The Power Switch-a-Roo

By Lemmy Koopa

One morning, Lemmy was in his room, reading a book about physics. Suddenly, a very angry Wendy marched into the room. Screaming, she said, "If we don't take over the Mushroom World right now, I'm going to have my biggest, deafening tantrum!" And with that, she went over, shoved Lemmy, who had gotten up, and stomped out of the room.

Lemmy almost lost his balance, but being the master-ball-stander-oner that he was, he managed to stay upright. ‘Hmm,’ he thought, ‘Wendy can sure scream pretty loud. I'd better see what I can do as far as taking over the Mushroom World.’

Then, Lemmy went down to breakfast. Leading into the Koopa-kitchen was a hard to open door. Ludwig, who was always trying to annoy Lemmy, was pushing the door open. As soon as he got through, he threw a plate of piping hot pancakes at Lemmy. Lemmy ducked and the plate flew into the face of Roy, starting a great big fight.

But it wasn't the fight, or the pancakes, or the plate that Lemmy was thinking about. He was thinking about the stuck door. A little more stuck and the door wouldn't open at all. ‘What makes doors unable to be opened?’ wondered Lemmy. Then it occurred to him: ICE. ‘And how can doors unable to be opened help?’ he continued. Suddenly, Lemmy exclaimed, "I could freeze all of the doors leading out of Mario and Luigi's house and take everything over!" And with that, Lemmy went upstairs to get something.

As soon as he got upstairs, Lemmy opened his closet, moved all his clothes, and opened a secret drawer that was hiding in the back of his closet. In the drawer was a freeze gun that he had once made. He used it to freeze and unfreeze things at will. It never failed, and was Lemmy's most prized possession. He used it whenever he was trying to take over the Mushroom World, or when he was especially mad at Ludwig.

After taking the freeze gun out of the drawer, Lemmy rolled to his doomship. On the way, Bowser stepped into his path and asked what Lemmy was doing. Not wanting to waste time, Lemmy froze him and went on. Finally, he reached his doomship, climbed on, and flew away to Mario and Luigi's house.

Mario and Luigi lived in Sky Land because it was in the middle of Mushroom World, and because it was very pretty there. They were trying to figure out when the Koopas would strike next when Lemmy's doomship unnoticeably dropped down to the ground by Mario and Luigi's house. Quickly, Lemmy climbed off his doomship, froze all the doors leading out of the house, climbed back on to his doomship, and flew away.

Meanwhile, in Mario and Luigi's house, Mario and Luigi were writing down all the dates on which the Koopas had attacked. Luigi was beginning to think that there was no pattern, when he took one last look. Immediately, he saw a pattern. "Mario," he said, "the Koopas have attacked a every Friday the thirteenth for a five years!" "A lot of good that will a do us," said Mario. "What a day is today?" Friday the thirteenth!" gasped Luigi, looking at the calendar. "Uh oh," said Mario. "That means a that they are a going to attack today! Let’s a go and see if we can a stop them before they start."

But of course, when they tried to open the door, it wouldn't open. Mario and Luigi tried all the other doors and windows, and even their supposedly secret trap door, but none of them opened. They were trapped.

While all of this happened, Lemmy had been taking over Ice Land. He froze anybody who had ANY power of stopping him. Then he stole the entire inventory and money from the WHOLE country. (Okay, so Lemmy did that before). Lastly, Lemmy built a giant castle, sat down and waited.

Finally, after an hour's worth of work, Mario and Luigi busted open one of the doors. They figured that the crook must be Lemmy because he was the only one who could have frozen the door, and also because he is the author’s favorite Koopa, so they went to Ice Land. Sure enough, they found him, but they were VERY tired from busting the door open. Slowly, they began to fight Lemmy. Suddenly, one of Lemmy's ice rays hit a very tired Mario and froze him. A few minutes later, the same thing happened to Luigi. Lemmy laughed with delight and threw them in his dungeon. Then, with nothing to stop him, he quickly took over ALL of Mushroom World with the use of his freeze gun, magic wand, and other powers. Two and a half-hours later, Lemmy sat down in his newly made Giant Land castle. Lemmy was triumphant at last, and he knew it. As he drifted off to sleep, he said to himself, "I knew this would happen someday. I knew it!"

