The Dark Prognosticus, Chapter 1: Paper Mario, The TRUE Story

By Dimentio

Sub-Chapter 8: It All Comes Together...

Peach: Checkmate!

Twink: There is no checkmate in Monopoly!

Peach grabs the Monopoly set and throws it out the window.

Peach: Hmph! Do you think Mario beat Lemmy already?


The entire castle shakes and Peach falls down.

Twink: I think itís safe to assu-

Crash! The door flies off it hinges and hits Twink, smashing him into a wall. Bowser comes in. furious. and behind him a fried Kammy drags herself towards Bowser.

Bowser: *snort* ROOOAARR! I canít believe Mario beat all the Koopalings! AGAIN!

Kammy: He will *urk* be arriving anytime soon. We *cough* have to prepare ourselves.

Bowser points to Peach menacingly.

Bowser: Har har har har! You hear that. my pretty little princess? Your fat plumber will be here any moment! Now we canít let anything go wrong, can we? GUARDS!!!

Two guards come into the room, out of breath.

Koopatrol: You *huff* roared?

Bowser: Make Peach comfy and tie her up. If she escapes IíLL DRINK OUT OF YOUR EMPTY SKULLS!!!

Bowser voice makes them trip, but they quickly get back on their feet. They grab a rope and start tying Peach.

Peach: NO! Stop, you canít do this! TWINK!

They grab Peach and take off.

Kammy: Now what, your King of Evilness?

Bowser: SHUT UP!!!

Kammy goes flying out the room and drags herself back in.

Kammy: Please, King Bowser! Control yourself and calm down!

Bowser points the Star Rod at her and charges it up.

Bowser: Donít tell me what to do! KOOPALINGS!!!

Bowser swings the Star Rod and the Koopalings appear before him, a bit dizzy.

Ludwig: What happ-


The Koopalings snap back and huddle against each other as Bowser walks up to them menacingly.

Bowser: Listen here! Being so merciful, I gave you back your miserable lives! Now you return the favor, pull your weight, and help me defeat Mario! GOT IT?!

Koopalings: Yes, yes King Dad! We are on our way!

They run as fast as they can out of the room t rampling Kammy, to get ready. Bowser then looks at the crushed, soot-covered Kammy and kicks her out of the room.

Bowser: AND YOU, Haggy! Go prepare that machine you made! In case Mario slips past all my guards, we need to be ready.

Kammy hurries up and leaves. Bowser turns around, still holding the Star Rod.

Bowser: Oh Mario, how I loathe you... but this time you will be the one to be jumped on! AH HAR HAR HAR HAR!!! Now to take care of one more thing...

Bowser swings the Star Rod again...

Chapter 39: A Fork in the Road

Kalmar: Ahh I miss that fresh feel of the breeze.

Mario & Co are shivering.

Mario: Get on with it!

Kalmar: Now, now. Violence doesnít solve anything.

Mario: Thatís how we saved you and the others, didnít we?

Kalmar: Donít contradict me! Take my power!

Mario can now call on for Kalmarís help! ... Not that he calls on the Star Spirits much anyway. Kalmar ascends to Star Heaven.

Mario: ?  Hey wait, what do I do now?!

Kalmar comes back down, a bit annoyed.

Kalmar: Go to Star Mountain... In factÖ

Kalmar glows and Mario & Co are enveloped in a ray of light. They get transported to the foot of Shiver Mountain.

Mario: Yippee! That saves us... US?! WE FORGOT LUIGI!!!

Marioís scream shakes the mountainís snow and an avalanche ensues. Mario & Co try to run but the avalanche quickly catches up to them. The snow pushes them into Shiver City...

3 hours later...

Mario: ZZZZZzzzzzz... Luigi!

Mario jumps up and sees he is in the inn again.

Toad Inn: Oh, youíre awakeÖ again...

Mario: What happened to us?!

Toad Inn: An avalanche swept you into Shiver City. You and your partners were buried under... well, a mountain of snow. Not to mention, we also found your brother frozen in, for some reason, a clown outfit.

Mario quickly zips over to his sleeping bro and squeezes him tight.

Luigi: Gack!

Mario: Luigi!

Luigi hugs his brother back and starts crying. The door opens and two penguins come in.

???: Oh good, youíre awake.

???: You had us worried for a while.

Mario & Co look at the two penguins that came in. They are both like Junior, Real World baby emperor penguins. Unlike Junior, however they are of average size. One penguin looks stronger than the other, while the other looks to be the more intelligent.

???: Pleased to meet you!

Lakilester: Man, who are you guys?

Both: Why, we are the Hammer Bros! We are the new mayors of this fair town.

Mario: ?!  Why are you called that? And why are you guys the new mayors?!

Both penguins take huge hammers out of nowhere and show them to Mario & Co.

Hammer Bro 1: Thatís why they call us the Hammer Bros.

Hammer Bro 2: Our grandpa retired after the little incident, so he chose us to be the new mayors.

Hammer Bro 1: Yeah, he knows we are capable.

Both bros. slap their fins together. Suddenly their eyes catch on Junior and they get nervous. Junior suddenly looks at them.

Junior: Wait a minute... Donít I know you guys from somewhere?

Hammer Bros: Uh... We donít know what you are talking about.

Mario: Quickly, to Toad Town!

