The Worst Enemies

By Jenna


Tears poured down my cheeks and flooded onto my lap.  Kamek had lied to me.  He had said he loved me... but he had not.  He never had.  I loved him so badly... he had smashed my heart into a thousand pieces.  Fate was cruel.  I had been destined to love Kamek, but he had been destined to fall for Kamella.  I cried harder.  I knew I looked like an idiot, but I had no strength left to keep my emotions inside.  I glanced up through my tears to find everyone in the makeshift hospital staring at me.  Kamek had left to save Kamella, but now Bowser stood in the room.  Great.  I was making a fool of myself in front of the Koopa King.  I lowered my gaze and tried to subdue my tears... but to no avail.  I heard heavy footsteps coming closer to my bed.  I glanced up to see Bowser himself coming over to my bed.

"What's wrong, Kammy?" he asked with concern, taking my trembling hand in his large, warm one.  I stared miserably into his blood red eyes.  In them, I saw compassion.

"You don't want to know," I told him in between sobs.

Bowser took my other hand now. "Yes, I do!  Watching you pour your heart out in agony is painful to me.  Please tell me what's wrong, Kammy.  You mean a lot to me.  It will help to tell someone."  I hesitated, I could tell Bowser of Kamek's treachery.  I was feeling rather revengeful at the moment.

"Okay," I agreed finally after thinking it through.  "But not here.  Somewhere else... without everyone eavesdropping."

Bowser nodded understandingly. "Of course."  In a swift movement he tenderly picked me up and wrapped a flannel blanket around my shivering body.  I stared at him in shock; nobody had ever carried me before.  I could feel several pairs of eyes staring at us as Bowser carried me through the door.  But I didn't care.  Why should I?  They meant nothing to me.  Bowser carried me down several flights or stairs until he reached a large bedroom.  I had never been in this room before.  It had very high ceilings and the walls were painted a dark blue.  An enormous, cushy, cerulean bed was placed in the center of the room.  Bowser gently set me down onto the bed.  It was the softest, coziest bed I had ever been in.  Bowser pulled up a blue velvet chair next to the bed and stared at me with concerned eyes. "Will you tell me what's wrong now?"

I nodded. "It's a long story... so I'll summarize.  Anyway, I've always loved Kamek.  And he told me he loved me too... but he really didn't.  He still loved Kamella.  He thinks I'm just a toy he can love as a second choice to Kamella."  My voice cracked and tears started streaming down my cheeks again.

Bowser growled angrily.  "How dare he?  I'm so sorry, Kammy.  He doesn't deserve you, though, if he thinks Kamella is better than you."

I glared at him. "You think Kamella is better than me!  You replaced her as Head Magikoopa!"

Bowser blinked, taken aback by my anger. "Oh W..well I was only trying to keep you safe."

"Safe?" I almost laughed.  "Life as a Magikoopa is not supposed to be safe.  I love adventure!  You have no idea just how much I loved being Head Magikoopa.  It was an insult to be replaced with Kamella."

Bowser bit his lip thoughtfully. "Well... I didn't think of it that way before.  I'm really sorry.  Hmm...  I don't have enough power to replace you over Kamella right now... but how about if the minions vote for the new Head Magikoopa?  It will be between you, Kamek, and Kamella.  I'm sure you'll win... Everyone likes you so much better than the other two."

"Okay!" I agreed, wiping my tears away.  I could have my revenge on Kamek and Kamella by becoming Head Magikoopa.  I would show them just how much better I was than them!

Bowser smiled evilly, "I'll help you campaign.  I can help get you votes... Don't worry about it."

I grinned wickedly back at him.  "I'm sure you can help me.  Thanks so much, King Koopa."

Bowser took hold of my hand.  "Anything for you, Kammy."


I stared into the darkness around me.  Where was I?  I forced my heavy eyelids open and gazed around curiously.  Then I felt a ripple of pain surge through my chest.  I bit my lip to keep from screaming.  Slowly I glanced down at my torso to see what was causing the pain.  A large, bloody hole was visible in the center of the chest.  I stared at it in disgust... What had happened to me?  Then I peered closer at my body.  There were large claw marks all around my neck and blood had dried on my leg.  Then it all came rushing back to me.  Kritter had won.  I had not been strong enough to withstand him.  But then Kamek had saved me.  Why he had saved me, I would never know.  After all, he loved Kammy, so why should he bother with me?  Besides, I had no wish to keep on living.  I was ugly, broken, and weak.

