The Dark Prognosticus, Chapter 1: Paper Mario, The TRUE Story

By Dimentio

Chapter 44: A Star-Powered Showdown, Part 1

They step outside Bowserís Castle and see they are right outside Peachís castle. Imprints of their faces still remain on the door. They ignore that, open the door, and see it is dark. Luigi and WHN let out a whimper. They start to hear some weird noises, kind of like meat being ripped off its bones. WHN and Luigi jump up in fright. Mario turns around and sees itís just Junior eating a drumstick.

Junior: What? Tense situations make me huuuuungry.

They go up the stairs and go into Peachís room.

Mario: Mario to the rescue, Pea... Peach? Hello?

They see the room is empty and notice the door on the other side of the room. They peel it off the wall and see Twink. Twink falls to the floor, dizzy.

Twink: Uhh... What just happened?

Mario: You know what happened to the princess?

Twink: !  I didnít see it but I heard she got tied up! She must be with Bowser!

Mario nods and they run off. Twink decides to fallow them. Mario and Co continue going upstairs and enter the corridor where Mario had that fight with Peach. Now Mario wishes he could take it back. They keep walking and see Bowser in the Koopa Clown Copter. Inside with him is Peach, tied up.

Bowser: Bwa ha ha ha ha! So Mario, you actually showed up, eh? Dumb luck... thatís what got you here.

Mario: Yeah right!

Junior burps.

Mario: ... Okay, maybe luck gave a little help.

Bowser takes out the Star Rod and his children appear in front of him.

Bowser: Give it up, fool! Iím inviiiincible! Koopalings! Charge!

The Koopalings start to run up to Mario but he jumps over them. They turn back towards Mario but Luigi whistles.

Luigi: Hey baddies! Think you can take us?

They snarl and charge at them.

Mario vs. Bowser
Luigi vs. Morton
Toad vs. Ludwig
WHN vs. Larry
Bow vs. Wendy
Watt vs. Roy
Lakilester vs. Iggy
Junior vs. Lemmy

Ludwig, Roy, and Morton begin by immediately jumping up high and smashing onto the floor. This catches everybody on the good side off-guard. Larry then quickly jumps on top of the flipped over WHN and starts stomping on him. Bow tries to help him but she gets kicked away by Wendy. Ludwig breathes out a fireball towards the stunned Toad. Toad quickly snaps out of it and rolls out of the way. Toad jumps up high as Ludwig tries to slam into him and lands on his head. Morton goes inside his shell and slams into Luigi and drags him until slamming him again into a wall. Morton then tries to punch Luigi but he ducks down and does a sweeping kick, knocking Morton of his feet. Luigi proceeds to jump on him. Iggy wants to fight Mario but sees him already fighting with Bowser. Just then Lakilester shows up in front of his face.

Lakilester: Man, you are one uncool-looking dude, like, for reals, man.

At this Iggy gets mad, jumps up high, and kicks Lakilester across the room.

Iggy: Take that back! Yaaah!

Lemmy just decides to sit on top of his ball and watch his siblings fight. Then he spots Junior.

Lemmy: Hey, youíre that freak who stopped me from making my uh... that one word for something you wish but work for?

Ludwig hides inside his shell as Toad tries to hit him with his hammer. The hammer bounces back and hits Toad in the face. He starts wobbling, screaming, and holding his face. Ludwig quickly punches him away.

Ludwig: Do you mean Ďdreamí, my childish brother?

Lemmy: Yeah, that! Die!

Lemmy swings his wand and makes another beachball appears. He kicks it towards Junior. It hits but causes no damage whatsoever.

Lemmy: Wait, let me try that again...

Lemmy does the same trick and kicks the ball towards Junior. However this time when it makes contact the ball explodes, hurting Junior. Junior gets mad and starts running towards Lemmy. Junior curls up his flipper and tries to punch Lemmy, but he quickly jumps out of the way and Junior just hits the floor.

Meanwhile, Mario starts dodging Bowserís fireballs. Bowser quickly dives in and catches Mario off-guard. The Koopa Clown Copter tackles Mario and he goes flying. In the air Mario takes out his hammer and throws it towards Bowser. The Copter spins around, deflecting the hammer away. Bowser continues to slam into Mario but this time Mario is prepared. He keeps dodging, but Mario knows if he canít hit Bowser he will win eventually.

Mario: What to do? I wish I could get him out of that Copter...

Suddenly a bright flash appears out of nowhere. When it is gone two Mechakoopas are in its place. Mario smiles and jumps on one, deactivating it, then grabs it. Bowser gets a snarl on his face and shoots out a lighting bolt towards Mario using the Star Rod. Mario jumps to avoid it, and aims for Bowser. He throws the Mechakoopa and hits Bowser in the head with it. Bowser gets dizzy but goes inside his Copter. An Iron Steelie pops out and heads towards Mario. Mario easily jumps over it and lands on the other Mechakoopa. Bowser tries to swoops down towards Mario but he quickly falls flat on his back, avoiding the Copter. Mario quickly gets up and grabs the Mechakoopa. Bowser turns around and gets hit in the head again by the Mechakoopa. Bowser lets out a roar of fire and flames start falling down.