Luigi taps Marioís shoulder before he runs off.

Luigi: *clears throat* Mario, the warp pipe is clogged with frozen sewer water, remember?

Toad Inn: Oh yeah, about that. Some crazy bean wearing a mask threw a Bob-omb in the pipe and it cleared up the clog.

Toad starts thinking of a certain deal before Mario grabs his party members and goes down the pipe. The Hammer Bros. chase after them, waving their flippers goodbye. As they leave, the penguins face each other.

Hammer Bro 1: I thought we got rid of him when we came here!

Hammer Bro 2: Hmm. If I know him, which of course I still do...

Hammer Bro 1: Yeah, he isnít easy to forget, with all that random torture.

Hammer Bro 2: And with him always saying ďIím huuuuuuuuungryĒ...

Hammer Bro 1: Yeah, that annoyed Father A LOT.

Hammer Bro 2: Weíd better alert our other bros...

Hammer Bro 1: Right! Letís get waddling...

Mario & Co jump out of the warp pipe leading into the Toad Town sewers, and land in sewer water.

Mario: What a dump!

Toad: The sewers are cleaner than this place!

Bow: Where shall we go now, Mario?

Watt notices a giant Blooper chasing some Toads.

Mario: The same place we always go...

Watt starts whispering something to Bow. She then huddles up with the other partners and Bow gets in front of Mario.

Bow: Actually Mario, since all we do is watch you, do you mind if the other partners and I attend to our own matters?

Mario: Knock yourself out.

Bow: Thanks, Mario.

So Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Junior head towards the dojo, while the partners head towards the dock...

*Note: The fallowing ďchaptersĒ are simultaneous and it doesnít matter which one you read first. You may read the dojo fight or you can skip that and see what the partners have in mind. Please continue to enjoy reading...

Chapter 39.5: Dojo Fights 4

Mario & Co (Luigi, Toad, and Junior) ignore the cries for help and the destruction that is happening around them, and go inside the dojo. They see The Master on the phone.

The Master: Yes, of course your power is formidable. Yes, well I have to go, someone has come to challenge me. Now, now, you earned that Diploma as you were one of my finest students. Continue to enrich your body and mind. Bye.

Mario: Who was that?

The Master: A former graduate from Shiver City. He goes by the name Fighter P, but enough small-talk. You are here to challenge me, yes?

Junior goes into deep thought, surprisingly, at hearing the name.

Mario: No, we are here to play chess with you... Of course we came here for a fight!

Luigi puts his glasses away and hides the chessboard.

Luigi: Aww man...

Master: Fine, but this time I will not hold anything back! Now Mario, your fighting stance!

Mario 35/35
Luigi 34/34
Toad 33/33
The Master 100/100

The Master lets out a yell and he vanishes as a blinding light appears. After itís over they see him floating, golden yellow, and with a gold aura around him.

The Master: Kyaaaaaaaaaaa! Behold my fu-

POW! The Master falls to the floor and Mario jumps back. Luigi jumps towards The Master but he disappears. Luigi lands and The Master reappears behind him. The Master releases a swift roundhouse kick at Luigi and turns towards Toad.

Toad: Uh oh...

Toad starts to run but The Master appears in front of him. The Master punches Toad in the face, grabs hold of him, and throws him towards the incoming Mario. They collide and fall onto the floor. Luigi crawls up to Mario.

Luigi: What do we do, Mario?

Mario: What we always do: weíll jump him!

They get up and run towards The Master. Mario wields his hammer and swings, but The Master catches it before he hits him. He quickly swings him towards Luigi, who jumped up but now gets hit by his bro. The Master then quickly jumps up as Toad tries to headbutt him and The Master stomps him into the floor, picks him up, and kicks him towards the Mario Bros. They collide again and fall onto the floor. The Master folds his arms and shakes his head.

The Master: Is this all you can muster?

Toad: I wanna go home! Mommy!

Luigi: I want my mommy too!

Toad and Luigi hug each other and start crying. Meanwhile Mario slowly gets up and wipes the sweat off his brow. The Master runs, then goes to kick Mario. Mario acts fast and uses Power Smash. POW! Mario hits the floor hard and flies up into the air, making The Master miss. Mario quickly uses Power Jump while above The Master. POW! Mario stomps on him, bringing him down to the floor. Mario jumps off and faces his cowering partners.

Mario 20/35
Luigi 16/34
Toad 10/33
The Master 86/100

Mario: Come on, you guys! Are you really going to act li-

Mario gets kicked from behind and hits the wall. Luigi looks in front of him and sees nothing. He looks above and gets punched in the face. The Master then grabs Toad and throws him towards another wall.

The Master: A good warrior never-

The Master quickly catches Luigiís hammer before it makes contact. Luigi runs away as The Master throws it right back at him.

The Master: -lets his guard down.

The Master runs and grabs Mario, Luigi, and Toad, jumps up, and smashes them into the floor. Toad barely clings to consciousness, Luigi is just staring at the ceiling, and Mario looks at The Master. The Master focuses an energy ball in his hands and fires it at them with full force. Mario acts fast and throws his partners out of the way. He quickly ducks down and the ball of energy flies right past him and through the wall.

The Master: I think I overdid it.

Toad: Can we put up the white flag now?

Luigi: 100 bottles of milk on the wall...

