The Dark Prognosticus Sub-Chapter B: The Birth of Dark Doc

By Dimentio

Chapter 13: Dark Doc’s Wrath

Master Hand and Crazy Hand enter the Final Destination lab and collapse.

Master: Well…that went as well as we could’ve expected…

Crazy: Oh shut up…

The two try to get back up when suddenly the door is blown off its hinges, slamming right into the devious hands.

Master: What now…

The pair launch the doors off themselves and turn around. They saw Dark Doc, with his head down, kneeling but with both of his fists curled up tight. He lifts his head up and the hands flinch as they see his eyes completely engulfed in red. The room is still for a minute until Master Hand decides to speak.

Master: Dark Doc-

Dark Doc suddenly leaps to his feet. He runs towards Master Hand, grabs him, and flings him across the lab. Crazy Hand reflexively curls up into a fist and fires himself towards Dark Doc. Dark Doc times himself jumps up and pounces on Crazy Hand just as he is under him. Master Hand quickly comes back and slaps Dark Doc off Crazy Hand. Dark Doc goes flying but techs as he hits the floor. Master Hand helps his brother up and they both curl up into fists.


Dark Doc chuckles and his eyes return to their normal color. However he lets out a yell and starts beating on the wall instead.


Master Hand slams Dark Doc to the floor. Dark Doc tries to get up but Crazy Hand grabs him.

Master: As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted…it’s been fun, Dark Doc but I have a very low tolerance for constant failure!

Master Hand signals his brother, who still has Dark Doc under his grip. Crazy Hand goes to another door labeled “Trash Chute”.

Master: And so it is with a heavy heart that I have to say we are letting you go, Doctor!

With that Crazy Hand stuffs Dark Doc inside the door. Dark Doc lands on a garbage heap and quickly jumps toward the door. However Crazy Hand closes it and hits a button labeled “Dump”. The room starts to stir and Dark Doc falls down. A giant hole opens up and Dark Doc, along with the trash, gets sucked up and spit out of Final Destination. Master Hand watches through a window the trash falling down until they are nothing but a speck.

Master Hand: Good riddance! His anger was starting to get on my nerves…Besides, we already used him to his full potential…

Crazy Hand starts typing in some things on the cloning machine.

Crazy: Right! We got this sweet machine that we can continue to use to terrorize the Smashers…and look!

Crazy Hand points to Dark Doc’s desk. Master Hand hovers over to it and sees a bunch of research papers. Master Hand starts looking at a particular paper.

Master Hand: “Super Serum”?

Master Hand and Crazy Hand start to laugh maniacally…


Lakitu: And the winner is…Zelda!

The audience goes wild as the latest fight over at Smash Stadium concludes. Some Medi Guys grab Link and carry him away. In the lobby watching on the TV are Mario and Peach.

Mario: Ouch…I’ll make sure to never get in an argument with you, Peach!

Peach looks at Mario and just hugs him. Mario puts his hand over her shoulder and smiles. It has been over a week since Dark Doc’s latest attack, and peace has returned to Smash Stadium. The TV announces the next match.

Mario: I could go for some lunch…How about it, Peach? My treat.

They both get up and head towards the cafeteria. However once there they see it is packed! Mario jumps to look over the crowd and sees Game & Watch on a table talking to the crowd. Mario starts carefully jumping towards Game & Watch, making sure not to step on anyone. Mario does a huge jump and lands right next to Game & Watch.

Mario: What’s the holdup, buddy? Ran out of ingredients?

G&W: Worse, Mario! Some of the parts to various kitchen appliances have gone missing! Parts out of the oven, microwave, stand mixer, light bulbs, you name it! In fact we’ve had many pieces missing from all over Smash… Wait… Mario, aren’t you suppose to be onstage?

Mario looks at him, puzzled, and quickly runs back to the lobby not being careful this time. Peach quickly fallows him and sees him staring at the TV. As usual Pichu is doing commentary.

Pichu: And Bowser tries to do a Bowser Bomb! However it proves to be slow as Dr. Mario quickly backflips and counters with a Meteor Smash!

Peach gasps as she sees Dr. Mario on screen. Mario wastes no time and quickly dons his lab coat and rushes onstage.

Bowser: Err…When did you get so brutal Dr. Mario?!

Onstage, Bowser is nearly at the end of his rope as Dr. Mario has not let up. Dr. Mario does a sweeper kick and knocks Bowser off his feet. He grabs him but then hears the audience gasp.

Dr. Mario: Hold it right there…Dark Doc!

Lakitu looks at the other Dr. Mario and gasps as a wicked smile spreads across the Doc’s face. Quickly Dark Doc rips off a huge amount of hair from Bowser’s head and stuffs it in his lab coat. Then just as quickly he elbows Bowser in the gut hard enough for him to start coughing. Dark Doc takes out a piece of glass and catches a few saliva samples. Dr. Mario quickly takes out a bunch of Megavitamins and runs towards Dark Doc, but he simply throws Bowser toward Dr. Mario. Bowser’s big body collides with Dr. Mario and he falls down. Dark Doc takes out a pill, which he slams into the ground. Millions of viruses come out and he dissolves into them. The viruses then scurry out of Smash Stadium. Dr. Mario crawls out from underneath Bowser’s semi-unconscious body. Dr. Mario whistles and the Medi Guys come and take Bowser away. Peach jumps into the stadium and helps Dr. Mario up.

Peach: What do you suppose he has planned this time?

