Paper Mario Fusion

By Kody

Chapter 2 – A Conspiracy Masked

[Castle Bleck Inner Sanctum]


Kamek: Sorry, Count...

O'Chunks: Yeh gotta forgive me, Count! I've never felt less chunky in me life! Ooh the shame o' it all...

Count Bleck: Hrmph. Very well. You two stay here.

Voice: Mwee hee hee hee...

Count Bleck: What?! Who speaks?!

The Shadow Sirens appear below the platforms, rising through the floor. Kamek and O'Chunks cry out in surprise.

Count Bleck: Bah! Who are you to infiltrate my castle and confront me, Count Bleck?!

Beldam: Hee hee hee... Just call us your new minions.

O'Chunks: OY! Oo' are yeh to talk ter th' Count like that?!

Beldam: Silence! I'm talking to your Count, here, not you!

Count Bleck: “New” minions? What exactly are you, and what is your motive, you three?

Beldam: Hee hee... Well it's very simple. You sent a little girl down to our chamber... rather, our queen's chamber...

Count Bleck: WHAT?! What rubbish is this about a queen?! Preposterous!

Beldam: You dare speak of our queen like that?! I guess our services aren't required... Nor will our queen's power help you rule all worlds!

Count Bleck: All worlds are completely meaningless! None shall remain but the one I create, and I will create it alone! Begone! I have no need for you!

Beldam: So be it! But you'll regret this...

The Shadow Sirens disappear.

Kamek: What was that about, Count?

Count Bleck: I am not sure, but I assure you, they will not matter.


[Palace of Shadows – Shadow Queen's Tomb]

Mimi: This stinks! I have nothing to do!

The Shadow Sirens appear behind the tomb again.

Beldam: Grr... That didn't work... Mwee hee hee, too bad for him. We shall resort to Plan B, now.

Vivian: What's Plan B?

Beldam: I already told you, squirrel-brain!

Beldam gestures at Mimi and leers back at Marilyn and Vivian.

Vivian: Oh.

Marilyn: Guh!

Beldam: Quiet, Marilyn! I'll deal with this.

Beldam slips through the floor. Mimi turns around upon hearing this.

Mimi: NYAH! Who's there?!

Beldam appears in front of Mimi.

Beldam: Why, it is me, child. Hee hee hee...

Marilyn and Vivian, after a moment's hesitation, follow Beldam.

Mimi: Huh? Whose grandma are you?

Beldam: Grmph. I'll ignore that slight on my appearance. Let us introduce ourselves... We are...

Marliyn: The three...

Vivian: Shadow Beauties!

Mimi: The wha?

Beldam: Vivian! That's Shadow Sirens! SIRENS! How many times must I tell you?!

Vivian: But... but I wanted to make it sound nicer...

Beldam: Ooh, you've got some fierce punishment coming your way later...

Mimi: What do you purple freaks want with me? And golly, nice hats.

Vivian: I made them.

Beldam facepalms.

Marilyn: Guh...

Beldam: Urgh... Here's what we want with you... We just met with your dear old Count, didn't we...

Vivian: He looked kinda sad.

Mimi: What? Gee, what's he got to do with you?

Beldam: I'm getting to that! Well, you see, we offered our services to him–

Mimi: Oh I get it. You got rejected, and now you're crying to me to let you into our plan! You can't fool me! NYAH HA HA!

Beldam: No, you wretched little girl! We offered him the power of our queen! But he refused. And we know why.

Mimi: And why should I believe you three? I mean, golly, you're weirder than Dimentio, and that's saying something.

Beldam: Because you're currently in the resting place of our queen...

Mimi: Wh-wh-what?!

Beldam: Oh, didn't you notice this tomb here? That's where our queen lies.

Mimi: EWW! ... Wait... What's this about a queen?!

Beldam: Naturally, the one who wakens our queen gets untold power and can control this power unto the end of time... Just knowing our queen will reign supreme fills us with delight. But since he refuses to wake our queen...

Mimi: No! I won't go against the Count, you meanies!