I peered at my surroundings to find that I was in my own bedroom.  I glanced at the clock; it was 2:30 in the morning.  I noticed a figure in the blue velvet chair in the corner of the room.  After scrutinizing the figure, I determined it to be Wendy.  Ah, Wendy... she had always been a loyal and good friend to me.  Something on my bedstand caught the corner of my eye.  I glanced over at it to find a small photograph.  Curiously, I picked it up.  The photo contained a picture of the time Iggy had kissed me!  Who in the world had taken a photo of that?  Only one person I knew would do something like that... Kammy!  She had set me up and had then given the picture to Kamek, no doubt!  Anger filled my heart and pulsed in my veins.  I would get Kammy back for this!

Without delay, I quietly eased myself out of bed.  I had to time to waste; Kammy must meet the consequences!  Before leaving the room, I silently opened the top drawer of my dresser and pulled out a silver knife.  It glinted ominously in the darkness of the night.  I stowed it in my robe; it would serve a purpose as soon as I was finished with Kammy.  I grit my teeth as I carefully and cautiously exited, not wanting to scream in pain and alarm Wendy.

It took me a very, very long time to reach Kammy's bedroom.  I had to walk at a snail's pace to keep the pain in check.  But finally, after a very long hour and a half, I reached my destination.  Quietly, I pushed the door open and shut it just as silently.  Surprising enough, Kammy's eyes popped open as soon as I pushed the door behind me shut.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Kammy asked groggily, still half-asleep.  She fumbled for her glasses, without them she couldn't see a thing.

"Who do you think it is, Kammy?"  I asked in a hard, cold voice.

Kammy had located her glasses and was now peering at me through them. "Why in the world are you in my bedroom at this hour?"  Kammy stared at me, puzzlement in her eyes.

I thrust the photo at her. "I know what you've done, Kammy.  You stole Kamek from me by setting me up with Iggy.  I'm not an idiot."  Kammy glanced at the photo with an unreadable expression on her face.  "So you don't deny it?" I asked irritably.  I wanted to start dueling with Kammy as soon as possible... before I was overcome with the pain in my chest.

Kammy glanced at me, tears filling her eyes.  "No, I won't deny it.  But it didn't work, you know.  Kamek... he... dumped me and went after you."  I stared at Kammy, shocked.  Was she lying?  Kammy hastily wiped her tears away and stared daggers at me.  "You are the reason for all my pain, Kamella.  If it weren't for you, I'd be Kamek's wife.  The only way to win Kamek's heart is to get rid of you... once and for all!"  Kammy glared at me angrily and jumped out of bed, now fully awake.  She pointed her wand at me menacingly.  "I knew we would be the worst enemies from the moment I met you, Kamella Koopa!"  I saw no mercy in her eyes.  I knew that this would be a duel to the end... the winner would capture Kamek's heart once and for all.

Without any further delay, I sent fireballs streaming out of my wand tip at Kammy.  Kammy dodged them easily and sent blue sparks flying towards me.  I ducked, the sparks missing my head by mere inches.  They smashed into the wall behind me, sending chunks of the wall flying all over.  Waving my wand intricately, I shot red sparks flying.  They smashed right into Kammy's injured arm.  She shrieked loudly and waved her wand around in wide circles.  I could feel power emanating from her wand, but I wasn't sure how to avoid it.  I tried to create a defense, but to no avail.  Kammy's spell hit me directly in the chest... exactly where Kritter had run his dagger through my heart.  I let out a bloodcurdling shriek and slammed against the wall.  The knife went flying from the inside of my robe and smashed onto the ground.  I slid from the wall and lay motionless on the ground.  It felt like a knife was shredding my insides.  I couldn't even get breath to scream.  I slowly forced my eyelids open to see what Kammy would do.  To my surprise, she was doubled over in the corner, holding her arm in pain.

Creak!  Kammy and I quickly glanced towards the door.  It slid open to reveal Kamek standing in the doorway with his want raised.  He quickly peered around the room to take in the scene before him.  "What in the world are you doing out of bed, Kamella?" Kamek asked in a voice shaking with anger.

I forced my lips to move and struggled to keep my consciousness.  "I'm giving Kammy what she deserves.  But why should you care anyway?  You love Kammy, not me."

Kamek rushed to my side and took my hand in his.  "Kamella, I have so much to say to you.  But the first thing I must do is apologize.  I've been so stupid; this is all my fault-"

I cut him off, "No, it's not.  Kammy set me up with Iggy... I know.  It's all her fault, not yours."

