The Dark Prognosticus Sub-Chapter B: The Birth of Dark Doc

By Dimentio

Chapter 7: Return of Dark Doc

Luigi: You did it, Bro!

The Smashers welcome back Dr. Mario and Peach.

Marth: You sure kicked the guy’s butt good.

Mr. Game & Watch: Yes, but tell us this… Who was he?

Luigi: Yes, Bro. He looked so much like you.

A few tears escape Peach, and Dr. Mario grabs her hand.

Dr. Mario: It’s…a long, shameful story. Let us not worry about it. Come on, we have to fix this place up.

They all head back in and get to work on fixing Smash Stadium. However Dr. Mario instead heads to his lab.

Back at Final Destination Lab…

Master: Well… So much for that plan.

Master Hand is dragging himself inside. Alongside him is Crazy Hand.

Crazy: I thought with that Mario clone we could finally win. Yet we lost and now he’s dead.

Crazy Hand collapses on the floor.

Master: What a waste of time. We must rest and think up another plan…

Suddenly they hear typing noises and look in the direction of the cloning machine.

Crazy: Did… you did that?

Master: I’m over here, you idiot!

Cloning Machine: Please insert virus.

They hear some buttons being pushed and the virus slot opens.

Master: This is weird.

Crazy: That incompetent clone probably just built us a malfunctioning cloning mach-

Cloning Machine: Virus in. Cloning…10% complete…


Peach: Mario, what are you doing?

Peach enters Dr. Mario’s lab and sees him at his desk.

r. Mario: Please…I have my lab coat, so call me Dr…

Peach: Well Doctor, what are you doing?

Dr. Mario: Don’t concern yourself, Peach. Please just relax.

Peach: Concern?! After what you did to poor Doc I will concern myself with any experiments you make!

Dr. Mario: Look, I’m sorry, but if you really want to know what I’m making, it’s… a vaccine.

Peach: Let me take a look.

She shoves him aside and takes a look at his papers.

Peach: The Star Vaccine?

Dr. Mario: With this vaccine I will be able to cure ANY disease at all. Of course it’s very hard to make, especially in large quantities.

Peach: Why would you make this vaccine?

Dr. Mario: To get rid of the death virus.

Peach: But… I thought you said there were only three in existence. Why would you concern yourself with a very rare disease?

Dr. Mario: I have a bad feeling… about Doc.

Peach: You don’t mean….

Dr. Mario: Well, don’t worry about it. With this vaccine, any threat from a death virus will be contained.

Peach: That does it. You need to explain this epidemic to the Smashers right now!

Dr. Mario: But-

Peach grabs Mario by the ear and takes him to the lobby.


Cloning Machine: Cloning 90%

Master: This thing must be malfunctioning.

Crazy: Isn’t that what I said? Well do something!

Master: What do you want me to do?! Shut it off?

Cloning Machine: 95% complete…

Crazy: Pull the plug or something!

Master Hand touches the plug and his finger catches on fire.

Master Hand: AAAAHHHH! Crush it!

Crazy Hand curls up into a fist and heads straight for the cloning machine.

Cloning Machine: 100% Cloning complete.

Crazy Hand is about to crash into the machine when something jumps out of it and smashes Crazy into the ground.

Master: What the?!

Dark Doc: You ain’t getting rid of me that easily…

Master: How?! We saw you turn into nothing after Dr. Mario was through with you…

At hearing “Dr. Mario”, Dark Doc shivers.

Dark Doc: I don’t have time to explain! My next plan will now unfold!

Crazy Hand shakes Dark Doc off and grabs him.

Crazy: Tell us! How did you survive? We were sure you’d be a goner after that massive megavitamins attack.

Dark Doc lets out a sigh.

Dark Doc: To be honest, I thought I was a goner too.

Master: Then how are you here?!

Dark Doc: Well I’m made out of viruses, so of course megavitamins would be my weakness. I’m made out of every virus Dr. Mario has discovered.

Crazy: Of course we know that! That’s why you were destroyed when the megavitamins hit you.

Dark Doc: Of course he has a cure for every known virus- except one!

