Mario's Past Adventures Come Back

By andrei

Chapter 4
World 4
Luigi: I think I'm going to be sick soon.
Mario: Me-a too, Luigi!
Our heroes arrive at the next world, which is World 4.
Goombella: Where are we now?
FLUDD: It appears to be Teehee Valley.
Doopliss: Ok, where do we go now?
Mario and Co. fight some more enemies of Teehee Valley until they see who has the Crystal Star.
Popple: Red and Green?! Not you two again. I have this funny-looking star, see? There is nothing you and your loser friends can do about it, see! You understand?
Doopliss: Wait a minute, wait a minute, did you just call me a LOSER?
Popple: And what if I did?
Doopliss: Then prepare to face the pain, SLICK!
The battle begins.
Doopliss: Body Steal!
Doopliss takes the body of Culex.
Somewhere in a different dimension....
Culex: Hey, why am I a shadow? Oh well, I can change myself back.
Back in the battle...
Popple: Thief!
Popple steals a 1-Up Mushroom from Doopliss.
Doopliss: HEY! SHREDDER!
That does 10 damage.
Popple: OUCH! Weapon Steal.
Popple steals Doopliss' Earth Crystal and uses it back on him. That does 8 damage. Finally, Doopliss gets annoyed.
Doopliss: Grrr... SHREDDER!
That does 10 damage.
Fire Crystal: Flame Wall!
That does 12 damage.
Earth Crystal: Blast.
That does 8 damge.
Water Crystal: Aurora Beam!
That does 13 damage. Popple then gets defeated, because Culex is one of the toughest Mario bosses.
Popple then runs away.
Luigi: Looks like he dropped the Crystal Star. Let's take it. Here you go, Mario.
Mario: Thank-a you, Luigi. Yoshi, can I-a ride on-a your back?
Yoshi: Yoshi. (... I guess so.)
Mario and friends try to find the portal for HOURS until they meet their old rival, Fawful.
Fawful: Well, well, well, it's you, the fink-rats! Give me that glittering star now. Or face my wrath.
Yoshi: Yoshi, Yoshi, Yoshi. (Let me take care of this guy, guys. Find the portal and go in it. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.)
Goombella: If you say so, Yoshi. Come on, let's find that portal!
Fawful: You made a bad mistake doing this. I HAVE FURY!
The battle begins.
Yoshi: Yoshi! (Gulp!)
That does 4 damage.
Fawful: Oww, that hurt, you fink-rat. Spark attack!
That does 6 damage. And so the battle continues until there is only one winnerů
FLUDD: I wonder how Yoshi is doing. Is he ok?
Goombella: Don't worry, FLUDD, I'm sure he's fine.
Out of nowhere, Yoshi appears.
Yoshi: YOSHI, YOSHI, YOSHI, YOSHI! (Hey guys! I- I did it, I beat Fawful. That match was great.)
Luigi: Good job, Yoshi! I'm proud of you. Now, let's find that portal.
Several minutes later...
Mario: We-a found the-a portal, let's-a go through it.
They go in the portal.
Doopliss: You know, it's not that scary anymore.

To Be Continued...

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