Beldam: Even if I told you he was lying about his promise to you?

Mimi: WHAAAAT?! What do you mean?!

Beldam: Ah, hit the gold, I see... Yes, he promised that after he destroyed all worlds, he would make a new one in their place, just for his minions, didn't he? That's what he told us... Yet he also told us, before that, that all worlds are meaningless. Contradiction, I fear... My real guess is that he wants everything destroyed... forever. Well we can't let that happen, you see.

Mimi changes to her spider form and runs straight at the Shadow Sirens.


Beldam: It doesn't matter! Our words... rather, my words, have pierced you! Think them over carefully! Marliyn! Vivian! Let's get out of here!

Vivian: Yes, Sis!

Marilyn: Guh huh!

The Shadow Sirens vanish as Mimi lets loose a flurry of rupees that just miss Marilyn's hat. Afterward, Mimi changes back to her girl form, but is visibly shaken by Beldam's little speech.

Mimi: S-stupid freaks! They won't fool me... Count would never do that... never...


[Castle Bleck Outer Sanctum]


Kammy: *sigh...*

Koopatrol: Join Count Bleck. You will lov–

A second later the Koopatrol has been flattened by Bowser.

Koopatrol: Pain.

Bowser: GWA HA HA!!! Nothing can stop the Bowserizer!

He runs forward and trips on some stairs.

Bowser: Ooooargh... Almost nothing...

Kammy: What's that, my Lord?

Nastasia appears in front of them.

Bowser: WOAH! Blue-skinned assistant at 12 o'clock, haggy!

Nastasia: Uh yeah, you're the two who aren't really improving the situation in the castle, right? You'll have to stop that, k? The Count doesn't really like all this noise.

Bowser: Oh yeah? Well you tell this Count that the Bowserizer's coming to pummel his cackling face right back into his empty skull!

Kammy: If he has even that. Nyeh heh heh heh heh!

Nastasia: (clenching her fists) Grr! No one talks about the Count like that! NO ONE! You're going to obey him, NOW!

Nastasia lowers her glasses... just as something shoots out from the ground and grabs Bowser and Kammy, pulling them into the ground. Nastasia's hypnotism attack misses completely as she gawks.

Nastasia: What?! Where'd they go?! That's not in my schedule!!! ... Hmph. I suppose it doesn't matter. They have no use to us. Besides, they can't really do anything. Especially since all worlds are about to fall...

Nastasia walks away.


[Toad Town]

Mario: So how long were you Bleck's servant?

Dimentio: Not too long, actually. Quite a few years, but Nastasia, Mimi, and O'Chunks stayed in his service longer.

Mario: O'Chunks, the guy we just pulverized?

Dimentio: Yes. Not too bright, him.

Mario: I see.

Random Toad: Oh! Mario! The Toads down south have cleared the path for you! You can go on, now.

Mario: Oh sweet, thanks.

Dimentio: Should we not recover our health?

Mario: Ooh, good idea. Let's go to the Toad House.

When they enter, a Shy Guy is jumping around.

Toad: Help! He's ruining the sheets!

Shy Guy: This is fun!

Mario: Why can't you catch him yourself?

Toad: He's too fast!

Mario tries to catch the Shy Guy but the Shy Guy is too agile, jumping on Mario's head each time. Dimentio then blasts the Shy Guy into the wall, knocking it out cold.

Toad: Whew... Would you like to take a rest now?

Mario: Yes... Much appreciated...

1 rest later...

Dimentio: Hoorah! My health has returned!

Mario: Mine too, hooray for Toad Houses!

Toad: That'll be five coins.

Mario: ... I just saved your butt from this Shy Guy, you realize...

Toad: Fine. Four coins.

Mario: *sigh...*

Mario gives the Toad 4 coins.

Toad: Thanks!

Mario grimaces, then grabs the unconscious Shy Guy and walks out of the house towards the southern part of Toad Town.

Dimentio: Say, why have you got that mischievous fellow?

Mario: Live bait. You never know.

Dimentio: ... Right...

