Iggy vs. the Ghosts 3: The Possession

By Goomba

One day Iggy is sitting in his room shivering like crazy. Why? Because Lemmy decided to turn their room into an ice rink. Not only that, but Iggy is also shivering because he is thinking of how King Boo will get his revenge this time...

Iggy: I-I'm ready f-for you, King Boo. And if you try to fight me again I will destroy you once and for all.

At King Boo's mansion...

King Boo: How did I fail against Iggy Koopa last time again… Oh, right he turned gigantic... but I still don't know how...

Bomb Boo who suddenly floated in: Doo dee doo dah deeee...

King Boo: Bob! We are going to attack that Iggy again, but we won't fail because we won't power up this time!

Bob: Huh? Iggy? Oh, him. From a year ago? Yeah, he is prepared. He's already got all his little helpers to help him out.

King Boo: WHAT?! Oh, well. I already have a plan... Call everyone into the speech room now!

Bob: Yes sir!

Bob runs out the door. 2 minutes later the entire ghost clan is in the speech room.

King Boo: W-

Dark Atomic Boo: Is this about your cold cappuccino again? If it is, we couldn't help it if your espresso machine was broken!

King Boo: Bu- NO!!! I don't care about that cold cappuccino anymore! Anyway, we will attack that Iggy Koopa again. But this time, since kidnapping the entire family except for Iggy has not really helped us in the past, we're going to put our newfound possessing skills into use...

Kingfin: You mean...  you're going to possess Iggy?

King Boo: No! We're going to possess the Koopa family except for Iggy and kill him using his own family!

Kingfin: Sounds good to me.

King Boo: Now let's go...

The ghost clan sneak quietly toward Bowser's Castle while everybody there is asleep.

King Boo: Now go, my minions.

Some of King Boo's most elite minions sneak off toward different halls of the castle.

King Boo: Come.

King Boo and his wife (Queen Boo) go to Bowser and Clawdia's room and possess them.

King Boo: ... BWAHAHAHA-

Queen Boo: Shut up! They'll hear you...

Meanwhile Some Random Boo, Kingfin, Atomic Boo Scientist, Big Broozer, Lady Bow (she somehow turned evil after Mario met her the second time) and Booatrol (King Boo's equivalent to Koopatrol) possess all the Koopa Kids except Iggy

Iggy: Did you hear something?

Luigi: Probably just the wind...

Doopliss: Yeah, what he said.

Back with King Boo...

King Boo: And the second phase of our plan...

King Boo fires the Boo Scientist's new invention, the "Brainwash Dart", at Luigi all the way from Bowser and Clawdia's bedroom.

Luigi: Hey, that sounded like a dart being fire- AAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!

Luigi gets hit by the dart and gets brainwashed. Luigi spins around and changes into his Mr. L suit.

Mr. L: I am the mysterious Mr. L!

Iggy: Uuuuhhhh, Luigi? What happened to you?

Mr. L: Who's Luigi? I'm Mr. L! And I have come to carry out my king, King Boo's, orders. And one of his orders was to kill you!

Prologue Boss: Mr. L

Mr. L: Spring Jump!

Mr. L jumps up really high and lands on Doopliss.

Doopliss: Ack!

Mr. L: Did that hurt?

Doopliss: Transform!

Doopliss transforms into Mr. L.

Mr. L: Hey!

Iggy quietly sneaks to his cabinet while Doopliss and Mr. L are fighting, and pulls out the Poltergust 5000.

Mr. L: Oh, what are ya gonna do? Suck me up?

Iggy: No. something even better.

Iggy clonks Mr. L on the head with the Poltergust 5000.

Mr. L: Ow!

Spooky Speedster just punches Mr. L and knocks him out.

Spooky Speedster: Woohoo! Winning hit!

Mr. L regains consciousness.

Mr. L: I'll be back!

Iggy: Who do you think you are? The Terminator?!

