Iggy vs. the Ghosts 2: King Boo's Revenge

By Goomba

One day Iggy is sitting in his room 3 months after slaughtering King Boo, and thinking about that very quest.
Iggy: I wonder what became of that King Boo and his comrades.
Little does Iggy know he is just about to find out.
At Luigi's Former Mansion (a.k.a. King Boo's Mansion), King Boo is hatching an evil scheme to get rid of Iggy once and for all.
King Boo: Okay my comrades, I know we've been throwing out scheme after scheme to destroy that bratty Iggy Koopa, but none of them were good enough to actually use. Now we've finally found one that works! And I know Iggy will die when we put this plan into action! *insert that weird King Boo laugh here*
King Boo's Minions: YEAH!!! WOOHOO!!!
But unknown to King Boo, Spooky Speedster is in there without his helmet on. And in case you were too lazy to read the first part of this series, you should know that Spooky Speedster was one of Iggy's partners.
Spooky Speedster: I was expecting King Boo to make a comeback. But I didn't know it would be this hostile.
Spooky Speedster pulls out a walkie talkie and speaks into it.
Spooky Speedster: Agent Party-hat-wearing Duplighost, King Boo has hatched a scheme to destroy our old friend Iggy. I repeat, King Boo has hatched a scheme to destroy Iggy.
Doopliss' voice comes from the walkie talkie.
Doopliss: Stop calling me that! But, that does sound like bad news. Agent Party-hat-wearing Duplighost out.
Doopliss hangs up the walkie talkie.
Spooky Speedster: Wait! I just wanted to tell you that my Bratz doll I ordered two years ago finally came!
The scene switches to Doopliss sitting in his room and talking on his phone.
Doopliss: Hello? Who is this?
Mario's voice comes from the phone.
Mario: It's-a me, Mario! And this is?
Doopliss: Doopliss.
Mario: ??? Do you mean the same Doopliss I beat up on my quest for the Crystal Stars?
Doopliss: Yep.
Doopliss: I have to tell Luigi something.
Mario: Hold on a sec. (quieter) Luigi! The phone's for you! It's Doopliss.
Luigi answers the phone.
Luigi: Yeah?
Doopliss: Agent Speedy Boo told me that King Boo has hatched a plot to destroy our old friend Iggy.
Luigi: What?! We have to go to Castle Koopa and tell Iggy that!
Doopliss: I know!
Luigi hangs up.
Doopliss: (muttering) He could've at least said goodbye.
Doopliss picks up his walkie talkie and tells Spooky Speedster that they have to go to Castle Koopa to tell Iggy about King Boo’s scheme.
The scene fades out to all 4 of the heroes (Iggy, Luigi, Doopliss, and Spooky Speedster) standing in Iggy's room.
Spooky Speedster: ...And that's how he wants to get back at us!
Iggy: O_O  Wow. I never thought mutation was possible!
Spooky Speedster: Well, I guess it is.
Iggy: Well, I think we'd best get prepared.
They do so. It takes them until exactly midnight.
Iggy: Prepare yourselves...
Suddenly Lemmy walks in with messy hair and his eyes partly closed, and he doesn't say a word, all he does is drop his laptop on the ground, climbs up the ladder to the top bunk, and almost instantly falls asleep.
Iggy: I wonder why that just happened. In fact that was so random, it almost gave me the idea that Lemmy's somehow going to be useful in the story.
Goomba suddenly walks in.
Goomba: Why did you have to give it away?!
Goomba leaves.
Iggy: ... Well I guess Lemmy is going to be useful in the story.
Meanwhile at King Boo's mansion...
King Boo: Bring it in, boys!
2 Bomb Boos come in pushing a huge tank o' blue slime on wheels.
King Boo: Dump it!
The Bomb Boos dump the blue slime on King Boo and he begins to change. He grows huge, grows long fangs, his crown gets bigger and more intimidating, 2 long, white horns sprout out of his head, and his stubby little hands can now shoot black flames.
King Boo: Minions! Come forth!
All of King Boo's minions rush into the room.
King Boo: You will now address me as, The Boo of Legend!
Dark Atomic Boo: The Boo of Legend? Lame-o!
King Boo: ... Well, it's the best I could come up with. Fine! Just call me plain old King Boo!
Dark Atomic Boo: Okay. Is that all you called us in here for?
King Boo: No! I wanted to tell all of you that we're going to attack that Koopa Kid now!
Dark Atomic Boo: Woohoo!!!
King Boo: Let's go! CHAAAAAAAAARGE!!!
The ghosts all charge out the door of King Boo's mansion and head for Castle Koopa.
Back with Iggy...
Iggy looks out the window and sees the ghost clan running toward the castle from the distance.
Iggy: We're probably going to need more helpers.
Iggy's eyes dart around his room, looking for someone other than Spooky Speedster, Doopliss, or Luigi. Then he sees Lemmy.
Iggy: So, that's how he's going to be useful.
Iggy wakes up Lemmy.
Lemmy: Hey! I was having a bad dream that ghosts were about to attack this very castle! And I like to be scared!
Iggy: Your dream's about to come true.
