Bob-ombs Away!

By Fawful Koopa

Part 2: Hayzee Dayzee’s Crazee Secret

Last time on Bob-ombs Away, Bob, the first Bob-omb, was created. He met Boom, they defeated an epic rocker Shy Guy in a battle of the bands, and they were sent to save Plit. Bob also had an inverse of him created, named Omb, to hunt him down and kill him. Right now our heroes are stranded in the middle of nowhere on a dinghy, heading towards Flower Fields.

“Land ahoy!” shouted General Guy

“Good, we almost ran out of cookies. That would’ve been a fiasco,” answered Bob

“C’mon, steer the ship towards the shore! We’re gonna make it, we’re gonna make it!” shouted Boom.

An explosion was heard underwater. The boat was sent in a totally different direction

“What the-“ started General Guy.

A figure jumped out of the water. “I am Omb. Kamek has instructed me to bring back *dubbed over Kamek voice* Bob,” said the blackish figure. It charged towards Bob, but the dinghy tilted and he fell over the edge.

“Haha, that guy was a piece of cake,” laughed Bob.

Another explosion was heard, and Omb landed right on the deck.

“You were saying?” retorted General Guy

“My sensors indicate that the boat tilts in an iconic pattern similar to the waves. Adjusting balance modules,” whispered Omb to his wristwatch communicator. Omb tried to charge Bob again. This time he hit, and they both fell off the ship.

“Bob!” shouted Boom. “General Guy, do you have a spare Frog Suit?”

“Every good sailor’s kid does,” said General Guy as he tossed it to Boom.

Boom put it on and hopped in the water. He looked down. Bob and Omb were in a fight to the death. “Time to interfere,” he thought.

“Why are you attacking me?!” screamed Bob

“Well, Kamek told me that I should either annihilate you or kidnap you. Even if it annihilates myself, I am set on destroying you,” replied the bomb.

Boom swam over to them. “It’s two on one now, so it’s best for you to surrender,” taunted Boom

“Not if I take one of you out!” shouted Omb as he exploded and knocked Boom out. Bob saw his semi-dead friend and dragged him up to the surface, as Omb parachuted down.


“What… What happened?” asked a dreary Boom. He was lying on a fluffy floor.

“Well, Omb nearly killed you, but Bob here saved your life,” said an old-looking figure. The figure looked like a wise hermit

“Who’s he?” asked Boom.

“That’s Wise Wisterwood. He’s the local shaman around here,” answered General Guy. Wise Wisterwood suddenly backed up and turned into a tree.

“What just happened?” asked Boom

“Well, Old Wisterwood had a curse on him that turns him into a tree every once in a while,” answered Bob

“And what happened to that ‘Omb’ guy?” asked Boom

“We don’t know,” replied the sentient tree.


Omb parachuted down, talking to Kamek via wrist.

“I think I killed one of their men. Just two more to go,” informed Omb to his wrist.

“Good. Now remember, knock Bob unconscious and bring him to me. Do not kill him,” instructed Kamek.

“But I wanted to kill him!” whined Omb.

“Seems like your hypnosis magic is wearing off. Time to put an extra layer,” said Kamek as he waved his wand at Omb.

A strong wind blew the parachute off-course.

“Sir, we have a problem,” Omb told Kamek.


After some herbal tea from Wisterwood, Boom was up and running.

“So, Wisterwood, do you know about a Dayzee named Hayzee?” asked the Shy Guy general.

“Yes. She never seemed to age.”

“So, where is she now?”

“Well, she moved to Jazzafrazz Town to win in an acting competition.”

“Where’s that?” asked Bob

“It’s in the Waffle Kingdom.”

“How do we get there?”

“The only way to get inside the Waffle Kingdom is by an invitation from someone else inside there-”

“Drat. I guess Plit will be destroyed.”

“-or through this magic portal,” said Wisterwood, turning around to reveal a door on his backside.

With that, all our heroes jumped into the portal.


“Kamek, this tracking device is malfunctioning! It jumped them from one end of the map to the other end!”

“Well, I guess you’ll have to track them manually. Good luck with that.”


They all hopped out of a door to find themselves in a land filled with lush greenery. A green Dayzee walked up to them.

“Hello, my name is Hayzee. I’m the best actor in Jazzafrazz Town. Enjoy your stay!” said the Dayzee.

“Well, we think you’re part of a flower-god thing. Do you have a birthmark shaped like a celestial object?”

“Yes, in fact, I do!” The Dayzee was about to show it when General Guy stopped her.

“No! Don’t show it! It will probably do something crazy!” he shouted.

An image of Epic Guy teleported to them. “I see you have found Hayzee. Now I think I’ve found the other one. His name is Bub-ulber. He likes spicy hot dogs. SO… EVIL!” The Epic hologram faded away

“Do you know where this Bub-ulber lives?” asked Bob

“Yeah. I heard about him in Petalburg when I was on tour.”

“TO PETALBURG!” cheered General Guy


Omb had been blown over to Rogueport by the strong wind currents on his parachute. He was chatting with Kamek again.

“Sir, my readings are back up!”

“Yes, I rebooted your sensors and now they’re fine. The subjects are heading towards you. Prepare for interception.”


Flint was a Terrapin who actually could swim. He was following that bomb guy so Bowser would give him a raise. So far he had tracked him down to Rogueport, and was swimming there as fast as he could.

“Okay, a few more seconds, a bottle of holy water, and I can douse his fuse and carry him off,” thought Flint to himself. He started swimming as fast as he could, but he was running out of air. He thought for a second, and a bubble appeared around him, holding enough air to make it to shore. “Time to take on that hot head,” he said to himself as he jumped out of the water and raced towards Omb.