Mr. L: No, as a matter of fact I don't. I'm Mr. L!

Mr. L jumps away.

Iggy: Well, I guess it's just me and you, guys.

Spooky Speedster: NOT FAIR!!! We have to fight him and the entire ghost clan!

Iggy smacks Spooky Speedster.


Spooky Speedster: Sorry, Boss.

Doopliss: But what's this?

Doopliss picks up an old book Mr. L left behind.

Iggy: It looks like a diary...

Iggy and Doopliss pick up the book while Spooky Speedster just lies on the ground and throws a tantrum for no good reason.

Doopliss: 0_0  It's King Boo's diary!

Iggy: What does it say?!

Doopliss flips to the latest entry.

Doopliss: (reading) IGGY KOOPA BEAT ME AGAIN!!! But I'll attack him again in a year or so. Or else I fear, he might lose control of that blue slime known as "Fandonium". I have learned that Iggy turned giant and tough because when I touched him, some of the fandonium was absorbed into his body. Soon he will lose control of this evil slime, and then the world will be in danger! This fandonium is the strongest substance in the universe, so Iggy will soon go insane and destroy everything he touches. -Lou Boo

Iggy: WHAT!!! That's insane!

Doopliss: Don't worry, Iggy. Even if ya go insane we'll still be by your side.

Iggy: We gotta get King Boo to get that slime out of me!

Spooky Speedster: And apparently King Boo's first name is Lou.

Voice: Bwahaha! What makes you think I'd just take that fandonium out of your body? You won't get your old body back unless I get my old body back!

Iggy: What do you mean?

Voice: I possessed Bowser! So if you want me to take that slime out of your body you'll have to fight me and my minions!

Other Voice which sounds like King Boo's but is feminine: Shut up! We don't want him to know our entire plan!

Voice: Sorry... You know something, none of your sentences you've said didn't tell me to shut up.

The voices stop.

Iggy: Well... Here comes another quest.

Spooky Speedster: Yeah but *burp* it's serious this time...

Iggy: Weren't the other quests serious too?

Spooky Speedster: But this time your own life is at stake.

Iggy: Well then let's stop lying around and get going.

Doopliss: Yeah!

They do so and run into Morton in the hall. Morton is really Kingfin.

Kingfin: Iggy, hello! Have you came to get King Boo out of Bowser's body and get that slime out of your body?

Iggy: Yeah. Wait a second. How did you know about that?

Doopliss: Ummm... Iggy? Look at that.

Iggy sees a big pile of bones on the ground that look like Kingfin.

Iggy: What is that?!

Morton appears to be sweating nervously.

Iggy: Morton? What are you doing?

Kingfin: Ah, this is a buncha bunk! I'm really Kingfin's spirit and I've possessed Morton!

Iggy: Alrighty then. Bring it on!

Boss: Kingfin

Iggy: Hyah!

Iggy karate chops Kingfin, who you probably remember looks like Morton.

Kingfin: Ow!

Kingfin punches Iggy.

Iggy: Agghh! That won't keep me down!

Doopliss headbutts Kingfin at the same time Spooky Speedster tosses his helmet at him.

Kingfin: Ow! Owie!

Iggy: All right. Now the final blow…

Iggy jumps in the air and tries to kick Kingfin, but he dodges it.

Kingfin: Haha!

Spooky Speedster: Heeeeeyaw!

Spooky Speedster whacks Kingfin with his butt.

Kingfin: This body is useless!

A fishlike spirit jumps out of Morton's body and dives into the Kingfin bones.

Iggy: Oh no!

Doopliss: Never fear when you have me on your side!

Doopliss transforms into Kingfin, and as he and Kingfin start to fight, they start crumbling. Soon, all that's left is a big pile of bones.

Skull: All right! I win!

The bones that belonged to the skull turn into Doopliss.


King Boo: Mr. L! Keep watching that Iggy! He just defeated Kingfin!