Mario: No... I have an idea...

Mario tries to get back up but The Master steps on him and pins him down.

The Master: Show me your true power, Mario!

The Master makes another energy ball in his palm. He jumps up and throws it at Mario. Boom! Smoke fills the air and The Master lands, arms folded.

Luigi: Mario... Huh?

The Master: Wha-

???: Itís-a go time!

The smoke clears and standing there is Metal Mario! Metal Mario runs into The Master and slams him into a wall. The Master tries to punch Mario but-

The Master: 0_o  OWWWW!

The Master grasps his aching hand while Mario takes out a Fire Flower. He tosses it at Luigi and Luigi grabs it.

Luigi: Oh yeah!

Luigi transforms into Fire Luigi!

Toad: Hey, what about me?

The Master puts his pain aside and jumps over Metal Mario. Fire Luigi throws a fireball at The Master but he punches through it. However The Master stops dead in his tracks and starts blowing on his hand. Luigi sees his chance and throws three fireballs. The Master jumps up but gets brought back down by Mario. The fireballs hit and The Master catches on fire.

Mario 1/35
Luigi 1/34
Toad 1/33
The Master 54/100

The Master lets out a yell and throws Mario off him. The Master runs and looks like a huge fireball heading towards Luigi. Luigi starts to run but The Master is within short reach. Suddenly...


The Master: What the?!

Mario: ? ... !

Luigi: Uh oh! *gurgle*

Toad: I still canít swim!

The walls of the dojo collapsed and a tidal wave rushed in. The Master was extinguished but everyone except Metal Mario got washed down. They are now outside the dojo but the fight is still on.

Chan: Woah... You okay, your great Master of Sogginess?

The Master: Okay, that was a minor inconvenience. Iím going to kick you-

Toad: Die!

Toad headbutts The Master in his hip. Crack!

The Master: OH MY @&... Crud...

The Master falls down in pain.

Toad: Iím not paying for his medical bill. Heís old so he should have insu-

POW! Toad goes flying across the horizon as The Master delivers a brutal uppercut. The Master lands, a bit shaky, but strikes a grand pose.

The Master: It will take more than a bad back to stop me, Mario!

MM just smiles and runs up to him and delivers a sliding kick. However The Master easily jumps up and delivers a down kick. Still MMís defense is too hard to penetrate and The Master falls down in pain. MM grabs him and does an overhead throw towards Luigi. Luigi takes out his hammer and smashes the flying Master into the ground.

Luigi: I think we got him, Mario!

Suddenly the ground shakes with power and in the blink of an eye Luigiís hammer goes flying... along with Luigi.

The Master: Your fancy attacks canít help you this time, Mario! Time to show you a new technique I learned. Volcan Jab!

The Master shoots out a punch from his fist and hits MM. The punch makes contact but it still doesnít do anything.

Lee: !  Woah, Master, where did you learn that?

The Master: While I was on my travels I met a young man who had a spirit for fighting. He taught me quite a couple of things like this! Smash Punch!

The Master swings his fist again but this time sends out a more powerful punch at MM. It hits. making a big explosion and causing smoke to appear. When it clears MM is on the floor, clutching where he was hit. The Master looks and sees a small crack, and smiles.

Mario 1/35
Luigi Fainted
Toad Fainted
The Master 32/100

The Master runs up to MM, shooting out Volcan Jabs. MM dodges a few but the metal weighs him down. The Master jumps up and tries to kick MM in the stomach. MM back flips and The Master hits the ground instead. MM swings his hammer around and throws it at The Master. He gets hit in the head and falls backwards. MM runs up to him and delivers another sliding kick. Again The Master comes to his senses and easily avoids the attack by jumping. He delivers another down kick but it ends in vain. MM grabs him for another overhead throw but The Master anticipated it from the start. As soon as MM grabs him The Master spins around, making MM spin as well! MM loses his grip and goes flying into a wall.

The Master: Smash Punch!

The Master releases another Smash Punch right at MM. Boom! Crack! Shatter... The metal cracks under the pressure of the Smash Punch and shatters, turning MM back to normal Mario.

The Master: Now Iíve got you! Roundhouse!

The Master jumps up and makes a roundhouse kick. The roundhouse kick goes flying for the defenseless Mario.

Mario: Plumber rule number 12!

In a flash Mario takes out a power-up and suddenly the roundhouse goes back to The Master! The Master quickly falls to the floor and the roundhouse continues it course. The Master looks and sees nothing. He looks up and CRASH! The Master opens his eyes and sees he is in a crater. He looks up and flying is Cape Mario!

CM: Always be prepared!

CM goes for another sky bomb but The Master jumps out of the way like the pro he is. However when CM slams into the ground it causes a tremor around Toad Town. The tremor stuns The Master for a few seconds and in that time Mario takes out 2 Super Mushrooms. Mario + 20 HP! The Master snaps back to normal and stares at the caped plumber.

The Master: Youíve been dodging damage from my attacks for quite some time, but no more! AAGGGHHH!!! Volcan Jab!

The Master starts punching Volcan Jabs at CM. He jumps over some of them and reflects a few back at The Master. The Master kicks right through them and punches Mario in the face. He then uppercuts Mario into the air. Mario loses his cape and The Master targets Mario.

