Iggy vs. the Ghosts

By Goomba

One day Roy is beating up Iggy but something is strange, Roy's sunglasses lenses are red. Iggy takes them off to see why and the answer is... because Roy's eyes are a dark red.

Iggy: Eeek!

Roy: You foolish mortal! Now I am forced to reveal my true form!

Suddenly, Roy disappears and in his place is... a Boo Blah!

Iggy: A Boo Blah?

Boo Blah: I may not be very scary but I'm still scary like... THIS!!!

At that moment Boo Blah gets as tall as the roof and tries to snatch Iggy off the ground.

Iggy (while dodging Boo Blah's swipes): LEMMY, HELP!!!

Iggy runs into Lemmy.

Lemmy: What's your problem?

Iggy: There's a Boo Blah tormenting me!

Lemmy: Then, that means our plan is working.

Iggy: What?

Lemmy glows white and explodes, and there is an Atomic Boo.

Iggy: Morton, you may not be as much help, but HELP!!!

Morton: Hello... Iggy... How... are... you?

Iggy: I'm fine but I need you to save me from these ghosts!

Morton's transformation is the scariest yet, he turns into a skeleton, then he collapses, and the bones start to change, then they rise and there is a Dry Bones!

Dry Bones: You... wil... die.

Iggy: Larry!

Larry turns around and transforms into a Gold Ghost!

Iggy: WENDY!!!

Iggy runs into Wendy's room.

Wendy: Indeed, will your castle soon be filled with ghosts.

Iggy knows what that means.

Wendy turns into a Purple Puncher!


Ludwig: The master shall be proud to have you dead.

Ludwig turns into Boolossus!

Iggy: King Dad, Help!

Bowser: ...

Bowser explodes and in his place is...  King Boo!


Clawdia: Be prepared, Iggy, for I am the scariest spook yet!

Iggy: ...

Clawdia flashes green and red for a solid 10 seconds and exlpodes into a brilliant yellow light, and there floats a Boo!

Iggy: A Boo? I thought you said you were the scariest spook yet.

Boo: Well, you will think I am scary once you see this! And besides, my intro was the best!

The Boo sticks out its tongue.

Iggy: You're a noob-

Boo: Hey!

Iggy: -and I'm macho!

The Boo Blah and all the other ghosts come in and attack Iggy.


While Iggy is unconscious, King Boo's servants take Iggy to a dungeon, but not the dungeon he is used to. It is in an unfamiliar place and he is tied up and gagged.

Iggy: Mmmmmmmpppppphhhhhh!!!

Iggy rips through the rope tying him up and takes off his gag.

Iggy: Where am I?

Random Boo: You're in, like, Ghostly Galaxy, man.

Iggy: You seem... vaguely familiar. Have we met before? What's your name? Where is my family?!

Boo: Like yeah, dude. Qe have met before because I know you're Iggy. I'm Spooky Speedster, man, and because I don't work for that idiot King Boo I'll help you find your family.

Iggy: Okay, but could you lose the surfer talk?

Spooky Speedster: Yeah, sure, whatever.

Spooky Speedster puts on his helmet. Then he floats away.

Iggy: Hey! Let me out of this cell!

Spooky Speedster: Oh yeah, I forgot.

Spooky Speedster lets Iggy out.

Iggy: Thanks!

Spooky Speedster: Let's go!

Iggy: Okay!

Spooky Speedster: I hear someone screaming...

Iggy: Let's find them!

Spooky Speedster moves 1 millimeter.

Spooky Speedster: I give up! I can't find him!

Iggy: You idiot! You moved one millimeter!

Spooky Speedster: Sorry...

Iggy: It's coming from over here.

Iggy walks north.

Spooky Speedster: I found him!

Spooky Speedster points to a doll.

Iggy: -_-

Iggy pounds Spooky Speedster.

Spooky Speedster: X_X

Iggy: I'm strong enough to beat you up!

Spooky Speedster: I envy you.

Iggy: :)

Spooky Speedster: Stop using facial expressions to show what you're saying!

Iggy: :)

Iggy walks away.

Spooky Speedster: -_-

Spooky Speedster floats after Iggy and beats him up.

Iggy: X_X

Spooky Speedster: ^_^

Spooky Speedster punches a few Boos away and Iggy recovers.

Iggy: I see a cage, and it's the source of the screaming!