With our other heroes, Roy continues to shoot fireballs from his wand but Watt avoids them all. He goes inside his shell and tries to slam into Watt. She uses Electro Dash and hits him dead on. Watt goes flying and hits the wall, but Roy just stands there, a bit paralyzed by the shock.

WHN gets Larry off him but he just lands on his feet. Both of them go inside their shells and ram into each other. They bounce off each other but WHN doesnít give up and uses Fire Shell. WHN rams into Larry, dealing a powerful blow. Larry lands on his backside and clutches the burn left on his underbelly.

Lakilester is avoiding Iggysís attempts to stomp him. Iggy then takes out his wand and starts shooting out geometric shapes. Lakilester counters with Spiny Surge. The geometric shapes hit the Spinies and an explosion occurs, surrounding them in smoke. Iggy tries to see where Lakilester is but starts coughing. Suddenly a Spiny egg hits him square in the face. Wendy is apparently using some martial arts on Bow but Bow is too nimble and avoids the fists and kicks. Wendy recklessly charges at Bow but she simply smacks Wendy away with her fan. Luigi quickly does an uppercut on Morton but he puts up his wand in defense.

Luigi manages to smack the wand away but that leaves him open. Morton bodyslams into Luigi, crushing him. Luigi kicks him away but Morton lands on his feet. Luigi jumps back on his feet and Morton charges. Luigi moves slightly to the left and sticks his foot out. Morton trips and hits the wall from the momentum. Luigi proceeds to stomp him.

Toad tries to smack Ludwig with his hammer but he is surprisingly fast for his size. Ludwig takes out a ray gun and shoots Toad with a laser. Toad gets scorched but manages to ignore the pain and hits Ludwig with his hammer. Ludwig goes back a couple of feet but he stands his ground. He switches the dial of his laser and fires again. Toad successfully jumps away but behind him he hears an explosion.

Lemmy keeps pelting Junior senselessly with Beachball-ombs. Junior gets covered in soot but still keeps trying to punch Lemmy. Lemmy, however, is light and fast and avoids all incoming punches. Junior tries to bellyflop him but Lemmy dodges again. However when he lands he creates a shockwave that knocks Lemmy off his feet. Junior then quickly slams into Lemmy, sending him into a wall.

Back with Mario...

Bowser: Enough of that! Now witness the power of this fully operational Star Rod!

Bowser activates the Star Rod and becomes more powerful along with the Clown Copter. Bombshell Bill Blasters appear from the sides and start shooting out Bombshell Bills. Mario sees the floor is already covered in small flames but now he has to dodge the incoming Bills too. Mario takes out his hammer and hits some of them back while jumping around the fires. Bowser swerves his Copter to avoid getting hit, and breathes out a huge cloud of fire. Mario doesnít see it and gets hit hard. Mario falls to the floor, having no strength to get up. Peach is able to quickly get one hand free and tosses a Super Shroom at Mario. Mario quickly eats it and is revitalized. Bowser breathes out fire again but this time Mario avoids it. He stands still and focuses. Bowser laughs at his standing target and prepares to fire again. Suddenly Bowser sees the 7 Star Spirits. They hover above him and suddenly he is engulfed in a brilliant white light. When it disappears Bowser feels no power coursing through him.

Bowser: !  Hey, what happened to the power of that stupid Star?!

Even the Clown Copter gets powered down and the Bombshell Bill Blasters get converted into normal Bullet Bill Blasters. Mario quickly throws his hammer at one and it blows up, heavily damaging the Copter and Bowser. Bowser points the Star Rod at Mario and starts shooting out more lightning bolts. Mario dodges, of course, through the use of his famous jumps. Mario sees an incoming Bullet Bill and stops. Mario quickly smacks it away with his hammer and it heads towards Bowser. Bowser ducks and the Bullet Bill misses him. However Mario quickly throws his hammer at the other Bullet Bill Blaster and destroys it, creating another explosion. The Copter starts to billow out smoke and Bowser releases another roar.

Back with the other heroes, Larry gets up on his feet and swings his wand. Vines appear from the ground and grab WHN right after the fire settles. Larry gives the signal to crush him and WHN starts gasping for air. He tries to use Fire Shell again but canít muster the strength. He then uses Dizzy Shell instead and starts to spin around. The vines get uprooted and WHN heads towards Larry with the vines wildly swinging on him. Larry just gasps and WHN starts whipping Larry repeatedly with his own vines. Larry quickly hides inside his shell to avoid more damage. WHN stops and gets the vines off him. Larry quickly twirls his wand and sends out a cloud of spores towards WHN. WHN starts coughing uncontrollably and his energy starts to slowly deplete. Larry jumps up and kicks WHN, flipping him over in the process. Larry goes to pounce on him again but WHN uses the last of his energy and uses Power Shell. He zips away before Larry can land on him, causing him to mess up his landing and fall flat on his face. WHN does a 180 and slams into Larry, causing him to fly up into the air. He falls down on his head and faints.

