The Dark Prognosticus, Chapter 6: Luigi's Big Boo Adventure

By Dimentio

Chapter 19: The Final Confrontation

Luigi and Co. step out onto the roof of King Boo’s Castle. A storm is building up and the winds are cold like dead, icy fingers touching their every being. Luigi looks on ahead and sees King Boo with his back turned. Luigi takes a step forward and King Boo starts to talk.

King Boo: You know, some researchers say that this castle was once actually in the Real World. That this castle was the site of the Trojan War. That a great and powerful king kidnapped a beautiful princess. Her boyfriend declared war on him and fought to get her back. Tonight this myth will be reenacted except the powerful king will defeat the boyfriend.

Luigi: I don’t want to hear about this, King Boo! Where… is… Daisy?!

King Boo: Why, she is right here…

He claps his stub and a hole opens up. Luigi sees 10 Boos lift up a cage that contains a fainted Daisy.

Luigi: Let her go now.

King Boo: Not so fast, Luigi, for this time I will be the victor. Now watch and weep!

He claps his stubs again and the Boos open the cage door. King Boo goes in and starts laughing. To Luigi’s horror he sees King Boo possess Daisy! Daisy looks exactly the same but with four minor differences. She is floating in midair, her tiara has changed into King Boo’s crown, she has King Boo’s eyes, and a dim white aura surrounds her. This figure starts to laugh at the sight of a teardrop coming out of Luigi’s eye.

???: Well Luigi, let’s see how can you defeat me if you have to hurt the love of your life in the process. For I am uh… um… hmm… King Daisy?

Luigi: You monster! How can you do this?

King Daisy?: I just did, so prepare to kiss your life away… or Daisy’s! Ah ha ha ha ha!

Luigi 200/200
Mario 220/220
Toad 170/170
King Daisy? 200/200

King Daisy?: How do you expect to beat me now?

Luigi doesn’t respond but just stands still, another tear forming in his eyes. Mario goes forward, a determined look in his face.

Mario: Come on-a, Luigi! Let’s-a get him!

Luigi: (voice trembling) No M-Mario. I c-c-can’t hurt-a Daisy…

Toad: That is not Daisy, that’s King Boo!

Luigi: No, I-I-I just can’t…

King Daisy?: Oh boo-hoo! He he he… It’s time to finish this!

King Daisy? uses “Racket Smack”. It takes out a tennis racket and swings toward Luigi. He backflips but KD? ends up hitting Mario instead. Toad is about to use Headbutt however KD? uses “Baseball Swing”. It hits Toad with a baseball bat and Toad lands near the edge. It starts to rain and thunder can be heard. Luigi starts to cry at the sight of Daisy hurting his brother and his friend Toad. The other party members see Luigi crying and make a decision.

Bowser Jr: We have to defeat King Boo… together!

Other Members: Yeah!

All of them get onto the battlefield and confront King Daisy?. It just smiles and its eyes suddenly turn yellow. It uses “Petal Dance”! A bunch of daisies come out of nowhere and the petals become sharper than a buzzsaw. They suddenly turn purple and head towards the party members. They try to dodge but the petals come in great numbers and in the end the party take a great deal of damage. They all fall down on the floor fainted! KD? starts to laugh and sees Luigi is the only one left. It walks towards him but to its surprise Luigi stops crying! Luigi looks at KD? and then at his fainted party members.

Luigi: You hurt my friends, made me go through difficult obstacles, and took over my girlfriend. Your reign of terror stops here! May Daisy forgive me…

With that Luigi Uppercuts KD? and sends it flying into the air. However it gets a hold of itself and uses Mach Punch. Luigi jumps to avoid it and uses Luigi Tornado. KD? gets thrown into the air but uses Piledriver on Luigi. Luigi gets buried in the ground and KD? uses the opportunity and does a Judo Kick. Luigi gets launched and nearly falls off the roof. He gets on his feet and uses Luigi Missile. He hits KD? but it stands its ground. With Luigi getting up, that leaves an opening and KD? uses Golf Swing. It hits Luigi just below the belt. Luigi ignores the pain and uses new move “Screwdriver”. He jumps up and does a screwdriver attack from Melee. It gets hit but quickly uses Jump Kick. Luigi gets launched again and slips on the rainfall. Luigi gets up and uses Karate Chop. KD? however uses Parasol and avoids damage.