Dr. Mario: I’m not quite sure…but whatever it is he needed a lot of Bowser’s DNA…

They walk to the lobby and see the big screen TV gone, along with an electronic billboard and most of the lights in the lobby.

Dr Mario: And electronics too…

Dr. Mario takes out his notes on the Star Vaccine and dashes to his lab. Peach lets out a worried sigh. Dr. Mario quickly dashes back, gives the princess a kiss on the cheek, and dashes back to the lab. The princess gains a faint smile and decides to help her fellow Smashers recover from the recent attack…

Dark Doc: Just a few more adjustments…

Meanwhile, somewhere underground, Dark Doc has created a makeshift lab. Dark Doc looks at his newly created (and kind of crude) cloning machine. He takes out a folder from his lab coat labeled “Dr. Mario’s Adventure Notes”. He looks through it and takes out a couple of notes.

Dark Doc: Power Stars…Star Mans…7 Star Spirits…ahhh, here we go…Bowser…lightning…Star Rod…giga juice…

Dark Doc closes the folder and reaches for briefcase labeled “Dr. Mario’s Undergarments”.

Dark Doc: Fool. I know what you are really hiding in there…

Dark Doc breaks the lock on the briefcase and opens it up. From there he takes out a flask half filled with some multicolored potion. He takes out a remote control with his other hand and clicks a button. The roof above him slowly opens up to reveal his lab is underneath Final Destination. The clouds look darker than ever, with lightning striking the mountains. Dark Doc clicks another button and a lightning rod slowly extends itself up high into the sky. Dark Doc takes out the hair follicles and spit of Bowser and puts it into the slot of the cloning machine. He also takes out the potion and pours all of it down a tube in the cloning machine.

Dark Doc: Now I will enact my revenge on ALL OF YOU!!! AH HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Dark Doc hits the clone button and the machine stirs to life…


Peach: Dr. Mario?

Back at Smash Stadium, Peach had given the other Smashers a warning that Dark Doc was on the loose again and for them to be prepared for anything. While the Smashers were preparing, Peach heard a lot of rustling coming from Dr. Mario’s office.

Peach: Dr. Mario? Are you all right?

Peach enters the office and sees it a complete wreck. Papers are all over the floor, there are shards of glass on the tables, chemicals are missing, pieces of machinery are gone, and Dr. Mario is looking frantically looking through a cabinet.

Dr. Mario: Where is it, where is it, where is it…

Peach carefully walks inside. She tries to say something but Dr. Mario quickly turns to face her.

Dr. Mario: It’s gone…

Peach: What is, Doctor?

Dr. Mario: My notes…from the last adventure…

Peach: You mean when Bowser stole the Star Rod? Why would you keep notes about THAT wacky adventure?

Dr. Mario: I know…I wasn’t myself, but that’s only because I wasn’t happy that Bowser kidnapped you the day before our wedding…That and I met Junior…

Peach: Oh yeah…Daddy was disappointed too…You worked so hard to defeat Bowser when he took over the castle’s Power Stars…He thought it was a fitting reward…

Dr. Mario:  Well now’s not the time to reminisce…Dark Doc stole my notes! He stole the notes I wrote down after my final battle!

Peach: You mean-

Dr. Mario: I think he is trying to clone-



Back in Dark Doc’s new lab, the cloning machine has just been struck by lightning. Inside the chamber Bowser’s outline can be made out but now electricity is pulsing all throughout his body. Suddenly the outline starts growing bigger and more grotesque. The cloning machine starts to malfunction as the clone starts tearing through the machine due to it continually growing. Dark Doc starts laughing maniacally as the immense monster bursts through the cloning machine and lets out a huge roar. Dark Doc takes out a tranquilizer gun and shoots Giga Bowser in the head. The dart suddenly transforms into a little chip that attaches itself firmly into Giga Bowser’s skull. This angers Giga Bowser and he roars at Dark Doc, who is still laughing evilly and joyfully. Giga Bowser gets ready to punch Dark Doc but he takes out a remote control and clicks a button. Suddenly the chip activates and releases a painful amount of electricity that courses all throughout Giga Bowser. The beast lets out a roar before falling to his knees from all the pain.

Dark Doc: Heh heh… No use trying to struggle. I’ve got you within my grip and now you are going to do as I say, got it?

Giga Bowser snarls but seems to comply with Dark Doc’s orders.

Dark Doc: Excellent! Now come on…I want to show you off to a colleague of mine…

Chapter 14: The Face Off Part 3
Luigi: Ma-Mario…Did you hear that all-too-familiar roar too?

Back at Smash Stadium, the Smashers were ready for any attack. Dr. Mario felt incredibly nervous as he replied to Luigi.

Dr. Mario: Yeah…I did. It’s just as I predicted that maniac would do. Kirby!

Kirby flies over to Dr. Mario.

Kirby: Yeah boss?

Dr. Mario: I want you to protect Peach, okay? You must make sure no harm comes her way.

Kirby nods and flies back to Peach’s side. Suddenly everybody gasps as the entire ground shakes. Everybody braces themselves and Dr. Mario takes out a couple Megavitamins. The ground continues to shake harder and harder and they start hearing huge, lumbering steps getting nearer.  Dr. Mario just stares at the entrance to Smash Stadium, sweating profusely. The ground shakes once more, then suddenly everything goes dead silent. The Smashers starts breathing slowly, trying to see or hear anything that could indicate danger. It remains deadly quiet. Some of the Smashers start to put their guard down, sighing with relief. Dr. Mario however holds his stance.