Luigi tries to jump on Morton again but he quickly hides in his shell and Luigi jumps on his spiked shell instead. Luigi cries in pain and lets out a bigger cry when Morton punches him in the stomach. Luigi falls down clutching his stomach and Morton jumps up high and starts falling directly on top of Luigi. Luigi instead rolls out of the way and backflips before he can get stunned by Mortonís shockwave. Morton catches Luigi before he can land, but Luigi just smiles. He kicks Morton in the stomach and he lets go. Luigi then delivers another Lightning Uppercut, sending Morton into the roof. He falls back down, fainted.

Wendy looks into a mirror and sees the fan smack ruined her mascara. She lets out a shriek and tries to run into Bow again. Bow uses Outta Sight and Wendy goes through her, smashing into a pillar. Bow becomes transparent but Wendy quickly takes out her wand and hits her with geometric shapes. Bow gets knocked back a couple of feet and Wendy follows up with a jump kick. Bow quickly rolls out of the way and smacks Wendy during her ungraceful landing. Wendy starts throwing out candy rings but Bow simply goes through them. Wendy throws one more and it wraps around Bow, trapping her. Wendy starts punching, biting, scratching, and kicking Bow. She falls down and Wendy lifts her high-heel over her face. Bow then grabs Wendyís foot before she can put her heel through her throat. Bow quickly throws Wendy away but she easily lands on her feet. Wendy points her wand but it gets smacked away by Bow. She proceeds to use Fan Smack. Wendy wobbles a bit and falls down facefirst, fainted.

Iggy tries to punch Lakilester but he canít reach or isnít fast enough. Lakilester throws a Spiny egg and hits Iggy in the face again. He hears a shattering noise and Iggyís glasses fall off, broken. Iggy gets filled with rage and takes out his wand. He starts shooting out fireballs like crazy and overwhelms Lakilester. Iggy then pounces on him and starts hitting him repeatedly with his wand. Lakilester grabs a Spiny egg but Iggy just stomps on his hand. Iggy kicks him out of the cloud and Lakilester slides across the floor. Iggy aims at Lackilester even without his glasses and charges up a fireball. However Lakilesterís cloud quickly covers Iggyís face, messing up his attack. Lakilester reaches for the Spiny that he dropped and throws it at Iggy. Thwack! Iggy twirls around once and falls down defeated.

Roy shakes of the electricity and runs towards Watt, a fist cocked. Watt is still stuck on the wall and notices Roy charging towards her. She sends out a bolt of lightning but Roy jumps over it and releases his punch into Watt. Half of the wall crumbles on contact and Roy chuckles. Suddenly out of the rubble a lightning bolt flashes by and hits Roy right in the chest. He stumbles back a bit, one hand on his chest, the other curled up in rage. Roy jumps up and stomps on the ground. The rubble flies off Watt and Roy breathes out a fireball towards her. Watt quickly zips up and shoots out another bolt of lightning. Roy thinks he can deflect it with his wand but instead it acts as a lightning rod, shocking him. Roy wobbles a bit and Watt finishes him off with an Electro Dash to the gut. He falls back fainted.

Lemmy somehow manages to get out of Juniorís rolls of fat and jumps back on his ball. Junior gets up and drinks a Super Soda. Lemmy sees Juniorís belly start to rumble, and gulps. Junior lets out an Atomic Belch, hitting Lemmy dead on, and he crashes into a wall. Lemmy collects himself and creates two clones. They laugh with maniacal glee and make spiked bombs appear. They start pelting Junior with countless bombs. Junior is completely charred and falls down. Lemmy makes one more bomb appear and chucks it at Junior. Junior quickly gets up and catches the bomb without setting it off. He throws it back at the stunned Lemmy, but it goes through him - a clone. However the bombís explosion destroys the other clone and knocks the real Lemmy off his ball. He sees a shadow form on top of him. SPLAT! Lemmy... terminated!

Ludwig puts goggles on and starts shooting out lasers in all directions as he tries to hit Toad. Toad gets overwhelmed and then trips, hitting a table and making everything fall on him. Ludwig laughs and points his laser at Toad. Through quick instincts Toad grabs a mirror and places it in front of himself just as Ludwig fires. The laser gets reflected and hits Ludwigís gun. It starts to overheat and Ludwig quickly throws it towards Toad. An explosion occurs and Ludwig just laughs. Suddenly out of the smoke comes Toad, hammer in hand, and he smacks Ludwig right on the jaw. Ludwig wipes away some blood from biting his lip and takes out a rocket launcher. He aims at Toad and fires several rockets at Toad. Toad uses his mini-stars to destroy all of them and shoots one more at Ludwig. Ludwig puts up the launcher in defense and the star hits the fire button. A rocket flies out and hits the roof, causing it to collapse. Ludwig jumps out of the way but Toad stomps on his head. Ludwig goes down but reaches into his shell for another weapon. He canít seem to find it, then he sees Toad holding it. Ludwig faints from disbelief.