Luigi 100/200
King Daisy? 120/200

Luigi uses Super Jump. KD? uses Parasol and waits for Luigi to attack. However Luigi knew it was going to do that and uses Flame Tornado. The rainfall weakens the attack but it is enough to catch the parasol on fire. KD? lets go of the parasol and Luigi uses Uppercut. KD? knows Luigi can’t use any of his more powerful moves for fear that he will really hurt Daisy. KD? however will not play games. It uses Mine on Luigi. Luigi Super Jumps to avoid it. In the air Luigi realizes that if he keeps fighting like this he will surely lose. Luigi uses Lightning Orb. KD? did not expect this and takes the hit. Luigi has landed and runs up to the downed KD? He uses Karate Chop and sends it back even more. Luigi sees that the aura is starting to disappear. He also sees that Daisy has some bruises and is bleeding. Luigi goes up to the downed KD?.

KD?: What are you waiting for? Finish me and I will be defenseless.

Luigi: All right.

Luigi charges an electrical orb in his hands. Luigi, however, starts crying again and puts his hands down.

Luigi: I just can’t do it…

KD?: Really? ‘Cause… I can!

KD? tackles Luigi and pins him down. It makes a mine appear in its hand.

KD?: Any last words?

Luigi: Actually yes.

Luigi reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small box.

Luigi: I tried, Daisy, I really did. Through my adventures I got this…

He opens it up and KD? sees an engagement ring.

Luigi: After I defeated King Boo I would have proposed to you, but now…

KD? continues to look at the ring. The metal is pure gold with a lovely crystal on the top. KD? actually starts to cry!

Luigi: Daisy, I have and always will love you…

Daisy: Luigi, I love you too!

King Boo: Wait, what?!

Luigi looks and sees King Boo is struggling to continue possessing Daisy. KD? starts shaking and staggering. Luigi gets up and sees KD? yell and a bright light envelops it. When the light is gone Luigi sees Daisy on the floor and King Boo dizzy.

Luigi goes over to Daisy.

Luigi: Are you-a okay, Daisy?

Daisy looks at Luigi, smiling as tears form in her eyes.

Daisy: I love your cute little accent.

Luigi smiles back, tears forming in his eyes too.

Luigi: I love-a you.

Daisy: I love you too, Luigi. Here, I thought this might come in handy if King Boo did kidnap me…

She hands him 6 1-Ups. They immediately go towards the fainted partners. All of the members are revived!

Luigi: Thank you…

Daisy: You can defeat King Boo, Luigi. I… believe… in… you…

Daisy faints in Luigi’s hands. Luigi smiles and kisses Daisy on the cheek.

Luigi: I won’t fail you, my love.

King Boo: Oh boohoo! I think I squeezed out a tear. Prepare to break your promise to Daisy, for you can’t win!

Luigi: I won’t fail her! I have-a come this-a far, I will not lose! You hear me, King Boo?!

King Boo: Well then, give it your best shot!

Luigi 200/200
Mario 220/220
Toad 170/170
King Boo 3000/5000

Luigi: Woah, what happened to your HP?

King Boo: Some meteorites and my roof fell on me!

Toad: Oops…

King Boo uses Boo Uppercut on Luigi. Luigi rolls out of the way and hits him with his own Lighting Uppercut. Mario jumps into the air and uses Meteor Smash but King Boo turns invisible and then tries to possess Mario! King Boo however is struggling to possess Mario as he is at full health. Toad tries to help Mario and headbutts him. This knocks King Boo away but Mario takes the damage. King Boo looks around and doesn’t see Luigi. Then he sees a shadow on top of him. King Boo acts fast and pulls out a mine and holds it on top of him. Luigi sees the mine but he can’t change direction. BOOM! Luigi and King Boo take damage from the explosion. Mario helps up his brother and Toad uses Star on King Boo. King Boo sees the stars coming towards him and uses Mirror Wall. The stars hit the mirror and bounce towards Toad. Toad activates his Force Field and avoids damage. Luigi and Mario use Tornado Bros. King Boo sees the flaming tornado heading towards him and turns invisible. King Boo however doesn’t see Toad charging his Star Ray and he shoots toward King Boo. King Boo gets hit by the Star Ray as he did not know the Star Ray could hit him even when invisible. With the pain King Boo is visible again and gets hit again by the flaming tornado. Mario then uses another Meteor Smash and sends King Boo flying. Luigi then uses Super Jump and hits King Boo yet again. King Boo plummets to the ground. He slowly gets back up.