Kamek looked surprised.  "Oh... I didn't know that you knew about that.  Well I'm sorry for ditching you, Kamella.  But I'm going to tell you the truth now, straight from my heart.  I love you, Kamella Koopa.  You're all I've ever wanted and needed and more.  I've treated you like dirt and I will understand if you never want to see me again.  But... if you're willing to give me a second chance..."  Kamek eyed me hopefully.

I forgot about the pain emanating through my body and slowly moved myself into a sitting position so that I was mere inches away from Kamek.  Then, rather impulsively, I leaned close to him and pressed my lips firmly on top of his.  I felt Kamek smile from under my lips.  Then he was kissing me back passionately.  I felt myself melt in his arms and just let myself be engulfed in his love.  All that mattered was that Kamek really DID love me... everything would be okay now.  The two of us forgot that Kammy was in the room, witnessing our every move through squinted eyes.  As we kissed, I felt Kamek slowly start caressing my body... in ways that he had never touched me before.  I felt myself wrap my arms around his neck...I  never wanted to let go.  I loved him so much.  I could never bear to lose him again.

As Kamek and I entwined, a loud, sharp sob sounded from the other end of the room.  Kamek and I broke apart briefly to witness Kammy crying her heart out.  She glared at us with disgust and raced from the room.  Kamek stared after her.  "She'll get over it someday."  Then he peered over at something to my left.  I followed his gaze.  To my surprise, a puddle of blood was forming next to my knife.  Kamek took my face tenderly in his hands and looked me in the eyes.  "What were you planning to do with that knife, Kamella?  I need to know."

I bit my lip, than answered truthfully, "I don't plan to do anything with it anymore."

"Promise me that you'll never attempt anything like that again... I couldn't bear to lose you now…" Kamek's voice broke as he searched my eyes anxiously.  I nodded.  Kamek relaxed slightly, then gazed back at the pool of blood on the floor.  "Your leg is bleeding again.  We need to get you back upstairs.  Wendy will be able to stop the bleeding."  I nodded my agreement and allowed Kamek to tenderly pick me up.  As he took me in his arms, the neck of my robe slid downwards, revealing the long claw marks on my chest.  Kamek stared at them angrily.  "I wish I could kill that Kritter for what he did to you."

I tried to pull the neck of my robe back up.  "I'm thankful you saved me when you did, though.  I'd probably go mental if Kritter drugged me much longer..."  Kamek glanced back down at me and then we were kissing again.

*               *               *               *

"Kamella!" Wendy gasped loudly, staring at me in shock and amazement.  She jumped up from the blue velvet chair and gave me a gentle hug.  "I didn't think you were going to make it through the night... but what in the world are you doing out of bed?"  Then Wendy saw the way Kamek was holding me against his chest.  "Are you guys... back... together again?" Wendy whispered curiously.  To answer her question, Kamek gave me a passionate kiss on the mouth and I kissed him back.  Wendy blushed awkwardly and then scrutinized my leg.

"You're bleeding!  Put her on the bed, Kamek.  She needs to be treated fast, she's still very weak," Wendy ordered anxiously.  Kamek gently lowered my body onto the bed and sat down next to me, taking hold of my hand protectively.

"I thought I took care of the bleeding..." Wendy mumbled to herself as she retrieved some bandages and ointment for my wound.  Then she came back over and lifted my robe up to expose my leg.  I stared at the mutilated limb with horror.  Dark purple and crimson blood gushed all over.  Sticky, dried blood clung to my leg.  I was grateful to see Kamek quickly look away; I didn't want him to see me like this.  "What did you DO?" Wendy asked angrily.

I stared guiltily at the ground and mumbled softly, "I had a duel with Kammy."  I saw Wendy nod understandingly.

"I can understand why you would want to get revenge... but couldn't you wait until you were feeling better?" Wendy asked as she began to wipe the blood off of my leg.  I shrugged uncomfortably, still staring disgustedly at my mottled leg.  I couldn't even recognize it as my own.

Suddenly I felt a sharp cramp in my stomach.  It felt as if someone were squeezing it and tying it into tight knots.  I screamed in pain.  Kamek jerked his gaze back to me.  "What is it, darling?"  I tried to speak, but the pain was too great.  Instead I saw Kamek's face blur in front of me until it faded into blackness.

To Be Continued...

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