The Worst Enemies

By Jenna


I flung open the dining room door and skipped inside.  Everything was working out perfectly!  Kamek had dumped Kamella and was now after me!  He had even kissed me on the lips yesterday!  The only problem was that he didn't quite seem to be able to let go of Kamella completely.  I had caught him gazing at her dreamily and sometimes he seemed so zoned out.  Oh well... He would get over it eventually.  Besides, I was much better matched for him than Kamella.  We were perfect for each other, nobody could deny it.

I noticed two figures hunched over at one of the dining room tables.  That perked my curiosity; nobody ever seemed to be in the dining room at this time of day.  I scrutinized the two figures at the table, trying to figure out their identities.  One had a colorful polkadotted bow on top of her head, that would be Wendy.  The other figure was dressed in black and wore black lipstick... it was Kamella.  I scowled.  What were they up to?

"Hey Kammy, what's up?" Wendy asked, glancing up at me.

"Oh... I was... just planning what I was going to wear for the masquerade," I told Wendy.

Wendy flashed me one of her dazzling smiles. "Kamella and I were just planning the masquerade!  I've already made all the decorations with Iggy's help... I tried to get Roy to help, but he said he was too busy.  Now we're planning our costumes too.  Do you have a partner yet?"

I smiled straight at Kamella and said, "Oh yes!  Kamek invited me to go with him."  I saw Kamella stiffen slightly and noticed a single droplet run down her cheek... I felt the tiniest bit of guilt... It wasn't her fault that Kamek had dumped her.

"Oh," Wendy commented, looking at Kamella. "I don't have a partner... I'm just going to let the boys find me on the night of the  masquerade.  Do you have a partner, Kamella?"

Kamella looked up at me defiantly and said, "I'm going with Hammer Bro."

"That's good." Wendy smiled at Kamella.  "He's a really nice guy.  And I'm sure he won't dump you... unlike some people."  I knew she was referring to Kamek.  Now my conscious was starting to bug me... Was it evil of me to want Kamek's love so much?

I needed Kamek... I loved him so badly.  Kamella and Hammer Bro would probably become lovers soon enough anyway, and then Kamella would completely forget about her previous affairs with Kamek.

I looked again at Kamella... something was different about her.  Well, there was the obvious gash on her forehead from her duel with Mario... but there was more.  She seemed almost... weak.  I had never thought of Kamella Koopa as weak before.  But she seemed frail.  I noticed her hand was shaking uncontrollably under the table and a sort of... gloom engulfed her.

Creak!  We all turned towards the door to see who had entered the dining room.  To my delight, it was Kamek!

"Hey Kamek!" I smiled and waved at him.  Kamek gave me a small smile and started over to the table where I was standing.  He was gazing at me though... his eyes seemed glued to something beyond me... Kamella.  I tried not to sigh with exasperation.  It would just take time before he was over her. "What are you up to Kamek?" I asked him cheerily, trying to distract him from Kamella.  Kamek continued to stare at Kamella... and she stared back.  Then she turned to Wendy.

"Shall we go somewhere else to plan for the masquerade... so we can have some privacy?"  I knew she was trying to make Kamek feel bad... ugh!  Couldn't she just be happy with Hammer Bro?

Seeing her discomfort at being so close to Kamek, Wendy nodded. "Sure.  Come on, let's go to my bedroom.  See you later, Kammy!"  She stood up and waved at me.  I waved back at her and watched their two figures retreat from the dining room.  I saw Kamella stumble slightly once, but Wendy caught her elbow and kept her from falling.  Yes, Kamella was weak...

"I was coming to find you, actually," Kamek finally answered my question.  He was finally looking at me now... and smiling, too!  Butterflies started dancing excitedly in my stomach.

"Really?" I replied.

Kamek nodded and took my hands. "Oh yes.  I just wanted to be... alone with you for a while."  My heart just about leapt out of my chest.  Kamek actually wanted to spend time alone with me.  He took my hand and led me over to a large, cushiony burgandy couch.  He sat down at one end of the couch and pulled me down next to him.

"So Kammy, we need to do more things together... I love you so much, but we really need to get to know each other," Kamek told me.

I shrugged, "Okay... Well there's the masquerade on Saturday..."

Kamek nodded, "Oh... I forgot about that..."  Then he put his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him.  I swear he could hear the rapid pulsing of my heart... it was so loud!  Eagerly I wrapped one arm around his neck and placed the other on his chest.  To my surprise, I could feel the beating of his heart.  Then he leaned down and kissed me lightly all over the mouth.

