The Worst Enemies

By Jenna


My blood boiled as I paced back and forth in a small corridor.  Anger pulsed through me as I thought of everyone who had hurt me.  First, there was Kamek.  He just wouldn't admit that we were perfect for each other.  Instead, he was determined to make Kamella his wife.  True, he hadn't admitted it yet, but isn't that what love leads to?  Besides, Kamek was lonely.

Second, was Bowser.  How dare he send Kamella to the Space Junk Galaxy to fight instead of me?  I had so much more experience than she did.  And Kamella was defeated by a little plumber!  How pathetic.

And finally, there was Kamella.  She was my worst nightmae.  How dare she break my leg and steal Kamek's heart?  But I had planned my revenge.  All I needed was a little cooperation from Iggy, and all would work splendidly.

I checked the clock on the wall.  It read 9:50.  Sighing, I headed out to the courtroom for the duel against Kamek... nd Kamella.  I had chosen one of my strongest Mgikoopa students for my partner, but you didn't need to be a rocket scientist to know that Kamek and Kamella had a strong advantage over us.  But to tell the truth, I didn't care who won the duel.  Soon enough I would have my revenge and would never have to fight against Kamek and Kamella ever again.

I reached the courtroom and pushed the heavy, wooden door open.  I heard applause and several boos from the watching minions as I entered the room.  My Mgikoopa student was already there, biting her lip nervously.  I eyed the crowd and saw all the Dry Bones, Hammer Bro and his crew, Blooper, my Magikoopa students, all the Koopalings, and Bowser and Princess Peach watching from the stands.  Bowser held Princess Peach's pallid hand, watching her as if hypnotized.  Princess Peach was chewing her lip nervously, it was obvious she didn't belong in this crowd.  I felt a little pity for the poor girl, stolen from her home and love and brought here to marry Bowser.  It was only too bad she didn't return Bowser's affections.

The doors to the courtroom swung open and Kamek and Kamella strode inside.  A whoop of applause echoed throughout the room.  Everyone was saying how perfect Kamek and Kamella were for each other.  It wasn't fair!  They weren't even the same age.  Ah well... I would fix that all up very soon.

"Greatings, minions!" Lemmy cried from the audience.  "We are about to witness the duel of Kamella and Kamek versus Kammy and her student.  I'm just quickly going to go over the rules.  First, nobody is going to fight to the death.  This is only a casual duel.  We stop as soon as one of the teams surrenders.  If someone gets dangerously hurt, we stop the duel immediately.  Make sense?"

All four of us nodded.  "Great!" Lemmy replied, "Let the duel begin!"

I turned to face Kamek and Kamella.  Throwing one leg over my broom, I flew high into the air.  I had much more experience fighting from the air, and figured that it was to my advantage to duel from my broomstick.  Kamek and Kamella followed me into the air.  I looked down to see what had become of my student.  She was nervously pointing her want at Kamek, hesitating.  Ooops, I had never taught her how to fly... Oh well, this was obviously an unfair duel.  I waved my wand up and down in four sharp, choppy streaks.  Lightning bolts rained down from the sky.  Kamek, knowing my skill at summoning lightning, avoided the bolts.  Kamella was not so lucky.  One struck the end of her broom and she plummeted down to the hard courtroom floor.  Kamek swooped down on his broom and caught Kamella before she struck the ground.  He caressed her back gently, then whispered something in her ear.  I saw her green lips curve in a smile, then she and Kamek rose back into the air.  I shot more lightning bolts into the air, but this time Kamella avoided them.

Suddenly, purple fire streaked out of Kamella's wand.  I tried to throw up a shield, but didn't have time.  I quickly rose higher in the air and shot fireballs straight at Kamella's injured arm.  Kamella shrieked as one seared her elbow.  Kamek glared at me and immediately set out the fire on Kamella's arm.  Kamek waved his wand in an intricate motion, I couldn't tell what he was going to do.  All of a sudden, a coldness came over my body.  I started shivering violently and my teeth chattered together noisily.  Kamek could change a person's body temperature.  How he could do that, I shall never know.  I could feel myself becoming... sleepy... Curse Kamek!  It wasn't fair that he could have control over my body.