King Boo: Hmm, no wonder I always possessed someone to try to defeat you. I never knew I was such a stinky fighter.

Luigi: Ready to call it quits?

King Boo: Not yet. I can be more powerful with their help!

King Boo claps his stubs and 100 Boos appear. Luigi and Co. gulp. With all those Boos King Boo’s power grows… He grows literally as well! He gets twice as big and a white aura envelops him.

King Boo: Now I am ready to kill you.

The other party members step forward.

Kirby: With the power of teamwork we can win this fight.

Bowser Jr: Yeah, together anything is possible!

Pichu: That is so corny.

King Boo sends out his minions and the party members dive into action.

Luigi 160/200
Mario 200/220
Toad 170/170
Junior 225/225
Bowser Jr. 145/145
Kirby 160/160
Pichu 135/135
King Boo 2795/5000
All the Boos 5000 (combined HP)

Luigi goes up to King Boo and activates the Poltergust 3000. King Boo starts to screech and to drag Luigi.

With the others it is an all out brawl. Mario uses Mario Tornado and hits some Boo but one quickly licks him in the face. A Boo uppercuts him only to get smacked by Bowser Jr’s paintbrush. Kirby has transformed into Boo Kirby and has started Boo Beaming everywhere. However Junior mistakes him as an actual Boo and uses Belly Flop. Kirby gets flattened and some Boos go over to Junior and start hitting him. Pichu is just in the corner filming when someone taps his shoulder. Pichu turns around and a Boo scares him. He throws his camera in fear and it lands on Toad’s head. Toad thinks a Boo hit him and uses PK Starstorm. The other members scramble not to get hit while some Boos evaporate, defeated.

With Luigi, King Boo has escaped from his grasp and started throwing mines toward Luigi. Luigi jumps and runs to avoid the mines. King Boo then suddenly disappears and Luigi stops. He turns around and sees nothing. He looks in front of him and- Lick! Luigi lets out a scream as the drool is burning his eyes. King Boo Uppercuts Luigi while he is running around. Luigi however takes the advantage of the added height and uses Fireball Carnage. King Boo turns invisible and avoids damage. Luigi then quickly decides to use Storm. Since there is already a storm the attack is extra powerful, and hits King Boo dead on. King Boo then starts to get a bit smaller but he snaps out of it.

Meanwhile the others are still having some trouble. Kirby has gotten away from Junior’s massive girth and has transformed into Ice Kirby. He start breathing out ice and the Boos cower in fear. With all of them piled up Mario uses Mario Finale. A lot of Boos see this and get out of range. The others aren’t so lucky. The remaining Boos (about 70 of them) decide to form Boolossus! Pichu grabs his camera and decides to uses Electroshock on Boolossus. He gets shocked but gets over it quickly. He starts bouncing around and the others start to run. Junior gets flattened many times as he is too slow. Bowser Jr. stops and uses new move “Paint Rain”. The brush starts shooting every kind of goop all over Boolossus. He takes damage for a few moments but then just shakes it off. The goop flies over to the party members and they start taking damage. Mario takes out FLUDD and starts spraying everyone. Boolossus charges up his Boo Beam and fires towards Mario. Mario acts fast and takes out his cape. However the Beam is too powerful and Mario takes the hit. Mario faints!

