Wendy's in Danger

By Iggy

Chapter 3: Fast Tracks in Dark Land

"Come on, up here!"

Wendy started climbing up a stone pile that looked like it served as a wall; a border of Dark Land, maybe.

Iggy studied it. "Are you sure?"

"It looks dangerous," Lemmy said. "Besides, how would I get my ball up there?"

Wendy stepped on a rock. It fell from the rest of the wall-like pile, leaving Wendy to fall and hit the ground hard.

Iggy gasped. "Are you okay?"

Wendy stood up with strive. "I'll live."

Iggy studied Wendy. "Something's changing in you," he said.

"What do you mean?"

"Normally you would say something like Of course I'm not! or Stop being stupid and help me up! when you would fall."

"Well..." Wendy was lost for words.

"Come on!" Lemmy exclaimed. "He's probably right behind us.

"You're right," Wendy said, desperate to change the conversation. "If he catches up to us we're done for."

The three siblings walked on, besides the rock-wall.

* * *

"Ouch." Wendy sat down, her back against the rock-wall.

"What's wrong?" Iggy stopped.

"I think that fall... Ouch." She held her arm in pain.

"You should have been more careful," Lemmy remarked.

"Shut up!" Wendy snapped.


"Don't worry," Iggy said, "it will be okay."

Wendy sat there, as though she didn't believe.

"Can you stand?"

"I'll try." Wendy made it up a little, then fell back down to the soil of Dark Land.

"Okay then," Iggy said, "we'll camp here."

"We don't have any camping supplies," said Lemmy.

"Too bad, too sad," Wendy said.

Iggy smiled. "Get some rest."

* * *

"I don't think Wendy's changing."

"Well," Iggy said, "these things take time."

"I don't think it's gonna happen." Lemmy bent over to make sure Wendy was sleeping.

"Give her rest," Iggy said. "It looked like a bad fall."

"But he could be coming!" Lemmy exclaimed.

"Don't worry," Iggy reassured. "If he comes, we'll know."

* * *

Wendy continued to have her ominous dreams. She was standing in front of her father, he was yelling at her for some reason. It wasn't in anger, it was a warning. After so many shouts Bowser started to melt away, like a snowman in the desert.

She then fell through a trapdoor and was falling toward a beach of some sort. She landed hard in the sand and had to take a rest, just like what had happened in reality not too long ago. While she was sleeping she felt a hand grasp her shoulder. She looked up to see the Koopa with shiny eyes.

Wendy woke up with a gasp. She stood up, disregarding any pain left in her.

"What's wrong?" Iggy asked.

"He's coming!" Wendy exclaimed.

"What?" Lemmy looked shocked.

"I had another dream!"

"You're probably just nervous," Lemmy suggested.

"I don't know," Iggy said, "her dreams have been right before. Besides, if Wendy's rested we can take off again."

"You have a point there," Lemmy smiled.

"Then come on!" Wendy walked alongside the rock-wall. "We have to make fast-tracks!"

* * *

"We need to rest," Iggy panted. "We've been running for hours."

"But he's probably right on our tails!" Wendy exclaimed.

"But I'm so tired!" Lemmy complained.

"Okay!" Wendy collapsed to the ground as though she was holding Plit on her shoulders.

"See," Iggy said, "you are tired."

"It's good to take breaks." Lemmy sat down, his back against the rock-wall.

The three siblings rested by the rock-wall, which was taller than them by ten feet. They rested and chatted for a while, longer than expected, and watched Dark Land's rising sun.

Iggy stood up. "Well, everyone rested and ready?"

"Yep!" Wendy said as she stretched herself off the ground.

"Let's get ready." Lemmy stood on his ball.

"Then," Iggy said, "shall we go?"

"Yah!" Wendy cheered.

"I'm afraid you're not going anywhere."

The Koopalings turned to see the Koopa with the shining eyes.

"Wendy," his cold voice said, "come with me."

Wendy was silent. The Koopa raised his Super Scope at Wendy. "You're coming with me."

"No," Wendy said.

"Very well." He prepared to shoot when Wendy kicked the Super Scope out of his hands and into the air.

"Up the wall!" Wendy started to climb, followed by Iggy and, after throwing his ball over, Lemmy.

Wendy and Iggy made it over and saw that behind the wall was a dried out river. Lemmy was about to start his climb down when the Koopa retrieved his gun and shot the wall down. The rocks tumbled down. Wendy and Iggy weren't hit but Lemmy got his leg jammed.

"Help!" he cried.

"I'll help him!" Iggy volunteered.

"But what about the madman?" Wendy was scared to death.

"I'm not sure, just run!"


"Go," Iggy exclaimed, "before he gets you."

The Koopa stood on the pile of rocks and shot Iggy in the back.

"Iggy!" Lemmy yelled.

"Don't worry," Wendy said shakily, "they only stun."

"I would be worried." The crazy Koopa aimed his gun at Wendy.

Wendy stared at it, like that would prevent her fate, but it couldn't. Though something else could.

A fist met the Koopa's face. It belonged to a Boom Boom, saving Wendy from her doom.

"Henry!" Lemmy exclaimed.

"Who?" Wendy asked.

"He guarded Ice Land with me."

Henry grabbed the Koopa by his head and spun him around like Mario spinning Bowser. He let go and the Koopa flew into the atmosphere. He jumped down and lifted the rocks from Lemmy's foot.

"Thank you!" the two siblings said.

"Anything for the Koopa family." He smiled.

"How did you find us?" Lemmy asked.

"Bowser sent me."

"So the family’s okay?" Wendy smiled.


The Koopalings were shocked.

"The castle burned down," he said grimly. "You should take off, he'll be coming back."

"You won't be coming with us?" Wendy asked.

He looked off in the sky. "I'm too old, and I want to spend my last moments in the sky."

Wendy was confused.

"Goodbye!" Henry sprouted wings and flew off.

The two Koopalings waved goodbye, picked up Iggy's unconscious body, and sadly walked towards Pipe Land.

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