Iggy goes up to the cage and spazzes out and stuff.

Iggy: It's LUIGI!!!

Spooky Speedster: What's wrong with Luigi?

Iggy: `_`

Iggy just sets Luigi free.

Luigi: Thank you, so much! I have to repay you somehow!

Luigi joins the party!

Spooky Speedster: Yay! Now I have someone to talk to!

Iggy: -_-

Spooky Speedster: I said stop using facial expressions to show what you're saying!

Spooky Speedster jumps into Iggy's shell. (He doesn't have a pocket.)

Luigi: Well I guess let’s go!

Iggy: OW!!! Stop pinching me!

Spooky Speedster: Well, sooorry.

Luigi: AAAAAHHHHH!!! Boos!

Iggy uses his limited art of tai quan do against the Boos.

Iggy: See, they're not that hard to beat up.

Luigi: I have ghostiphobia.

Iggy: ... Let's go.

Luigi: Electrogoombas?! I can beat them easily!

Luigi jumps on the Electrogoombas and they make weird noises.

Luigi: Easy as cake.

Iggy: You got "piece of cake" and "easy as pie" mixed up.

Luigi: Like I care.

Iggy sees a Boo Mushroom and eats it, and he transforms into a Boo with a rainbow Mohawk, glasses, and a shell with spikes on it.


Boo Iggy: Calm down, it's just me!

Luigi: Errrrrrr... I knew that the entire time.

Boo Iggy: Suuuure you did.

Random Boo: Hey! Slacker! You let our prisoner go! Get 'im, boys!

As if on signal (which is exactly what it was) thousands of Boos pour into the room.

Boss: Boo Horde

Luigi: Nice going, Mr. "I'm So Smart".

Boo Iggy and Spooky Speedster are beating up the Boos easily while Luigi watches.

Luigi: ...

Soon all that's left is one measly little Boo.

Little Boo: Spare me! I don't want to work for that King Boo if it means I have to fight guys like you. But I could take out Louie here easily.

Luigi: >=(

Little Boo disappears.

Luigi: I despise people that call me Louie!

Iggy: Aaaaawwwww... My Boo Mushroom wore off.

Iggy then sees a cage with Larry trapped in it.

Larry: Iggy? I thought I would never see you again!

Iggy: You're the real Larry, right?

Larry: Yeah.

Iggy sets Larry free.

Iggy: So, are you going to join me?

Larry: Nope.

Iggy: Why not?

Larry: Because Goomba said that none of your partners can be Koopalings.

Goomba: That's right.

Iggy: O_O Fourth wall broken!

Goomba: I'm leaving.

Goomba leaves.

Larry: Good luck saving Morton, Wendy, Roy, Lemmy, Ludwig, King Dad, and Clawdia.

Larry jumps out the window and lands in Kastle Koopa.

Iggy: Well let's go, Spooky Speedster and Luigi.

Luigi: Next stop, Big Mouth!

Iggy: His name is Moton. I mean Mortom, I mean Morton!

Luigi: Well, too bad, I'm going to call you by your cartoon names, Hop!

Iggy: Fine.

Iggy, Luigi, and Spooky Speedster walk through Ghostly Galaxy until the terrible trio find a Koopa guarding a treasure chest.

Terrible Trio: Why terrible?

I meant terrific trio.

Iggy: I can tell by the look on your face that you're lying!

You can't even see my face!

Sub-Narrator: Iggy and the narrator argue for 45 minutes about stuff like "But Wario wears yellow!" and "No he wears purple!"

Iggy: I hereby call this argument off!

Fine with me.

Koopa: You seem to be paying no attention to me!

Suddenly a bolt of lightning comes in through the window and hits Koopa.

Koopa: Eeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr.

Koopa faints.

Luigi: Woo! Free shot!

Iggy opens the treasure chest and finds an unconscious and blue-faced Morton.

Iggy: Why is he unconscious and blue?

Spooky Speedster: Because there's no air inside a treasure chest, you fool!

Iggy: Oh, yeah.

Morton wakes up.

Morton: Iggy! Spooky Speedster! Luigi! You rescued me! I thought I was going to suffocate in there! Here is a little gift.

Morton gives Iggy a "Ghostbuster 5000".

Morton: It's Ludwig's newest invention.

Iggy: Sweet! ... What does it do?

Morton: You pull this trigger and it fires a beam that destroys any ghost except King Boo.