Link: Relax, Doc. Maybe it was just an earth-

Mewtwo: Above you!!!

CRASH! Suddenly the roof comes crashing down. Most of the Smashers quickly dodge the falling debris but not all of them do. Then they hear something huge falling down. A huge dust cloud forms and the Smashers quickly arm themselves again. A roar is heard from the cloud and suddenly a huge burst of fire shoots out from the cloud and strikes Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf. They fall to the ground covered in flames. Fox and Falco quickly take out their blasters and start shooting into the cloud. Another roar is let out followed by a sudden punch that strikes Fox dead in the chest. He goes flying until he hits a wall and falls to the floor unconscious. Falco quickly senses another punch headed his way and roll dodges. However out of the dust two dark-looking Megavitamins fly out and strike Falco. He falls down, sneezing and coughing up phlegm. Mewtwo gets out of a piece of rubble and sends out a psychic blast at the dust cloud which removes it. Everybody gasps as they see the hideous form of Giga Bowser, with Dark Doc smugly roosted on his head.

Dark Doc: AH HA HA HA HA HA! We meet again, Dr. Mario - FOR THE LAST TIME!!!

Dark Doc points to Dr. Mario and Giga Bowser looks in his direction. Giga Bowser lets out a roar and breathes out a huge fireball at Dr. Mario. He barely manages to jump out of the fireballs way and falls upon landing. Giga Bowser quickly lets out a punch but Marth and Roy just as quickly jump in Dr. Mario’s way and use Counter to repel the beast. Suddenly Giga Bowser is struck by an onslaught of attacks by the Pokemon fighters. Young Link has given his comrades some fairies and so the Hyrulians and Gerudo start pelting Giga Bowser with attacks as well. Giga Bowser starts to roar in pain from all the attacks.

Luigi: I think we got him!

Giga Bowser quickly hides in his shell and does his downward smash. Suddenly a huge blizzard envelopes him, hitting the Smashers who are attacking him. He freezes them solid and lets out a mighty roar. Suddenly Captain Falcon leaps out of the rubble and in the air charges his Falcon Punch. Dark Doc quickly leaps into the air and intercepts the almost fully charged punch with his Meteor Smash. Captain Falcon falls straight down to the floor and Dark Doc lands on him. Captain Falcon tries to kick him off but the Doc is even faster and quickly pulls out a needle and injects Captain Falcon’s leg just as he is about to kick him. Captain Falcon is frozen in place and Dark Doc confronts Dr. Mario.

Dark Doc: What do you think, Dr. Mario?

Dr. Mario: You’re mad! That beast’s rage is uncontrollable! How did you tame it?!

Dark Doc just chuckles. Marth and Roy charge at Dark Doc but Dark Doc snaps his fingers and Giga Bowser does a devastating Smash Attack on them. The both go flying until they collide with the floor, passing out on contact. Suddenly a PK Thunder crashes through the rubble and heads towards Giga Bowser. Dark Doc quickly jumps in front of it and reflects it back. Ness jumps out of the rubble but with a flick of the wrist Dark Doc shoots out another needle, hitting Ness’ arm. He falls down unable to move. Dark Doc lands and takes out another needle, pointing it menacingly at Dr. Mario.

Dark Doc: A watered down version of my Death Virus serum. This simply attacks the nervous system and creates paralysis.

With that Dark Doc shoots out the needle at Dr. Mario. The needle goes too fast for Dr. Mario to jump or dodge in time. Just as it’s about to hit him a green fireball destroys it.

Luigi: I got your back, Bro!

Dr. Mario and Luigi face Dark Doc and leap into action. Dark Doc snarls and snaps his fingers again. Giga Bowser lets loose a stream of fire towards the Mario Bros. However Bowser gets in the way and breathes out fire of his own. The fires collide but Giga Bowser overwhelms regular Bowser and fries him. Dr. Mario and Luigi aren’t hurt thanks to Bowser’s sacrifice but now Giga Bowser lets out a roar as they land in front of him. Suddenly he gets shocked and starts roaring in pain. Dark Doc puts the remote back in his lab coat and faces the gargantuan beast.

Dark Doc: Listen here, I’ve got this covered. You go back to the lab and head to Final Destination.

Dark Doc faces out a window and sees the sky darken around the mountains,

Dark Doc: I’ve got a score to settle there too…

Giga Bowser doesn’t move but just stares angrily at Dark Doc. Dark Doc takes out the remote again and shocks him. Giga Bowser roars in pain and Dark Doc gives him the command again. Giga Bowser snorts, then wrecks through the walls of Smash Stadium and leaves. During all this Dr. Mario and Luigi look at each other, confused,

Dr. Mario: What’s the deal, you lunatic? Why’d you have that monster attack all the other Smashers but not us?

Dark Doc: I couldn’t let him have all the fun, could I? No Dr. Mario, I want the pleasure of taking you down myself. I reserved that right, which is why I never let those idiotic Hands have the Super…

Dark Doc trails off but quickly faces the Brothers and takes out two needles.

Dark Doc: It doesn’t matter! I defeated you before and I shall have no trouble doing it again even if your pushover of a brother is helping you! PREPARE FOR PAIN!

Luigi: PUSHOVER?! I’ll show you!!!