We had been kissing for about five minutes, when the door to the dining room burst open.  Kamek and I quickly seperated awkwardly.

"Kamek... and KAMMY?" Bowser roared menacingly.  "What ARE you two doing?"  I moved my mouth, but no words seemed to form.  Bowser was very angry, he was shaking angrily and sweat dripped from his forehead.

Luckily, Kamek kept his head and replied, "Kammy and I were just discussing Magikoopa battle strategies."

Bowser looked at Kamek like he had lost his mind. "Uh huh... You and her were discussing battle strategies by KISSING?  How dare you two?  Get out of my sight... NOW!"

He didn't have to tell us twice.  We couldn't get out of that room fast enough!  I practically ran to the door and had my hand on the doorknob, when Bowser added, "Wait!  Come back here, Kammy."  I sighed... not wanting to be left alone with Bowser.  Kamek gave me a good luck glance before exiting the room.  It felt as if he had locked me in a dungeon with a monster.  Reluctantly, I turned around and slowly walked towards the place where Bowser stood trembling.  I waited for him to scream and shout at me, praying that at least he wouldn't hurt me.  But surprisingly, his voice was calm when he spoke.

"Kammy, you have served me well for a very long time.  I value you very much."  I wasn't quite sure what that was supposed to mean, so I smiled and nodded, hoping he would stay in a good mood.  Bowser hesistated slightly, then blurted out, "Do you really love Kamek, Kammy?"

I was caught off-guard by the straight forward question.  Choosing my words carefully, I responded, "Kamek and I have known each other for fourty years, King Koopa.  Would you not consider it natural that we have a strong relationship?"

Bowser flinched slighly at my response, then responded, "I suppose not... Well, let me know if there is anything I can do for you, okay Kammy?"

I stared at Bowser, shock written all over my face.  King Koopa was asking if there was anything he could do for me!  I nodded slighly.  Bowser's mouth formed a genuine smile as he saw the expression on my face. "All right then.  You're dismissed, Kammy."

I quickly shuffled out of the room as fast as I dared and shut the door firmly behind me.  That encounter with Bowser was very strange...Bowser had never asked to do anything for anyone else before.  Maybe having Princess Peach around had softened his heart slightly.  Still though... it was something to think about...


I read the sentence in my advanced calculus book for the fifth time in a row... I sighed exasperatedly.  I just could not concentrate!  Too many things were conflicted in my mind right now.  Mainly Kamella.  Even though Kammy had showed me evidence of Kamella's treachery, my heart seemed to be telling me that I was hurting her.  I remembered the tear that had slid down her cheek when I saw her in the dining room yesterday.  Maybe there was an explanation for her behavior with Iggy and Hammer Bro... Unlikely... but maybe.  I also felt like I was doing Kammy wrong.  Was it wrong to feign affection for her when my heart held nothing for her?

I attempted to read the sentence in my calculus book for the sixth time... but gave up.  I slammed the book cover shut and jammed it on the large, wooden bookshelf, which was crammed with old, dusty novels.  I glanced up at the clock; it was 7:30.  I usually worked on my studies from 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM.  My consistent studying had paid off though; I was Head Magikoopa after all.

I pondered what to do next.  Breakfast wasn't available until 8:00, so I had a half an hour.  I felt a little voice coming from my heart... it was nudging me towards Kamella's bedroom.  Truthfully, I really wanted to speak to her.  I missed her so much.  I struggled with my decision for a few seconds, then let me heart lead my feet up the winding stairs to Kamella's bedroom.  I hesistated outside of her door.  Should I knock?  The door was partially open.

Before I could make up my mind, I heard voices from the room.  Curiously, I peered sneakily around the door.  What I saw smashed the last bit of hope I had that Kammy was wrong about Kamella.  Hammer Bro was seated on the large, cushy chair in the middle of the room.  Kamella was sitting on his lap with her arms entwined around his neck.  Their lips appeared to be glued together in a long, perpetual kiss.  I turned away from the scene before me, utterly disgusted.  I suddenly had a strong desire to hurt Hammer Bro.

I turned back to Kamella's bedroom and scanned the room.  My eyes settled on a large book resting precariously on the edge of the bookshelf above Hammer Bro's head.  A wicked smile lit up my face as I pointed my wand at the novel.  It wobbled for a moment, then fell.  Not wanting to be caught, I quickly exited the room.