Mr. L: Yeah, yeah, I know. But what will you do?

King Boo: I'm gonna keep working on Brobot, so that when Iggy encounters you the next time, Brobot will be ready.

Mr. L: Okay. It's Brobot L-Type, right?

King Boo: Yes.

Back with Iggy...

Doopliss: But what do we do with Morton?

Iggy: Let's hypnotize him so he'll never be able to remember this.

Spooky Speedster: But how?

Doopliss: I know!

Iggy: Great! How?

Doopliss turns into Morton.

Iggy: How will that help?

Doopliss: You don't see it?

Doopliss punches himself in the head, knocking himself out.

Iggy: What'd he do that for?

Spooky Speedster: I get it! He was turning into Morton so he could have Morton's brain. So he punched himself to make Morton's brain have amnesia. Then when he recovers he's going to give Morton his brain and body back so he won't be able to remember anything that happened!

Iggy: What a well-thought-out plan.

Doopliss recovers.

Doopliss: Did I turn into someone?

Iggy: Yeah.

Doopliss turns back into his old self.

Iggy: Let's go.

They go into the hall and come across a Little Boo.

Spooky Speedster: Hey! You're the Little Boo who was in the first story, aren't you?

Little Boo: Yes. I waited here for you until you came so I could join you. But I'm not who you think I am.

Doopliss: What's that supposed to mean?

Little Boo turns gigantic and his eyes turn yellow.

Iggy: O_o  You're Boolossus!

Boolossus: New and improved. I'm now one Boo instead of 20.

Larry walks by. Larry is Some Random Boo.

Some Random Boo: Hey Iggy, I-

Iggy: I know you're a random Boo possessing Larry!

Some Random Boo: Darn!

Doopliss turns into Larry and sends out his Piranha Plants, and they chomp the other Larry until he's black and blue.

Some Random Boo: Ow! Owie! Oh! Not there!

Some Random Boo gets knocked out of Larry and gets crushed like a bug by Boolossus.

Boolossus: Heh, heh, heh!


Mr. L: King! They've defeated Commander Boo!

King Boo: What?! Now who are they going to fight next?!

Mr. L: They appear to be heading toward Lady Bow, who has possessed Wendy!

King Boo: Good! Bow will destroy them!

Mr. L: My King, there is also another thing, they have Boolossus on their team.

King Boo: WHAT?! That traitor! Anyway, Mr. L, I brought you a new... friend. Your brother!

A brainwashed Mario comes in wearing clothes like Mr. L but with a red hat and bandanna.

King Boo: His name.is Mr. M!!!

Mr. M: Hey Mr. L.

Mr. L: Mari- I mean Mr. M! You’re my real brother?!

Mr. M: Yes.

King Boo: Unfortunately for me, that means I have to build a Brobot M-Type. *grumble*

In the next room, Queen Boo can be seen barking out orders at grunts.

Back with Iggy...

Iggy: Ugh, this place is a MAZE!!!

Doopliss: I know how you feel.

Iggy: Well duh, you do. You're right here! AHG!!!

Iggy suddenly flashes blue, before fainting.

Spooky Speedster: IGGY!!!

Boolossus: Don't touch him. It's the fandonium activating. I read about that stuff in university. It can spread through physical contact!

Spooky Speedster: Well I have THIS!

Spooky Speedster pulls out an Antidote.

Doopliss: Where'd you get that?

Spooky Speedster: I have Pokemon Platinum. I bought an Antidote and used Larry's invention from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 to pull it out of the game.

Doopliss: Oh.

Spooky Speedster: This will keep him conscious for the rest of this quest.

Spooky Speedster sprays the Antidote on Iggy.

Iggy: That feels better.

Boolossus: Let's go in there.

Boolossus points to Wendy's room, and goes in.

Boolossus: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Iggy: What's going on?!

Boolossus comes tearing out.

Boolossus: It's... LADY BOW!!!