Luigi dashes towards Dark Doc just as he throws one of the needles towards him. Luigi quickly slides underneath it and slides straight into Dark Doc, fist cocked. Dark Doc tries to stab Luigi with the other needle but Luigi quickly uppercuts and devastates Dark Doc as it makes contact. Dark Doc goes flying high but techs as he hits the floor. Luigi falls down as well and doesn’t recover as fast as Dark Doc, who sees his chance and throws out a Megavitamin.

Dr. Mario, mesmerized by Luigi’s sudden burst of energy and reflexes, jumps in front of his little brother and reflects the pill away with his Super Sheet. Dr. Mario helps his brother up and they put up their fists. Dark Doc snickers and charges at them. Luigi intercepts him with a karate chop but Dark Doc merely sidesteps and grabs his arm. Dr. Mario quickly throws a punch but Dark Doc tugs at Luigi and makes him take the hit. Dr. Mario gasps but then leaps at him. However Dark Doc tugs Luigi in and spins him around before throwing  him at Dr. Mario. The two collide in midair and fall down in a heap. Dark Doc leaps at them and prepares his trademark Meteor Mash. Luigi quickly snaps to his senses and shoots a fireball at his face. The devious doctor yells out in pain and covers his face. Dr. Mario quickly gets up and Smash Attacks Dark Doc as he falls to the floor.

Dark Doc goes flying and crashes down on the floor. Luigi leaps towards him and does a corkscrew. Dark Doc shows good reflexes and backflips as Luigi strikes the floor. However Dr. Mario appears behind Luigi and catches Dark Doc off guard by throwing his Megavitamins. They hit the floor first but then bounce up and hit Dark Doc’s legs. Dark Doc yells out in pain as the Megavitamins dissolve his legs and he falls face-first onto the floor. Dr. Mario and Luigi approach Dark Doc, who is just laying there.

Luigi: Did we get him?

Luigi reaches out to flip him over but Dr. Mario quickly reels in his brother. However Dark Doc manages to grab Luigi’s arm and, with his other hand, injects Luigi with his paralyzing venom. Dr. Mario stares in horror as Luigi turns a sickly pale color and falls down. Dark Doc sees his chance and breaks open one of his Megavitamin capsules. The viruses emerge and quickly latch onto Dark Doc. Before Dr. Mario can stop it, Dark Doc’s legs have reformed and he is standing again. Dark Doc snickers at Dr. Mario, who just puts up his fists.

Dark Doc: What? No reaction? No swearing of vengeance? Nothing?

Dr. Mario: No words can express the beating you are going to get!

Dark Doc smiles at the snappy comeback and shoots out two needles with the flick of his wrists. Dr. Mario however easily jumps over them and kicks Dark Doc in the face. Dark Doc ignores the pain and grabs Dr. Mario’s foot. He swings him hard to the floor and throws a punch. Dr. Mario quickly moves his head, avoiding the punch, and throws a punch of his own. He hits the devious doctor in the gut and knocks the wind out of him. He stumbles back a bit and Dr. Mario kicks him away. Dark Doc skids across the floor and hits one of the surviving walls. Dr. Mario gets up and runs towards him. Dark Doc gets up but then gets slammed into the wall as Dr. Mario tackles him. Dark Doc snarls and grabs Dr. Mario’s head, smashing him into the wall. Dark Doc then quickly follows it up by smashing his elbow on Dr. Mario’s back. He falls from the pain and Dark Doc places a foot on him. Dark Doc takes out another needle and brings it down. Dr. Mario however intercepts the needle with a Megavitamin that bursts as Dark Doc hits it with the needle.

Dark Doc yells out as the medicine inside burns his arm and hand. Dr. Mario takes out a needle of his own and throws it at Dark Doc. However he sees it and leaps away as it almost strikes him. This however gives Dr. Mario the opportunity to get up. Dark Doc throws another punch but Dr. Mario flips him around with a flick of the Super Sheet. As Dark Doc turns back Dr. Mario delivers a fierce punch to Dark Doc’s face. Dr. Mario continues to pummel him with a barrage of punches Dark Doc is unable to block. Dr. Mario charges a Smash Attack but in that brief second Dark Doc crouches and avoids the hit. Additionally he does a sweeper kick and knocks Dr. Mario off his feet. Dark Doc grabs Dr. Mario’s legs and starts swinging him around. He pulls of a dirty trick and throws Dr. Mario at the remains of a once hanging chandelier. Dr. Mario quickly covers his face as he lands on the shards of broken glass. Dr. Mario sees he got some deep cuts on his arm but just as he gets up to inspect his body Dark Doc hits him hard with a Meteor Smash.

Dr. Mario goes flying and crashes against another wall. He falls but lands on his feet. Dark Doc quickly leaps next to him and throws another punch. Dr. Mario sidesteps, avoiding the punch, and retaliates with his own. However Dark Doc merely catches it. Dr. Mario’s eye fills with terror as Dark Doc starts twisting his wrists.

Dark Doc: Looks like your arms lost a lot of blood, huh, Doctor?

Dark Doc cocks his fist and, holding Dr. Mario steady with his other hand, hits Dr. Mario hard in the face. Dr. Mario falls to the floor, his nose now bleeding and his arms throbbing with pain. Dark Doc places his foot on the heavily breathing doctor and lets out a triumphant laugh.

Dark Doc: Well here we are again, Dr. Mario…your life…your fate in my hands! Sound familiar?

Dark Doc backhands Dr. Mario furiously.