Iggy: Why not King Boo?

Morton: I dunno. I think he's resistant to it or something.

Iggy: Thanks, Morton.

Morton: Here's a piece of information, all of the Koopalings except for Larry will give you an invention.

Iggy: We already rescued Larry.

Morton: Oh. Well, see you back at Kastle Koopa!

Morton jumps out the window.

Iggy: Let's keep moving, guys.

Our heroes keep moving, beating all the Boos they come across with the Ghostbuster 5000.

Iggy: This thing actually works!

???: Not for long it won't. Soon I will have your heads as a gift for da boss.

Luigi: *gasp*

Iggy: Come out and fight like a man!

???: I will.

A Duplighost who just happens to be Doopliss steps into the room, but before Iggy gets a chance to zap him with the Ghostbuster 5000, Doopliss turns into Iggy.

Doopliss: Yuk yuk yuk! That thing invented by your oldest brother won't work against me!

Suddenly an Anti Guy comes in with DJ gear and starts playing the Kingfin battle music from Super Mario Galaxy.

Iggy: That was random, I was expecting him to play Doopliss' battle music instead.

Anti Guy: Doopliss requested this!

Iggy: Oh.

Luigi: Let me handle this.

Luigi jumps on Doopliss' head three times.

Doopliss: Owie!

Doopliss turns back into a Duplighost and falls on the ground.

Doopliss: You... win... and... now... I... have... to... .join... you. You... also... win... her.

Doopliss points to a cage containing Wendy.

Wendy: Iggy! Let me out of here!

Iggy: I was just about to do that.

Iggy sets Wendy free.

Wendy: Thanks! Here's an invention.

Wendy gives the "Metal Detector 7001".

Iggy: What does this do?

Wendy: It will flash when treasure is near.

Iggy: Ok.

Wendy jumps out the window and Doopliss joins the party.

Doopliss: So let's go!

Spooky Speedster: The first ghost to talk to!

Doopliss: Spooky Speedster? We went to high school together!

Spooky Speedster: You were a nerd.

Doopliss: HEY!!!

Iggy: Stop arguing!

Spooky Speedster: Truce?

Doopliss: Truce.

Iggy: Let's just go.

Luigi: Wait, the Metal Detector 7001 is flashing.

Iggy starts looking everywhere.

Doopliss: I found it!

Doopliss opens a cabinet filled (literally) with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, 100 dollar bills, gold bars, and gold coins.


Dark Boos: They stole our treasure!!! GET THEM!!!

A big, burly Dark Bones walks in.

Dark Bones: I kill idiots!

Boss: Dark Bones

Doopliss: Duplicate!

Doopliss turns into Dark Bones and throws a bone at the original Dark Bones.

Dark Bones: Uuuurrrrggghhhh.

Dark Bones starts attacking Doopliss.

Doopliss: Iggy, Luigi, Spooky Speedster, DO SOMETHING!!!

Iggy zaps Dark Bones with his magic wand, Luigi throws a green fireball at Dark Bones, and Spooky Speedster just floats around Dark Bones.

Dark Bones: You foolish idiots! You cannot hit me! I only have one weakness!

Iggy: You mean this?

Iggy pulls out the Ghostbuster 2000.

Dark Bones: * hands in front of face* No, no, no.

Iggy zaps Dark Bones and he collapses. Suddenly a cage containing Roy falls from the roof.

Roy: Let me out, Punching Bag!

Iggy: Let me think... no.

Luigi lets Roy out.

Iggy: What did you do that for?!

Luigi: So we can get a new invention.

Iggy: Oh, right.

Spooky Speedster: So what do you got for us?

Roy: I have this.

Roy holds out the Poltergust 5000.

Roy: It's Ludwig's version of the Poltergust 3000.

Iggy: Do you think we're too dumb not to know that?!

Roy: No.

Iggy: Well, thanks I guess.

Roy jumps out the window.

Doopliss: I think that the Poltergust 5000 is that King Boo's weakness.

Iggy: I think you're right.

Luigi: Let's press on.

Iggy: But first, let's zap those Dark Boos that summoned that Dark Bones.

Dark Boos: Eeeeeeekkkkk!!!

The Dark Boos disappear.

Iggy: Darn it!

Luigi: Let's keep moving.

Iggy: Yeah.