Iggy: Then I know all of her moves.

Iggy charges in. Some punching noises can be heard, and Iggy comes out with a black eye.

Iggy: She hit me with her fan.

Doopliss: That's it!

Doopliss runs in. There is a scanning sound and a fan hitting something, then a voice says "OWIE!" Doopliss runs out, in Lady Bow's... ectoplasm.

Doopliss: I beat her!

Iggy: Good for you.


Mr. M: King! Bow has been defeated!

King Boo (from inside Brobot L-Type): Awesome!

Mr. M: What?

Mr. L: He's watching X2 on Brobot L-Type's built in TV and DVD player.

Mr. M: Oh.

Back with Iggy...

Iggy: Look out! There's a Dull Bones army up ahead!

Boolossus: Did you say "There is a Dull Bones's head!"

Iggy: No I said There is a Dull Bones army up ahead!

Doopliss: Then let's fight them!

Iggy: We can't! There's too many of them!

Spooky Speedster: Then let's charge through them!

They try to charge through the Dull Bones but they all end up getting bones chucked at their heads.

Iggy: Ow!

Spooky Speedster: Let's revert to plan B!

Iggy: What's plan B?

Spooky Speedster: THIS!

Spooky Speedster pulls out his DS and puts in "Pokemon Pearl".


Dull Bones Army: What?! TRADE ME!!! TRADE ME!!!

Spooky Speedster: AND A LEVEL 100 DARKRAI!!!

Dull Bones Army: TRADE ME!!!

The Dull Bones all start crowding around Spooky Speedster.

Spooky Speedster: RUN!

Iggy, Boolossus, and Doopliss run into a nearby closet.

Doopliss: That dirty hacker! He has a level 100 Arceus! Dirty hacker!

Boolossus: (whispering) Shut up!

Hundreds of footsteps are heard heading away from the closet.

Iggy: I think it's safe to come out...

They do so, and see a level 100 Arceus waiting for them.

Arceus: Dodogyunnnnn!!!


Spooky Speedster: They had a copy of Larry's invention to pull him out. But don't worry, he's trained.

Arceus flies away.

Spooky Speedster: Darn it!

Iggy: Who cares about some Arceus when we're trying to get all these ghosts out of my siblings and parents?

Spooky Speedster: That's a good point.

Suddenly "Roy" comes down the hallway.

Iggy: `_` Come out, Big Broozer. I know it's you.

"Roy": Darn! How did you know?!

Iggy: Probably because that's what happened the last three times.

Doopliss turns into Roy before Big Broozer hops out of Roy's body.

Boss: Big Broozer

Doopliss: Hyah!

Doopliss punches Big Broozer in the stomach, but Big Broozer bellyflops on him, whick knocks him out. Then Spooky Speedster whacks Big Broozer with his helmet, which causes quite a bit of damage, but Big Broozer won't go down quietly and cracks Spooky Speedster's helmet in two. Then he pounds down on Spooky Speedster's unusually soft head, which knocks him out. But then Boolossus breathes ice breath on him and freezes him. Then he takes the ice sculpture and crushes it, which makes parts of Big Broozer blow apart. And that's the end of Big Broozer.

Boolossus: Where were you during that fight?

Iggy: Watching.


Mr. L: Ah! My Queen! They beat up on Big Broozer and beat him!

Queen Boo: What?! Then who are they going for next?!

Mr. M: It appears that they are heading toward Booatrol next.

Queen Boo: That's good. So that traitor Boolossus won't be able to crush him.

Back with Iggy and party...

Doopliss: So it's settled. We're going for Booatrol next.

Iggy: Yes.

Spooky Speedster: But can we wait until my headache goes away?

Iggy: No. Your helmet got split in two. You're either going to have to get a new helmet or deal with it.

Spooky Speedster: Option A, please.

Iggy: Fine.

Spooky Speedster runs away. Forty-five minutes later he comes back with a new helmet that can fire lasers.