Lemmy: What?
Lemmy looks out the window and sees the ghost clan charging toward the castle.
Lemmy: O_O
Iggy: So we need you to help us fight them off.
Lemmy: Fine with me.
Lemmy joins the party.
Iggy: Oh! I remembered something.
Iggy reaches into his drawer.
Iggy: Mace, no. Goomba doll, no- HERE IT IS!!!
Iggy pulls out a ray gun with a piece of gum stuck on it.
Iggy: The Ghostbuster 2000, the best weapon ever to fight off ghosts.
Doopliss: Oh, yeah. I remember that thing.
Spooky Speedster: J-just don't z-z-zap m-me with th-that!
Iggy: -_- Did I do that when we were in the last story?
Spooky Speedster: Maaaaaaybe. No.
Iggy: So what makes you think I'd do it now?
Spooky Speedster: I dunno.
Lemmy: Uuuuuhhhh... Guys? They're using a battering ram to break into the castle.
Luigi: WHAT?!
Iggy: Then, we'd better stop laying around and start fighting them away!
Doopliss: ... Too late, they've already broken in and are taking every living soul in this castle to the dungeon because they don't want them messing up their plans.
Iggy: You were right for once, Spooky Speedster. King Boo did mutate.
Spooky Speedster: Have I ever not been right?
Iggy: Yeah, lots of times actually.
Spooky Speedster: Let's just go.
Our 5 heroes travel through the castle but strangely they don't find any ghosts until they go into Larry's room...
Lemmy: It's Bouldergeist and his Bomb Boos! I should know because I just finished beating him in Super Mario Galaxy!
Boss: Bouldergeist
Iggy: Great, so how do you beat him?
Lemmy: Uuuuuuhhhh... You grab the Bomb Boos and throw them into him three times, which breaks his barrier, and then you attack him!
Iggy: Okay.
Iggy grabs a Bomb Boo.
Bomb Boo: Hey! Put me down!
Iggy chucks the Bomb Boo into Bouldergeist.
Bouldergeist: Ouch!
Bouldergeist slams Doopliss down on the ground.
Doopliss: Why do I always have to be the one who always gets hurt?
Spooky Speedster: Hey, quit your whining, I was the one who always got hurt three months ago, and am I whining? NO!!!
Doopliss: ... Shut up.
Spooky Speedster grabs a Bomb Boo and hurls it at Bouldergeist.
Bouldergeist: Aaaaagghhh!!! Stop doing that!
Bouldergeist slams Luigi down.
Luigi: He was the one who did it!
Lemmy grabs a Bomb Boo and throws it at Bouldergeist, which blows it apart.
Bouldergeist: Noooooooo!!!
Iggy punches Bouldergeist's real form... yeah, like that did anything.
Iggy: I think I damaged him!
Lemmy: And I think you didn't.
Lemmy pulls out his Freeze Gun and freezes Bouldergeist.
Lemmy: That did something.
Lemmy grabs the ice sculpture of Bouldergeist and throws it out the window. (They're on the 8th floor.)
Iggy: I think he's gone.
Luigi (who got up off the floor): Let's keep moving.
Iggy and party walk through the halls destroying all the ghosts they came across with the Ghostbuster 2000, which has gum stuck on it. Doopliss hears two voices arguing over what to do with Iggy after they kill him.
Doopliss: Guys? I think we might want to go in there.
Iggy: That's Ludwig's room.
Iggy and party barge into the room to find Atomic Boo and Dark Atomic Boo floating there waiting for them.
Iggy: Dark Atomic Boo?! I thought we beat you three months ago!
Dark Atomic Boo: Well, I'm back!
Atomic Boo: And me!
Boss: Atomic Boo and Dark Atomic Boo
Luigi takes out a hammer and whacks Atomic Boo with it.
Atomic Boo: OW!!!
Atomic Boo falls on Luigi, making him faint.
Dark Atomic Boo: Scary Face!
Dark Atomic Boo makes an extremely frightening face at Spooky Speedster, immobilizing him.
Doopliss: Duplicate!
Doopliss transforms into Luigi.
Doopliss: Heh heh heh.
Doopliss jumps on Atomic Boo 40 times, which makes him run away.
Doopliss: I can't believe that worked!
Iggy: I still have the thing I beat you with last time!
Dark Atomic Boo: Oh @#$%!!!
Iggy takes out the Ghostbuster 2000 and zaps Dark Atomic Boo.
Doopliss: We win!
Doopliss turns back to his normal self.
Luigi: Top o' the morning!
Iggy: We have to keep our minds on saving the castle.
Iggy and party walk out of the room and King Boo pops out of nowhere!
King Boo: I'm warning you, Iggy! If you and your idiotic friends keep moving through the castle I swear you'll never see daylight again!
King Boo disappears.
Iggy: (yelling) King Boo, if you can hear me, I'll never give up, ever!
Voice: *insert that weird King Boo laugh here*
Iggy: I'm serious!
Lemmy: Let's keep moving. We'll deal with him later.
Iggy: I hate him so much!
Lemmy: We all hate him.
Iggy: *gasp* Luigi, look out!