Bowser: Enough of this! Roar!

A huge beam of energy is released and Marioís partners get locked in a cage. Bowser lets out a laugh followed by a huge cloud of fire.

Bowser: Whoís going to help you now, plumb-scum?!

Twink: Me!

Mario: Twink?

Twink lets out a flash of light and two more Mechakoopas drop out.

Mario and Bowser: So you are the one who made those things appear?

Bowser looks at Mario and Mario looks at him back. Mario quickly scrambles towards the Mechakoopas but Bowser shoots lightning in his way. Mario stops and then gets crushed underneath the Copter. Mario quickly gets out his hammer and smacks the face of the Copter hard, causing a dent. The force also gets the Copter off Mario. Mario backflips and lands on the Mechakoopa. Bowser throws a Bob-omb at Mario but he jumps out of the way and hits Bowser with the Mechakoopa. Bowser groans in pain and hits the gas. The copter flies back up and hits a button. The mouth of the copter opens and a laser gun pops out. It starts shooting Mario but Mario starts running. Bowser starts breathing out fireballs towards Mario too and he starts to hustle even more. Mario soon feels the heat of both the fireballs and laser as they start to catch up to him. Mario quickly gets an idea and takes out his hammer again. Bowser sees where he is going and retracts the laser back in so it doesnít get smashed. However Mario instead throws it at the propeller and it breaks. The Copter loses altitude and crashes to the ground. Bowser tries to fan the smoke away and is then hit with a Mechakoopa. Bowser falls flat on his stomach. Mario jumps for joy and Twink spins around him.

Bowser: *gasp* Okay, round two then!

Bowser lifts up the Star Rod and gets powered up, becoming multicolored like the rainbow. Mario reactively throws his hammer at the Star Rod, knocking it away. Twink goes to get it but suddenly Kamek appears and grabs it. Mario tries to focus to summon the Star Spirits but Bowser quickly rams into Mario, knocking him into a wall. Peach crawls out of the wreckage and sees brave Mario hit the wall hard.

Peach: Mario...

Bowser: If you can focus to pray, you canít drain my energy! Itís over, Mario!

Mario: Great... Itís Star Bowser all over again...

Bowser inhales and lets out a stream of fire. Mario dodges it and punches Bowser, but to no effect. Bowser claws Mario away and he hits the wall again.

Peach: Someone... please help Mario...

Suddenly a white flash appears and just as suddenly a huge spiked bomb appears. Bowserís eyes widen in fear and Mario starts to realize why. Bowser opens his mouth to breathe fire on it but his mouth gets clogged by a hammer! Bowser pulls it out of his mouth and then sees Mario is gone.

Bowser: Oh no... Rawr!

Mario starts to swing Bowser around in circles and Bowser just yells out. Mario releases his grip and Bowser collides with the bomb. A huge roar of pain from Bowser muffles the sound of the explosion. Bowser stands back up and looks at Mario with fire in his eyes. Bowser breather fire into the air and the floor gets covered in flames. Mario sees two blue fireballs heading towards him.

Mario: Oh great...

Mario jumps but quickly gets rammed into a window by Bowser. It shatters and Bowser holds Mario by the neck over the window.

Bowser: Like I said, Mario, itís over! Iím going to enjoy... your fall.

Peach: No!

Peach quickly runs towards Bowser, jumps, and lands on his tail with her high heels. Bowser lets out a roar of pain and lets go of Mario. Peach gasps in terror but Mario quickly clings onto whatís left of the frame of the window. Mario pulls himself up and quickly grabs Bowser by the tail. Another flash of white appears and a second bomb appears. Mario spins Bowser around and throws him into the bomb. Boom! Crash! Bowser hits the floor again but gets up.

Kamek: Let me help you, my Liege! Ugh...

Twink quickly hits Kamek in his side and he falls off his broom, dropping the Star Rod. Peach goes to retrieve it but Kammy drops out of nowhere and takes the Star Rod back. Bowser tries to pounce on Mario but he rolls out of the way. Bowser gets so furious his whole body catches on fire.

Bowser: Iím too hot to touch now, Mario! Letís see you grab and spin me now!

Mario just gulps and wipes the sweat of his brow. Bowser can see his mustache quivering, and smiles. He charges towards him again and Mario successfully jumps over him... and lands on the trail of fire he left. Mario starts running around, his butt on fire. Bowser swipes him away with a swift claw attack. Mario hits a pillar and falls down. Peach tosses another Super Shroom at him but then gets tied up again by Kammy Koopa.