Luigi 110/200
Mario Fainted
Toad 130/170
Junior 100/225
Bowser Jr. 145/145
Kirby 100/160
Pichu 100/135
King Boo 2595/5000
Boolossus 3400/5000

Luigi starts up the Poltergeist and King Boo tries to get away from its grasp. Luigi surprisingly lets go. King Boo gets puzzled but then Luigi uses Negative Zone. King Boo suddenly gets sleepy only to get reawakened by Luigi using Lightning Uppercut. King Boo ignores the pain and uses Ice Beam. Luigi runs to dodge it and uses Luigi Missile. He fires himself and hits King Boo. However King Boo uses Mine on Luigi and they both get knocked back.

Meanwhile Boolossus is crushing the gang. Boolossus keeps turning invisible, then reappears right when he is about to squish somebody. Bowser Jr. then gets an idea. He stands still and Boolossus starts floating towards him. Just as Boolossus goes in for the crushing, Bowser Jr. get I nside his shell and POP! Boolossus turns back into many different Boos. Kirby turns into Cook Kirby and gets about 10 Boos in. They all are defeated by being cooked. Toad starts shooting mini stars toward the Boos. Some Boos avoid this while others get defeated. Junior starts burping all over the place. However the Boos form Boolossus again and use Ghostly Wail on Junior. Normally the wail would hardly push Junior but the rain makes him slip and he falls from the roof. CRASH! Junior faints! The others stare in shock but get back into the fray. Toad uses new move “Spore”. He fires out spores from his Mushroom hat and sends them toward Boolossus. He starts to get sleepy on contact but tries to use Lick. His aim goes bad and he goes toward Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. takes out his paintbrush and leaves some electric goop on his tongue. He starts screeching and floating around in random direction. He slams into Bowser Jr. and he lands close to the edge. Bowser Jr. panics and crawls away. The others are trying to avoid being slammed. Kirby uses Recycle and transforms into Needle Kirby. Boolossus goes towards Kirby and POP! All the Boos scatter.

Luigi is currently dodging King Boo’s Ice Beam. With every Boo getting defeated, King Boo’s power is weakening. King Boo then uses Ghostly Wail and hits Luigi, launching him towards the edge of the castle roof. Luigi hangs on to the edge but the water is making his hand slip. King Boo takes out a mine and aims at Luigi’s hand. Luigi gets an idea. He puts his Poltergust on blow. He gets on it and lets go. King Boo looks over the edge and sees Luigi skyrocketing on his Poltergeist. The blowing power is enough to get Luigi back on top of the castle. King Boo quickly chucks the mine towards Luigi. Luigi however just as quickly puts the vacuum on suck and gets the mine stuck on the nozzle. He shoots it back at the surprised King Boo. King Boo falls on the floor in pain but slowly gets back up. He flies quickly towards Luigi and slams right in to him. Luigi hits the door where they came from and King Boo throws a small but powerful mine.

Luigi 5/200
Mario Fainted
Toad 90/170
Junior Fainted
Bowser Jr. 105/145
Kirby 60/160
Pichu 60/135
King Boo 2395/5000
Boolossus 2700/5000

The Boos scatter like mad as Pichu uses Volt Tackle. He gets enveloped in a yellow electrical ball and starts defeating countless Boos. However, being only a Pichu, using Volt Tackle uses up all of his energy and he faints. Kirby has impaled many Boos with his spike ability. Bowser Jr. and Toad however are avoiding countless Boo Beams. The Boos decide to reform but Boolossus is smaller than before. Boolossus starts charging a Boo Beam and everybody runs to avoid it. However Bowser Jr. slips on the water and Boolossus fires towards him. Shink! Bowser Jr. faints.

With Luigi, he is in very great pain and very weak but nonetheless he stands back up. King Boo smiles at the sight of Luigi in his current shape. King Boo decides to end his misery and uses Ghostly Wail. Luigi has different plans and uses new move “Mega Jump”. He avoids it and completely buries King Boo in the ground with his jump. Luigi takes this opportunity and eats his last Mushroom Steak and a normal Mushroom. Luigi + 80 HP. Luigi takes out the Poltergust and starts sucking up King Boo. However it is only shortlived as King Boo drops a mine and the explosion hurts them both. Luigi topples over but fires a Lightning Orb at King Boo. King Boo gets shocked but nonetheless he is going for a Boo Uppercut. Luigi stands up and goes for a Lightning Uppercut. They both hit each other, none of them showing any signs of giving up. Soon enough they both get launched in different directions. Luigi however, while in the air, uses Fireball Carnage on King Boo. King Boo falls on the floor and sees dozens of fireballs coming in his direction. Still nature proves to be an enemy and the fireballs are weakened by the constant rain. Luigi then gets out the Poltergeist and starts sucking up King Boo again.