I would have to act fast so I didn't look like an idiot.  Summoning all the power in me, I waved my wand in choppy motions.  Suddenly, the sky was filled with Kammy clones.  At least fifty replicas of me floated in the air above Kamella and Kamek.  Kamek and Kamella stared with bewilderment at all the clones, unsure of which one was me.  Kamella pointed her wand at the clones and starting blasting them away one by one.  I swooped down so I was level in the air with Kamek and Kamella, trying to get up close to Kamella so I would have better aim.

But just then, Kamella's blasting spell hit me directly in the chest.  I wheezed, trying to suck in air.  Before I could figure out what was happening, I saw Kamella flying straight at me.  I stared hopelessly... we were going to collide.  We smashed into each other with an incredible impact.  Both of us fell from the sky, and smashed to the ground.  Actually, Kamella smashed into the ground and I landed on top of her.  I heard a loud gasp from the spectators.  "KAMMY!" Bowser called from the audience. "Are you okay?"  I tried to answer, but black circles seemed to be obscuring my vision.

Kamek descended to where Kamella and I lay.  In a soft voice he whispered in Kamella's ear, "Are you okay, Kamella?  How's your arm?  Can you breathe?"  Then Kamek turned and glared at me, "Get OFF of her right this second, Kammy, or I will move you myself!"  Seeing the fire raging in Kamek's eyes, I used the last of my strength to roll off Kamella and onto the hard, marble floor before the dark circles obscured my vision and mind.

*               *               *               *

I woke with a start... I had something important to do... What was it again?  I tried to struggle out of the tangled sheets on my bed, but was stopped by a searing pain in my chest.  Then I remembered the duel with Kamella and Kamek.  That Kamella always seemed to be the ruin of me.  I gingerly slipped out of my bed and stepped onto the tile floor.  It was time to put my plan of revenge into action.  Before exiting my bedroom, I walked to my makeup drawer and selected a tube of green lipstick and tucked it into the pocket of my light purple robe.  I pushed my bedroom door open and ambled down the long, winding stairway.  I was about to enter the courtroom, when I saw Iggy walking slowly down the corridor.  Just my luck!

"Hey Iggy!" I cried out, waving to him.  "Can you come over here a second?"  Iggy was my favorite Koopaling.  He was the only one who ever showed me any respect.

Iggy wandered over to me. "Hey Kammy!  How are you doing?  Your duel with Kamella and Kamek was pretty violent!"

"I'm okay... I have a favor to ask of you, Iggy.  You could do a small favor for poor, old Kammy, couldn't you, Iggy?" I wheedled, smiling sweetly.

Iggy's grin turned slowly into a frown. "What do you want me to do, Kammy?"

"I'm getting revenge on Kamella.  She stole Kamek from me."  I saw Iggy roll his eyes.  "Kamella comes out of her room at 5:00 for dinner.  I want you to go over to her, wrap her in a tight embrace, then kiss her on the lips.  While you're doing that, I am going to be hiding behind the gargoyle statue outside of Kamella's door and take a picture of you embracing her, okay?"

Iggy stared at me like I was losing my marbles. "Umm... Ewww!  I don't want to kiss Kamella!"

Why couldn't Iggy just cooperate?  I forced a smile.  "Okay... Well how about if I raise your allowance up to 50 coins a week instead of 30?"

Iggy hesitated, I could tell he was thinking of all the different things he could do with extra coins.  "Well... Okay... But take the photo fast.  I am not kissing her for more than a few seconds, okay?"  Iggy agreed hesitantly.

"Okay!  Thanks a million, Iggy!"  I glanced at the large, oak clock on the wall.  It read 4:50.  "Come on, Iggy, let's go upstairs to wait for Kamella!"

Iggy reproachfully followed me up the winding stairs to Kamella's bedroom.  Two golden gargoyles were framed on either side of the door.  I could easily hide behind one of them.  Taking my camera out of the pocket of my robe, I crouched down behind the gargoyle on the right side of the door.  Then I remembered something important.  "Iggy, come here a minute, will you?  I have to do one more thing."

Iggy eyed me suspiciously, "What exactly are you going to do to me?"

"Nothing much," I said exasperatedly, "just get over here before Kamella comes out!"

Iggy walked over to me.  I took out my tube of green lipstick and smeared a little of it on Iggy's right cheek.  Iggy glowered at the lipstick tube.  "What was that for?"

