Wario and Waluigi World

By Goomba

Intro: The Monochrome Jewels
One day Wario is sitting in his throne picking his nose and forcing Waluigi to watch his treasured treasures in the basement.
Wario: Ah hahahaha! This castle couldn't be any more wonderful!
Waluigi (in basement): Oooh, black and white jewels! Maybe Wario wouldn't mind if I pocketed them.
Waluigi picks up the black and white jewels.
Waluigi: That's odd, I hear a rumble coming from my pocket.
Suddenly the black and white jewels erupt from Waluigi's pocket, but they are huge and each have a huge eye and tentacles!
Waluigi: Ummmm.. Hi?
Black Jewel: How dare you-
White Jewel: Disturb our slumber?!
Wario comes rushing into the basement.
Wario sees the black and white jewels, turns pale, and runs behind Waluigi's back.
Wario: Hide me!
Waluigi: Sorry, I can't. I'm too skinny.
Black: I'm Hooktail!
White: And I'm Doopliss!
The real Doopliss and Hooktail: Copycats!
Waluigi: So Wario, what are Doopliss and Hooktail doing here anyway?
Wario: Which ones?
Waluigi: The real ones.
Wario: Oh, I made a bet that they couldn't stick their heads in the toilet and they did so they get to live here.
Waluigi: Oh.
Doopliss (Jewel): Now we will destroy your castle!
Wario: Oh, okay. HEY, WAIT A MINUTE!!!
Hooktail (Jewel): Too late.
Hooktail breaks down the castle.
Wario seals the jewels inside a giant treasure chest before he realizes he and Waluigi are in a strange plaza.
Hooktail and Doopliss (both Jewels and from inside treasure chest): All right, we are going to legally change our names to Mudtail and Dooplica.
Wario and Waluigi: Why?
Mudtail: Because the author is getting tired of writing "Jewel" in brackets all the time.
Wario and Waluigi: Okay.
Wario: Well, we need to find our way out of here.
Waluigi: O.k!

World 1-Excitement Central
Level 1-Greenhorn Forest
Waluigi: Let's go through this unsafe and strange white portal.
Wario: Yeah.
They do so and land headfirst in the ground.
Wario: Wherf aref wef? (Where are we?)
Waluigi gets his head out of the ground.
Waluigi: I don't know.
Wario gets his head out of the ground.
Wario: Well, LETíS! TAKE! AN! ADVENTURE!!!
Waluigi: Um, okay.
Wario: Ooooooh, a switch.
Wario punches the switch and a treasure chest appears on a "W" panel next to the Warios.
Waluigi: MINE!!!
Wario: NO, MINE!!!
Waluigi runs over to the treasure chest with Wario huffing and puffing behind.
Waluigi: I got here first so I'm bound to get whatever is in here. HAHAHAHAHAH!
While Waluigi is laughing Wario opens the treasure chest.
Waluigi: HEY!!!
Wario: You snooze you lose.
Wario takes a ruby out of the treasure chest.
Wario: Cool.
Wario runs over to a group of mini Magons.
Magon: All right.
The Magon claws Wario and knocks him out.
Waluigi: You idiots!
Waluigi beats up all of the Magons. Waluigi walks away and sees a robot whose head is shaped liked a clove of garlic.
Robot: I'm a Garlic Dispenser, if you punch me I'll give you Garlic for a certain amount of coins. C'mon, show me what you got!
Waluigi puts all his strength into his punch.
Waluigi punches the Garlic Dispenser and it explodes, leaving behind a gigantic pile of Garlic.
Waluigi: All right!
Wario suddenly and miraculously recovers and eats one 27th of the Garlic and then faints again.
Wario: Too much garlic...
Waluigi walks away and sees five bouncing boxes in a row.
Spritelings: Get us out of here, you dumbdumb!
Waluigi: Ok, ok, jeez.
Waluigi punches them all and the Spritelings pop out.
Spritelings: You're UGLY!
Waluigi: Hey!
The Spritelings all hop away.
Waluigi: You're supposed to give me a hint!
Red Spriteling: Save me your sob story for later!
Wario miraculously recovers again and falls into a conveniently placed trapdoor right next to Waluigi.
Waluigi: Hey, wait up!
Waluigi jumps into the trapdoor and sees Greenfist (a green monster) gnawing on Wario's leg.
Wario: HELP!
Waluigi picks up Greenfist and throws him into a wall, and Greenfist falls into an abyss.
Floor: *BOOM!!!*
Greenfist: OOOOOWWWWW!!!
Wario: *in high, annoying voice* I win!
Wario starts running around uncontrollably.
Waluigi: Why don't you ever use exclamation marks?
I don't know, but I don't even get paid to do this lame-o job, so cut me some slack.
Waluigi: Oh.
Waluigi and Wario come out of the white portal.
Wario: All right.
Waluigi: Let's skip this next one and go to the boss.
Wario: Okay.
Wario and Waluigi walk into the white portal and see a giant dinosaur in a room with a red carpet and a lava pool going around the edges
Wario: Mother.
Waluigi: Bring it on!
Wario: Eek!
Wario jumps into the lava.
Wario: IT BURNS!!!
Waluigi: I guess I'm doing this battle myself.
Dinomighty: Shiver in fear, I am the great, ugly- no, reasonably attractive Dinomighty!
Waluigi yawns and falls asleep to indicate that Dinomighty's introduction was boring.
Waluigi: *snore*
Waluigi wakes up.
Dinomighty: How was that somniferous?
Waluigi: Rule number one, no using big words like Ludwig.
Dinomighty: Affermitave.
Waluigi: ...
Waluigi grabs a column and throws it at Dinomighty.
Dinomighty: AAAARRGGHHHHHH!!! That was extremely painful!
Dinomighty falls in the lava and sinks.
Waluigi: Get out of the lava, Wario.
Wario sinks. The white portal appears and Waluigi goes into it. Waluigi walks out of the white portal and Wario falls out of the sky with third degree burns.
Wario: Pain...
Wario faints.
Waluigi: I need someone strong and capable to help me carry Wario to Spooktastic World.
Suddenly Bowser pops out of nowhere.
Bowser: I'm strong and capable!