Meanwhile Boolossus is running away from Needle Kirby. Boolossus then gets an idea and turns invisible. Toad and Kirby get an uneasy feeling. Boolossus reappears and starts bouncing around the ceiling. Parts of the ceiling start flying due to Boolossus. Kirby starts destroying the ceiling parts that fly his way. What they didn’t know however is that this move is only a diversion. 10 Boos split away from Boolossus and turn invisible. They get behind Kirby and start charging their Boo Beam. Kirby is too busy destroying parts of the ceiling that come towards him to see the little white ball of energy that is behind him. Toad notices it and goes to warn Kirby, but it is too late. Kirby turns around and Shink! Kirby faints. Toad however is not gonna let all of his friends’ defeats be in vain. Toad gathers all the magic (FP) he has and unleashes PK Starstorm. The meteorites come in even more numbers. The Boos just stare and soon they meet their demise. Boolossus is defeated.

Luigi 50/200
Toad 90/170
Every other partner Fainted
King Boo 2100/5000
Boolossus Defeated

Apparently while Toad was using PK Starstorm King Boo has gotten hit by a few meteorites. Toad goes over to Luigi to aid him. King Boo decides that Luigi needs no help and gets out a mine. He throws it at the ground near Toad. That part of the roof collapses and Toad falls all the way into the Conservatory. Toad gets up but King Boo grabs a part of the ceiling and drops it on Toad. Toad faints. King Boo chuckles at the sight of the smashed fungus.

King Boo: Let’s see how you like the roof on top of you!

Luigi: Time to-a end this.

King Boo: I don’t think so, Mr. Funny Accent!

King Boo takes out another mine and aims at the ground near Luigi. Luigi long jumps from the blast and Karate Chops King Boo. King Boo gets hit but stands his ground. He uses Corona. However Luigi easily dodges it because it was still pouring rain outside, making the Corona weak. Luigi starts shooting out Lightning Orbs. King Boo can’t dodge them all so it results in King Boo actually getting stunned from all the electricity. Luigi goes over to King Boo and uses Lightning Uppercut, which isn’t good for King Boo. King Boo starts getting an electrical shock all over. The rain isn’t helping and Luigi decides to take out the Poltergust. King Boo can’t even try to escape, which is good news for Luigi. However King Boo overcomes the charge and uses Lick. Luigi tries to wipe off the saliva and this gives King Boo the perfect opportunity. He uses Boo Uppercut and sends Luigi high into the air. King Boo throws a mine at Luigi and Luigi gets even more damaged. King Boo starts charging his Boo Beam but Luigi uses up the last of his FP and uses Negative Zone. While King Boo is dizzy in the zone, Luigi gets out a Kooky Cookie. Luigi + 15 FP and status Invisible! Luigi uses Screwdriver and launches King Boo. King Boo opens his eyes and doesn’t see Luigi. Luigi uses Luigi Missile on the unsuspecting King Boo. King Boo hits the remains of the door that leads to the roof. Luigi looks and sees his last recovery item is a Mushroom Crepe. Luigi + 30 HP + 20 FP. King Boo gets up and is in much pain. He will lose for sure if he doesn’t do something quick. Luigi suddenly sees steam coming out of his pocket. Luigi looks inside and finds a Volcano Shroom. Luigi eats it and his attack doubles!

King Boo: Boy am I in trouble.

King Boo turns invisible but Luigi has an idea. He charges a Lightning Orb and shoots it at the sky. The clouds absorb it and they start shooting out lightning everywhere. King Boo gets zapped multiple times while one bolt hits Luigi. Luigi had planned this though and uses Luigi Missile. He shoots out like a real missile and is completely covered in electricity. He hits King Boo, who gets launched out of his castle. However, even in pain, King Boo flies back to the roof.