It was too late. 8 Broozers just beat Luigi up.
Broozer #1: Now it's your turn.
Iggy zaps him.
Broozers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8: EEEEEEEEEEEK!!!
The Broozers run away. Lemmy freezes Luigi, then unfreezes him. This wakes him up.
Luigi: COLD!!! What did you do that for?!
Lemmy: To wake you up.
Luigi: Oh.
Iggy and party just walk through the castle zapping a bunch of Boos.
Doopliss: Might I suggest going in there?
Doopliss points to Wendy's room.
Iggy: That may not be a bad idea...
They go in only to find Hector the Reflector from Yoshi's Island.
Boss: Hector the Reflector
Hector: King Boo told me to kill you, so I will!
Iggy: Oh yeah?! Take this!
Iggy tries to zap Hector, but he dodges it.
Hector: Haha!
Spooky Speedster jumps up and punches Hector in the eye.
Hector: Ow!
Hector and Spooky Speedster get into a huge dog fight but in the end Spooky Speedster wins.
Hector: Ouch.
Iggy and Party leave him lying on the floor.
Iggy: I have this strange feeling that King Boo's watching us....
Luigi: What gives you that idea?
Iggy: The fact that he's the main villain.
Luigi: Oh,
Iggy and party walk away from Wendy's room and toward Morton's room.
Lemmy: Why are we going this way, again?
Iggy: Because we might as well get all the bosses out of the way so we can fight King Boo.
Lemmy: Okay.
Iggy and Party go into Morton's room and find Inviso from Yoshi's Story.
Inviso: Oooo hoo hoo, who are you? Tee hee hee, can't find me!
Boss: Inviso
Iggy: Does this guy always talk in rhymes?
Luigi: Yeah.
Iggy: Oh.
Inviso goes invisible.
Luigi: Oh, this is just wonderful.
Inviso: Hyah!
Luigi: Ow!
Luigi swings his arms wildly.
Inviso: Owie zowie!
Inviso becomes visible again.
Iggy: NOW!!! GET HIM!!!
All of our heroes jump up and attack Inviso wildly for 15 minutes! After that Inviso has a concussion.
Inviso: X_X
Iggy: Huff, hoo…
Doopliss: That was entertaining!
Iggy: Now to King Boo!
Iggy and his comrades go to the secret altar, where they find King Boo waiting for them.
King Boo: I've been waiting for you.
Iggy: The narrator just said that.
King Boo: I DON'T CARE!!!
King Boo shoots black flames at all of Iggy's friends, knocking them out.
King Boo: Now, our grudge will be settled at last...
(Yes, I got that line from King Dedede in Kirby: Super Star Ultra.)
King Boo transports Iggy and himself to the all-too-familiar battlefield.
Final Boss: King Boo
Iggy: Bring it on!
King Boo: Just you try!
Iggy runs toward King Boo and takes out his Hookshot and shoots King Boo.
King Boo bites Iggy with his fangs.
Iggy: Owie!
Iggy jumps on King Boo's head but unfortunately his crown hurts Iggy's feet.
Iggy: Ow!
King Boo shoots black fire at Iggy but Iggy reflects it back at him.
King Boo: OWCHIES!!!
Iggy: Haha! So that's how I damage you!
King Boo: You'll never win!
King Boo immobilizes Iggy by using Scary Face on him.
King Boo: Now's my chance!
King Boo throws his crown at Iggy, doing lots of damage.
Several hours later...
King Boo: Black fire! Black fire! Black fire! *insert weird King Boo laugh here*
Iggy finally comes out of being immobilized and he's glowing red.
King Boo: That's… not a good sign.
Iggy grows gigantic and his eyes turn pure white.
Iggy: I'll kill you!
Iggy punches, kicks, grabs a crowbar and hits him with that too, and ground pounds him.
Iggy: Wow! How come I never use that on Roy?!
Iggy's spurt of energy ends and he turns back to normal. And it seems King Boo is back to normal too and he is on the ground unconscious.
Iggy: WOW!!! I actually won! And without any help from my friends!
Iggy and King Boo are teleported back to the secret altar and his friends have regained consciousness again.
Doopliss: We saw the whole thing from here. You were great out there!
Lemmy: How did you do that?!
Iggy: You mean turning all giga like that? I have no clue. It may have been the energy I got three months ago, but it's probably one of the mysteries we'll never know...
Lemmy: Oh, okay.
Luigi: That was AWESOME!!!
Spooky Speedster: When you turned big you were almost as fast as me....
Iggy: Oh, well let's just forget about that.
Doopliss boots King Boo's unconscious body back to his mansion.
Iggy: Let's go down to the dungeon and save my family and our minions.
They do so.
Roy: Punching Bag, you saved us all twice! I probably shouldn't beat you up anymore.
Bowser: Well, I can't believe King Boo attempted to takeover the castle!
Iggy: But he did and I saved you all again.
Random Koopa: I think Iggy deserves to get more respect...
Bob-omb: Hear hear!
Iggy: Well, I don't really care if I get more respect at all.
Bowser: I think we should probably expect more attacks from King Boo...

THE END (maybe)

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