The Master: Time for the finishing move... Rising Bre-


Lee: Who saw that coming?

The Master drops down, covered in flames, then gets smashed into the floor by a jump.

Fire Luigi: Iím-a number one!

Mario falls down onto the floor.. He then looks at his bro, who helps him up.

Mario: Bro, youíre back! But how?

Luigi: Iíll explain later, but first we have a master to take down.

The Master slowly gets up, a bit dazed and confused.

The Master: Huh? Luigi? I thought I blasted you away...

The Master kicks down onto the ground and a huge boulder appears in front of him. He kicks it towards the Bros. Mario and Luigi pull out their hammers and smash right through it. Out of the rumble comes a Smash Punch that knocks them both down. Fire Luigi loses his power-up.

Mario 1/35
Luigi 1/34
Toad Fainted...
The Master 5/100

The Master falls to his knee and starts breathing heavily, but smiles at the Bros.

The Master: I havenít been pushed to my limit since Fighter P. fought in my dojo.

The Master sits down and goes into a meditation state. The Master + 30 HP!

Mario: That does not bode well...

The Master: I knew it would be foolish to try to defeat you in one swing. You Brothers are just full of surprises, but now this will end!

Luigi: Weíre hurting, Mario! Call on a Star Spirit!

Mario calls, but he doesnít know on who. Skolar appears before the Bros.

Mario: Skolar, quick, save us!

Skolar: Okay... A-

Suddenly meteors fall from above towards The Master. He crushes two or three before suddenly being crushed himself by the attack.

Mario: Great job, Skolar!

Skolar: But I didnít do-

Luigi: You really nailed that guy!

Skolar just shrugs and ascends to Star Heaven. Mario takes out a Hot Shroom and Luigi takes out a Shroom Cake. Mario + 15 HP + 5 FP, and Luigi + 10 HP & FP! The Master crawls out from under the meteors and stands up.

The Master: Okay, letís wrap this up!

The Master releases another Smash Punch but the Mario Bros. dodge. Both Bros. take out their hammers and throw it at The Master. The Master simply sidesteps and the hammers go flying past him. He starts punching out more Volcan Jabs. Luigi does a Super Jump but The Master sees him and fires out a Smash Punch at Luigi. Luigi falls to the ground but POW! Mario used Power Jump on the distracted Master. The Master rubs his sore head and Mario helps his bro up.

Luigi: That hurt...

The Master quickly pushes Mario aside and grabs Luigi.

The Master: And so will this-


Toad: Wheeee- Oh get out of the-

CRASH! WHN, in his shell with Toad riding on it, appears out of nowhere and crashes into both Luigi and The Master. Luigi, Toad, and WHN Fainted. The Master crawls out of the pile and tries to get up. However Mario uses Power Jump before The Master has time to react. POW! The Master falls back and sits up. He starts punching out Volcan Jabs blindly and Mario dodges expertly. The Master gets up and shoots out another Smash Punch. Mario ducks and the Smash Punch misses but The Master moves in close. The Master jumps up and does another Roundhouse. Mario rolls out of the way. The Master then gets even closer and does a sliding kick. Mario canít move out of the way in time and The Master gets his opportunity. Mario trips and The Master prepares the final blow.

The Master: Smash Punch!

The Masterís fist becomes illuminated with blue power and he extends his arm. However, just as it is about to make contact with Marioís face... Crack!

The Master: Agh! My... hip... acting out... again...

Lee: Looks like that Toadís headbutt was more powerful than we thought.

The Master falls to his knees while Mario gets up. The Master looks as Mario jumps up and...

The Master: Oh no...

Boing! Boing! Battle Over! Mario wins against The Master! Rewarded with 100 Star Points! Mario + Co. 5 HP!

Mario: Hee hee! Iím the-a... win...ner...

Mario falls face first...

A couple of hours later...

Mario: ZZZZZzzzzz...! Huh?

Mario gets up and sees he is in the Toad Town Hospital. He looks around and sees Toad, Luigi, and The Master. Chan, Lee, and Junior are also in the room.

Junior: Hi Mario!

Mario: What happened?

Lee: You got knocked out after you beat our Master.

Chan: So this obese creature here carried you all to the hospital. Oh, and here!

Mario got the Diploma! This is proof of Marioís victory over The Master. Now Mario can use combat moves in battles!

Mario: Hmm, handy.

Lee: The best part of being able to use combat moves now is that you can make up your own moves or learn other moves from people as you progress through your adventure.

Mario: Sweet! Come on, guys, letís-a go meet up with the others.

Mario gets out of bed but falls down in pain...

Mario: Ow! Uhhh... Help?

Junior grabs Mario, Luigi, and Toad and meets up with the other partners.

Bow: Woah, what happened to them?

Mario: What happened to you?

The partners are soaking wet, a bit bruised, and covered in ink.

Mario and Bow: Weíll explain later.

Mario: We have to go to Star Mountain. Team, letís-a go and beat Bowser!

Team: Yeah!

They walk through the Star Gate and move on...


Chapter 39.5: From Helpers To Heroes

The partners look around and see the destruction that happened around them. The town has been flooded, houses have been destroyed, and people are running around wildly. Bow spots a Toad io wasnít panicking at the sight. Bow approaches the Toad.

Bow: Uh, excuse me, can you tell me whatís going on?