Mario: Hey, a cooking store!

Mario enters.

Zess T: Hello.

Mario: Hi... um... are you Tayce T. like it says on the sign outside?

Zess T: No, but I'm filling in for her. One of her regulars got a Mistake from her and got so angry he force-fed it to her. Food poisoning... disappointing. She'll be back from the hospital in a month. Have you got anything for me?

Mario: Huh? Why should we give you something?!

Zess T: So I can cook it, duh!

Mario: Oh! Uh...

Mario holds up a Mushroom.

Zess T: ... Of all the things, you give me a regular MUSHROOM?!

Mario: What's the problem?

Zess T: No problem. I'll make it for you right now.

Mario: ???

Zess T. goes to her stove with the Mushroom. A few minutes later...

Zess T: There you go.

Mario got a Fried Shroom! Heals 6HP and 2FP!

Mario: Looks tasty...

Dimentio: Don't eat it right now! We're at full strength!

Mario: But it'll get cold.

Dimentio: ...

Zess T: Well if that's all you needed, out with you!

Zess T. kicks them out of the house.

Mario: Sheesh... So which way is the Port?

Dimentio: ... There's another sign in front of the house.

Mario: Oh yeah.

Mario tries to read the sign, but he's too short to see the lettering.

Mario: Well THAT'S helpful. Yeah. Put the sign so high that I can't read it.

Dimentio reads the sign.

Dimentio: We go west.

Mario: Yeah, thanks. (muttering) Stupid signposts...

They run into another block on the way, but Mario smacks it with his Hammer and it shatters instantly. They reach the Port, and see a schooner labeled "S.S. Flavion" starting to sail away. Mario runs toward it.

Mario: Hey wait! WAIT!

It takes no notice of him and continues on its way.

Mario: Grrrrrr...

Dimentio: Hold it, there's an airplane panel up there.

Dimentio points to a gray panel on top of the crates.

Mario: You're telling me we should gatecrash onto the ship?

Dimentio: Do you honestly have a better idea?

Mario: Not really.

Mario makes his way up to the crates, onto the panel, and becomes an airplane. He flies after the ship, now gathering speed, and just makes to the tail of the ship.

Classy-But-Greedy-Looking Sailor: Ahoy! What d'you think you're doing on Flavio's ship?!

Mario: Gatecrashing it, what's it look like?

Flavio brandishes a cutlass at them.


Mario: Uhh... I don't wanna fight you–

Flavio: Then get off my ship! Flavio demands it!

Mario: But if I have to, I will!


Mario = 15/15HP
Dimentio = 15/15HP
Flavio = 20/20HP

Flavio charges at Mario with his cutlass, but Mario jumps to avoid it, and slams into Flavio's head with his feet. While Flavio is down, Dimentio blasts him with a Magic Burst. Flavio gets to his feet, but is impacted by Mario's feet again and goes down harder. This time, Dimentio himself gets enough time to cause great damage to Flavio, who's now lost over ¾ of his HP. He doesn't learn though, and another charge gives him another jump on the head by Mario. Dimentio then finishes him off. Mario gets 1,000 points!

Flavio: Owwwww... Flavio hates you all...

Mario: Yeah!

Flavio: I surrender! Do what you will with me, but don't hurt me beautiful ship! She is my everything!

Mario: Well we need your ship, you dingbat!

Flavio: What?! No! No no no no NO!

Mario: To get to Rogueport.

Flavio: Oh. But I don't ferry people across for free!

Dimentio: We could always bash your head in again...

Flavio: U-uh, never mind! Heh heh, trip's on Flavio!

Mario: All right!

The ship continues on its way... as a familiar eggy entity starts to swim after them.


Mario: Oh great, it's the toddler again. Just keep going.




The ship arrives, after some time, in Rogueport Harbour.

Mario: All right, we're here!

Flavio: Now off my ship!

Mario: Fine! We don't need it anymore.

Jr. Troopa, not looking where he's swimming, crashes into the hull of the ship, foundering it.