Kammy: Finish him off, Your Powerfulness! Without being able to grab you, he canít finish you!

Twink quickly makes another bomb appear but he doesnít know how Mario will use it. Mario is still on the floor, not knowing what to do next.

The Masterís Voice: Believe in your new skills, grasshopper...

Mario looks up and sees the fiery figure of Bowser. He raises his foot over Marioís head.

Bowser: I have always wanted to crush you underneath... MY foot!!!

Mario quickly slides underneath him and goes past his tail. Bowser is confused a bit but quickly remembers he canít be touched. He turns around and sees Mario lifting up the bomb!

Bowser: No!

Bowser quickly inhales but Mario just as quickly throws the bomb with all his might. BOOM! CRASH! Bowser gets hit dead on and the force causes him to fly out a window. Kammy lets out a quick yelp and goes after him. Mario smiles but his grin quickly disappears when he remembers Kammy still has the Star Rod. Suddenly Bowser pops back out in a new Copter, laughing.

Bowser: Not bad, Mario! You have gotten stronger, but this was just all a little warmup.

He swings the Star Rod and Peach is teleported back to Bowser.

Bowser: If you want the princess, better fallow me! Kids!

The Koopalings are transported out of the room and the cage around Marioís partners disappears. Mario starts to run ahead.

Luigi: Hey Bro, wait up!

They quickly hustle and go after them...

Chapter 45: A Star-Powered Showdown, Part  2

Mario goes up a couple of stairs as he hears his partners behind him telling him to slow down. Mario opens up the doors at the top and sees a bridge. Bowser is at the end along with a button. Bowser starts shooting out fireballs but Mario jumps over them. Bowser jumps up and cuts off Mario before he can get to the button. Bowser punches Mario away but Mario gets back up. Bowser starts breathing out more fireballs but Mario deflects them back with his hammer. Bowser jumps up and avoids the fireballs but Mario gets to the button. Mario presses it and the bridge collapses and Bowser falls again. Mario sees he is on a huge platform almost shaped like an arena. He sees Peach waiting for him, tied up. At the other end of the destroyed bridge are the partners. Mario quickly unties Peach and removes the tape of her mouth.

Peach: Ow! More gently next time, please! I mean- Mario, it was a trap!

Bowser suddenly drops onto the floor and starts laughing.

Bowser: Fool! You trapped yourself in my battlefield! Har har har har!

Kammy: You call yourself a hero? Now witness this!

Mario braces himself but all she takes out is a magic potion. Both Mario and Bowser are confused.

Mario: Thatís it?

Bowser: Thatís it?! Kammy, you airhead! Is this all you prepared for me to finally
trounce Mario?!

Kammy: Ah, but my Liege, this is no ordinary potion. This is a legendary concoction that can only be made by highly skilled magicians. I-

Kamek: I helped too, you old hag!

Kammy: Shut up, Bro! Anyway, we developed what we call... Giga Juice! What do you think? I made it up myself.

Kamek: I wanted it to be called Giga Tonic...

Bowser: Iím going to call it Stupid! How can this little container full of... of... juice possibly help me?!

Kammy: Drink it and find out the power... of my wisdom!

Kamek: *grumble...*

Bowser takes the potion from Kammyís hand and drinks a little bit. Bowser then grabs his chest and starts to shake violently.

Kammy: Quick, you fool! The Giga Juice wonít activate if lightning doesnít strike!

Kamek quickly says an incantation and hits Bowser with a bolt of lightning. Bowser lets out a huge roar and starts to undergo a gruesome transformation. He looks far more evil with a larger body, his scales are now more brown than orange, he has a spikier scaled shell, his physique becomes more muscular, and his horns lengthen and curve. He lets out a huge roar that scares everyone. In the distance they can hear a ďwah!Ē. As he talks his voice is deeper and scarier.

Giga Bowser: Woah! Kammy, that was awesome. I feel like Iím exploding with power. Now Iíll be able to finish of this drain brain.

Giga Bowser towers over Mario, snarling.

GB (Giga Bowser): Now Mario, itís not going to be like before. THIS time Iím serious!

Mario jumps on top of Bowser but he just laughs at the tickling sensation. Kamek gets Peach a safe distance away but she just cries out Marioís name.

Luigi: Bro! What are we going to do?! We have to help my bro!

Lakilester: But what can we do, man?

Ludwig: You can submit to our power!

Solid Junior: Now!

Boom! A C-4 explosion knocks out the Koopalings, who appeared out of nowhere.

Iggy: So much for King Dadís big sneak attack... ugh...

SJ: Iím the definition of sneaky!

Watt: How did you do that?

SJ: Donít ask questions you arenít prepared to handle the answers to! Now letís finish of this beast.