???: Call me Ishmael.

Bow gets a good look at him and sees he is a sailor. He has a sailorís cap, a thin beard, and a pipe sticking out of his mouth. In one hand he is holding a harpoon gun and in the other hand is a telescope.

Bow: Uh, okay...

Ishmael: How can you not know whatís going on in this fair town?! Three great big Bloopers invaded the town after a bomb went off in the sewers. The leader of that there Blooper group was disturbed by the explosion and plans to take revenge on this town.

Bow looks nervously at the gang.

Bow: An explosion in the sewers, huh?

Ishmael: Yes, and now it is up to me to stop Moby Dick after my captain got eaten by that thing. Sad thing is my captain has been chasing that thing for years. You see...

The group huddles up.

Bow: We have to stop those Bloopers. After all, it was our fault that place blew up.

WHN: I donít know... I didnít have a good experience with Bloopers in the first place.

Lakilester: Donít worry, man, you got me on your si-

Ishmael: There she blows! ... Or rather he.

Out of the water rises a Blooper, an Electro Blooper, and the Super Blooper.

Super Blooper: !!! BLOOOOP (So Ishmael, youíre back, huh?)

Ishmael: I will avenge Ahab... Prepare to die, demon!

Super Blooper: Bloop bloop BLOOPER!

Ishmael: You take that back! That does it! No one offends my mom that way and gets away with it!

Super Blooper: Bloop bloop bloop BLOOP!

Ishmael: WHY YOU! That does it! Charge!

Bow: Let us help you!

Watt: Yeah, we are good at beating up big monsters!

Ishmael: Great lads!

Ishmael 25/25
Bow 35/35
WHN 30/30
Blooper 30/30
Electro Blooper 50/50
Super Blooper 70/70

Super Blooper: BLOOOP! (I have no time for such insolence!) Bloop bloop! (Take care of them for me!).

The Blooper and Electro Blooper get in front of Super Blooper. Blooper targets the group and starts shooting out globs of ink. Bow grabs WHN and Ishmael and uses Outta Sight. The ink goes through her and Electro Blooper starts floating toward them. Ishmael loads his harpoon gun and fires at Electro Blooper. Electro Blooper uses Ink Propulsion. He shoots out a lot of ink and gets out of the harpoonís way. He then spins down and crushes Ishmael. Bow starts slapping Electro Blooper while WHN tries to pull Ishmael out. Blooper floats over to WHN, grabs him, and starts squeezing him. WHN tries to free himself but Blooper has a firm grip on him. WHN then uses Dizzy Shell. He starts to spin around wildly, dragging the Blooper with him. The Blooper loses his grip and flies into Super Blooper. Crash! Splash! They both fall into the water, making a huge wave appear. Super Blooper rises out of the water with a frown on his face.


Electro Blooper falls down from being slapped silly and Bow helps Ishmael up.

Bow: Are you okay?

Ishmael: Look out!

Ishmael pushes Bow out of the way and takes out a hookshot. Super Blooper is propelling itself towards Ishmael at ramming speed. Ishmael shoots out the hookshot and it latches onto Electro Blooperís body. Ishmael pulls with all his might and makes Electro Blooper go in front of him. Electro Blooper takes the full hit of Super Blooperís ram attack and goes flying and hits Club 64. Unfortunately Electro Blooper takes Ishmael with him and Ishmael crashes into the bar. WHN runs over to the debris but gets splattered in ink. WHN falls to the floor and looks behind him. Blooper starts to float towards him and WHN tries to get up. However, getting up proves to be difficult as the ink makes it hard not to slip. Blooper floats up a bit and spins down right on WHN. WHN gets flipped over and Blooper curls up a tentacle. Just as Blooper is about to smash WHN, Bow comes in and uses Fan Smack. Blooper gets dizzy again and falls onto the dock.

Super Blooper: BLOOOP! (How annoying!)

Super Blooper pushes Blooper aside and floats before WHN and Bow. Bow floats up to him, extending her stub, but Super Blooper slaps her down instead with his tentacle. Bow crashes onto the dock and WHN is still upside down. Electro Blooper gets out of the debris and starts looking for Ishmael. Ishmael jumps out of sight and takes out his hookshot. Super Blooper gets a hold of WHN and starts squeezing him. Ishmael shoots out the hookshot and latches onto WHNís shell. Electro Blooper tries to grab Ishmael but Ishmael is already pulling himself towards Super Blooper. He jumps of a tentacle, takes out a harpoon, and drives it into Super Blooperís body.

Ishmael 15/25
Bow 29/35
WHN 10/30
Blooper 15/30
Electro Blooper 34/50
Super Blooper 58/70

Super Blooper releases a huge cry of pain and lets go of WHN. Ishmael takes out another harpoon but Super Blooper spins around and Ishmael falls off. Super Blooper then floats above Ishmael and spins down onto him.

Super Blooper: BLoOoOoP! (Heh heh! A Blooperís Screw Dive is the worst thing you can experience!)

WHN uses Fire Shell just as Blooper and Electro Blooper have him surrounded. He zooms past them but not before crisping them a bit. He hits Super Blooper in the back and causes him to wobble a bit. Super Blooper turns towards WHN and starts floating towards him. Bow helps the crushed Ishmael up.