Flavio has a heart attack.

Mario: Err... Do you think he'll be all right?

Dimentio: Of course.

Mario: Errrrrr... Okay. I take your word for it– Huh?

Jr. Troopa jumps out of the water.

Mario: What the?! You followed us all the way from Toad Town to here?!

Jr. Troopa: *gasp... gasp... wheeze...* Yeah I did... *gasp... gasp...* And now you're gonna get it... *wheeze... wheeze...* Prepare to... *pant...*

Jr. Troopa charges at Mario, but Mario throws the unconscious Shy Guy at him, and Jr. Troopa collapses.

Mario: Uhhhh... Sure. Whatever you say.

Dimentio: So that's why you kept that Shy Guy...

Mario: Yep. Now let's find that Thousand-Year Door and stop this madness!

Dimentio: Madness? THIS! IS! ROGUEP-

Mario smacks Dimentio.

Dimentio: Ow!

Mario: No unnecessary gags! They always turn against me in some way!

Dimentio: Okay, okay.

Voice: Get away from m,e you losers!

A girl Goomba, Goombella, is running from some X-Nauts. Lord Crump is among them.

Lord Crump: Buh huh huh, don't play stupid, we know you have that map.

Goombella: What map? I seriously don't know what you're talking about!

Lord Crump: Fine, don't wanna talk? I guess you don't mind an untimely demise then, either. Take her, guys! Buh huh huh!

X-Naut 1: Yes sir, dude!

Goombella: NO! Get away! I'll scream! Really!

Lord Crump: Scream all you want.

Lord Crump then sees Mario and Dimentio.

Lord Crump: YOU!

Mario: Hey, what are you doing to that Goomba, you retard?

Lord Crump: ... RETARD?! Why you... Prepare to get Crump-a-bombed!!! X-NAUTS!!! LET'S GET HIM!!! CHAAAAARGE!!!

Lord Crump and the X-Nauts charge at Mario.

Mario: Whaaaaa!

[RPG battle!]

Mario = 15/15HP
Dimentio = 15/15HP
Lord Crump = 10/10HP
X-Naut = 4/4HP
X-Naut = 4/4HP
X-Naut = 4/4HP

Mario Jumps on an X-Naut. 4 damage to the X-Naut. The X-Naut faints. Mario earns 300 points! Dimentio hits Lord Crump with a Magical Blast. 2 damage to Lord Crump.

Lord Crump: Grr... Oh yeah? X-NAUT!!!

Lord Crump summons another X-Naut. One X-Naut bodyslams Mario. Mario guards against it. 1 damage to Mario. Another X-Naut bodyslams Dimentio. Dimentio guards against it. 1 damage to Dimentio.

Mario: Wha– That's unfair!

Lord Crump: That's my style.

Dimentio: Right. I think we should attack Lord Crump to stop him from summoning any more X-Nauts.

Mario: Good idea.

Mario = 14/15HP
Dimentio = 14/15HP
Lord Crump = 8/10HP
X-Naut = 4/4HP
X-Naut = 4/4HP
X-Naut = 4/4HP

Mario Jumps on Lord Crump. 4 damage to Lord Crump. Dimentio hits Lord Crump with a Magical Blast. 2 damage to Lord Crump.

Lord Crump: BUH... Getting... woozy... GRR!!!

Lord Crump bodyslams Mario. 3 damage to Mario. An X-Naut bodyslams Mario. Mario superguards against it. 1 damage to the X-Naut. Another X-Naut bodyslams Mario. 2 damage to Mario. The third X-Naut bodyslams Mario. Mario guards against it. 1 damage to Mario.

Mario: What other ability do you have, Dimentio? I never really checked.

Dimentio: Let's see. Switch and you'll find out.

Mario = 8/15HP
Dimentio = 14/15HP
Lord Crump = 2/10HP
X-Naut = 3/4HP
X-Naut = 4/4HP
X-Naut = 4/4HP

Mario switches with Dimentio so Dimentio is in front. Dimentio fires multiple Magical Blasts from his finger, using up 4 FP. 2 damage to Lord Crump and all the X-Nauts. Lord Crump faints. Mario earns 1,500 points! Mario Jumps on an X-Naut. 2 damage to the X-Naut. The X-Naut faints. Mario earns 300 points!