Solid Junior takes out a bazooka and aims at Giga Bowser. He fires and hits him dead on. GB just turns around and shoots SJ with a huge ray from his Star Rod. SJ takes the full brunt of the attack and the tower they were standing on collapses. The partners are mostly unharmed but Junior is buried underneath the remains of the tower.

Luigi: We knew him well. A moment of silence- Moment over. Now how do we-

CRASH! The rumble flies off Junior, who is suddenly wearing a cape. He starts hovering over them breathing heavily. He lets out a growl and shows them the back of his flipper. It has some weird mark of a triangle on it. Suddenly lightning strikes, he lets out a yell, and-

???: STOP!

The party members look in the direction of the yell and see something they have never seen before. It looks like a green N standing upright. It is connected to 3 other Ns, making a cube like shape. The stare in awe and confuseion as this figure approaches Junior, who is back on the floor.

???: Okay, what is wrong with you?! Do you know in how much trouble we could get if the other worlds found out youíre taking copyrighted material and making it into your own?!

Junior: Iím sorry.

???: Donít do it again!

Luigi: Uh... Who are you?

???: Just call me... Nintendo. Iím just a symbol for the great era.

Luigi: Uh, okay Nintendo... WHAT are you?

Nintendo: Just think of me as... DAD. Well, Iíve got to go. Good luck with all of this, guys.

Nintendo suddenly disappears but not before slapping Junior with a hand that grows out of nowhere. The group is just baffled... even Junior.

Junior: ... I donít care. Iím still copyrightís worst nightmare.

Luigi: Can we get back to a way for saving my bro?!

GB has Mario in his grip and is breathing scorching purple fire at him. Mario tries to break free but GBís strength outmatches Marioís way more. GB throws him across the stadium and Mario slides across the floor. Mario tries to get back up but then he just falls down. Giga Bowser lets out a huge roar of laughter.

GB: Is that it? Have you reached the end of your rope already? Pathetic! You really shouldíve worked out more if you wanted to wrestle with me. Goodbye, shrimp!

Peach: Mario, nooooo- mph!

Kammy: Pipe down, you little-

Thwack! Kammy falls to the floor unconscious. Twink appears out of the blue and unties Peach.

Peach: Oh, thank you, Twink! But what can we do to help Mario?

Twink: Uh... Didnít think that far ahead...

Luigi: Are you sure this is going to work?

Toad: Maybe. Jump!

Junior is laying face-side up and Lakilester flies high with Toad and Luigi. They jump off and bounce off Juniorís stomach. They fly right into GB. Bow, Watt, and Lakilester try their best to carry Junior and WHN across the gap.

Junior: Wheeee!

Bow: Stop squirming!

Watt: Wait, how am I holding onto something if I have no arms?

Junior and WHN fall down.

Watt: Oops...

Lakilester: Oh well. We knew those dudes well...

Suddenly a horrible stench fills the air and suddenly they see Junior flying up into the arena with WHN.

Bow: 0.o  How did youÖ

Junior: Itís called fa-

WHN: *GASP!* Donít even say it... Letís just help out the idiot in red.

However, Luigi and Toad are already in front of Mario, shielding him. Bowser just inhales and builds up the fire in his throat. Peach watches in desperation, thinking of what to do.

Peach: Oh, I wish we could help in some way...

Twink starts to shine and quickly slams Bowser in his scaly throat. Bowser feels a tickle but continues charging. He lets out the fire but Bow quickly gets next to the heroes and uses Outta Sight. The fire goes through them but this only annoys Giga Bowser. He holds out the Star Rod and gets powered up.

GB: Try to avoid it now!

Mario quietly calls for the Star Spirits and they show up. They hover over Bowser and use Star Beam, but Bowser is unfazed! Bowser tries to zap them with lightning using the Star Rod but they quickly get out of the way. The Star Spirits regroup with Mario.

Eldstar: Uh, we may be in trouble...

GB swings his Star Rod and a force field appears around the gang. GB starts inhaling again and holding the fire in his throat. Peach wishes something could stop the beast and Twink dashes into Bowserís throat again. This time GB feels the hit and chokes on the fire! He starts coughing and wheezing. He quickly slams his tail in Twinkís direction and slams him into the ground. Twink canít get out from under the tail and Bowser starts charging up again.

Peach: No! What am I to do?!

Twink: Princess!... *gasp* make a wish... a wish to the Star Spirits... give them more power... *wheeze*... to save Mario... the kingdom... You can do it...

Peach closes her eyes and clasps her hands together. Tears start to come out when she hears GB letting out a roar of flames.

Luigi: This is it!

Just then the Star Spirits start to give out a huge glow. They take the brunt of the attack and are left without a scratch.

Skolar: We have more power now.

Marmar: Mario, do not lose hope yet!

Star Spirits: We give you our power!

