The Stand for Nature

By Blaze Koopa

Epilogue: The Stand Complete

“Everyone!” Yoshi spoke to the whole village around a fire after arriving back and standing next to a basket full of leaf masks. “I’m proud to announce that we’ve finally convinced our unwanted newcomers to see their way off the island!”

The Yoshis cheered happily, relieved and pleased to hear that their problem was finally taken care of. Yoshi was about to continue, when Boshi tapped him on the shoulder. Yoshi looked at him, then whispered. “Oh… all right.” He turned back to the Yoshis. “Before I go on, I want to recognize Boshi for coming up with this simple, yet successful plan.”

The Yoshis all gasped, surprised to hear that Boshi had formed and executed a successful plan for once, but gave him a great welcome in any case. Boshi bowed. “Thank you, thank you.” He chuckled. “You’re all too kind!” Boshi was about to bow again, when his Grinder friend jumped up onto his head. Boshi was slightly startled, but amused.

Yoshi laughed as well. “And also his Grinder pal!” The Yoshis laughed and applauded as the Grinder danced around on Boshi’s head.

Yoshi continued. “Those men have promised to take their leave first thing tomorrow morning. I’d say we’ll never hear a peep out of them again, but just to make sure, a few of us might head back over there in case any… persuasion is necessary. I hope we can all once again enjoy the peaceful paradise of our fair island, with fresh air, green trees… that aren’t knocked down, and the beauty and brightness of the sun in the clear blue sky!”

“That’s clear and blue, you all!” Boshi mused. “Not gray and hazy!”

“Smelly at that,” added Yoshi. Everyone laughed for a few moments until Yoshi continued again. “Anyway, with that, I don’t believe we will be needing these anymore!” He held up a leaf breathing mask, then tossed it into the basket. “Kroshi! Ore! If you will?”

“Our pleasure!” said Kroshi. He and Ore lifted the basket from both sides and carried it towards the fire. “On three!” said Kroshi with a smirk. “One!”

“Two!” said Ore.

“THREE!” they said together, and tilted the basket over, pouring the masks into the fire as a symbol that they’d never again have a need for such things to enjoy the fresh air of the island. The Yoshis cheered and jumped for joy as they all watched the masks burn away to ashes. This was it. The crisis was finally over. No more would their island be polluted by smoke. No more would trees be toppled by bulldozers. No more would the river be dirtied by oil from leaking tanks. And no more would the environment be threatened by such things…

By the next day, the Yoshis would all wake up to what seemed to be their first inhalation of fresh air in an eternity. Each and every one of them felt as though today was the most glorious and happiest of days of the whole year. For weeks they had been struggling under the turmoil and stress brought to them by the likes of Boss T. and his workers. This new day would not mean another day of struggles and breathing problems. It was a day of paradise, rest, relaxation, Hakuna Matata, and everything else that holds the meaning of happiness.

As Kroshi had promised Rashi, the two spent the morning in the jungle, picking berries for Rashi’s ailing mother. Rashi had never felt so happy and full of energy in his life. It was the most excitement he had felt in days. “Ooh! Ooh! How about these, Kroshi?” asked Rashi eagerly, showing Kroshi the berries he had picked. He held up two large, red, juicy, scrumptious-looking berries. “You think mama will like these?”

Kroshi laughed uncontrollably. “Red berries. Yes! Those are the best kind!” he replied. “I’m sure they’ll make your mama feel much better!”

“Great, then let’s get more of these!” said Rashi. He began to pick even more berries as fast as he could. Kroshi laughed again as he joined him.

Later, once the two had finished, they arrived back at the happy village. Rashi entered his hut, carrying arms full of berries. There, his mother lay recovering in her hammock. “Hi, mama!” he said gleefully.

His mother was forbidden to talk for the time being, but turned her head towards the orange Yoshi kid and smiled. It was the mere sound of his voice that made her feel happy.

Rashi placed all the berries in their leafy fruit bowl. “I picked these for you!” he said. “These are the best berries I could find!” He held one in front of her mouth. His mother gladly accepted the berry, wrapping her tongue around it, pulling it into her mouth, and swallowing it whole as the typical Yoshi would do with any fruit.