Lord Crump: Gruh...

X-Naut 1: Dude! We're losing!

X-Naut 2: Dude! I know!

X-Naut 1: Dude!

X-Naut 2: Dude!

X-Naut 1: Dude!

X-Naut 2: Dude!

X-Naut 1: Dude!

X-Naut 2: Dude!

X-Naut 1: Dude, where's my car?

Mario: ... Not funny.

X-Naut 2: Dude, shut up.

An X-Naut bodyslams Mario. 2 damage to Mario. Another X-Naut bodyslams Dimentio. Dimentio superguards against it. 1 damage to the X-Naut. The X-Naut faints. Mario earns 300 points!

X-Naut 2: Gulp.

Mario = 6/15HP
Dimentio = 14/15HP
X-Naut = 2/4HP

Mario Jumps on the X-Naut. 2 damage to the X-Naut. The X-Naut faints. Mario earns 300 points!

[end battle!]

Lord Crump: Oooogh... You're pretty tough. But... you know what that means...

Mario: No, I don't.

Lord Crump: IT'S GO TIME!!!

Hundreds of X-Nauts surround Mario, Dimentio, and Goombella.

Mario: Uhh...

Dimentio: ...

Goombella: This isn't good...

Lord Crump: PUNISH THEM!!!

The X-Nauts all leap at Mario.

[SPM battle!]

Mario jumps on all the X-Nauts, and somehow manages to Jump on every single one. Too bad they only give out 10 points each. In total there are 250 X-Nauts; Mario manages to make 10 combos from 15 X-Nauts each. Mario earns 13,000 points! Mario levels up! His FP increases by 5!

Lord Crump: Uh... crud! How the... buh... X-NAUTS! RETREAT! For now...

Lord Crump and the X-Nauts scatter.

Mario: Well... that was thrilling.

Goombella: Um... Thanks for saving me!

Mario: Eh, no problem. I didn't like that guy anyway.

Goombella: What's your name?

Dimentio: He is Mario, and I am... master of–

Mario: Yeah, I'm-a Mario, and that's Dimentio.

Dimentio: Prevent me from introducing myself, will you...

Mario: You just did the same to me.

Dimentio: Touché.

Goombella: You're Mario?! You mean that famous guy?! Woah. I'd never imagine meeting someone like you in a place like this.

Mario: It's a long story and I don't have time.

Goombella: But why? Where are you headed?

Dimentio: I think we should inform her of our quest, wouldn't you say?

Mario: Uh, no! Why?

Dimentio: You'll need all the help you can get, and she may have some information that can do just that: help.

Mario: Oh all right. (to Goombella) We're going to find the Thousand-Year Door under this town.

Goombella: Wait, WOAH! You're also looking for it?!

Mario: Huh? I thought we were the only ones trying to find the Door.

Dimentio: Seems we were mistaken.

Goombella: No way! This is kinda cool, you know... Let's go find Professor Frankly!

Mario: Who?

Goombella: My university professor. He's been trying to get at that Door for ages, but has never found it. He got a memo recently from the Mushroom Kingdom about a legendary treasure map.

Mario: Map?! Oh yeah! I forgot, I have this!

Mario pulls out a tattered piece of paper. It's Princess Peach's letter.

Dimentio: ?

Mario: On the back.

Mario turns the letter over, and it shows a treasure map.

Goombella: Woah. WOAH. Lemme see that! ... That's a treasure map if I ever saw one!

Dimentio: Wait one second!

Dimentio snatches the map out of Mario's hands.

Mario: Hey!

Dimentio: Mario! Why, this map leads right to the Thousand-Year Door!

Goombella: It does?! Let's go, then! But first, we gotta find Professor Frankly. He's involved in this as well!

Mario: Sure. I guess you can come with us then, if you're involved as well.