Waluigi: ...
Bowser throws Wario out of Excitement Central and he lands in Spooktastic World.
Wario (from far away): AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!
Bowser: LEMMY!!!
Lemmy: Yes, King Dad.
Lemmy mutters something and zaps Bowser and he disappears. Then Lemmy disappears too.
Waluigi: That... was awkward.
Waluigi walks through the gate to Spooktastic World and sees Wario lying on the ground.
Wario: Uuuuuuhhhhhhh.
Waluigi shrugs and remembers something he forgot.
Waluigi: OH YEAH!!!
Waluigi throws the key he obtained from Dinomighty at the Giant Treasure Chest.
Mudtail: (to Dooplica) Did you see that we're going to get out of here soon?
Dooplica: I know!
Now back to our uuuuuhhhh... good guys.
Wario: Good guys?
Well, you can't really be called heroes, soÖ
All right. (to myself) Yikes.
Wario and Waluigi walk into the all-too-familiar white portal.
White Portal: I'm gettin' tired of seein' their ugly mugs.
White Portal: Yeah, you wanna make something out of it, Hommie?
Waluigi: First of all, my name's Waluigi. Second of all, no I don't want to make something out of it.
White Portal: What?
Wario: Waluigi, I didn't know you had it in you.
Waluigi: Neither did I, but look, we're here!
Wario turns pale and faints.
Waluigi: I never thought Wario would be so scared of a haunted house.
Big Bone Fist: But you'll have to go through me first!
Waluigi jumps over Big Bone Fistís wall.
Big Bone Fist: Hey! That's cheating!
Waluigi: Don't care, bye bye.
BBF: Grrrrrrr...
Wario recovers.
BBF: Hey! It's you, but it looks like you put on some weight.
Wario: What the !@#$ are you talking about?
BBF: Ah, such a bad mouth.
BBF crushes Wario.
Wario: Pain...
Back with Waluigi...
Waluigi: AAAAHHH! Bone Clubosaurs
Bone Clubosaurs: Oooorrrr.
Waluigi beats them up.
Waluigi: YAY! The haunted mansion.
Waluigi goes through events impossible to describe before reaching the boss door.
Waluigi: CANNONBALL!!!
Waluigi does a cannonball through the trapdoor and sees a big doll with wings.
Big Doll with Wings: Die!
Waluigi punches the doll and it goes flying.
Waluigi: That... was unexpected.
The white portal appears.
Waluigi: So we meet again.
White Portal: ... Shut up and come in.
Waluigi: Okay.
Waluigi walks into the white portal and comes out in Spooktastic World.
Back with Wario...
Wario: Ow! AAAAHHH!!! OWIE!!! !@#$!!!
BBF: Ha ha! This is great fun!
Wario jumps off the edge and ends up with Waluigi.
Wario: No comment please.
Waluigi: ... TO THE BOSS!!!
Wario and Waluigi jump through the white portal.
Dual Dragon 1: Me and Bro kill you.
Dual Dragon 2: Yeah!
Wario (like always) faints. Waluigi punches the first Dual Dragon, and the second Dual Dragon tries to blow fire on Waluigi but misses and ends up hitting Dual Dragon 1, killing him.
Waluigi: Now, it's your turn.
Waluigi punches the second Dual Dragon at least 100 times, killing him. Wario regains consciousness.
Wario: Morning.
Waluigi gets the key, goes through the white portal, and puts the key in the Giant Treasure Chest. It shakes as he and Wario go to the next world.

To Be Continued...

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