Rashi smiled as he fed her another berry. “We got rid of those meanie guys! I don’t think they’ll ever make things bad for us again!” He walked up to his mother and hugged her nose, rubbing it softly. “I really hope you feel better soon, Mama. I really want you to… I love you, Mama…”

A small tear came out of the little orange Yo’ster’s eye. His mother slowly turned over onto her side and stretched out her arms to give her baby a real hug. The two embraced, both teary in the eyes but happy that the wouldn’t have to worry anymore, happy that it was all over, happy they could live in love without manmade environmental problems to threaten them.


Elsewhere, Yoshi, Boshi, and Ore had gone back across the jungle to the construction site. The three stood at the edge of the clearing, watching as the workers and the other side of the clearing packed up and towed away all their equipment. “Well…” said Yoshi, “looks like the Boss is keeping his word after all… I couldn’t trust him very well last night…”

“You worry too much, Yosh,” said Boshi. “They witnessed how much stronger we are than them…” Boshi unnoticeably shivered. Of course, the Yoshis were stronger than most of them, but not Ricky. Boshi still couldn’t get out of his mind the scare he had when Ricky attempted to choke him to death. In all honesty, he didn’t want to have to face him again. “… If they know what’s good for them, they’ll stay away for good!”

“You know, guys…” said Ore. “When I sniffed Boss T. last night, he actually did smell pretty good…”

“We totally should’ve eaten him alive…” muttered Boshi.

“You guys…” Yoshi chuckled, rolling his eyes.

They continued to watch. Looking closely, Yoshi could see Boss T. over there as well as the rest of the men. The Boss was talking to one of his workers, who then nodded, picked up a box, and carried it to a truck. Boss T, even though his plans had been stopped, seemed a bit calm and collected, far from his mood the previous night. He turned to the Yoshis’ general direction, and could see all three of them there watching him. Boss T. narrowed his eyes as he glared back at them, then walked away to manage the loading. Yoshi took note of Boss T’s angry stare, and raised a brow.

A while later, all the equipment had been loaded up and they finally left the area, heading back to where their ship rested.

“Welp… There they go…” said Ore.

“’Bout time, too,” replied Boshi. “… It stinks though… I never found out what ee-con-noh-mee means…”

“You’re still worrying about that?” Yoshi asked.

“… You’re right…” said Boshi. “I don’t really care anymore to be honest… It’s over with anyway…”

“One thing bothers me, though…” said Ore. “Why’d they leave that big tall thing there?” Ore pointed to the unfinished oil derrick in the center of the clearing. “Honestly, it’s a bit of an eyesore…”

“Mmm…” Boshi thought out loud. “It shouldn’t cause any trouble. Besides, it’ll probably fall apart in a heavy storm…”

“But what if someone was standing under it for shelter in a storm, and then it fell on top of him?”

“Bud, no living creature on this whole island would be stupid enough to stand under that thing…”

“Come on, you two,” said Yoshi. “Let’s head back now. It’s just about lunchtime.”

The three Yoshis began to walk away. “... Again, I say,” said Boshi, “we should be having the Boss for lunch…”

“Boshi…” Yoshi grunted. Walking through the jungle, Yoshi was still slightly creeped out by Boss T’s stare. Taking into account this stare and the fact that the men hadn’t torn down the oil derrick, Yoshi was slightly concerned. He decided not to worry much about it for now, and focused on lunch.


“Well, sir…” said Ricky as he and Boss T. watched the men loading everything up onto the ship, “I guess the oil project didn’t work out too well…”

“Eh…” The Boss shrugged nonchalantly. “It doesn’t matter…”

Ricky raised a brow. “… Excuse me?” he asked. “Sir, you just missed your chance at getting rich. That doesn’t bother you any?”

“Not in the least,” Boss replied.

Ricky scratched the back of his neck. “… I don’t get it…” he said. “Before, you even lost it when your apple juice disappeared. But this whole thing failing doesn’t seem to be angering you at all… How’s that?”

Boss smirked snidely. He motioned Ricky to follow him. Ricky shrugged, still confused, but followed in any case.

Boss led Ricky all the way into the interior of the ship, all the way to the door of a huge storage room. Boss turned to Ricky. “Are you ready for a shock?” Boss asked.

“I guess…” Ricky said. “Show me…”

Boss smiled again, and opened the door. What Ricky saw next was indeed a shocker.

The End (… Maybe…)

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