Goombella: Oh cool cool cool! Thanks a ton! Now let's go!


Mario: Yeah, so anyway, welcome aboard.

Goombella: By the way, why are you looking for the Door, anyway?

Mario: Well let's see, Dimentio here says that an evil Count currently has the power to destroy all worlds, and that he's acquired another weapon which will make him practically invulnerable. So we need to find something called the Purity Heart to counter it. According to Dimentio, it's hidden somewhere behind the Door.

Goombella: ...

Dimentio: Ah ha ha. Mario had a hard time believing it at first as well, but I showed him evidence of this back in Toad Town.

Goombella: Woah. That's like totally intense. We'd better get to Frankly's house pronto, then.

Mario: All right, all right.

They head east. As they enter under a bridge, they see a Bandit running towards them, but Dimentio blasts him onto the roof.

Bandit: Oww...

Then they see another Yellow Block blocking a house, and a Craw guarding a pass.

Goombella: Hey! That block is, well, blocking Frankly's house!

Mario: No problem.

Mario smashes the Block and goes in, followed by the others.

Goombella: Professor Frankly? Huh? PROFESSOR! HELLO? ... He's not here.

Mario: Beautiful. Now what?

Dimentio: Perhaps that person out there can assist us.

Mario peeps his head outside. The Craw isn't looking too friendly.

Mario: Uh... If by “assist” you mean “stab us to death with a spear” then you would be right.

Dimentio: What else do you want to do?

Mario: Check the rest of town, what else-a?

Dimentio: Point taken.

Goombella: Nah, we can take him! That's Gus, he works for a band of thieves called the Robbos. He's kind of a chump, though.

Mario: Maybe if we asked nicely.

They approach Gus.

Gus: Hey! What do YOU think you're doing? It's ten coins to pass by here, so if you don't have 'em, beat it, or I'll hurt you good.


Mario leaps at Gus.

Gus: Uhhh...

Dimentio: ...

[RPG battle!]

Mario = 15/15HP
Goombella = 10/10HP
Gus = 20/20HP

Mario: Huh? Where's Dimentio?

Goombella: Only one party member can be out at a time, silly. If you want to switch me with Dimentio, you'll use up a turn, okay?

Mario: Right...

Mario uses Jump on Gus, who has his spear down. 4 damage to Gus. Goombella uses Tattle.

Goombella: That's Gus. He's a member of a gang of thieves that call themselves the Robbos. Max HP: 20, Attack is 3. He attacks by throwing his spear at you or by charging at you with it. He sure takes his job seriously. He works almost 20 hours a day! Talk about a work-o-holic.

Mario: You don't need to tell me that much, just stats and stuff that works to my advantage.

Goombella: Oh. Okay.

Gus: Work-o-holic?! It's not even real work! Seriously.

Gus throws his spear at Goombella. Goombella guards. 2 damage to Goombella.

Goombella: OW! How could you do that to me?!

Gus: Easy.

Mario = 15/15HP
Goombella = 7/10HP
Gus = 16/20HP

Mario and Goombella switch positions. Goombella switches with Dimentio. Mario Jumps on Gus, who again has his spear down. 4 damage to Gus.

Gus: Gargh! Tough guy, huh?

Gus throws his spear at Mario. Mario superguards, but fails. 3 damage to Mario.

Mario: OUCH-A! You...

Gus: Who's laughing now?

Mario: Still me.

Dimentio: I always laugh. Ah ha ha.

Mario: Quiet.

Mario = 12/15HP
Dimentio = 15/15HP
Gus = 12/20HP

Mario and Dimentio switch positions. Mario jumps on Gus but Gus has his spear pointed up. 1 damage to Mario. Dimentio hits Gus with a Magical Blast. 2 damage to Gus.

Mario: OW! MY-A FOOT!

Gus: Idiot. Maybe you should consider going back to plumbing.

Mario: Shut up.

Gus charges at Mario, but Mario superguards successfully! 1 damage to Gus.