Master: I don’t quite understand…

Dark Doc struggles out of Crazy Hand’s grip and jumps on Master Hand. He brings him down to the ground and grabs him.

Dark Doc: The death virus, you fool! All of my knowledge, skills, personality, EVERYTHING is encrypted into the death virus! Dr. Mario has never found the cure for the death virus. You can say my brain is the death virus. So all those pills had no affect on me. I came back here. worked the cloning machine. and here I am!

Master: I…still don’t quite understand…

Dark Doc lifts Master Hand and throws him at Crazy Hand. They collide and hit a corner of the room.

Dark Doc: I don’t have time to break it down for you! My next plan must unfold!

Chapter 8: The Invasion

Dr. Mario: …So that’s the situation.

Dr. Mario is on a podium talking to all the Smashers in the lobby of the fixed Smash Stadium. Peach is at his side and all the Smashers are now talking to each other. One of them raises their hand.

Dr. Mario: Yes Zelda?

Zelda: So what you’re saying is you made that dark version of yourself?

Dr. Mario: Yes.

Kirby: So now that Dark Doc guy has teamed up with both Master AND Crazy Hand.

Dr. Mario: It would appear so.

Roy: Now that guy is holding a grudge against you and wants revenge on you.

Dr. Mario: Yep.

Luigi: And being teamed up with those maniacal hands means they’ll get help from him to take us down?

The last statement makes the Smashers go into a panic. Some are panicking while others are asking Dr. Mario questions.

Dr. Mario: Listen, all of you! Calm down. With my new vaccine I will be able to defeat the death virus if it ever shows its face.

Pichu: So wait, there is a possibility this guy is still lurking?!

Dr. Mario: Uh, maybe…

Again everyone goes into a panic.

Dr. Mario: With me around you’ll all be safe.

Mewtwo: Yeah, because you’re the great Mario…

Dr. Mario: That’s not funny. Look, you have nothing to fear-

Dark Doc: Oh, I’d beg to differ.

CRASH! The windows shatter again as a bunch of tiny dots break through the windows of Smash Stadium.

Game & Watch: BEEP! I just fixed those windows!

Dark Doc jumps through a window and faces the Smashers.

Dark Doc: Am I too late to register?

Dr. Mario: Get out before I have to permanently destroy you.

Dark Doc: Psh! You, destroy me? If I’m not mistaken you tried to destroy me and yet I’m standing here! Gee, I wonder how that worked out.

Dr. Mario clenches his fists and jumps off the podium.

Dark Doc: Well I’m not here to make small talk. I’m here for the princess- and for your soul! Viruses, attack!

Dr. Mario: What?!

The little dots start moving again and head towards the Smashers. The Smashers try attacking the dots but they just jump and land on them. More and more start coming in.

Link: Achoo! No good! *sniff* How can we defeat something we can’t even hit?

Ganondorf: Or see! *hack*

Everyone starts getting dizzy. Many fall down and start sneezing or coughing. Others just fall down shaking. Dark Doc starts to laugh.

Dark Doc: How the mighty have fallen.

Dr. Mario: You forget I’m still here!

Dark Doc sets his dark eyes on Dr. Mario. Dr. Mario feels a chill up his spine but shakes it off and looks at Dark Doc.

Dark Doc: You can’t defeat me! I’m too powerful for even YOU to handle.

Dr. Mario: We’ll see about that!

Dr. Mario quickly turns around and heads for his lab. Dark Doc does a crushing motion and the wall near the lab collapses. The rubble blocks the door and Dr. Mario stops dead in his tracks. Master Hand comes through the hole in the wall. Crazy Hand comes through the broken window and drops a cage on Princess Peach.

Dark Doc: Good job, Master Hand and Crazy Hand. Now leave me to destroy Dr. Mario.

Master: You’re telling us what to do?

Dark Doc: Look, the Smashers are there, very ill and incapable of doing anything. Just leave and as soon as I take out my revenge you can come back.

Master Hand clenches his fist but turned the other way and leaves. Crazy Hand does too.