Bow: Are you all right?

Ishmael: Yeah... *cough* This beast is tougher than I anticipated.

Ishmael loads up his harpoon gun and aims for the distracted Super Blooper. He fires but Electro Blooper extends a tentacle and takes the hit. Ishmael starts to load up again but he gets hit with ink. Bow turns around and gets splattered with ink as well. Blooper floats over them menacingly. WHN spots them in trouble and uses Power Shell. However, Super Blooper grabs him before he can help them and flings WHN towards the ruble of Club 64. Blooper floats up and prepares his Screw Drive.

Ishmael: This is it!


Blooper: BlOOOOoooopppp *gurgle*

A huge ball of energy came out of nowhere and hit Blooper before he could do any damage! Blooper fll onto the water and his body sank.

Super Blooper: BLOOOOOP!

Electro Blooper: BLOoOoOP!

Bow uses Outta Sight to get herself and Ishmael out of their inky mess. Super Blooper just stares where Blooper sank.


Super Blooper turns bright red while Bow helps out WHN. Suddenly three Baby Bloopers emerge from Super Blooper.

Super Blooper: Blooop! (Eat them, my children! Start with the Koopa!)

Ishmael: By golly! Moby Dick is actually a girl!

Electro Blooper focuses his energy and is enwrapped with electrical energy. The group stare as they are surrounded by the Bloopers. Super and Electro Blooper float up a bit and start spraying ink at them. Bow grabs her partners and quickly uses Outta Sight. The ink goes right past them but then the Baby Bloopers latch onto them.


Out of his fury, WHN unleashes a powerful Fire Shell and roasts everything near him... including his team members. The Baby Bloopers get fried and die. Super Blooper gets hit but barely notices. All she sees are the bodies of her fried offspring. She turns bright red again but stays that way. She quickly propels herself toward the water. Once there she does a fiercer Screw Drive on top of the water. SPLASH! A huge tidal wave is made and heads straight towards the group. Bow and WHN only stare in amazement and fear. Ishmael however has already seen enough tidal waves to last him a lifetime, and quickly runs to them. He pushes them out of the way just as the tidal wave crashes onto the entire town. While they both still get hit, Ishmael receives the full force of the blast.

WHN: Nooooo!

Bow: Ishmael!

Super Blooper: Bloop. (Goodbye, nuisance.)

Ishmael Fainted
Bow 14/35
WHN Barely clinging onto life
Electro Blooper 20/50
Super Blooper 47/70

Bow rushes over to Ishmael, ignoring WHNís cries of pain. Ishmael is face up and Bow lifts his head up.

Bow: Ishmael, are you all right? Can you hear me? ... Can you see me?

Ishmael: I have failed...

Ishmael lifts his arm and holds Bowís stub.

Ishmael: As my last request... defeat the monsters, not... to avenge my or my captainís death but... to save this... town...

Ishmaelís hand falls to the floor and Bow just stays there, still holding up his head. Electro Blooper creeps up to them and Lakilester and Watt get into the game. Bow reaches into a purse where she holds her items and takes out a Life Shroom. However, just as she is about to hand it to Ishmael, she sees a huge shadow above her. Electro Blooper reaches out and grabs Bow, and she drops the Life Shroom.

Lakilester: Iíll help that turtle dude and you take care of that one huge dude. Clear?

Watt: Yeah!

Watt uses Electro Dash on Electro Blooper, but it only makes him stronger! Electro Blooper starts zapping Bow and she canít get out! Then... Pow! Electro Blooper falls to the floor! Crash! Crash! Crash! Luigi and Toad + 10 HP! While Electro Blooper was shocking Bow, Lakilester went up to WHN a Life Shroom in hand. However Fire Luigi fell out of nowhere and landed on Lakilester, taking the Life Shroom! Toad fell out of nowhere too and landed on the Life Shroom that Bow dropped! Luigiís hammer also hit Electro Blooperís head, causing him to let go of Bow and fall to the floor. Fire Luigi gets up and sees the partners and their predicament. He also sees he is on top of Lakilester.

Lakilester: Could you, like, not be stepping on me?

Fire Luigi: Oops.

Suddenly Luigi sees Super Blooper in front of him. Luigi starts throwing out fireballs while Lakilester uses Spiny Surge. The Spinies catch on fire, dealing more damage to Super Blooper. Luigi starts to run back into Toad Town.

Lakilester: Yo man, where are ya going in such a hurry?

Fire Luigi: I have to help my bro!

Lakilester starts to float away, when he hears something propelling towards him. Meanwhile, Watt goes over to Bow and helps her up.

Bow: What happened?

Toad: I was going to ask that!

Bow sees her Life Shroom gone and starts slapping Toad.

Bow 14/35
Watt 15/15
Lakilester 26/30
Electro Blooper 14/50
Super Blooper 37/70

Electro Blooper gets back up and is extremely mad. He makes electricity course over his whole body again and propels towards the group. He extends a tentacle and shoots out a lightning bolt! Watt quickly puts herself in front of Bow and takes the hit. The two just stare at each other, not moving... The wind blows... Zap! They start shooting lightning bolts at each other. Toad sees the remains of Club 64 and sneaks over there while Bow is staring at the showdown Watt and Super Blooper are having. Lakilester ďrunsĒ into the middle of the showdown but luckily doesnít get hit. The same canít be said about Super Blooper though... Zap!