Dark Doc: It should! You know why?! Because that’s exactly what you did to me! You didn’t give me a choice! You handed me a meaningless life! With fate already determined! You may have brought me to life but now I’ll be taking yours!

With that Dark Doc takes out another needle with the Death Virus liquid in it. Dark Doc laughs in triumph and to his shock so does Dr. Mario. Dark Doc slaps him again but it doesn’t stop Dr. Mario from laughing.

Dark Doc: Stop it! What are you doing?! Are you mocking me?!

Dr. Mario takes in a deep breath and looks Dark Doc straight in the eyes.

Dr. Mario: Simple…You may be exactly like me or perhaps even stronger than me, Doc, but you don’t have two important things that I do. NOW!!!

Suddenly Kirby and Mr. Game & Watch come out holding a huge Star Vaccine. Dark Doc screams in terror as Kirby and Game & Watch throw the giant pill at him. Dark Doc quickly jumps as high as he can and avoids the pill. Instead it lands on Dr. Mario. It bursts on impact and the whole room gets filled with a beautiful golden glow. Dark Doc starts screaming but then realizes he isn’t burning up.

Dark Doc: What’s the dea-…de…de…

Dark Doc falls on his back and watches as Dr. Mario gets back up and wipes the blood of with a smile. Dark Doc then watches as Luigi gets back up as well, looking healthy. Suddenly all the Smashers start rising up and are illuminated by the golden glow. Dark Doc starts rubbing his eyes in disbelief as Dr. Mario approaches him.

Dr. Mario: If you’re wondering, that wasn’t THE Star Vaccine, but it was a variant, full of Starman energy and therefore serving as a great Pick-Me-Up.

Dr. Mario grabs Dark Doc by the color of his undershirt and holds him up high. Dark Doc quickly shuffles his hand through his lab coat and takes out his remote.

Luigi: Oh, and don’t bother with that. After that beast left Kirby was given the signal to activate a machine I made to block off all radio signals so you can’t summon your monster.

Dr. Mario cocks his fist and smashes the devious doctor square in the face. Dark Doc falls on his butt and just stares as the Smashers surround him. The weakened evil doctor spits on the floor and looks at Dr. Mario with his remaining good eye.

Dark Doc: So…humor me…What is it that YOU have that I don’t?

Dr. Mario folds his hands and stares at his creation.

Dr. Mario: The thing every hero has that keeps him going and makes him triumph over evil: a righteous heart. Its strength never lets you fall in battle even when things look grim. You may be me, Doc, but you don’t have that heart.

Dark Doc: And the other?

Peach suddenly moves through the crowd and Dr. Mario takes her hand.

Dr. Mario: A support system… not only just that, but friends who will help you through thick-and-thin…who have the same righteous heart as you do. With them by my side evil can’t overwhelm us. You may have had the Hands to help you but with my friends by my side their power is nothing. Evil never wins, Doc.

Dark Doc merely stares at his creator. Kirby comes through the crowd with a ray gun and handcuffs.

Kirby: All right pal, put’em up!

Dark Doc puts his head down and his arms out in defeat.

Dark Doc: You may be right, Doctor…But I still won’t let you choose my destiny!

With that Dark Doc suddenly disintegrates into millions of viruses again.

Pichu: The bad doctor is getting away!

All the viruses scurry away and disappear.

Luigi: Miserable meat sauce, the Doc’s got away again!

Dr. Mario: Yes, but I have a feeling…he may not show his face as often anymore…Come on, guys, we have to rebuild this place.

Everyone lets out a deep sigh as they turn towards their ruined stadium. Dr. Mario, however, instead pays deep concentration to the mountains. The skies have darkened immensely, with lightning striking. Dr. Mario then faces Peach, who hasn’t left his side. Luigi walks next to his bro and gives him the remote control Dark Doc dropped when he disintegrated.

Peach: Do you think something is up?

Dr. Mario: It may be too soon to relax just because Dark Doc is defeated…It seems trouble is brewing just over the horizon…

Chapter 15: Dark Doc’s Redemption

A sudden gust of wind opens the doors of Dark Doc’s lab, hidden high up in the mountains. Suddenly a beaker falls down labeled “Spare Viruses”. The viruses starts forming a small clump in the floor and that slowly gets bigger.

Back at the remains of Smash Stadium…

Game & Watch: And finally, since the lobby will have to have a major overhaul, I’d say the repairs won’t be done for at least a week if we all pitch in and work nonstop, if I may add.

A lot of the rubble has been trashed and all the Smashers are gathering materials from each of their home worlds to help rebuild the stadium. Dr. Mario is in the remains of his office with Game & Watch and Luigi.

Game & Watch: The good news though is that while the front portion of the stadium took massive damage the actual stadium took no damage. That concludes my report.

Dr. Mario: Thank you, Mr. Game & Watch. You may go.

Mr. Game & Watch lets out beep and leaves the office. Luigi approaches his brother with the remote in his hands.

Luigi: Well Bro, I have to say you made your clone a real genius. Even I can’t figure out a couple of things in this remote.

Dr. Mario: Well at least we can breathe a little easier knowing Dark Doc can’t summon up that monster anymore…

Luigi: Although it’s still on the loose… Sooner or later…

They both trail off and stare outside at the mountains again. Dr. Mario leaves his office and Luigi follows. They pick up a few power tools and join their fellow Smashers.