Crash!  A loud noise made me turn back towards the door.  Hammer Bro was standing up, one hand on his head where the book had hit him.  Kamella was lying on the floor.  She touched her forehead, then glanced at her fingers; they were sticky with blood.  Hammer Bro must have jumped up with surprise when the book hit his head and dumped Kamella onto the floor.  The wound on her forehead had apparently opened up again.  Ugh!  What a stupid thing I had done.  I had tried to hurt Hammer Bro, but instead had wounded Kamella.

I saw Kamella quickly turn her head towards the door... where I was hiding.  Quickly, I jumped backwards, not wanting to be seen.  I couldn't tell if she had seen me or not, but the look on her face was like a sword at my heart.  She gazed at where I had been standing a moment earlier, with a painful expression on her face and hurt reflecting in her eyes.  I had to get away from her bedroom before someone suspected me.  I turned and rushed down the stairs, my thoughts more confused than they had been before I saw Kamella and Hammer Bro.  Clearly they were lovers, there was no doubt about that.  So why couldn't I just let Kamella go?

*               *               *               *

I sat sipping on my usual cup of coffee in the dining room.  I had found refuge in the dining room after the incident earlier with Kamella.  I had selected a piece of toast for breakfast, but I seemed unable to eat it.  Kammy had found me poking at my food a half an hour earlier, and we had just been chitchatting for a while.

The dining room door opened with a loud creak.  I tried not to turn around in my chair to see who it was... but the temptation proved to be to much for me.  I turned.  Kamella Koopa stood in the doorway, staring at the floor as she walked slowly over to a table.  She sat down by herself and I saw her sneak a glance over at me out of the corner of my eye.  Something was different about Kamella... She no longer held herself with the confident, sure-of-herself attitude that she had possesed when I first met her.  Now she seemed unsure... almost weak.

"Ahem!"  a loud voice cleared his throat from the other end of the dining room.  A silence fell over the whole room and everyone turned towards the voice.  It was Lemmy Koopa, standing on the podium.  He was going to announce the dueling partners for today!  It would be fun to watch a duel.  I hadn't watched one for a while.

"Good morning to all of you!" Lemmy boomed cheerfully.  "I'm here to announce the dueling partners for today!  Let's see..."  The whole room tensed with curiosity as Lemmy paused to build suspense.

"Today's duel will be Kamek versus Kamella!" Lemmy smiled broadly.

I closed my eyes, what a nightmare!  The whole room seemed to turn and stare at me sitting with Kammy and Kamella sitting by herself.  I suppose it wasn't a secret that Kamella and I had broken up, but still... Why did Lemmy have to make me fight with her?  Kamella was not exactly prepared for a duel.  Her arm was still broken and the wound on her head was only beginning to scab over.  The duel would not be fair at all, but what things in life were fair these days?

I wished Kamella would protest against the duel.  But deep in my heart, I knew she would never back out of it.  She would consider it "weak" to try to get out of a duel.  I stole a glance at her.  She had put her head in her hands and was staring miserably in front of her.

Kammy slapped me on the back cheerfully. "Hey, you can beat her easily, Kamek!  It will give you a chance to demonstrate your power!"  I groaned at Kammy.  She didn't get it.

Lemmy had climbed down from the podium and now Bowser had taken his place.  A darkness seemed to settle over the dining room; Bowser only made announcements when there were emergencies.

"Good and faithful minions, I have grave news to share with you," Bowser stated solemnly.  "Mario has defeated all my galaxies.  I expect him to arrive here anyday and demand Princess Peach.  Of course, I won't just give the princess up.  A large battle will unevitably take place.  I want you all to practice your fighting skills!  Be prepared for this fight.  I cannot afford to lose this battle.  We have lost to Mario far too many times.  Dark Bones, prepare all the Dry Bones for the fight.  Kammy, make sure you have all the Magikoopas trained to the best of their ability.  I have no idea when Mario will arrive, so be on your guard and ready to fight at any moment."

Bowser stepped off of the podium and took a seat next to Ludwig.  A darkness filled the dining room.  The uncertainty of a major battle would be on everyone's mind.  When would it take place?  My life seemed to have been turned upsidown.  First, I would have to get through the duel with Kamella.  And then there was to be a major battle.  Great…

*               *               *              *

An hour later, I found myself in the courtroom, ready for the duel with Kamella.  Everyone had cheered loudly when I had entered the room.  I wondered who had more fans, Kamella or me?  Kammy was waving vigorously to me from the audience.  I winced, every affectionate gesture she showed me was like a wound to my heart.  I didn't love Kammy.  I never had and never would.