Soon after Lemmy had overtaken the Mushroom World, the other Koopa Kids found out and became both very excited and very angry. They went to Giant Land and demanded a land each. Lemmy gave Water Land to Wendy, because he knew she would scream if he didn't. He also gave Grass Land to Larry because Lemmy thought that he deserved it. But that was it, because he didn't think that the rest deserved it. When they asked why, Lemmy said, "Ask anybody else, and you'll get your answer."

From then on, a war raged. Koopa Kids fought other Koopa Kids for even the tiniest little land (Grass Land, so okay, Lemmy’s not so generous). After a week of fighting this is what it looked like: Lemmy- Ice Land, Sky Land, and Pipe Land; Morton- Water Land; Wendy- Desert Land; Larry- Giant Land; and Iggy- Grass Land. Roy and Ludwig never obtained any land for long, and at the time were holding nothing. Whenever a Koopa lost a battle, they were given a punishment, and every Koopa got at least one punishment. Also, except for Lemmy, nobody had the land that they wanted to have.

It was a great big mess. The worse part was that if any danger came along, they would be too tired from their own battles to bother with it. In the war, all the Koopas broke away from the Koopa Clan and formed their own gangs. Nobody helped one another, and didn't even talk, except for Morton, but he always talks.

Also in this mess were a few spies. Although Ludwig couldn't win any battles, he was a master spy. One day, he spied on Lemmy and learned his secret plans. That wouldn't have been so bad, except that Ludwig was kooky, like his nickname. His plan was to free the still trapped Mario and Luigi and get them to help him. "Then," he thought," I will have all of Mushroom World, instead of one measly land."

Having scouted out Lemmy's plans, Ludwig knew exactly where Lemmy was going: Grass Land. So Ludwig went to Grass Land and arrived just after Lemmy, perfect for a surprise attack. While Lemmy was getting ready to attack Iggy, Ludwig jumped out, completely startling Lemmy, and snatched his freeze gun. "Hey," said Lemmy, "That's mine!" "Not anymore, Rolley!" said Ludwig. And, with that, Ludwig shot the gun at Lemmy. It missed Lemmy, but it froze his ball, making it unusable until it was thawed out. Quickly, Lemmy got off his ball, and ran towards Ludwig, but, being unused to walking, he soon tripped and fell in some mud. Ludwig laughed and ran away.

Soon, Ludwig reached the dungeon where Lemmy was keeping Mario and Luigi. Ludwig went inside and opened the door to Mario and Luigi's cage. Mario and Luigi couldn't run out of the cage because they were still frozen, but they could see and think. As soon as Mario saw Ludwig open the door, he thought, ‘Ah, good, a Koopa Kid a with a freeze a gun. Maybe he will a unfreeze us.’ He shot a glance at Luigi that meant, "Get a ready to run." Luigi understood it, and as soon as Ludwig unfroze them, they ran out. Suddenly, Luigi jumped and kicked the freeze gun out of Ludwig's hands, leaving Ludwig with no good defense.

The freeze gun would have fallen to the floor and broken into a million pieces, but suddenly, Lemmy appeared on the scene. He dropped his ball, (he had been carrying it the whole way), which broke upon hitting the floor, jumped, and just barely caught his freeze gun. Then, Lemmy got up and shot his freeze gun at the Marios. Fortunately, Mario and Luigi were well rested from their week's rest, and soon Lemmy and Ludwig retreated. Lemmy ran to tell the other Koopa Kid's of the danger, and being that they were in no shape to fight the Marios, they all ran to their doomships and flew away. Mario and Luigi were triumphant at last, and they went home to a spaghetti feast.

At Castle Koopa, Bowser gave all the Koopa Kids a punishment (would someone like to tell me how he got unfrozen?), except Lemmy because he got a reward for beating Mario and Luigi in the first place and because the author does not want to see Lemmy get punished. Ludwig got an extra big punishment for freeing the Mario Brothers. The Koopa Kids all rejoined the Koopa Clan and will work together, but sometimes, a strange urge passes over someone, and then there is a punch, and a kick, and a fight and a ... well, that's a different story.

Oh, and by the way, Wendy had her loudest tantrum ever, as she said she would if they didn't win, and everyone became deaf, except Lemmy, because he knew before hand and was prepared with earmuffs. Ludwig's punishment was worsened, and they all called it a day and went to bed.

This story proves that the author of this story is an infected elf, even though that has nothing to do with the Koopas.

The End

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