“Well, I’m detecting hostile readings from a specific individual,” muttered Omb “Should I ignore him or engage in conflict?”

“FIGHT! He’s obviously one of them!” answered Kamek. Omb charged towards Flint as he lit his fuse.

“Let’s see you blow up now!” shouted Flint as he poured holy water on the bomb’s fuse. The fuse withered away.

“Oh, it’s on!” shouted Omb as the two engaged in a fistfight.

Boom, Bob, General Guy, and Hayzee walked by. “What’s going on?” queried Boom

“Whatever it is, it’s best to stay away,” answered General Guy. The Foursome headed on towards the pipe.

“Omb, the signals are moving away! Apparently this offender was not one of them!” shouted Kamek

“I don’t care! This guy doused my fuse! I’m going to kill him!” answered an angry Omb

“That’s it, this time I’m going to hypnotize you with my strongest blow!” started Kamek.

Omb ripped off the communicator and pointed it at Flint

“Master, I will follow your every command,” said an entranced Flint.

“You will restore my fuse and help me kill off Bob the Bomb. Oh, and hit yourself on the head a few times, screaming “Loser, Loser, Loser!” said Omb, glad for this achievement.


“We made it!” shouted an eerily grinning Hayzee. “Now to find Bub-ulber.”

Bub-ulber, a Bub-ulb, walked by

“Get him!” shouted Boom. They grabbed Bub-ulber. “Now to show your birthmarks and fuse.”

Hayzee showed off a moon, and Boom forced Bub-ulber to show off a sun-shaped one. Two spirits flew out of them and collided. A Bub-ulb with a Dayzee instead of a flower on its head appeared.

“FOOLS! I WASN’T THE GOOD SIDE OF A SPIRIT, I WAS THE BAD SIDE! I AM GRAVEE, A GREAT GRAVY DEMON WHO POSSESED THIS PERSON YOU CALL HAYZEE!” shouted the Dayzee on top, which appeared to be mind-controlling the giant Bub-ulb

“What the…“ said pretty much everyone on Plit.


“I say you choose kicking,” said a voice.

“Kicking what?”

“Kicking your butt!” Epic Guy jumped out and aimed a kick at Gravee’s butt. It landed.


A bunch of Dayzees swarmed in and built a kitchen. In a matter of seconds, the whole thing was set up.

“What the?” asked Bob


“What food?” asked General Guy.

A bunch of food appeared in front of them. “BEGIN!!!” shouted Gravee.

“What should we use?” asked General Guy

“Cookies! They’re appetizing!” answered Boom.

“Okay, so we should toss in what we think would make cookies taste good,” instructed Bob. General Guy put in a heap of sugar, Boom put in a gravy boat, and Bob put in a watermelon. They shoved it into the oven.


“What?!” asked Bob

“YOU HEARD ME! FIGHT!” answered Gravee.

A giant hulking gravy menace hopped out of Gravee’s oven. A small platter of cookies hopped out of our heroes’ oven. “RAWR!” roared the gravy demon

“Meep,” mumbled the cookies. Gravy demon ate the cookies and Bob with one gulp. Bob then realized something. He could blow up and destroy it instantly, and not kill himself! Bob tried to do this, to no avail. He saw something in the stomach with him.


“No, I’m Ulb-berber. I am the good side of the spirit, yes. If only we could get out of here we could reopen Bub-ulber’s mind and make him think for himself, so he can throw Gravee off and revert to normal.”

“How?” asked Bob

“I don’t know.”


Flint and Omb were racing towards Petalburg to kill Bob.

“LOSER, LOSER, LOSER!” screamed Flint as he hit himself on the head. Omb grinned

“Okay, now we’re almost there, so you can stop hitting yourself.”

“LOSER, LOSER, LOSER!” screamed Flint

“STOP!” screamed Omb so hard that he broke the trance.

“What… Wuzzis… YOU!” screamed Flint, noticing Omb again.

“Look, we’re both looking to do the same thing: kidnap the bomb thing. How about we team up?”

“But you are the bomb thing!”

“I’m his evil counterpart. I’m with you. Anyways, he’s right over in Petalburg,” answered the Bad Bomb, but Flint had already raced there.


“What the-” started Flint as he looked at the hulking gravy demon

“Who are you?” asked Boom

“I’m Flint. I’m looking for a bomb.”

“Well, this gravy monster ate it. If you need to talk to him, make him regurgitate,” answered General Guy.

“Okay,” answered Flint as he jumped and kicked it in the stomach


“I’m kicking its butt, that’s what!” answered Flint.

“Butt kicking! I’ll join!” shouted Epic Guy as he joined Flint in the pummeling of the gravy demon. It just swatted them and ate them too.

“I guess I’ll do what I never thought I’d do…” said Boom, as he ate the whole thing in one gulp, and spat out everyone devoured. “Ohh… I think I’m going to be sick…”

“NOW!” shouted Bob as he threw Ulb-berber into Bub-ulber’s mouth. Bub-ulber’s eyes opened

“Hey, why is this Dayzee on top of me? Oh well, time to get it off,” said Bub-ulber as he swatted Gravee off, and to her doom. Bub-ulber shrunk back to his original size, and Ulb-berber popped out of his mouth

“DAD is happy that you are defeating all these evil spirits and rescuing the good ones, like me, so he’s telling me that there’s a really weak one in Goomba Village,” said the Bub-ulb.

“So, we go to Goomba Village and beat the crud out of all the Goombas and hope one is evil?”

“Pretty much.”

“Hey, where’s Flint?!”

Flint was running off, holding onto Bob, who had a doused fuse.

To Be Continued...

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