Super Blooper: BlOoOoOp! (Imbecile!)

She got in the middle just as both Electro Blooper and Watt charged at each other. Super Blooper slaps Electro Blooper in the face and he just whimpers. Bow floats over to Super Blooper and slaps her. However she only gets one slap as Super Blooper is still covered in electricity. Super Blooper slaps Bow away and puts her guard up just as a Spiny Surge hits her.

Lakilester: Not cool! Ack!

He gets sprayed with ink. Watt uses Electro Dash and heads towards Super Blooper. Super Blooper however actually ducks down and Watt heads straight towards Electro Blooper. She hits but does no damage. He grabs her and starts squeezing her. Bow gets up but gets pinned back down by Super Blooper.

Super Blooper: Blooo- (You canít help your fri-) BOOM!

Electro Blooper: BLOOOoooppppp...*splash, gurgle*

Watt: Aaahhhh!

What looked like a flying roundhouse kick came out of nowhere and struck Electro Blooper, causing a big explosion that launched Watt a couple feet. Electro Blooper staggered for a bit but only ended up going above the water and then sinking into it. Super Blooper sees the ripples in the water and gets furious! She turns bright red again and then three more Baby Bloopers emerge. Then a huge tremor starts shaking up the docks! Bow and the others get stunned for a bit and the Baby Bloopers latch onto them. The remains of Club 64 come crashing down from the tremor and Toad jumps out in time with a bag in his hand.

Toad: Darn it! Huh?

He sees the partners being attacked by the Baby Bloopers, while Super Blooper turns bright red again.

Toad: This canít be good.

Bow 5/35
Lakilester 17/26
Watt 5/15
Super Blooper 20/70

Toad: PK Star...

Super Blooper notices Toad and shoots out a glob of ink at him. It hits Toad and messes up his attack. The falling meteors fall straight into the middle of Toad Town instead. Only a few fall onto the dock, but it is enough to get rid of the Baby Bloopers though Super Blooper crushes any that come at her. WHN regains consciousness.

WHN: What happened?

Super Blooper smacks WHN and sends him towards Toad. Toad jumps and lands on his shell. He rides his shell back into Toad Town Square.

Bow: Okay gang, letís jump her!

Lakilester and Watt: Yeah!

Pow! Pow! Watt fainted! Lakilester is knocked out! Two hammers came out of nowhere and hit both Watt and Lakilester! Bow lets out a little whimper as Super Blooperís shadow casts over her. She suddenly remembers Ishmaelís and all the otherís sacrifices, and a fire burns in her eyes. Super Blooper swings her tentacle, but Bow ducks. Super Blooper tries to smash Bow but she rolls out of the way. Super Blooper shoots out gobs of ink. Bow uses Fan Smack and sends them right back at Super Blooper! They hit her in the eyes and she tries to wipe it off. Bows then starts slapping Super Blooper. Super Blooper blindly swings a tentacle but Bow dodges with ease. However Super Blooper swings another tentacle and Bow doesnít see it coming. She is hit and goes crashing into the dock. She tries to get back up but canít muster the strength. Super Blooper finally gets the ink off her eyes and brings a tentacle down onto Bow, pinning her. Super Blooper curls up her remaining tentacles and raises them up high into the air. Bow opens her eyes and sees her incoming doom. She hides her face and at this Super Blooper laughs.

Super Blooper: Bloooooop. (Aw, scared? Pathetic!)

Super Blooper brings her tentacles down, when...


Bow uses Spook! Super Blooper floats back, startled, and Bow is free. Super Blooper realizes what just happened and turns red with rage. Super Blooper charges at Bow and Bow charges at Super Blooper. Super Blooper raises a tentacle and Bow takes out her fan. Pow! They move passed each other and are back to back. They donít move... the air is still... none of them even flinch or stagger. Bow starts to slowly fall onto the floor and Super Blooper snickers... then...

Super Blooper: !  Bloooooooppppp...

Super Blooper falls onto the floor, a fan mark on her face. Bow uses the last of her strength and charges at the fallen Super Blooper. Bow takes out her fan as Super Blooper slowly rises from the ground.

Super Blooper: Bloop. (I have failed...)

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Thump! Battle Over! The partners have won! Partners + 100 Star Points! Mario & Co + 5 HP!

Super Blooper falls onto the ground, no longer able to rein over Toad Town. Bow falls to the floor next to Ishmael.

Bow: I did it... for you...

A few hours later...

???: Can you hear me, Bow?

Bow opens her eyes and sees Ishmael holding her up.

Bow: Huh? Ishmael, youíre alive!

Ishmael: You canít keep a good sailor down. I woke up and saw all of you knocked out. I bought a couple of Life Shrooms and helped you guys out.

Bow looks around and sees her partners are well. They are also surrounded by a crowd of people.

Mayor: We are grateful for saving our fair town. Please, heroes and heroines, take this.

Some Toads carry over a chest full of items.

Bow: Thanks. These will definitely come in handy. Come on, guys, we have to find Mario and the others.

They all start walking when Bow stops and looks at Ishmael.

Bow: Arenít you coming?

Ishmael looks at Bow and then at the sea.