Spooky Speedster: Yeah!

Iggy: All right, let's go.

Iggy goes into a room, and there are three doors lined up.

Iggy: Which one is right?

Boolossus: I... don't know.

Iggy goes in the middle one, and finds himself falling through the air toward a pit of spikes.


Spooky Speedster: I know what to do!

Spooky Speedster shoot lasers from his helmet and creates a platform with them. Iggy lands on the laser-made platform and gets his life saved.

Iggy: Am I dead?

Doopliss: Don't worry, you're not dead. Spooky Speedster made a platform out of lasers and saved your life!

Iggy: I'm alive!

Spooky Speedster slowly raises the platform up to the top of the pit, and Iggy climbs off.

Iggy: Thanks, Speedster. I owe ya one.

Spooky Speedster: I'll try the other door.

Spooky Speedster floats into the door on the left.

Spooky Speedster (from inside the room): AAAAAHHHH!!!

Spooky Speedster runs out of the room with sweat pouring down his face.

Boolossus: What happened?!

Spooky Speedster: There was lava right on the other side of the door, and I almost got burned up!

Boolossus: Then that only leaves one more door...

Boolossus goes into the door. Some punching noises are heard, and Boolossus comes out of the door with two black eyes.

Boolossus: Ouch.

Iggy: What happened?

Boolossus: Booatrol possessed as Lemmy is on the other side of the door. But don't worry, guys. I'll deal with him myself.

Boolossus goes back in the room.

Boss: Booatrol (vs. Boolossus only)

Boolossus: Take this, Fatso!

Boolossus punches Booatrol in the face and Booatrol pops out of Lemmy's body. But it hardly does anything due to Booatrol’s armor.

Booatrol: You call that an attack?

Booatrol charges at Boolossus with his spike pointed at him, but Boolossus dodges it.  Then Boolossus tries to crush Booatrol but gets poked! So Boolossus shoots a blast of blue fire at Booatrol, which makes his armor melt away and Boolossus crushes him.

Booatrol: (singing) How could this happen to meeeeee?! I've made my mistaaaaakes! I'm-

Boolossus: Shut up!

Boolossus crushes him again, wich finally knocks him out. Boolossus walks out of the door, looking triumphant.

Boolossus: I beat him!

Iggy: Good for you.


Mr. L: Queen "Clawdia" Boo! They've just defeated Booatrol!

Queen Boo: No matter. He was weak anyway. Besides, he's fighting Atomic Boo Scientist next. And he should take care of them!

Mr. M: All right!

Now back to Iggy and party...

Iggy: So, who's next on our list of enemies?

Doopliss: Umm... Atomic Boo Scientist, it looks like.

Iggy: K.

Spooky Speedster: Oh no! Smart guy! We'll never be able to beat him!

Iggy: Yeah we will!

Iggy slaps Spooky Speedster.

Spooky Speedster: Owwwww...

Iggy: There he is...

Iggy points to "Ludwig".

Iggy: Hey, Atomic Boo Scientist! We know it's you

"Ludwig": !@#$

Atomic Boo Scientist flies out of Ludwig's body, which falls to the ground.

Atomic Boo Scientist: !@#$%^&*()

Doopliss: He's speaking Shroob.

Iggy: Why?

Doopliss: He must be fluent in Shroob!

Atomic Boo Scientist: $&*$@!

Doopliss: He says "I challenge you to a battle!"

Iggy: All right then, tough guy! Bring it!

Boss: Atomic Boo Scientist

Iggy: Heeeyah!

Iggy tries to throw a punch at ABS, but ABS randomly throws a potion at Iggy and he gets turned into a scorpion resembling Iggy.

Scorpion Iggy: Awesome!

Atomic Boo Scientist: )(*&^%$#@!

Doopliss: He means "That was not a good move!"

Scorpion Iggy lunges at ABS and bites him with "knockout poison".

