

Fireball: Freaky...

Fireball takes small steps as he walks across the bridge, Kroshi following. The Yoshis make it across the bridge.

Kroshi: Phew! Now that was freaky!

Just as Kroshi finishes saying those words, the bridge falls apart

Fireball: Well, I guess there’s no turning back now.

Kroshi: Yep.

Just as Kroshi is going to open the door, two Embers fly up in front of the Yoshis

Ember #1: Hehe! Looks like someone is trying to get the orb!

Ember #2: Indeedy, Flame!

Flame: Me and Fry don't take to kindly to strangers like you two!

Kroshi: Who are you two?

Flame: We don't have to explain to you two, we have our reasons, and you have yours!

Fireball: Yeah, well we will just go-

Fry hits Fireball before Fireball can even finish his sentence. Fireball gets back up with a burn on his arm.

Kroshi: Why, you-

Flame goes over and hit Kroshi too, and Kroshi gets a burn on his left arm. Fireball gets out the water that Yosh left the two Yoshis, and sprays it at Flame and Fry.

Flame: AHH! Fry, I need fire!

Fry: I do too!

Flame and Fry have become small, round balls. Fireball takes the water and puts a little on his arm, hoping that it will ease the pain some. Then Kroshi opens the door, as Fireball follows in.to the next room. This is just a round room, with a door in front that has a key lock on it.

Kroshi: Do you think there could have been a key back in the other room?

Fireball: Maybe, let’s just try looking around the room-


The door behind Fireball and Kroshi has closed, with bars, like a prison cells.

Fireball: Well, I think it HAS to be in here now.

Kroshi looks around the middle of the room. Fireball sees a Red Magikoopa floating by the ceiling.

Fireball: Uh, Kroshi…

Kroshi: What? Did you happen to find the key?

Fireball: Nah, I just found a floating Magikoopa.

Kroshi: Well, stop fooling around and-

The Magikoopa hits the floor and uses his magic to make a fireball that heads straight for Kroshi. Kroshi jumps the attack.

Fireball: Told you.

Kroshi: Not now!

The Red Magikoopa then disappears.

Fireball: Huh... Must have left. Maybe it had a meeting.

Kroshi: Oh, I hope that you’re joking.

Oh, but how Fireball was right. Meanwhile at the top floor of the mountain, there is a room with many baddies.

Fire Bro: Attention everyone! The meeting shall now come-

The Red Magikoopa appears.

Fire Bro: You're late.

Red Magikoopa: Yeah, well we got ourselves some trespassers in this mountain.

Fire Bro: Why, they must want our legendry loot, of money, jewels and possibly even more!

Fire Boo: Sorry to disturb your little conversation there, masters, but why not send your best man on the job, me!

Red Magikoopa: Hmmph, well do you think you’re up to the test?

Fire Boo: I'm one of the rarest fire species on Plit, that means I'm one of the best!

Fire Bro: What are you trying to say?

Fire Boo: That I will accept the task and get on my way, dummy!

Fire Bro: Well, you sure do have a lot of confidence in yourself, calling the leader a dummy. If you fail this task you will have a ton to pay!

Fire Boo: Like I could lose to a couple of... Who are these people?

Red Magikoopa: Two Yoshis... They even beat Flame and Fry.

Fire Boo: Like those two losers would beat anyone!

Red Magikoopa: Hmmph, well I'll let them into the next room. Now go on your way.

Fire Boo: I'm on my way!

Fire Boo disappears.

Red Magikoopa: He’d better beat those two…

Fire Bro: If he doesn't, I have a surprise for him...

Now back with Fireball and Kroshi...

Kroshi: Well, this is just great. Now we’re stuck in this room!

Right after he says those words, the door to the next room opens.

Fireball: As you were saying?

Kroshi: Never mind, let’s just get going.

Fireball and Kroshi go into the next room. This room has a big circular platform. There is lava at the bottom if you fall off the platform.


The door behind the Yoshis shuts with bars. The door ahead is shut with bars as well.

Kroshi: Great, another room with no way to go.

Fireball: Well, maybe this room has a key.

Kroshi: I doubt that, the other room didn't, and the Magikoopa was nice enough to open it for us.

Fireball: How do you know it was the Koopa?

Kroshi: I just have a feeling...

Then the Fire Boo comes.

Fire Boo: Hello, you nosey bunch of losers!

Fireball and Kroshi turn around to see the Boo

Fire Boo: What’s your business of coming to this great lava mountain?

The Yoshis don't say a word

Fire Boo: Well, it must be something. Money, jewels, what?

Kroshi: A Flame Stone.

Fire Boo: We have so much treasure, I don't even know if we have a stone!

Fireball: Uh... "we"?

Fire Boo: Yeah, our gang. You busted into our home, our hideout.