Luigi 30/200
King Boo 1000/5000

King Boo uses Bomb Festival. He starts throwing dozens of bombs toward Luigi, but he retaliates with Fireball Carnage. The fireballs are twice as big thanks to the Volcano Shroom but the rain has still not stopped so the fireballs are reduced to their normal size. Neither of them let up on their attacks but Luigi decides to Super Jump. King Boo looks up and sees Luigi is hidden within the clouds. King Boo takes out two mines and gets ready for whatever Luigi is up to. In the clouds Luigi is charging a giant Lightning Orb. He is starting to fall and on the first sight of King Boo he fires it. King Boo throws his two mines but they are no match for the giant Lightning Orb. King Boo gets zapped but his fury is increasing with each hit. As soon as he lands Luigi uses Luigi Tornado. King Boo retaliates with a Boo Punch and they cancel each other out. Luigi however gets out the Poltergust and starts sucking him up. King Boo scrambles in random directions but Luigi holds on tight. King Boo tries to drop another mine but this time Luigi fires out a mini Lightning Orb and it explodes on King Boo. King Boo then uses Boo Beam and Luigi lets go to dodge. Luigi uses Ultra Jump and goes through the clouds again. This time however King Boo starts shooting out ice beams in random directions. Luigi sees a beam of ice go through the cloud and dodges it. He uses Flame Tornado to destroy any ice beam that heads his way. Luigi lets go of the tornado and prepares a Lightning Uppercut. King Boo sees this and prepares his Boo Uppercut. Just as they are about to hit each other Luigi jumps and King Boo misses. Luigi instead does a Lightning Downcut and hits the surprised King Boo. King Boo lets out a screech of pain but Luigi isn’t done. Luigi turns around and starts firing out more Lightning Orbs. King Boo can’t dodge them all and is overwhelmed. King Boo takes out another mine and fires it towards Luigi. Luigi sees some winds are developing and gets an idea. He uses Luigi Tornado and the added winds make the tornado powerful enough to actually redirect the mine back to King Boo. King Boo tries to turn invisible but is too late. The mine blows up in his face and Luigi quickly does a Karate Chop. King Boo stumbles a little and Luigi unleashes his Negative Zone. King Boo starts to fall asleep and Luigi charges up his Lightning Uppercut. Luigi does his Screwdriver attack to make King Boo go up a bit. While in the air Luigi unleashes his strong Lightning Downcut. King Boo gets smashed right back into the zone as it starts to disappear. Luigi has a smile on his face as he has not even been hit for a while. King Boo however has a very angry look on his face.

King Boo: Wipe that grin off before I blow it off.

Luigi: You can’t-a hit me.

King Boo: Oh yeah?

He throws another mine towards Luigi and he just jumps over it. King Boo wanted for that to happen however and uses Ghostly Wail. The soundwaves hit Luigi and he plummets back down. King Boo, without even thinking, throws a mine at the downed Luigi. BOOM! Luigi slowly gets back up… only to fall on his knees fainted.

Luigi Fainted
King Boo 250 Surprised

King Boo looks at the unconscious body of Luigi. A grin spreads across his face.

King Boo: I… did it. I actually did it! Woohoo! Hah ha ha!

King Boo turns around and thinks about what to do with the body.

King Boo: Hmm, I could just burn it and see his body decay. Then again I can make him into a trophy. That shag upon his lip will look nice in my quarters.

Luigi: This “shag” is all Luigi!

King Boo turns around and sees him alive!

King Boo: No! I-I-I killed you!

Luigi: Life Shrooms… Never leave home without one.

Luigi 10 HP Ready to finish of King Boo
King Boo 250 Cannot believe this!

Luigi uses new move “Super Lightning Uppercut”! His entire fist gets engulfed in an electric charge. He hits King Boo with all his might. King Boo lands on the floor still stunned. Luigi does his Screwdriver attack, launching him into the air. Luigi then uses “Super Lightning Downcut”. He smashes him into the ground. King Boo gets up quickly and throws a mine. Luigi gets out the Poltergust just as quickly and sucks it up. King Boo turns invisible to avoid the mine. Luigi however shoots the mine 5 feet behind himself. The blast sends Luigi right behind King Boo, who has just now turned around.