The whole arena is enveloped in huge brilliance of white light. Everyone shields their eyes but then just as quickly as it appeared it disappears. GB opened his eyes and sees his Star power is gone. He looks in Marioís direction and sees, to his horror, that Mario, Luigi, and Toad are rainbow-colored. Mario stands up and makes a huge fireball appear in his hand. He throws it at GB but he just punches it. However he suddenly screames in pain and sees the scales on his hand have burned.

GB: This fight is just starting, Mario!

Mario: Wrong!

Mario suddenly zips behind him and fire punches GBís tail. He lets out another scream of pain that is quickly silenced when Luigi delivers a brutal uppercut square on his jaw. Toad makes a huge star appear and hurls it at Giga Bowserís feet. He falls down on his back and sees Mario jump up and elbow him right on his stomach. GB just gets angrier and starts whirling around in his shell. Mario tries to stop him with his bare hand, but GB overpowers him and sends him flying. Luigi super jumps and catches his flying bro. Mario grabs Luigi and starts spinning him around. Toad jumps out of GBís way and heads towards the Mario Bros. Mario launches Luigi into GB. Luigi kicks GB with such a force GB is flipped over again. GB is too stunned and confused to try to get up. Mario, Luigi, and Toad jump up high and fall down right on GB. Mario bounces off him to go up even higher, and curls up his fist. GB tries to get up but is held back down by Luigi and Toad. Marioís fist catches on fire and punches GB right in the face. GB is sent flying from the attack. Mario and Luigi charge up a fireball as Toadís hat starts glowing. They aim at GB and fire.

Mario and Luigi: Here we go!

Toad: PK Star Storm!

GB is pelted from all direction and the fireballs make contact, resulting in a huge explosion. They stare out into the vastness of the sky but donít see anything. Junior walks up to Mario and taps him on the shoulder.

Mario: Yes, Junior?

Junior hands him the Star Rod.

Junior: During the fight he dropped this.

Mario holds out the Star Rod and smile... They have won...

Peach: Mario, I knew you could do it!

Peach runs into Marioís arms, tears flowing down her face, and hugs him. Mario grabs her, dips her, and looks her straight in the eye.

Mario: All for you, Peach...

They lean in and... boom! Everyone gets knocked off their feet as several explosions go off about the arena. Kammy starts talking to Kamek.

Kamek: So should we save the kids? If we donít, you know I could be the ruler and...

Kammy: Forget that, you idiot. The battle they had was so intense, everything is going to blow up! We must fle-

BOOM! They are sent flying along with the Koopalings.

Mario: ... Talk about a mood killer.

WHN: We are all going to die!!!



Mario: Am I in the Overthere?

Mario opens his eyes and sees shining clouds. He looks and sees grass beneath his feet. He looks onward and sees an illuminated Peach sparkling with lights.

Mario: Woah... I AM in the Overthere!

Eldstar: No, Mario, you are safe.

Mario gets up and sees the Star Spirits and Twink behind Peach.

Mario: Ohhhhh...

Mario kicks everybody up. Then Mario hands back the Star Rod.

Eldstar: Thank you, Mario! We are... ... ... ... .shining... ... ... .peace to world... .

Mario: Yep!

Marmar: Thank you... ... ..take care... ... ... ..happiness... ... ... ...

Mario: Yes, there will be.

Skolar: We owe... ... ... ... .look up... ... ... ... ... know our gratitude... ...

Mario: Itís... fine...

Muskular: What... ... ..socked it to... ... ... ..are the best... ... ... .

Mario: Yeah, I know I am... *yawn*

Misstar: Do no think... ... ... was difficult... ... ... eternal thanks... ..

WHN: Youíre kinda hot, I mean...

Mario: ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Klevar: Maybe Bowser... ... ... .slim... ... ... oh well... ... .

Toad: Can I get one wish, no matter what it is, for my heroism?

Luigi: Toad!

Kalmar: Peace... ... ... .calm... ... ... ... ... ... .

Junior: Iím hungry!

Eldstar: Yes, well we must be going now.

The Star Spirits leave one by one, but Muskular and Toad chat for a bit. The partners talk amongst themselves while Mario sleeps. Twink taps Peach in the shoulder.

Twink: Iím really going to miss you! Waaaaaaahhhhh-

Peach: Oh, stop your crying. You are a grown up Star. You helped me and helped stop an evil mutated King Koopa. I think you are above crying now, Twink. Donít worry... Iíll miss you too, but you can always visit.

Twink =) Iíll try my best to-

Mario: Yeah yeah. Youíd better hurry up, your pals are leaving.

Twink goes with Muskular and they fly away. Everyone looks out as a trail of sparkles go high up into the sky...

Chapter 46: A Celebration, I Say!

Luigi: That was some crazy week, huh Bro?

Mario: Yep.

Mario and Luigi are back at home. The castle is back in its former place, everyone is happy, and according to scouts Bowserís body hasnít been found yet... Where could he be?

Luigi: Well, now what do you want to do?

Junior: Mario, we are out of pasta.

Mario: Again?!