"It will look like Kamella kissed you," I explained calmly as I tucked the lipstick tube back inside me robe.  Iggy shrugged and rolled his eyes with the Kammy-has-really-lost-it-this-time expression on his face.

Just then, the door creaked opened slowly and Kamella walked out of her bedroom door.  Iggy sprang forward and threw his arms around Kamella's waist, then kissed her right on her bright green lips.  I quickly took a snapshot of the embrace... the picture turned out perfectly!  Kamella stumbled backwards, thoroughly bewildered.  "Um... Who exactly are you?" Kamella asked, looking at Iggy with shock and disgust.

Iggy stared upward at Kamella's defiant expression.  "Iggy Koopa.  Sorry, I thought you were someone else."  With that said, Iggy turned tail and ran up the large stone steps that led to the Kkoopalings’ rooms.  Kamella shook her head, puzzled, and then started walking towards the dining room for dinner.

I smiled evilly, my plan had worked so far.  True, it was rather childish, but it would break Kamek's heart to see Kamella kissing someone else.  Kamek had never been in love before and his heart was very fragile and tender.  Before long, all Kamek would feel for Kamella would be hurt and anger, and then I could become his new lover.

CHAPTER V: Kamella

I entered the large dining room, looking around for Kamek.  I tried to ignore the throbbing pain in my arm, the duel with Kammy had not gone well at all.  How was I supposed to know how to defeat Kammy clones?  I had never seen anything like it before.  My legs felt like jelly beneath me, they threatened to give way at any moment.  I closed my eyes, ignoring the dizziness, and focused on keeping my balance.  A soft hand closed around my arm, steadying me.  I opened my eyes quickly, hoping it was Kamek.  Wendy's sky blue eyes stared compassionately back at me.

"Hey Kamella," Wendy smiled.  "You really took a fall earlier!  Shouldn't you be lying down?"

I shook my head vigorously.  "No, I'm just a bit dizzy... that's all."

"Well thanks so much for agreeing to help me with the masquerade."  Wendy flashed me one of her dazzling smiles.  "Ludwig has already been helping me with decorations, but there's still a lot of work to do.  I think we should start working on it tomorrow night."

The dizziness slowly left my legs and I smiled at Wendy.  "Okay."

"I really like you, Kamella," Wendy told me, "you're so much nicer than Kammy.  It's nice to have more girls around here... I've been surrounded with guys my whole life!   I've always wanted a sister... or a mother."

"Hey Kamella!" a voice called my name from behind me.  "What are you doing out of bed?"

I spun around, it was Hammer Bro.  Wendy giggled and whispered in my ear, "I think he likes you, Kamella.  I swear he is always following you around!  Well, I've got stuff to do.  Have a nice dinner!"  Wendy waved and then flounced over to the door.

"Magikoopas heal fast, I'm okay," I told Hammer Bro as he quickly rushed over me, concern written all over his face.

"Well, sit down at least!" Hammer Bro pulled out an intricately carved wooden chair for me. I sat down in the chair, grateful not to have to rely on my unsteady legs to keep me from toppling over.  Hammer Bro pressed his hand against my forehead.  "Wow, you're freezing, Kamella!  Are you cold?"

Before I could answer, a cold voice sounded from behind me, "What are you doing to her, Hammer Bro?"

Hammer Bro quickly pulled his hand away from my cheek and looked at the intruder in the eye. "Just making sure she's not too sick."  I turned my chair around... It was Kamek.

"How are you, Kamella?" Kamek asked tenderly.  He caressed my cheek lightly with long fingers, then summoned a chair next to mine with a flick of his wand.

"Well, my arms kills, but besides that I'm okay," I answered truthfully.

"I'm so sorry for letting you fight in the duel earlier... I should've known that Kammy would take advantage of your injured arm.  She's been really... different lately." Kamek shook his head, puzzled.

Hammer Bro cleared his throat to get my attention, then said, "I guess I'll let you two catch up.  See you around, Kamella."  I waved to him, a guilty feeling trickling through my veins.  I couldn't help it that I was in love with Kamek and not him... It wasn't my fault.

Just then, the whole dining room fell quiet, leaving an eerie silence in its place.  I glanced around, trying to see what had caused the silence.  Bowser stood on the podium in the corner of the room, an expression of fury etched on his face.

