The Dark Prognosticus, Chapter 6: Luigi's Big Boo Adventure

By Dimentio

Chapter 11: The Kidnap

While Luigi and Co. were fighting Metalgeist and searching for E. Gadd, King Boo was taking care of business. King Boo is in his new hideaway. A beaten up Boo approaches him

Boo: Permission to speak, sir?

King Boo: Permission granted.

Boo: Uh, you remember that you sent a squad of Boos to kidnap Daisy?

King Boo: Yes.

Boo: Uh, well this is going to be hard to believe, but she uh *gulp* beat them all up.

King Boo: WHAT?!

Boo: Yes Sire, we attacked but being the girlfriend of Luigi, she was prepared! She took out almost every one! Not to mention her crazy brother was there when we attacked.

King Boo: The fist master, eh? Well, no matter. I will go and kidnap Daisy myself. However, I will at least need ten men.

Boo: Right away sir!

He leaves. They set out in 30 minutes. Meanwhile at Sarassaland…

Daisy: Thanks for your help, P.T., but I can handle myself.

P.T.: Aww! But I want to guard you. No one will make me leave this spot!

Lemmy comes.

Lemmy: Yo P.T.! Interview now! All your crewmembers are too lazy so you’re up.

P.T.: Darn it!

He gets in his car and leaves. Lemmy leaves as well.

Daisy: I can protect myself.

On cue her castle wall blows up. She jumps out of the way. Through the hole comes King Boo and some Boos. The king starts laughing.

Daisy: What's so funny?

King Boo: Apparently my men are all chicken if they ran away from you! They said something weakened their power but all I see is a poor, defenseless princess.

Daisy: Oh, you must mean this.

She pulls a hidden switch and the place is filled with a white light. King Boo and the Boos shriek and cover their eyes.

King Boo: That light! It burns! Grr… No matter, I have to kidnap you.

Daisy: Try me!

King Boo uses Ice Beam. Daisy rolls away, jumps, and uses Judo Kick on King Boo. King Boo gets launched a few feet but uses Fireball on her. She jumps over it and uses Tennis Racket. She smacks him across the face. He gets launched farther, but uses Lick. LI- Grab! Daisy grabbed his tongue! She uses Judo Punch and knocks him back more! King Boo is very angry.


In his frustration he uses Mine. He grabs a big one and chucks it at her.

Daisy: Uh oh.

King Boo sees a large explosion.

King Boo: Oops. I hope I didn't kill her. If she dies Luigi would make sure I stay in the Underwhere.

He gets near the smoke and- BAM! Daisy comes out of the smoke using Jump Kick. King Boo gets knocked back a few feet. King Boo can't believe it.

King Boo: How did you-

Daisy takes out a parasol that looks like Peach's but yellow.

King Boo: MEN! HELP ME!

Boos: Oh, right!

They surround Daisy but she uses Baseball Smack. She gets her bat and starts hitting the Boos. However-


She drops the bat. She can't move. King Boo comes forward, chuckling.

King Boo: Sweet dreams.

Daisy: Not yet!

She somehow overcomes the lick and jumps up. She uses Pile Driver! BAM! King Boo is dizzy and VERY angry.


As he screams he does Ghostly Wail! The soundwaves make Daisy hit the wall and she faints. King Boo looks surprised.

King Boo: Wow, I didn't know I could do that! Now Boos, take her away.

Boos: Yes sir!

King Boo: On second thought, bring her with us.

Boos: To where?

King Boo looks outside the castle towards the Mushroom Kingdom. He sees many factories in one place.

King Boo: To Frantic Factory.

King Boo and the others head towards the factory.

Chapter 12: A Mad Battle

Frantic Factory is a series of factories that make goods for the Mushroom Kingdom. In fact these are the MK's only factories. In the main room is owner and founder of these factories, Mad Jack, a huge jack-in-a-box robot/monster thing. Out of his box he has a spring that connects to his body. There two springs come out of his body which connect to two huge, glove-like hands. He has wild green hair. His face is also green. He has one real eyeball and the other a red, glowing, mechanical eye. He sits, wondering why Junior isn't back from helping Luigi.

Mad Jack: Where is he? He is late for work and I do not tolerate lateness.

Then out of nowhere the wall explodes. Mad Jack doesn't even flinch. Through the hole- yup, it is King Boo.

Mad Jack: You must be pretty stupid if you dare blow up my walls.

King Boo: I don't have time for this! I need to get rid of you, otherwise my plan can't succeed.

Mad Jack: You must be pretty suicidal if you want to fight me.

