Paper Mario: A Goomba Side Story

By birby6

Chapter 3: Wendy Under the Sea

We see our heroes taking a rest at Club 64.

Goombario: Weíre really lucky I had a membership or else we couldnít get in here!

Goombella: Itís also really nice of you for getting us breakfast this morning.

Goombario: Oh, it was nothingÖ *blushes*

Goombella: So birby6, where do we go next?

birby6: Let me checkÖ.

birby6 opens the magic book and gets blinded by the flashing lights. It flashes over the ocean.

???: I know where that is!

The key they got from Mortonís Castle comes out from birby6ís pocket and takes its true form. It now has eyes and a mustache.

???: My name is Rick Key, the Key of Wisdom, and the next place you need to go is the ocean. AlsoÖ

Goombario (interrupting): I think we already knew that.

Rick: Let me finish! Also, it is a secret patch of land under the ocean. It was driven under there a long time ago. The next key lies there, and Wendy O. Koopa is protecting it!

Goombella: How do you know about the Koopas?

Rick: Well, I am the Key of Wisdom.

Goombella: Oh.

Rick: I will now use my energy to help you.

After a few magic words, he casts his energy on birby6.

birby6 can now use Earth Tremor! With it, he can put a hurt on ground enemies!.

Rick: I must now rest at Star Haven. I wish you luck.

He goes away.

Goombario: OOOOOKay, back to business. First of all, how are we going to get in the ocean? We canít swim down there since we canít hold our breath long underwater.

birby6: It seems the only way of getting there is by submarine.

Goombella: Hey, I saw one down by the docks! Letís go!

They head to the docks and instantly spot a submarine that looks brand new.

Goombario: Wow, you were right, Goombella!

birby6: Letís use it!

???: Not so fast!

They turn around to see a Goomba wearing a scuba helmet running toward them.

???: The nameís Scoomba, and you are not using my submarine! It requires years of experience to use one of these!

birby6: Look sir, we just need to use this to save the world!

Scoomba: Then you need to help me with one thingÖ

Scoomba pulls outÖ a pickle jar?.

Scoomba: Can you help me open this?

Goombario: You need help opening a pickle jar?

Scoomba: If you canít open it you canít use my submarine!

birby6: I can handle this!

birby6 uses his hammer and breaks it open.

Scoomba: Yay! Thanks for opening it!

Goombella: But he just broke your jar!

Scoomba: Who cares?

Goombella: -_-

Scoomba: Since you need assistance on how this thing works, Iíll be joining you on your journey.

birby6: Works for me!

Scoomba joins the team! In battle he can blast enemies with bubbles using his Bubble Blast move!.

Goombario: Letís get going!

They all get in the submarine and it gets going. They soon get into deep waters.

Goombella: Wow, itís really amazing in these waters. I see some species that are not even in Rogueport!

Goombario: Really? We see these fish all the time. *turns around to another porthole*. Woah! Look, a Puffer Cheep! You can only see those in the Beanbean-

Scoomba: Puffer Cheep, where?

Scoomba blasts a torpedo at it, killing it.

Goombario: O_O  Why did you do that?!

Scoomba: Puffer Cheep scare me.

Goombario: -_-

They soon spot the castle and go there. They spot a hole in the back wall and go through it. When the submarine surfaces, they all get out.

Goombella: Itís really damp in here.

???: I know.

birby6: Who goes there?

Out comesÖ Jr. Troopa.

Jr. Troopa: When I said I was never going to swim back in Paper Mario, I lied! Now, prepare for a beating!

*Battle Start*
Jr. Troopa: 20 HP

Jr. Troopa: This time Iím bound to win!

Jr. Troopa hides in his egg.

Jr. Troopa: Your attacks are now useless!

birby6 uses his hammer.
Jr. Troopa blocks the attack.

Goombella uses her boomerang.
Jr. Troopa blocks the attack.

birby6: Our attacks donít even phase him!

Goombario: Donít worry, for I have got this!

Goombario pulls out a balloon.

Jr. Troopa: And what do you expect to do with that?

Goombario: This!

Goombario pops the balloon.

???: WHAT?!

Dark Koopa appears.

Dark Koopa: Who popped a balloon?

Goombario: Jr. Troopa did it.

Dark Koopa: MUST KILL!

Dark Koopa uses Cheap Move to kill Jr. Troopa.
Jr. Troopa: 0 HP

You win! 75 exp.
*Battle Over*

Dark Koopa: Nobody pops my balloons!

Dark Koopa, like he always does, chases Jr. Troopa out of the castle.

Scoomba: Whatís with him?

Everyone except Scoomba: We donít know.

They continue through the castle while solving puzzles, avoiding traps, and ignoring Scoomba as he says random phrases. They soon get to a room where everything is pink, even the bed with a sleeping Koopa in it.

birby6: I wonder why Wendy has everything pinkÖ.

Goombella: Because sheís a girl!

Scoomba: I OBJECT!

This wakes up the sleeping Koopa, who is a little dazed.

Everyone but Scoomba and the Koopa: WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!

Scoomba: What? Werenít we in court?

Everyone but Scoomba and the Koopa: -_-

The Koopa snaps out of her daze.

Koopa: HEY! What are you doing in my castle?!

birby6: Your castle? So you must be Wendy.

Wendy: Indeed I am! Now get out of my castle before you hear from King Dad!

birby6: Not until we get your key!

Wendy: No way! I got it as a birthday present, so if you take it from me IíLL THROW A TANTRUM!

birby6: Then weíll just have to take it from you!

*Battle Start*
Wendy: 25 HP

birby6 uses his hammer.
Wendy: 23 HP

Goombella switches with Scoomba.

Wendy launches a candy ring.
It wraps around Scoomba.

Scoomba gets choked by the candy ring.
Scoomba: 9 HP

birby6 uses Shock Bonk.
Wendy: 19 HP
Wendy goes into a state of shock.

Scoomba uses Bubble Blast.
Wendy: 16 HP

Wendy is too shocked to move.

Scoomba gets choked by the candy ring.
Scoomba: 8 HP

birby6 uses Shock Bonk.
Wendy: 12 HP

Scoomba headbonks.
Wendy: 11 HP

Wendy summons a tidal wave.
birby6: 7 HP
Scoomba: 5 HP

Scoomba gets choked by the candy ring.
Scoomba: 4 HP

birby6 uses Shock Bonk.
Wendy: 7 HP

Scoomba headbonks.
Wendy: 6 HP

Wendy blasts water.
birby6: 5 HP

Scoomba gets choked by the candy ring.
Scoomba: 3 HP

birby6 uses his hammer.
Wendy: 4 HP

Scoomba headbonks.
Wendy: 3 HP

Wendy blasts water.
birby6: 3 HP

Scoomba gets choked by the candy ring.
Scoomba: 2 HP

birby6 uses his hammer.
Wendy: 1 HP

Scoomba headbonks.
Wendy: 0 HP

You win! 125 exp.
*Battle Over*

Wendy: X_X

Scoomba: Yup. Out cold.

Goombario: Where do you think the key is?

Goombella: I found it!

She shows it to everyone.

Goombella: I found it under her pillow.

Scoomba: Maybe she planned to give it to the Tooth Fairy.

Goombella: The Tooth Fairy doesnít exist!

Scoomba: She doesnít? *starts crying*

birby6: Goombario, drag the crybaby to the sub.

Goombario: Ok.

To Be Continued...

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