Luigi: Arryvadechi!

He starts sucking King Boo and King Boo scrambles to escape. Luigi tugs on the Poltergust hard and King Boo gets sucked up.

Final Battle Over! Luigi and Co. win!

Luigi walks over to Daisy. Daisy starts to wake up. Suddenly all the party members get back to the roof.

Luigi: How did you-a guys get here-a?

Mario: It’s a standard-a procedure when you-a defeat a final-a boss. Just-a go with it.

Luigi nods and looks at Daisy. She looks at him with a smile.

Daisy: I’m guessing you won?

Luigi: Only to-a get you, my precious. Daisy, will you-

Daisy: Not another word. Yes Luigi, I will marry you.

They embrace each other with a kiss and the members applaud. Luigi helps Daisy up.

Luigi: Come on-a everybody, let’s-a go.

Chapter 20: Let the Marry Bells Ring

One week after the defeat of King Boo…

Sarasaland is celebrating the return of their princess. Toads are hustling and bustling, fixing any last minute detail. Tayce T, Zess T, and Chef Torte are in charge of catering. The party is being celebrated in Peach’s Castle due to the attack on Daisy’s castle. Everybody was invited… even Bowser! Mad Jack is sponsoring the party and has Junior in a cage.

Junior: Come on! I’m huuuuuuuungry.

Mad Jack: Just wait until everyone eats.

Toad is currently talking with Toadette. Bowser Jr. is making a painting of Luigi and Daisy while Mario is dancing with Peach. Pichu is talking to a news crowd.

Pichu: And I am happy to report that my new movie, Luigi’s Big Boo Adventure, will be a smashing hit.

Later on Mad Jack gets out a microphone and gets everybody’s attention.

Mad Jack: Hello everybody. I, Mad Jack, would like to thank Luigi for bringing back Daisy and for rescuing me from King Boo as well. For this I have sponsored this entire event AND the wedding.

Luigi: Thanks Mad Jack, but I can pay myself.

Mad Jack: No no, I insist.

Luigi: In that case let the wedding begin!

Everybody starts to cheer. Later on…

Mario: Okay, done.

Mario has helped Luigi get on his tux.

Luigi: Thank you-a, Bro.

Mario: For-a what?

Luigi: For helping me get-a Daisy back.

Mario: No-a problem. Luigi, Mama would be-a proud of you.

Luigi: Well, time to go to the wedding hall.

Meanwhile Peach is helping Daisy get in her wedding dress.

Peach: You look darling!

Daisy: Thanks, Cousin.

Peach: You’re lucky, you know that?

Daisy: Lucky about what?

Peach: You get to marry the man of your dreams.

Daisy: Don’t worry, Cousin. I’m sure you’ll marry Mario someday.

Peach: Thanks…

They both look around and see nobody in sight. They hug each other. They then hear the door opening and cut short their embrace. They look and see it’s P.T. in a tux.

P.T: Aww Sis, you look beautiful.

Daisy: Thanks Bro… Come on, the wedding hall awaits!

Luigi has already made it to the wedding hall. He looks and sees the minister is…

Luigi: Toad! You’re the minister!

Mad Jack: He was the cheapest minister I could find.

Toad: Don’t worry, Luigi. I’m a licensed minister.

Luigi: Well let’s get this wedding started.

Mad Jack starts playing the wedding song. Daisy enters the hall with P.T. leading her. Luigi stands at the end and Toad is on the podium. Daisy reaches Luigi, Mad Jack stops, and Toad opens his big book.

Toad: Family, friends, my probation officer, we are here today to rejoice in joining Luigi Mario and Daisy Rose in holy matrimony. Now silence as I begin. *clears throat* Now, many years ago weddings were held in small chambers, then years later…

2 hours and 15 minutes later…

Toad: (drinking water) Ahh… And that’s how we got here today. Now do you, Luigi Mario, take Daisy Rose to be your lawfully wedded wife in sickness and in health ‘til your game be over?