Kroshi: Well, we don't want to cause trouble or anything, all-

Fire Boo: That’s what the rest said before, and it was full of lies!

Fireball: The thing is, I don't really seem to understand why you’re telling us all this…

Fire Boo: I'm so confident that you two won't be able to tell the story to anyone else.

Kroshi goes over to ground pound the Fire Boo, but before he hits him he goes away. The Fire Boo comes from behind Fireball and pushes him to the ground.

Fire Boo: Hehehehehe, you dumbbells don't have a chance at beating me! I suggest you give up now, or I'll burn your tails into crisps!

Fireball: You know what, Boo... you are better than us, and we have no chance at beating you at all.

Kroshi: Uh, what are you doing, Fireball?

Fireball: I look up to you, Boo...

Fire Boo: Oh... Well, everyone wishes to be me!

Fireball: Yeah, so...

Fireball uncaps the hot cocoa and throws some at Fire Boo, hitting his eyes.

Fire Boo: Uh... It burns!

Kroshi then ground pounds Fire Boo, and Fireball lets out a big punch at the Boo. Kroshi kicks the Boo in the gut to make sure he stays down.

Fire Boo: Ow...

Just then the two doors that were shut open once again. Fireball and Kroshi walk into the next room, which is just a normal room with no lava in sight though the ground is dirty.


The doors have shut once again, making a barred prison. Fireball is getting a little tired of all this, and Kroshi is as well. Both wonder when this will end.

Back with the Fire Group...

Fire Bro: Hmph... They beat Fire Boo!

Red Magikoopa: I can't believe it, those two had help from some items of theirs!

Fire Bro: Yeah, well you should meet them in the next room and fight them.

Red Magikoopa: All right, they can't be that hard.

Red Magikoopa disappears and then Fire Boo makes his entrance.

Fire Bro: Fire Boo, you lost. You're off the team!

Fire Boo: But... that's not fair!

Fire Bro: Go away, Fire Boo. Out of this mountain!

Fire Boo leaves.

Fire Bro: Red Magikoopa’d better not fail...

Kroshi: I guess we have to wait for our next challenge...

Fireball: Seems like it...

Just then, Red Magikoopa appears.

Red Magikoopa: You two are in for a beating!

Red Magikoopa gets his wand ready and blasts away at Kroshi with a fireball. Kroshi is able to dodge the fireball and goes to try to kick Red Magikoopa, but it doesn't seem possible, for Red Magikoopa disappears and then goes behind Kroshi.

Fireball: Look out, Kroshi!

Kroshi looks behind him and dodges the Koopa shell attack from Red Magikoopa. Fireball picks up the Koopa shell and throws it at Red Magikoopa, hitting him right in the stomach.

Red Magikoopa: Ouch!

Red Magikoopa then casts a flame at Fireball. Fireball is just barely able to dodge the attack, getting hit on the back a little from the flame. Fireball takes some of the water and puts a little on his back, helping the pain a little. Red Magikoopa then summons  a Fire Koopa. The Fire Koopa is like a normal Koopa, but is red and has a black shell.

Fire Koopa: Ready to serve you, Red Magikoopa!

Fireball jumps on the Fire Koopa and burns his feet; they don't call him Fire Koopa for nothing. But Fire Koopa is now on his shell, and is having a difficult time trying to get back up. Kroshi then ground pounds the Fire Koopa, defeating it, but at the same time hurting himself - taking one for the team, you could say. Fireball realizes the Fire Koopa's shell is still there, and grabs it and throws it at Red Magikoopa, hitting one of his hands, the one with his wand, which he then drops. Fireball picks up the wand, which is bright red, and he can sense a power going through it in his body. He tries to cast a flame spell, and it works! Magikoopa gets hit by the attack and is defeated! The two Yoshis have won the battle. Just then, the two doors open again.

Fireball: I'll be keeping this wand... Are you ok, Kroshi?

Kroshi: Yeah, I just needed a little time to heal.

Fireball: All right then, let’s make way for the next room then, shall we?

Fireball goes into the next room, followed by Kroshi. It appears to be the last room and is almost just like the last one, but bigger. Something doesn't feel right about the room to Kroshi... but he just doesn't know what... Just then, a clapping noise is heard... as if someone was clapping his hands...

Fire Bro: Well, well, well... if it isn't the two Yoshis... Congrats on making it this far, but this is as far as you will go!

Kroshi: Look, we just want this Flame Stone-

Fire Bro: Shut up, I don't want any of your lies!

Fire Bro then shoots about seven fireballs at Kroshi, Kroshi is able to flutter in the air to dodge the attack. Fireball is trying to cast a spell at Fire Bro, and casts a volcano attack on the Fire Bro. Fire and rumbling are seen and heard. and Fire Bro takes a lot of damage from this one move. Things seem to be looking good for the two Yoshis.