A couple of hours later…

In Dark Doc’s lab the small clump has now become a huge ugly mess of viruses in what looks like a cocoon. Suddenly a hand breaks through and rips through the cocoon. Dark Doc crawls out of the cocoon and lays down on the floor.

He begins to contemplate all of the recent events and keeps rewinding the speech Dr. Mario gave to him. He sits upright and takes a look at his gloved hand. He pulls on his lab coat, which is pitch black as ever. He sits for a moment longer before curling his hand into a fist.

Dark Doc: Heart or no heart…friends or no friends…I know who I am…and I will choose my own destiny!

Dark Doc goes to his lab table and grabs a spare remote. Suddenly the ground trembles and he falls down. He gets back up, feeling uneasy, and walks towards a window. He stares out but only manages to make out two white lights heading towards Smash Stadium.

Dark Doc: Oh no…

Dark Doc runs out the door and heads towards Smash Stadium as well.


Dr. Mario: All right, people, let’s call that a night!

Dr. Mario wipes the sweat off his brow as he puts down a hammer. The Smashers have been working all day and have managed to rebuild some of the walls as well as get electricity running again. The Smashers start putting down their various tools and head towards the remains of the cafeteria.

Game & Watch: Sorry, gang, but we only have soup tonight thanks to the courtesy of Kirby.

The Smashers line up as Kirby, standing over a large pot of soup, begins pouring them some. Peach joins the line but notices Dr. Mario is nowhere in sight. She tugs at Luigi’s overalls as he walks by.

Peach: Where is Mario?

Luigi: He isn’t here? It’s not like him to skip out on a meal…

Peach and Luigi start walking out the cafeteria, when Dr. Mario runs into them.

Luigi: Bro? I know you’re hungry, but-

Dr. Mario: Look out!!!

Suddenly a giant laser beam cuts through the remaining walls of the cafeteria. The air is suddenly filled with demented laughter. Dr. Mario looks up and faces Master and Crazy Hand.

Master: HA HA HA HA HA HA! Hello, what happened here?

Crazy: HA HEH HEH HO HO HA HE HA! Looks like a bomb dropped here!

With that Crazy Hand materializes a bomb in his hands and throws it at the Smashers. They quickly dodge out of its way as it explodes on impact. Dr. Mario covers his eyes as both Hands are giving out an intense ray of white light.

Master: We’d love to stay and chat but you see, we have a score to settle with you, Dr. Mario.

Dr. Mario: What do you want, you fiends?

Crazy: Meet us at Final Destination for one more final battle!

Then Crazy Hand grabs Peach in a flash and Master grabs Luigi.

Crazy: If you ever want to see your brother and girlfriend again! AH HA HA HEH HEH HO HE HE HA HA!

Master and Crazy Hand fly off as Dr. Mario stares out, powerless to stop them. Dr. Mario stares at the floor, wondering what to do, when suddenly he hears something drop. He looks in front of him and sees Dark Doc. They stare at each other for a while until Kirby jumps in with his gun and a jar.

Kirby: Okay punk! Drop any needles or Megavitamins, put your hands up, and then walk into this jar! Now!!!

Dark Doc smirks and raises his hands. However he doesn’t move.

Kirby: Move, buddy!!!

Dark Doc: I’d be inclined to. That is, if you don’t require any information regarding those two Hands…

Kirby: Phooey! What could you possibly know-

Dr. Mario: Stand down, Kirby.

Kirby looks at Dr. Mario with a shocked look on his face. Dr. Mario merely nods and Kirby puts down the gun. The Smashers crowd around Dr. Mario with their weapons in hand.

Dr. Mario: What do you want, Doc?

Dark Doc: First off, it’s Dark Doc, and second, I have a proposition for you, Dr. Mario.

Link: Mario, you can’t seriously want to deal with him.

Dr. Mario: It’s okay. Let him talk.

Dark Doc snarls as he stares at Dr. Mario.

Dark Doc: Every virus in my being wants to throw up when I say this but…I need your help.

Fox: Ha! What could you possibly want help with?! A torture experiment?!

All the Smashers start exclaiming their hatred, when Dr. Mario puts his hands up to calm them down.

Dr. Mario: What do you mean you want my help?

Dark Doc: Simple: I want to get even with those two idiotic Hands. I’m not proposing to help you get the princess or your brother, but this team up certainly would benefit you, wouldn’t it?

Dr. Mario simply gives a sly smile as Dark Doc frowns. Just then Bowser lets out a roar.

Bowser: Give me a break! How do we know you aren’t still helping those Hands?! Besides, Mario can team up with anyone else and he could still take them down! All you need is Bowser, baby!

Dark Doc starts to laugh at the Koopa King, but stops himself.

Dark Doc: You’re hilarious! Regardless, it won’t be that simple. You see, it seems the two Hands have a creation of mine that I call “Super Serum”. Basically it is pure extract from a Super Mushroom and a Life Shroom along with some other chemicals. This serum increases strength, speed, stamina, durability, and to add more injury, gives off a bright light to blind your enemies, therefore increasing evasion.

The Smashers fall silent as the danger they are in registers. Dr. Mario folds his hands together and stares at Dark Doc, who takes out two needles filled with green liquid.

Dark Doc: Of course I wouldn’t have created such a potent potion without making an antidote. To simply restate, Dr. Mario, those two Hands will be too powerful for you alone to stop-

Dr. Mario: So you want to help me?

Dark Doc: No! I want YOU to help ME! Completely the opposite. You’ll get your own benefit as will I! So you want to tag along or not?!