They walk around the halls of the mansion until they hear the popping of a ball and Lemmy's voice screaming.

Iggy: Lemmy!

The foursome barge into the room and see Lemmy getting tormented by a Dark Atomic Boo.

Boss: Dark Atomic Boo

Iggy: Freeze!

Dark Atomic Boo turns around but he dodges the beam of the Ghostbuster 2000.

Dark Atomic Boo: Mwa ha ha! You cannot hit me! Wa ha ha ha ha-

While Dark Atomic Boo is laughing, Iggy zaps him.

Iggy: That was easy for a boss...

Lemmy: Get me out of here!

Iggy lets Lemmy out.

Lemmy: Here is the Blizzard Gun 8000000. It is a powered up version of the Freeze Gun and  invented by Ludwig.

Iggy: Thanks, Lemmy.

Lemmy: Thank you for letting me out.

Lemmy jumps out the window.

Iggy: Let's go.

Iggy and Co. walk down the hall until they see a steel wall blocking them.

Spooky Speedster: What are we going to do?

Iggy: I know!

Iggy takes out the Blizzard Gun 8000000 and shoots the wall with it, freezing it solid.

Luigi: How will that help?

Iggy: Things get brittle when they're frozen. So now we have to charge at the wall with all our might.

Iggy, Spooky Speedster, Luigi, and Doopliss: CHARGE!!!

The wall breaks into a million pieces.

Iggy: It worked! My plan actually worked!

Luigi: Brag while you can.

Iggy: >=(

Luigi: It's just a suggestion...

Iggy: Wait, what's that?

Ludwig: Let me out, you idiots!

Iggy: It's Ludwig!

Doopliss: But where's the boss?

Ludwig: He left, so get me out quick!

Iggy: Okay.

Iggy lets Ludwig out.

Ludwig: Meh, I got nothing, so I'll just give you a piece of info. You beat King Boo by sucking him up with the Poltergust 5000.

Iggy: Okay.

Ludwig jumps out the window.

Iggy: I believe King Boo is in the next room.

Spooky Speedster: Well duh, the door is all fancy.

Iggy and Crew go into the room and see King Boo, but the King of Boos doesn't see them.

Back in Ludwig's room...

Bouldergeist: Where'd my prisoner go?

Back in King Boos room...

King Boo: Ah, Bowser and Clawdia. You evicted me from the Koopa Troop long ago, and now it is time for me to get my revenge.

King Boo turns around and sees Iggy and Party, who see clearly that Bowser and Clawdia are trapped in a painting.

King Boo: However; I need some more paintings to complete my collection. How about a bratty Koopa Kid, an old enemy, a fast Boo, and a traitor?

Luigi: *gulp*

Iggy: Bring it on!

Final Boss: King Boo

King Boo teleports our heroes to a battlefield.

Iggy: I have this.

Iggy takes out the Poltergust 5000.

King Boo: NO!!!

Iggy starts to suck up King Boo but King Boo breaks free at 300 HP.

King Boo: Bwa ha ha!

King Boo throws a spiked ball at Doopliss but he dodges it and throws it back at King Boo.

Doopliss: Have a taste o' that, "King".

King Boo: 215 HP... But I'll still be able to kill you!

Iggy starts sucking him in again but King Boo breaks free at 15 HP!

King Boo: No! I'm done for.

King Boo goes up to Luigi and tries to punch him in the face, but Luigi catches King Boo’s fist and punches King Boo in the face instead.

King Boo: 0 HP... Nooooooooooooo...

Iggy: We did it!

Luigi, Spooky Speedster, and Doopliss: Yeah!

Our heroes are teleported back to the throne room and they save Bowser and Clawdia.

Bowser: Iggy, I never knew you could do it!

Clawdia: Iggy, you and your friends saved our lives and the lives of your siblings!

Suddenly, everyone is teleported back to Kastle Koopa.

Luigi: I'm out of here.

Luigi runs to Mario's Pad.

Spooky Speedster: Same with me.

Spooky Speedster floats back to Ghostly Galaxy.

Doopliss: I'm out too.

Doopliss runs to Creepy Steeple.

Bowser: Well I think that's the end of the story.

Iggy: O_O Fourth wall broken!

And so they all lived happily ever after... at least almost everyone.

Back at Luigi's former mansion…

King Boo: I will destroy that Koopa Kid someday...

To Be Continued...

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