Ishmael: Iím afraid not. I was born on land but I live my life at sea. A sailor like me would only slow you guys down, but I am glad to have met you guys.

He turns around and walks towards the dock, where a boat is waiting. Bow starts to follow him but stops when Ishmael stops himself.

Ishmael: Relax, Bow, and please go with your friends. Perhaps one day we will meet again...

Ishmael continues without turning back. Watt is next to Bow.

Watt: Whatís up with you and that guy?

Bow: *sigh* He just reminds me of my old... Never mind. That was a long time ago, back when I was alive. Now letís hurry up and meet with Mario.

They go back to Toad Town Square.

Bow: Woah, what happened to them?

Mario: What happened to you?

Mario, Luigi, and Toad are in casts and Junior is carrying them.

Both Mario and Bow: Weíll explain later.

Mario: We have to go to Star Mountain. Team, letís-a go and beat Bowser!

Team: Yeah!

They walk through the Star Gate and move on...

Chapter 40: Up to the Heavens

They are up in Star Heaven. They get on the starship and fly to Bowserís castle. Now the final fight aw- What? You want to hear this from the beginning? Fine...

Mario & Co are walking up Star Mountain, telling each other what happened while they were separated.

Mario: And then I fell face first...

Bow: Huh... So that explains a thing or two...

They make it to the top of Star Mountain when they hear a voice.

Eldstar: Mario, can you hear?

Mario: DAD, is that you?

Eldstar: ... Kind of... Anyway, listen, we will open up-

Mario: Wait arenít you one of the Star Spirits? Just get me to Star Haven now!

Eldstar: ... Thatís exactly what I was going to do, but now because of your impatience youíll take the long way. Iíd say more but-

Toad: We donít have time for your rambles!


OMJ: Sonny, youíd better show your elders some respect!

A beam appears out of the sky onto the middle of the mountain. Mario & Co get in and are transported to Star Way. Mario starts walking but Bow taps his shoulders.

Bow: Arenít we missing someone?

Mario looks and it doesnít take long before he notices their obese ally isnít with them.

Mario: Whereís Junior?

Mario looks down and sees Junior is inside the beam, but nothing is happening. He looks back at his partners, shaking his head.

Mario: His dumb self is too fat to be carried up. Well, not to worry, he will catch up with us somehow. After all, heís Junior.

They start walking through Star Way...

Mario: WHN, I know you love me and all, but this hug is lasting too long...

WHN: Iím not so good with heights...

Mario & Co eventually make it to Star Heaven and WHN releases his clutch around Mario. They see Star Heaven is a huge wreck, with some stars trying to help rebuild it. They see Junior munching on a salami sandwich.

Mario: How did you get here?

Junior: Power... I have them.

They donít know where to go and see two penguins helping out the stars. One of them, another baby emperor penguin, has a snow cap that resembles that of a jester cap and a scarf. The other is a bit differently shaped, more like a bird than a penguin. He is sky blue, has webbed feet, has wings that are more bird-like than penguin like, and has a long tail that is pointed in three different ways. Mario approaches the one with the cap.

Mario: Hello there. Iím Mario, and these are my dummies- err, partners.

???: Greetings! My name is Master P. and my broís name is Psy P.

Luigi: Why do they call you Master P. and Psy P?

Master P: Well for me itís a rather long story, and as for my bro...

Psy P: Continue going left from here and you will see an elegant shrine. There is where the noble Star Spirits rest. Did I assist you?

Mario looks surprised as the penguin just answered the question he didnít even ask.

Mario: Uh, thanks. Team, letís-a go!

They continue on, and the penguins are left to discuss their own matters.

Master P: Phew! Thought that there big oaf would recognize.

Psy P: Oh no, he did recognize us, but his puny mind was trying to remember how he knows us. You can smell the smoke from here.

Master P: Youíre right. Itís a good thing the Hammer Bros. called us...

Meanwhile, Mario & Co have entered the Star Shrine. There they see the Star Spirits waiting for them.

Eldstar: Mario, it is time to take the fight to Bowserís castle. We have three things that will help you.

The Star Spirits shine brightly and Mario starts to glow. Mario learns the Star Beam!

Eldstar: With this you can drain the power of the Star Rod whenever Bowser uses it. Now the second thing is something that will help you get to Bowserís castle.

The Star Ship appears before Mario & Co.

Eldstar: Finally, we have a long-winded speech that will most likely bore you to death as well as anyone else who might just happen to hear it.

Eldstar takes out a huge piece of paper that unrolls and goes out the door. Eldstar takes his eyes of the paper and looks at the gang. They arenít there and he looks in the direction of the Star Ship. Itís gone as well...

Eldstar: Ö

Marmar: ... Well at least you get to save your voice...

Mario: Iím coming for you, Bowser!

Luigi: AAHHHHH! Mario, slow down!

Toad: Raise your arms, Luigi! Itís more fun when you raise your arms!

Junior: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Bow: My, we are going very high up.


In desperation, WHN jumps off the Star Ship, but Bow grabs onto his leg.

Bow: Are you trying to kill yourself?!

WHN faints... Now at light speed, Mario & Co head towards Bowserís castle. The final showdown is only a few pages away, so donít leave! Or if youíre going to leave, make sure you bookmark this page so you donít miss the final chapters of The Dark Prognosticus Chapter 1!

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