Dr. Mario lets loose a big smile. He stretches out a hand towards Dark Doc, who bitterly meets it halfway. They shake on it and face the mountains. The Smashers, still doubting the devious Doctor, cheer on Dr. Mario as the two Doctors start running towards Final Destination.

Chapter 16: The Final Destination, Part 1

Pichu: This is your Eye-In-The-Sky reporter Pichu here. Right now I am hovering over our hero, Dr. Mario, and that mean bad guy, Dark Doc, as they are fighting Captain Falcon. However the match is over within seconds as the doctor duo are just too tough!

Dr. Mario and Dark Doc jump from platform to platform as they have ascended the clouds in the mountain. They jump onto the battlefield and make quick work of the Wire Frames. Sure enough a path opens up and the doctor duo run towards Final Destination.

They jump onto the floating stage and look around. Out of the darkness Master Hand and Crazy Hand appear before them.

Master: Oh, you came- and look! You even brought the pathetic clone to help you!

Crazy: HA HEH HO HA HEH HEH HA! You think a failure is going to help you stop us?! We are invincible, fool!

Dark Doc has heard enough and charges at them, yelling. Dark Doc jumps fast as he prepares to strike Master Hand, but in a flash both Hands suddenly appear on his sides and crush him. They rub their palms together, squeezing Dark Doc and racking up damage. They let go and he falls to the floor, but Crazy Hand follows it up by crushing Dark Doc underneath his fist. Dr. Mario runs towards Crazy Hand but is stopped short when Master Hand appears from nowhere and grabs Dr. Mario. He starts crushing him and then throws him high in the air. Crazy Hand quickly flies up and intercepts Dr. Mario by punching him back down. With perfect aim Master Hand shoots Dr. Mario with his “bullets” on his way back down. Dr. Mario crashes hard but manages enough strength to roll away from an incoming drill attack from Crazy Hand. Dark Doc shakes the pain away and gets up. He sees his chance as Crazy Hand gets back into position and strikes him with a Meteor Smash.

Crazy Hand: That tickles!

With that Crazy Hand swiftly flicks Dark Doc away into Master Hand’s path. He swats Dark Doc back at Crazy Hand, who swats him back to Master Hand. The two hands just swat Dark Doc back and forth for a while, dealing Dark Doc heavy damage. Dr. Mario gets up which Master Hand notices. As soon as Dark Doc is swatted back to Master Hand he spikes Dark Doc into Dr. Mario and the two collide hard into the ground. Crazy Hand materializes a huge dark bomb while Master Hand shoots out two lasers from his fingertips that transform into laser chains that wrap around the doctors. Crazy Hand throws the bomb but with quick reflexes Dr. Mario pushes Dark Doc away with his body and jumps as far as he can. However the bomb’s blast still catches up to Dr. Mario and severely burns him. Dark Doc breaks out of his chains and snarls at the two Hands.

Master: Ha ha ha! We already have you two on the ropes and we haven’t even broken a sweat! Let us show you true power!

Master Hand grabs both doctors and hold them up to Crazy Hand. He pokes them three times, with the final poke leaving them frozen solid. The Hands then float side by side as they charge an attack. The doctors try to break free from their frozen trap but prove too weak…

Everyone back at Smash Stadium watches in horror over the TV as they see the Hands go into their gun formation and shoot a giant laser beam at the doctors.

Pichu: This is the end!

A huge crash is heard as the laser hits the doctors dead on. They fall to the floor, completely fatigued and barely hanging on to life. The Hands start laughing and high-fiving each other over their victory against the doctors. However Dark Doc opens one eye and reaches for Dr. Mario.

Dark Doc: Dr…Doctor…Mario? Tell me…you…aren’t dead…

Dr. Mario barely opens both eyes and faces his clone.

Dark Doc: Listen…I’ve got one more trick…

Dark Doc takes out two needles, both filled with a red liquid.

Dark Doc: This is…the prototype to Super Serum…If we inject…

Dr. Mario nods his head, which Master Hand notices.

Master: Well well, they are still alive after that? Rush them!

The two Hands form into fists and rocket straight towards the doctors. In a flash the two doctors jump as high as they can and avoid the punches. With the flick of the wrist Dark Doc shoots one of the needles at Dr. Mario, who catches and injects his arm with it in the blink of an eye. Dark Doc just as quickly takes the second needle and injects himself. The liquid rushes through Dr. Mario’s bloodstream quickly while the viruses inside Dark Doc quickly divide and reproduce the liquid. The Hands stop themselves and turn around, seeing a dim yellow aura.

Crazy Hand: What in blazes?!

Dr. Mario and Dark Doc stand side-by-side, fully energized and staring at them. Crazy Hand transforms into a fist again and charges at them. In a flash Dark Doc stops Crazy Hand with a full body tackle. Dr. Mario suddenly appears and smashes the evil hand into the ground. Dark Doc grabs his index finger and starts spinning him around. He throws Crazy Hand with all his might out of Final Destination. They hear a faint crash as they turn to face Master Hand. Master Hand quickly flies above them, open palm, and crashes furiously on the ground. However he doesn’t feel anything underneath. Suddenly Dr. Mario appears in front of him and kicks Master Hand hard up into the air. Dr. Mario grabs Dark Doc’s hand and tosses him up as well. Dark Doc strikes Master Hand super fast with an uppercut. Dark Doc then focuses his momentum downward and crashes into Master Hand. He brings him back down hard and throws Master Hand away as well. Suddenly Crazy Hand slaps Dr. Mario hard from behind. Dr. Mario goes flying a few feet but easily techs when he hits the floor. Back on his feet, Dr. Mario quickly leaps towards Crazy Hand and slams him. Crazy Hand fidgets but then closes himself, trapping Dr. Mario as he starts squeezing.