Bang!  The courtroom door whipped open and Kamella strode inside, her head held high.  A loud applause sounded from the audience.  I noticed Wendy cheering especially loud.  She was Kamella's only friend, after all.

As we waited for Lemmy to arrive to announce the duel, I glanced nervously at Kamella.  She was staring straight ahead, determined not to make eye contact with me.  I had to break the ice between us.  Nervously, I whispered, "Umm, Kamella?"

"Talk later," Kamella replied cooly.  "Fight me now."  I bit my lip, Kamella seemed very angry.  Luckily, Lemmy arrived at that moment.

"I see everyone has arrived for the duel!" Lemmy cried cheerfully.  "Let it begin!"

I whipped my wand around in a circular motion.  Bright red sparks shot out from my wand tip and hit Kamella in the chest, temporarily stunning her.  She had attempted to send a spell at me, but it was very weak and I was able to deflect it easily.  I took advantage of the stunned Kamella and summoned a large raincloud into the vicinity.  It poured rain down onto Kamella, who could do nothing but glare at me.  I knew she hated the rain, but I was feeling mad at her now.  Anger pulsed through my blood and was expended through my wand.

The stunning spell wore off of Kamella and she grasped the opportunity.  She twirled her wand around intricately and sent a wall of purple flames at me.  Kamella's specialty had also been fire... purple or black fire, to be exact.  Luckily, I knew how to defend myself from the flames.  Kamella and I had practiced our magic together on several occasions, so we knew each other's strengths and weaknesses.  I let the flames consume me.  They wrapped themselves around my body.  But just before they consumed me, I gathered all the power within me and repelled the flames, sending them back at Kamella.  I saw her eyes widen in surprise and she stumbled backwards and fell.

"Oh yeah!  Go Kamek!" I heard Kammy cheering loudly from the audience.  I turned bright red with embarrassment.  Kamella stiffened and spat.  Her eyes were like fire, fury shining in them like the moon in the darkest hour of night.  I took a step backwards from her.  I had never wanted to see her glare at me like that.  Kamella slashed her wand down in a sharp motion.  I could feel a... power emanating towards me.  All of a sudden I doubled over in pain.  It felt like a knife had cut straight through my heart.  Furiously, I sent a spell hurtling back at Kamella.  A deep gash appeared in her left forearm.  I stared at the cut in shock.  I had not meant to hurt her.  My anger had gotten out of control...

I took a deep breath to calm myself.  But to my horror, Kamella started shaking uncontrollably, then toppled to the ground.  Blood oozed out of her arm and formed a small puddle on the ground.  I quickly ran to her limp body to see if she was conscious.  Her eyes were open in a blank stare... definitely unconscious.

"Well, I guess that ends the duel!" Lemmy announced.  "Kamek is the winner!"

A raucous cheer erupted from the crowd.  I turned away from the noise.  I did not deserve to win.  Kamella had been at a disadvantage and I had hurt her.  A small tear rolled down my cheek.  I wiped it away angrily, hoping that no one had noticed.  It was not a good sign that I wasn't able to control my emotions.

A sharp voice from the audience silenced the cheering. "Um, can no one else see just how unfair that duel was?  Lemmy, you should never have made Kamella fight.  She was just at war!  Can't you people see that?"  Wendy leapt down from the bleachers, her cheeks pink with anger and her eyes narrowed viciously.  She shot a nasty glance at me before gently picking up Kamella's limp body.  She pranced out of the door without a backward glance, and slammed the door shut before her.  An awkward silence followed.  I stared guiltily at the floor, drenched in shame.

"Anyway!" Lemmy said, trying to cover up for the awkwardness. "Have a good day, minions!"  And with that, Lemmy followed his sister out the door.

Kammy made her way down to me, a big smile pasted on her face.  I wasn't sure if I could stand her cheerfullness right now... but really, I had no choice.  "Wonderful job, Kamek!  I knew you could do it!"  Kammy walked right up to me confidently and threw her arms around my neck.  To my horror, she didn't just stop there.  She kissed me directly on the lips in front of the entire audience.  I wished I had the powers to become invisible.

Gently, I took her hands off my neck and whispered in her ear, "Not now, Kammy!  You're making a scene!"  Kammy shrugged, unperturbed.  I could see several pairs of eyes staring at us curiously from the audience.  I turned bright red and stared at the ground.  Kamella's puddle of crimson colored blood caught my eye.  How in the world could I have made myself hurt her?  Was I going mad?  Little did I know that I would do far worse things in the days to come…

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