"I have important news that affects all of you, so listen carefully!  Mario has somehow destroyed several more of my galaxies and has not yet been defeated.  Bouldergeist and Topmaniac have gone over to the over side... may they rest in peace.  I need more guards for my remaining galaxies; who will volunteer?" Bowser queiried.

A long silence fell over the whole dining room, not one person volunteered to defend the galaxies.  Bowser's mouth hardened into a frown.  "All right then, I will assign some of you to the galaxies!  Blooper, you're going to the Beach Bowl Galaxy and Kamella, you're going to the Underground Ghost Ship."

I stared at Bowser with shock.  I had just been defeated by Mario and my arm was broken... And he wanted me to fight again??

"I object strongly, King Koopa," Kamek said from next to me, taking hold of my hand firmly.  "Kamella just fought and her arm is broken.  How is she supposed to defend a galaxy with a broken arm?  Send Kammy instead.  She hasn't fought in any galaxies yet."

Bowser frowned coldly at Kamek. "NO!  Kammy is not fighting!  Kamella is younger and stronger... even with a broken arm.  Anyway, she seems to want to prove herself, isn't that right, Kamella?"  Bowser looked me in the eye.

I did want the chance to prove myself... but my arm was quite painful at the moment and I really just wanted to stay here with Kamek.  However, if I refused to fight I would seem weak and useless.

"Yes, I'll fight," I answered Bowser rather reluctantly.

Kamek frowned at me. "King Koopa, surely you can see that Kamella is not fit to fight right now!"

"It is Kamella's choice, not yours, Kamek!" Bowser replied, frustrated.  "She seems willing enough."  Kamek glared at Bowser, but remained silent.

"I will expect you at the Ghost Ship on Thursday, Kamella.  That will give you one day to prepare yourself.  Blooper, you need to be at the Beach Bowl Galaxy at 10:00 sharp tonight.  Mario is very close to that galaxy," Bowser ordered.  I saw Blooper nod from the opposite end of the room.

Bowser stepped off the podium and sat down at a table with Ludwig and Roy.  A cloud of gloom seemed to have settled over the whole room.  The happy chatter that had been going on only a few minutes before lapsed into a gloomy silence.  Kamek's mouth was curved into a stiff frown, then he touched my arm and whispered in my ear, "Let's go outside to the courtyard for a while, okay?"  I nodded, happy to get away from the depressed atmosphere.

We silently exited the dining room and found ourselves engulfed in a romantic, moon-lit courtyard.  Kamek pulled me over to a dark corner, then took my hands.  Without speaking, Kamek pulled me tenderly into his arms and wrapped me in a tight embrace.  There was no need for words.  Both of us knew the danger I was going to be in.  Mario had somehow killed Bouldergeist, Topmaniac, and Tarantox... and had defeated me before.

Kamek put a finger under my chin so he could look me straight in the eyes.  Then he had pressed his mouth on top of mine and was kissing me.  It was different from his previous kisses, this time there was a... ferocity in the way his lips moved on top of mine, it was almost as if he was worried this would be our last time together.  When we finally parted, I was surprised to see tears streaming down Kamek's cheeks.  Then I felt a water droplet plop onto my hand... I was crying too.

"Oh Kamek..." I started, but then my voice broke.  I knew that I didn't have much of a chance against Mario.  Bouldergeist and Tarantox had definitely been more powerful than me.  I hated to admit that, but it was true.  It was humiliating to be beaten by a plumber, but Mario seemed to have a sort of... magic.  Was I afraid of dying?  Not really, I just didn't want to ever be separated from Kamek.  Now that I had finally found love, it seemed like it would be torn away from me.

"It will be okay, Kamella," Kamek tried to smile.  "Just w-wait and s-see..."  Then I was in his arms again... I'm not sure how long we were wrapped in that embrace, but by the time we parted, stars twinkled in the sky and it seemed to be midnight.

"I suppose you should go try to get some sleep, Kamella," Kamek said softly.  "You might as well be as rested for... for..."  Kamek didn't seem capable of continuing, so I just nodded.

If I had only known the strange direction my life would take tomorrow... Little did I know that Kamek and I would have to fight for our love.

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