With that King Boo uses Fire Blast. Mad Jack just blocks it with his hand. It catches on fire and he uses Fire Punch. King Boo quickly turns invisible. He uses Boo Uppercut on Jack. He hits him but it barely does anything. Mad Jack uses Thunder Punch on King Boo. ZAP! King Boo gets blasted but the other Boos cache him. King Boo realizes he is going to lose if this keeps up. He uses Mega Mine, and gets a huge mine and throws it at him. BOOM! When the smoke clears Mad Jack had fallen, but has gotten back up.

Mad Jack: You messed with the wrong guy.

King Boo: Oh crud.

Mad Jack is charging electricity in his red eye. King Boo knows what is coming next.

King Boo: Stop! Fire your attack-

The Boos bring over Daisy. King Boo and the other Boos charge their Boo Beam.

King Boo: And I will kill her!

Mad Jack: I don't like her that much.

King Boo: Oh, right.

Instead King Boo and the other Boos fire the Beam at Mad Jack. He didn't expect that and- SHINK! However he is still standing. King Boo however uses Ghostly Wail. Mad Jack can't take it the scream messing up his circuits. Mad Jack falls down.

King Boo: Wow. I actually took down Mad Jack! Boos!

100 Boos arrive.

King Boo: Take him and Daisy to the hideout! Ahahahahaha!

The Boos laugh with him and leave the Factory.

Chapter 13: Let’s Go Spelunking!

Toad is driving where Luigi tells him to go. They go through forest and cities and restaurants. They eventually stop at an abandoned cave. Luigi and Co. get off the machine and head towards the entrance. The tracker is going off the scale.

Luigi: It seems King Boo is in this cave.

Toad: Hey, I know this place. This is the abandoned Crystal Cave. Popple and I came here once and found many valuable crystals.

Bowser Jr: So that is how you got me a Plasma TV with a receipt. I thought you looted it.

Luigi: Come on. We’ve got to go search this cave. Let’s-a go.

They enter the cave. They look and see it goes downhill. They go down for a while. After about 10 minutes of walking they see an underground river and lots of beautiful crystals sticking out of the ground. Luigi and Co. look with awe at the beautiful crystals. They look around and see Toad trying to break off some crystals.

Toad: Now I have a gift for Toadette’s birthday.

Luigi: Toad! That is a great idea!

Everyone goes in different directions to collect some crystals. Luigi long jumps over the river and get some crystals.

Luigi: This will go perfect on a wedding ring!

Kirby goes into another little cave and starts digging up a crystal. Junior goes for a swim. Bowser Jr. goes up a small hill and sees more crystals. He digs them up. Luigi meanwhile is looking for a perfect crystal when-

???: Luigi, what are you-a doing here?

Luigi turns around and finds Mario.

Luigi: Bro, what are you-a doing here?

Mario: I-a asked first, but fine. After I told Peach what-a happened she told me to-a get a present for Daisy when she-a returns. So I-a thought of crystals and I remember Toad talking about this-a place once. So here I am.

Luigi: Well King Boo is in this cave somewhere. I am-a trying to find him, but first, why not-a try to find a perfect wedding ring-a stone?

Mario looks around and sees Luigi's partners.

Mario: So you were going to do-a this by yourself, eh?

Luigi: Okay, I do need-a little help.

Mario: Fine-a. I will-a join you, Luigi.

Luigi: Okay, Bro.

Luigi and Mario then hear someone screaming. They turn around and see Junior is being carried by a tide. Even if he is a penguin he is too morbidly obese to swim. They see the tide is taking him towards a waterfall. Junior continues screaming as he falls down. Everybody looks and Toad starts to laugh his head off as Junior hits pointy rocks and other stuff.

Luigi: Toad! Even if that is funny it’s rude to laugh at it.

Toad: Okay, I'm sorry.

Mario: Come on-a. We-a got to-a go find him. Let’s-a go!

Luigi and Co. start going down a road. They walk for 30 minutes and they see a huge crystal blocking the road. The party members try to break it but it’s too hard. Luigi thinks about what to do. Mario, however, already has an idea.

Mario: Luigi, it’s time to try out the-a new move! Typhoon Bros!

Luigi: Right!

Luigi takes out his hammer and squishes Mario. Mario starts to spin around really fast and Luigi jumps. Mario grabs Luigi's legs and puts him in a horizontal position instead of vertical. They go really fast towards the crystal and Luigi's hammer hits the crystal with full force. CRACK! The crystal breaks into pieces and they move on. About 10 minutes later they see another crystal in there way but it has a little golden color to it. The Mario Bros. do Cyclone Bros. again but they end up hurting themselves. Toad, however, gets an idea.