Fire Bro: Don't think this is over...

Fire Bro jumps up in the air and does a ground pound, causing a huge rumble and a couple of rocks to fall down, knocking the two Yoshis off their feet. Fire Bro then shoots 3 fireballs at Fireball and 2 at Kroshi. Fireball gets hit, but Kroshi is able to roll out of the way. Fire Bro then
shoots 5 fireballs at the white Yoshi, Kroshi just barely being able to dodge the fireball attacks. Fire Bro then does a ground pound once again, this time more rocks fall down and bonk Kroshi on the head. Kroshi slips off his feet and hits the ground. Fire Bro, seeing this is the chance to strike Kroshi, is just about to shoot a Grand Fireball, but then Fireball comes from behind and pushes Fire Bro, knocking him off of his feet. Fireball goes a little closer to Fire Bro, but Fire Bro kicks him away and gets out some hammers, even though he isn't a Hammer Bro. The hammers are red, and Fire Bro throws them at Fireball. Fireball gets hit on the tail by one of the hammers, and it is  pretty painful. Yoshi's don't really like it when their tails are pulled or hurt in any kind of way. This seems like a great opening for Fire Bro, who goes back to his other move, a Grand Fireball...

Fire Bro: Any last words?

Just then Fire Boo comes and pushes Fire Bro. Fire Bro looks behind, in the process stopping his Grand Fireball attack. Fire Bro, bewildered by what has just happened, goes back to making his Grand Fireball, only to be poked on the shoulder. He turns around once again and notices Fire Boo.

Fire Bro: What are you doing here, Fire Boo? Didn't I just tell you to get out of here?

Fire Boo: Yes,, but I have one thing I have to tell you.

Fire Bro: Spit it out!

Fire Boo: It's...

Fire Boo then uses a flaming attack on Fire Bro, knocking him off of his feet and onto the ground. As Fire Bro tries to get back up, Fire Boo then uses a Flaming Boo attack. The attack turns Fire Boo into a bunch of Mini-Fire Boos and then all the Mini-Fire Boos use a fireball attack on Fire Bro. Fireball gets back up to his feet and uses is newly owned wand to cast Volcano on Fire Bro. Fire is going everywhere from the attack and Fire Bro is defeated.

Fire Bro: I... I give... up. You win...

Kroshi: Yes! We can finally get the stone now!

Fireball: But wait... Why did you help us, Boo?

Fire Boo: Well... I got fired by that loser, and decided to do something about it. He was always selfish and Mr. Ego around us all the time. I was... being a jerk myself. And I'm very sorry if I caused any harm to you.

Kroshi: Well... I guess we could forgive you, then.

Fireball: Yeah...

Fireball and Kroshi shake hands with Fire Boo.

Kroshi: But where is the stone?

Fire Boo: The treasure? Just wait a second.

Fire Boo goes over to a wall and pushes a square part of the wall, then revealing a door leading to a room upstairs.

Fire Boo: Before we go any farther, what are your names?

Fireball: I'm Fireball and he's Kroshi.

Fire Boo: All right then, well, let’s get going then.

Fire Boo goes up the stairs, followed by Fireball and Kroshi, to reveal a large table with chairs that look rather comfortable. There is a door to the right and another on the left side.

Fire Boo: Come on, the treasure is through the right door over here.

Kroshi: What's in the other door?

Fire Boo: Oh, it’s where we see what's happening in the mountain and outside. We have cameras all over this place.

Fireball: Very interesting...

Fire Boo opens the right door to reveal gold coins, jewelry, gems, treasure chests filled with even more gold coins, and even more.

Fire Boo: So what are you looking for again?

Kroshi: A Flame Stone.

Fireball goes over to the pile of gold and sees there is a stone with a flame on it.

Fireball: This is the stone.

Kroshi: Great, thank you all for your help!

Fire Boo: My pleasure. I know a faster way out of here.

Fire Boo then grabs ahold of the two Yoshis and then they are back outside the mountain.

Fireball: Thanks once again!

Fire Boo: You're welcome, see you guys!

Kroshi: Wait! Is there a spot where you could put this stone? Like a holding place?

Fire Boo: Hey, it's near the top of the mountain, it's where the Fire Group kept the most valuable things!

Fireball: Could you put this stone there as well?

Fire Boo: Sure.

Fire Boo takes the stone, goes to the top of the mountain, and places the stone in the holding spot. There is a great red flash. Fire Boo then comes back down.

Fireball: Once again, thank you.

Fire Boo: You're welcome, see you, guys!

Fire Boo waves to Fireball and Kroshi, and then just disappears. Fireball and Kroshi walk back to Y.J Village... But what other journeys lie ahead for the two Yoshis? Find out next time…

To Be Continued...

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