Crazy: Ergh!…Why can’t…I…CRUSH YOU?!

Suddenly Dr. Mario breaks out and slams Crazy Hand onto the floor. He stomps his wrist, causing Crazy Hand to go upright. With that Dr. Mario unleashes a powerful smash attack that electrocutes Crazy Hand. Crazy Hand goes flying again from the force of the blow. Dark Doc hears something and looks up. Just then he starts getting hit by Master Hand’s drill attack. However Dark Doc instantly grabs his index and ring fingers stopping him. Dark Doc tugs the fingers hard and Master Hand falls to the floor. Still holding him, Dark Doc kicks Master Hand hard in his palm. Master Hand extends his middle finger and starts to rocket off to crash into Dark Doc. Dark Doc promptly holds him in place even as Master Hand fully tries to blast off.

Master Hand: But how?!

Dark Doc: Your mine now, sucker…

With a big grin Dark Doc grabs harder onto his fingers and jumps up. This causes the rocket momentum to make them fly high up. Dark Doc hangs on tight and starts maneuvering Master Hand’s propulsion. Dark Doc forces him to head back down right into the stage. Dark Doc then fully grabs unto the hand and, with all his might plus the added momentum, throws him onto the stage. A thunderous crash is heard as Master Hand hits the floor with a ton of force. Dark Doc finishes by landing on him hard. Dark Doc quickly takes out the antidote and injects Master Hand with it. Master Hand lets out a cry and gets up quickly, throwing of Dark Doc in the process. Dark Doc lands on his feet and Dr. Mario joins him. Dark Doc gives of a menacing smile as Master Hand stops glowing.

Master: What did you do to me?! I feel…the same again!

Dark Doc: What I did was turn you back into the insect you are.

With that Dark Doc rushes him and slams into him with a full body tackle. Master Hand goes flying even faster and is suddenly spiked into the ground as Dr. Mario appears behind him in a flash. Dark Doc quickly runs to him and throws him up. He follows it up by jumping into the air and kicks him into Master Hand’s palm. Dr. Mario catches him again as he goes flying and holds Master Hand down as he falls. Dr. Mario does a pile driver as they hit the ground. Master Hand just lies on the ground, unable to get up. Dark Doc lands next to him and does a Smash Attack. Master Hand yells out in pain as he starts to blow up and flies into an abyss. Crazy Hand recovers from his last attack in time to watch his brother’s defeat.


Crazy Hand turns into a fist and charges at them in pure rage. Dr. Mario and Dark Doc counter with their own punch and stop Crazy Hand. Crazy however quickly backs away just as Dark Doc tries to grab him. Crazy Hand materializes a bomb in his hand and throws it at the doctors. It hits them but it doesn’t blow up. Crazy Hand is puzzled but flinches when he sees Dark Doc carrying the bomb effortlessly. He throws it back at Crazy Hand, who doesn’t react fast enough and takes the full force of the explosion. Smoke envelops the stage. Lasers suddenly shoot out from the smoke towards the doctors. They easily jump and avoid it but Crazy Hand flies out of the smoke and punches them. However they actually grab onto his fist and they both smash him back unto the stage. Dark Doc lands on him and with his usual speed injects Crazy Hand with the antidote. He then proceeds to grab his middle finger and pulls it backwards hard.


Dr. Mario: Where are Luigi and Peach, Crazy?!


Dark Doc: If you insist!

Dark Doc throws Crazy Hand high up into the air. Dark Doc jumps up after him and delivers a brutal Meteor Smash. Crazy Hand screams as he starts blowing up and joins his fallen brother into the abyss. Dark Doc falls back onto the floor and starts laughing.

Dr. Mario: What’s so funny?

Dark Doc: My goodness that was enjoyable! Heh heh, I could get used to this…but I digress. I guess I COULD help you find the lab…

Dark Doc starts running and Dr. Mario follows. After a while Dark Doc stops and sees a huge metal door.

Dark Doc: The Hands have more than likely changed the password for the door…

Dark Doc tries to punch the door open but hardly leaves a dent.

Dark Doc: Okay, that’s weird…

He takes out his remote and pushes a button. However upon seeing the remote Dr. Mario freaks out.

Dr. Mario: Are you calling Giga Bowser?!

Suddenly a huge crashing noise is heard and behind them stands Giga Bowser.

Dark Doc: All right, ugly! Smash the door.

Giga Bowser just stands there. Dark Doc pushes a button and shocks Giga Bowser. In a rage Giga Bowser lets loose a stream of fire towards the two doctors. They quickly jump away as the fire melts the door. He starts roaring as he looks at Dark Doc with rage.

Dark Doc: You dare attack me?! Maybe you need to learn your place.

Dark Doc goes to push the button again but Giga Bowser hits him hard. He drops the remote, which Giga Bowser promptly destroys. Dark Doc gets up and goes to Meteor Smash Giga Bowser. However when he hits him it shows no signs of damage. Dr. Mario uppercuts him in the gut but again there is no sign of damage. The two stare in fear as Giga Bowser lets out a roar and faces the two doctors…

To Be Continued...

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