The Dark Prognosticus Sub-Chapter A: Bowser Jr's Betrayal

By Dimentio

In the Mushroom Kingdom park we can see Toad and Bowser Jr. playing tag. Dimentio is sitting at the benches.

Dimentio: Great day. Hello there. I am Dimentio, knower of all unknown stories. Look at those two play.

Toad is running away from a mob, Bowser Jr. following behind.

Bowser Jr: Darn it, Toad! What’d you do this time?!

Dimentio: I love the sound of people suffering like a geek loves watching Star Trek. I’m pretty sure you’re interested in how Bowser’s favorite son crossed over to the good side. Well sit down.

Dimentio snaps his fingers and the Dark Prognosticus appears.

Dimentio: It’s a tale of misused power, influence, and of course Bowser doing something stupid. This is the tale of how Bowser Jr’s family “betrayed” him.

Dimentio finds the page and begins to read…

Chapter 1: Kamek’s Revelation

One night Kamek is up late reviewing all of the plans made in the past.

Kamek: Kidnap princess. Make children takeover different lands then kidnap princess. Takeover Dino Land then kidnap princess. *yawn* Go to Earth and kidnap Mario. Kidnap princess while she goes out to play. *yawn* ZZZzzzzzz…

Kamek hears the door opening and looks.

Kamek: Oh, it’s just you, Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr: Kamek, what are you doing up so late?

Kamek: I’m trying to see if I can find any mistakes in your father’s plans. Your father isn’t very creative, I’d say.

Bowser Jr: I want to go back to Castle Koopa. I don’t like this island.

Kamek: Patience, young Master. We’ll head there soon. Kamella! Please put Jr. back to bed.

Kamella appears and carries Bowser Jr. to his room. She goes back and finds Kamek asleep.

Kamella: Dear, you should sleep in your bed.

Kamek: Huh? No. Master Bowser Koopa wants me to formulate a plan to finally defeat those pesky Mario Bros. I can’t let him down.

Kamella: Okay, but try to get some sleep.

She leaves to her room.

Kamek: Can’t sleep… Must formulate plan…Takeover castle… kidnap princess… and… takeover… Power Stars… Zzzzzzzzzzz…

Kamek opens his eyes and finds himself in outer space. He sees nothing but the vastness and shooting stars. Just then he sees a dark hole appear, capturing some nearby shooting stars. They get spit out as…

Kamek: Of course…

Kamek writes something down and heads towards his library. Kamek scans the bookshelves and finds what he wants.

Kamek: Time to head back.

Kamek talks to Kamella. She goes to Bowser Jr’s room and carries the sleeping Koopa. They get on their broomsticks and head towards Castle Koopa.

Chapter 2: A New Darker Plan

At Castle Koopa, Bowser is throwing his usual tantrum after getting defeated by Mario. The Koopalings are hiding in their rooms. Ludwig takes out a walkie-talkie.

Ludwig: Ludwig here, over.

Lemmy: Lemmy here, over.

Roy: Roy here, over.

Iggy: Iggy here, over.

Wendy: Wendy here, over.

Morton: Morton here, present, available-

Larry: Shut up! Larry here, over.

Ludwig: I wonder how long this tantrum is going to take? Over.

Roy: It’s not fair! Whenever Dad gets mad that little brat Bowser Jr. goes away. Over.

Iggy: While we have to stay here and endure the tantrum. Over.

Wendy: I wonder how much until it’s over?

Larry: Until it’s what, Wendy? Over.

Wendy: I said I wonder when Dad’s tantrum will be over!

Lemmy: You have to finish your sentence, Wendy. Over.

Wendy: Are you guys deaf?! My sentence is over!

Ludwig: Your sentence is what? Over.

Wendy: Wait, you mean I have to say over even if the stupid sentence ends with over?!

Morton: The sentence ends, stops, does not continue with what, Wendy?

Wendy: OVER!

The Koopalings drop the walkie-talkies. Just then Larry hears the castle door opening.

Kamek: Master, I have-


Kamek gets hit with a huge fireball.

Bowser: Kamek, you old coot! Why can’t I ever have my tantrums in peace?!

Kamella: But sir! Kamek has a new plan!

Bowser: Well he should have said so before I roasted him.

Kamek: Forgive me, sir… ugh.

Bowser: Well it’s awfully late. Tell me the plan in the morning.

Ludwig: Finally, some sleep.

1 hour later…

Koopa Family: @&%$?! IT’S MORNING ALREADY?!

Bowser: Hmm. My tantrum lasted longer then usual.

Larry: A new record. Wahoo…

Kamek: All right, Koopa family, please gather around the table.

Bowser: All right, Kamek. What’s your big plan?

Kamek: It’s a little lengthy but try to keep up. I have had a revelation.

Bowser: Are you hooked on pain pills again?

Kamek: What I mean is I have had a vision that’ll assure our success.

Bowser: Go on.

Kamek: Recently you conquered Peach’s castle and obtained the Power Stars, correct?


Kamek: Uh, calm down, calm down. Now Mario bested you even when you had the Power Stars in your possession, yes?

Bowser: Urge to kill rising…

Kamek: *gulp* Maybe I should get to the main part. Look Sire, you lost because the Power Stars barely gave you any power.

Bowser: Say what?

Kamek: Look, a Power Star gives more power to good-willed people than bad ones.

Bowser: So now you’re saying there is no way for me to win even if I have all the Power Stars in the world?

Kamek: Not really, sir. However, don’t fret. There is a bad side to all.

Bowser: Huh?

Kamek: Behold.

Kamek takes out a container holding a Ztar. Bowser has a shocked look on his face. Bowser Jr. trembles upon seeing its sinister dark red eyes. Ludwig stares in concentration while the other Koopalings just stare.

Bowser: What in my father’s name is that?!

Kamek: This is the key to defeating Mario once and for all! This is a Ztar. It holds nothing but negative, dark energy. Don’t you see? Power Stars are made of pure, good energy. That’s why you couldn’t win. With this, however…

Bowser: You mean it will power me up even more?

Kamek: Way more. You will be able to harness its dark energy, making you powerful enough to finally defeat Mario!

Bowser: Great!

Bowser goes over to take the Ztar but Kamek holds it back.

Bowser: What are you waiting for?! Give it to me!

Kamek: Sire, I know you’re excited, but not enough research has been done on these things.

Bowser: I don’t care! Knowing it can help me finally crush Mario is good enough!

Kamek: Look Sire, we need more than one to make you invincible.

Bowser: Then get some more!

Kamek: Hold on. These are rare to find. Luckily, however, there is an occurrence in space every 100 years. A dark hole sucks up nearby Power Stars and transforms them into Ztars. These will shoot down in a specific location. So you must let me do research.

Bowser: Hurry up then! Bwa ha ha ha ha! Prepare yourself, you mustached moron, for the Koopa Clan will finally take their rightful place… as kings of the Mushroom Kingdom!

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