Toad: Stand back and watch the masters. Bowser Jr, time to do Buddy Beam!

Bowser Jr: Right!

They stand near each other. Toad charges his Star Ray while Bowser Jr. charges his Flame Breath. They jump and spin around in midair near each other. They release their attacks while spinning. Both attacks wrap around each other and hit the crystal. Crack! The crystal is destroyed.

Mario: Great-a going, guys!

They continue. A few minutes later they can hear the waterfall but cannot see it. Also they have hit a dead end. They are puzzled. Kirby then gets an idea.

Kirby: Everybody, get back.

They go behind Kirby. Kirby transforms into Bomb Kirby. He throws 3 bombs near a wall. BOOM! CRASH! The wall crumbles and they can see the waterfall. Stuck between a pile of rocks is Junior. The gang rush towards him.

Luigi: Junior, you-a okay?

Junior: I'm huuungry.

Luigi smacks him. That makes Junior move a little and the current starts taking him again.

Luigi: Oh no you don't!

Luigi and the others try to pull him out but get carried away as well. They are riding down the waterfall. The radar starts beeping like mad.

Luigi: King Boo is just down this road!

Mario: Last one-a down is a Poison Mushroom.

And they’re off! Luigi jumps over rocks and long jumps when he lands on them. Mario however gets out FLUDD and puts in the Turbo Nozzle. He runs super fast. Kirby however has a trick of his own and turns into Neptune Kirby. He makes a giant wave that carries him over the rocks. Junior, being stupid and unable to swim, just crashes through the rocks while still going super fast. Bowser Jr. jumps acrobatically from rock to rock and goes inside his shell, destroying rocks that are in his way. Toad however has no special tricks- except this one.

Toad: PK Starstorm!

Huge meteors crash on to the river, messing up Luigi and Mario. Junior gets launched to another lane and is heading towards a horde of crystals.


Junior is eliminated. The meteors destroy many rocks so Bowser Jr. just rides the current. Kirby is greatly affected by it. However Toad passes Mario and Luigi.

Toad: Nya, nya, nya,n- CRASH!

He doesn't look where he was going and hits a stalagmite. Toad is eliminated. Bowser Jr. jumps on Kirby's wave and pushes him off. However, being Neptune Kirby, he holds on to the water. Bowser Jr. is about to step on him when- CRASH! He hits a crystal that is on the ceiling of the cave. Bowser Jr. is eliminated. Kirby laughes at him and- CRASH! The river swerves to the right and Kirby's wave kept going straight, hitting the wall. Kirby is eliminated. Now it is down to just Mario and Luigi. Mario has the advantage because there is water everywhere so FLUDD just keeps on getting recharged. They see a huge crystal coming up. Luigi can Ultra Jump it but if Mario isn't careful when he jumps he could hit it. However Mario switches to Rocket Nozzle and charges up. If Mario jumps it he will win. They come close to it. Luigi Ultra Jumps it and gets across. Mario charges up and lets go. Just as he is halfway up FLUDD stops.

FLUDD: I have a live update for your Windows XP.

Mario: @%&- CRASH!

Luigi gets to the bottom. Luigi wins the race! The crystal breaks and Luigi sees his party members sliding towards him.

Luigi: Mamam- SQUISH!

He gets flattened. Luigi Super Jumps out of the pile. He then hears chuckling behind him.

King Boo: Well that was amusing. Great job making it here, Luigi.

Luigi: Enough! Where is Daisy?

King Boo: Why, she is over there.

Luigi sees Daisy chained down. We can see some Boos are holding a sharp crystal above her.

Daisy: Luigi!

Luigi: Daisy!

King Boo: Shut up and pay attention! If you accept my gentlemen's challenge she will live.

Luigi: Grr! What is it?

King Boo: You and you partners will fight me yet again.

Luigi: There is no way you can win.

King Boo: Oh yeah?

King Boo signals the Boos. Some of them go to a wall and blow it up. In there they see an unconscious and chained Mad Jack!

Junior: Uh oh.

King Boo: That's right. I actually defeated the MK's most powerful weapon. Now I will be using it!

He goes to the body and possesses it! Mad Jack screeches loudly and falls down. When he gets up he has a crown on his head. His box and lower spring turn into a ghostly tail. Lastly he has a long, red tongue.

???: Say hello to King Jack… and goodbye to your pitiful existence. AHHAHAHAHAHA!

Luigi and Co. get into battle positions.

Can Luigi defeat King Jack? Will he get reunited with Daisy? And what ever happened to Metalgeist? Is this the final battle? You don't want to miss out!

To Be Continued...

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