Toad looks over to Luigi and sees him sleeping on the floor. Daisy is sleeping next to Luigi. He looks towards the guests and sees them asleep. He looks over to Mad Jack and sees he has entered nap mode using Junior as a pillow. Next to him is Pichu, who has been assigned to tape the wedding. He is now currently using his camera as a pillow. Toad’s upset now.

Toad: WAKE UP!!!

No one even flinches. Toad takes out a blow horn. HONK!!! Some people open their eyes but they go back to sleep. Toad puts on earplugs and takes out a megaphone. He puts it near the blow horn and…


Many things happen because of this. Mad Jack quickly get up and hits the ceiling. Luigi wets himself and Daisy quickly backs away. Pichu gets startled and throws his camera in the air. It lands on Junior’s head and since he was already startled he implodes. The explosion destroys the wall he is near. Bowser Jr. gets startled by the blow horn and accidentally presses many buttons on his brush. The brush goes berserk and sprays everyone with goop. Toad hides behind the podium to avoid getting covered in goop. He pokes his head and sees everybody glaring at him.

Toad: Uh… Oops?

After they get the wall and roof fixed and everybody gets cleaned up, Toad picks up where he left off.

Toad: Do you, Luigi-

Luigi: Yes!

Toad smacks him with his glove.

Luigi: Ow!

Toad: Let me finish, fool! *clears throat* Now do you, Luigi Mario, take Daisy Rose to be your lawfully wedded wife in sickness and in health ‘til your game be over?

Luigi: Yes.

Toad turns to Daisy.

Toad: Do you, Daisy Rose, take Luigi Mario to be your lawfully wedded husband in sickness and in health ‘til your game be over?

Daisy: I do.

Toad: Then by the power bestowed upon me by the Seven Star Spirits, and DAD and myself and Mad Jack and-

Luigi: Get on with it!

Toad: Inowpronounceyouhusbandandwife.Youmaynowkissthebride.

Luigi grabs Daisy and kisses her. The audience cheers and Peach and Mario start crying.

Peach: I always cry at weddings.

Mario: I always cry at wedding feasts.

Luigi starts shaking hands with people and Mad Jack approaches Luigi.

Mad Jack: Where will you go for your honeymoon?

Luigi: Uh, why do you want to know?

Mad Jack: Well I’m paying for your honeymoon too!

Luigi: What?! That’s very kind of you, Jack. Which is very odd.

Mad Jack: Well anywho, here is $10,000. Take her somewhere nice.

Luigi: Thanks.

P.T. goes over to Luigi and hugs him.

P.T: Looks like I’m your brother-in-law!

Mario hears this and goes over to Luigi.

Mario Bros: Mamamia! Uh… We mean, great! Welcome to the family.

The Bros. hug P.T.

Luigi: Come on-a, Daisy. Let’s-a go!

He grabs Daisy and picks her up. He carries her out of the church. Daisy throws out the bouquet and all the ladies try to grab it. Peach jumps up and grabs it.

Luigi: Looks like you guys are-a next, huh?

Mario gets grabbed by Peach and they embrace in a kiss.

Mario: Yep-a. Bye Luigi!

Everybody waves as Luigi and Daisy get in the car and drive off into the sunset.


Epilogue- Staff & Credits

Dimentio: “and they drove off into the sunset.” The End. Well I hope you enjoyed this installment of The Dark Prognosticus. May we meet again like an old room mate checking up on each other. Ciao!


Lemmy Koopa

Nintendo 4vr

Additional Music

Main Characters

Main Villains
King Boo
Kamek and Kamella
Boulder/Metal/Mecha/ -geist

Main (other) Characters

New Characters
Mad Jack

Special Thanks To
Lemmy Koopa - For posting this
Nintendo 4vr - For creating the front picture
P.T. Piranha - For his own character, creating Daisy and him as family, and the Mega Shell gag
AND YOU - For reading this!

In memory of all the greatest tourists who have left Lemmy’s Land including but not limited to:
Chef Torte
Karma A. Koopa
Teela Yoshi
Jazzman von Koopa

I hope you enjoyed this installment of the Dark Prognosticus.

Tune in next time for Chapter 7:
The Dimentio Goop

Dimentio, what have you unleashed now?!

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