Oh yeah... Since Junior didnít have a home Mario has unwillingly adopted Junior. Now he lives with them in the Mario Brosí home.

Luigi: Well, better go buy more, huh?

Luigi walks out the door. Mario smacks Junior with his cap. Just then Luigi comes back in with a letter in his hand.

Mario: Did we get some of that mail order pasta?

Luigi: No, you meatball. This banged up Paratroopa gave me this letter from Peach. We are invited to a party in our honor!

Mario: Letís-a go!

Mario puts Junior on a leash and they head into the warp pipe. They come out, with people already partying outside. They pass by the crowd and head towards Peachís castle. Mario ties Junior outside. Before they go in they notice a small pack of Real World penguins. Junior spots the Hammer Bros, Master P, and Psy P.

Master P: Ha! How degrading.

Junior: I think this leash looks good with my scarf.

Hammer Bro 1: Whatever. Letís go, Bros...

Suddenly the word ďBrosĒ go through his mind. He rips from his leash and hugs all the penguins.

Junior: Bros!

Penguins: Dang it! He remembered us...

Inside everyone is partying and Mario and Luigi are talking to their party members.

Bow: And thatís what happened when I ordered this golden diamond ring.

Mario (uninterested): Fascinating.

Suddenly trumpets are played and the talking stops.

Toad Retainer: Now, peasants, for your unworthy eyes, our fair Princess Peach!

Peach: I told you to stop calling them that...  Err, I mean welcome one and all!

Mario: Get to the feast part already!

Luigi: Mario!


Junior (still holding his bros): Did someone say feast?

Penguins: We canít breathe!

Peach: ... You know, I was going to say a long speech about peace and tranquility but now I wonít and you guys wonít be able to hear my beautiful voice and it is all because you guys were rude!

WHN: That was already long enough!

Peach: *sigh...* Just... just... start the parade and THEN we eat.

Crowd: WOOHOO!!!

Junior: FOOD!

Penguins: AIR!

And so that night is spent with a huge parade honoring the heroes. During the parade Toad is spotted with Popple holding large burlap bags. Everyone was invited. The Shy Guys are seen talking to The King, negotiating a peace treaty. At night a huge feast is served, with Mario and Junior racing to the front of the line. Luigi is able to mildly impress Daisy. All the partners are honored for their heroic feats and given medals with their names on them... WHN isnít so happy about the initials on his. Lastly, fireworks fill the sky and everyone relaxes as the land is full of peace again. Mario grabs Peachís hand and they walk towards his house. They stand at the edge of the porch, watching the fireworks illuminate the castle and star-filled sky. A voice is heard overhead: ďMay the stars shine on you both... ď Mario holds onto Peach and looked at her. They smile at each other and continued to watch the fireworks...


Epilogue-Staff and Credits

Dimentio: ďÖ They smiled at each other and continued to watch the fireworks...Ē and that, my friends, is the end of... Hey, where did you all go?!

Dimentio sees he is in the library room alone. The fire is out, the lamps are burnt out, and the room is dark.

Dimentio: Huh... Didnít think that would take so long... Oh well. For those of you who did stay and who I canít see at the moment, thank you for listening to The Dark Prognosticus. Wait, what? You think this story was too screw-loosed to be the ďtrueĒ Paper Mario? Well well, let me just say oftentimes truth is stranger than fiction... Until we meet in another time and place... Ciao!


Lemmy Koopa

Additional Music

Main Characters

Supporting Characters
Lady Bow
Kooper (aka WHN)
Popple (sort of)
The Seven Star Spirits
The Master
Giant Dolphin

New Characters
Junior/Solid Junior/Old Man Junior/Junion (didnít transform because of Nintendo)
The Penguin Family (Hammer Bros. 1 and 2, Master P, Psy P, Fighter P. (mentioned but not seen), Baby P. the 1st and Baby P. the 2nd (both not mentioned or seen but part of family)

Main Villains
Bowser/Giga Bowser

Supporting Villains
Iggy, Morton, Ludiwg, Wendy, Larry, Roy, and Lemmy
The Koopa Bros.
Junior Troopa/Troopula
Tutankoopa and Chompy
Tubba Blubba and Heart
General Guy, Shy Guy Army, Shytron
Lave Piranha/Super Lave Pirahna
Huff ĎN Puff
Crystal King
Blooper, Electro Blooper, Super Blooper

Special Thanks to
Lemmy Koopa- For being patient and lenient with this and for posting this
Red Shy Guy- For some simple reminders
All the tourists who gave me feedback on this story whether positive or negative
AND YOU for being patient and finishing this story!

In memory of all the greatest tourists who have left Lemmyís Land,including but not limited to:
Blue Boo
Chef Torte
Karma A. Koopa
Dave Phaneuf

I hope you have enjoyed this installment of The Dark Prognosticus.

Tune in next time for Chapter 2:
Quest for the Cure
Time to explore the darkest part of Dark Land.

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