Gus: Gah! You'll pay for that, you unshaven barber shop pole!


Dimentio: Uh oh...

Mario = 11/15HP
Dimentio = 15/15HP
Gus = 9/20HP

Mario hits Gus with his Hammer. 3 damage to Gus. Dimentio hits Gus with a Magical Blast. 2 damage to Gus.

Gus: Ergh... Can't... last...

Gus throws his spear at Dimentio. Dimentio guards. 2 damage to Dimentio.

Mario: Now to finish you off, you oversized stork.

Gus: ... Too... weak... to... get... angry...

Mario: Actually, you kinda resemble a dodo...

Gus: ... DODO?!

Mario = 11/15HP
Dimentio = 13/15HP
Gus = 4/20HP

Mario Jumps on Gus. Gus superguards successfully! 1 damage to Mario. Dimentio hits Gus with a Magical Blast. Gus superguards successfully!

Mario: OW! What-a the...?!

Dimentio: You just had to say something...

Mario: ...

Gus: I'll show YOU dodo, mustache-for-brains!!!

Gus charges at Mario. Mario guards. 2 damage to Mario.

Gus: Call me a dodo, huh?!

Mario = 8/15HP
Dimentio = 13/15HP
Gus = 4/20HP

Mario jumps on Gus but Gus has his spear pointed up. 1 damage to Mario. Dimentio hits Gus with a Magical Blast. 2 damage to Gus.

Mario: Ow!

Gus: Urk... How's that for dodo, huh...?!

Mario: Man, shut up about the stupid dodo already!

Gus: Try this on for size, musty-ache!

Mario: Musty...ache? That doesn't sound right.

Gus uses a Super Shroom. Gus recovers 10 HP!

Mario: No way! We gotta keep doing this?! Come on! Argh.

Mario = 7/15HP
Dimentio = 13/15HP
Gus = 12/20HP

Mario Jumps on Gus, who has his spear down. 4 damage to Gus. Dimentio hits Gus with a Magical Blast. Gus guards against the attack. 1 damage to Gus.

Mario: Darn it, this battle is dragging on forever...

Gus: I'll help end it for you, fuzzlips!

Gus charges at Mario. 3 damage to Mario.

Mario: OUCH! Fuzzlips?! You little-

Dimentio: Oh. Convenient. Look what I have.

Mario: Whuh?! HP Drain?! Where did you get that?!

Dimentio: I said I just found it. Pay attention.

Mario: Yeah, well... Gimme that! Thanks.

Gus: Uh... Not good.

Mario = 4/15HP (Danger!)
Dimentio = 13/15HP
Gus = 7/20HP

Mario uses an HP Drain item. 5 damage to Gus. Mario recovers 5HP! Dimentio hits Gus with a Magical Blast. 2 damage to Gus. Gus faints. Mario earns 1,000 points!

[end battle!]

Gus: *gasp...*

Mario: I take offense to my mustache a lot more than you take offense to being called a dodo, guy.

Gus: Uh... yeah... Kinda see that... You think violence solves everything, don't you...?! DON'T YOU?! WAAAH!

Gus runs away crying.

Mario: Well, uh... That was fun.

Goombella: Not. Well, let's find Frankly.

They pass through the gate, and find the Trouble Center.

Mario: Yeah, I think saving the world trumps all these petty things for now, sorry.

Dimentio: Wise words spoken.

They go back, and stop in front of Merlon's house.

Mario: Think he can help?

Dimentio: Whomever "he" is, maybe. But not right now.

Mario: Eh...

Goombella: Hey, I found a pipe!

Goombella motions in the direction of Frankly's house.

Mario: Yes, a pipe. Too bad we can't access it, though. That fence right there is in the way.

Dimentio blasts the fence away.

Dimentio: What fence?

Goombella: Um...

Mario: Ooh. What fence indeed. That was helpful, now let's find that Door!

All three characters jump down the pipe... then pop right out.

Mario: As soon as I find a Toad House. I'm kinda tired.

Goombella rolls her eyes.

To Be Continued...

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