Dark Doc: Now where was I? Oh, right, about to take my-

Dr. Mario: Blah blah blah. You seriously talk too much. I mean, where did you acqui-

Dark Doc’s fists meet with Dr. Mario’s face as he uppercuts him. Dr. Mario lands on the rubble and gets back up. He jumps off and throws a megavitamin at Dark Doc. Dark Doc pulls out his Super Sheet and reflects the pill.

Dark Doc: I’m ready for you this time!

Dr. Mario tries to Meteor Smash Dark Doc but he dodges. He grabs Dr. Mario and throws him at the podium. Dr. Mario crashes with the podium and he falls to the floor. Dark Doc jumps towards him and grabs Dr. Mario by his hair. Dr. Mario quickly pulls out a megavitamin and throws it at Dark Doc’s face. It burns on contact and Dark Doc lets go of Dr. Mario. He stumbles back a bit and Dr. Mario uses a Smash Attack. Dark Doc flies into Link. Dr. Mario sees half of Dark Doc’s face has melted off.

Dark Doc: Just a little flesh wound. Viruses!

A couple of viruses head towards Dark Doc. They jump on his face and reform the missing part. Dark Doc grabs the ill Link and throws him at Dr. Mario. Dr. Mario catches him and sets him down. Dark Doc keeps grabbing Smashers and throwing them at Dr. Mario. Dr. Mario falls over after Dark Doc throws Pichu at his face. Dark Doc jumps up and smashes his fist into Dr. Mario’s face. Dr. Mario ignores the pain and grabs the devious doc. Dr. Mario slams him against the floor and punches him in the stomach. Dark Doc struggles to get out of his grasp but Dr. Mario uppercuts him. He falls hard on the polished floor. He tries to get up but Dr. Mario places a foot on him and keeps him down. Dr. Mario grabs a megavitamin and aims it at Dark Doc’s face.

Dr. Mario: Leave now.

Dark Doc: No, you leave! I stay.

Dark Doc grabs a megavitamin of his own and throws it just as Dr. Mario throws his. They collide and make a burst of light. Dark Doc quickly punches Dr. Mario in his stomach. He stumbles back a bit and Dark Doc gets back up. He kicks Dr Mario and grabs another megavitamin. He throws it at Dr. Mario and it connects with him.

Dr. Mario: What th- Achoo! Huh? *sniff*

Dark Doc: Isn’t modern technology just fabulous?

Dark Doc proceeds to pummel the now ill Dr. Mario. He uses a Smash Attack and sends Dr. Mario flying across the lobby. Peach watches the horror as Dark Doc places a foot on Dr. Mario’s chest.

Peach: Mario! Huh?

???: Shhh!

Dark Doc: You created me out of your own selfishness!

Dr. Mario: I’m sorry, but-

Dark Doc: But nothing! I have no real life or real meaning! Now you’re going to pay with your life! I think that a suitable punishment.

Dark Doc reaches inside his coat and takes out a dark-looking megavitamin.

Dark Doc: Farewell, Dr. Mario.

Kirby: Drop the pill!

Dark Doc looks behind him and sees a blue Kirby with a Ray Gun in his hands. The Star is vaccine crammed inside. He is pointing it at Dark Doc’s chest.

Kirby: Let Dr. Mario go now.

Dark Doc scowls. He looks at Dr. Mario, then at Kirby. Then he looks at the pile of sick Smashers.

Dark Doc: How?

Kirby: Kirbys can’t get sick. Now put your hands up and relinquish Dr. Mario.

Dark Doc lets out a sigh and looks at Dr. Mario again.

Dark Doc: This little puffball saved you for now, but hear this: The next time we meet, he won’t be around to save you!

Kirby: I command you to put your hands up!

Dark Doc closes his eyes and puts his hands up. Kirby takes out some handcuffs but then Dark Doc explodes.

Dr. Mario: What?! Achoo!

The viruses start retreating, following something. Dr. Mario hears something.

???: ‘Til our next checkup, Dr. Mario! Ah ha ha!

Dr. Mario goes over to Kirby and shakes his stub.

Dr. Mario: Thank you for saving me.

Kirby: It’s all part of the K Cops, sir.

To Be Continued...

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