ABS: %###############

Doopliss: He says "Nooooooooooo... "

Iggy (who turned back into a Koopa): Whew. We beat him.


Mr. L: My King! Are you just about done watching X2?! Me and Mr. M need to use the Brobots!

King Boo: Yeah! I'm done!

King Boo comes floating out of Brobot L-Type.

King Boo: Go on in.

Mr. L goes into Brobot L-Type and Mr. M goes into Brobot M-Type.

King Boo: Now go! ATTACK!!!

Brobot L-Type and Brobot M-Type go running off.

Back with Iggy...

Iggy: Do you hear that?

Doopliss: Yeah...

Suddenly Brobot L-Type and Brobot M-Type come charging toward them.

Iggy: Holy!

Mr. M: Haha! Now you will die!

Antepenultimate Boss: Brobot L-Type and Brobot M-Type

Mr. L: Take this!

Brobot L-Type fires missiles at our heroes and they get hit!

Spooky Speedster: Oof! Fire!

Spooky Speedster fires lasers at the hat part of Brobot L-Type, which is where the cockpit is. Mr. L gets third-degree burns before the fire finally breaks the window and he escapes.

Mr. L: You may have destroyed my robot but you can't destroy me!

Boolossus crushes Mr. L.

Mr. L: Aaahhhh...

Mr. L gets knocked out cold.

Mr. M: AAAAAHHHH!!! My brother!

Brobot M-Type starts firing missiles randomly, but Doopliss turns into a cape at the last minute and reflects them back at Mr. M.

Mr. M: Oh no...

The missiles hit the window in Brobot M-Type and he gets knocked to the ground, where Iggy randomly punches him and eventually Mr. M gets knocked out cold.

Iggy: We beat them!

Doopliss: Yeah!

Boolossus: Now all that's left is King Boo and Queen Boo.

Iggy: Yeah... They possessed Bowser and Clawdia, right?

Spooky Speedster: Yeah...

Iggy: Then this is going to be one tough fight!

Iggy and his friends barge into the throne room, where they find King Boo munching on Doritos.

King Boo: Iggy! I never doubted you'd be alive long enough to fight me!

Iggy: Yeah, yeah. Anyway, let's get on with the reason why we're here!

Pentultimate Boss: King Boo

King Boo starts off the fight by breathing fire on Doopliss, which partially burns him up.

Iggy: Haaaaahhhh...


Iggy grabbed a baseball bat and whacked King Boo's teeth out.

King Boo: OWTHIES!!!

Iggy: And now this!

Iggy grabs a hockey puck and chucks it at King Boo's head. During all of this commotion, Spooky Speedster has been charging up his laser, and he finally lets it out!


The ceiling collapses and the only people conscious are Iggy and Spooky Speedster. But King Boo floats out of Bowser's body!

King Boo: Did you honestly think I'd go down that easy?

Iggy: No. You've always been tough.

King Boo: Now you die!

King Boo shoots black fire from his arms at Spooky Speedster, which practically kills him!

Iggy: HAH!!!

Iggy grabs his baseball bat and starts whacking the lights out of King Boo!


King Boo: Uuuuuuuueeeeaaarrggghhhh...

King Boo faints.

Iggy: YAHOO!!!

Messageboard that just popped up: King Boo: Defeated

The messageboard disappears.

Iggy: Wake up, you guys! I beat King Boo!

Doopliss is burnt to a crisp, Boolossus has a huge chunk of ceiling crushing him, and Spooky Speedster is in a coma.

Iggy: T_T  Oh, right, my friends practically got killed during the last fight...

Mario and Luigi stumble in.

Mario: What-a happened? Wait a second-a! Iggy Koopa?!

Iggy: Yup, that's me.

Mario: Well, were you the one who defeated King Boo?

Iggy: Well not without help from... them.

Iggy points to his half-slaughtered friends.

Luigi: Iggy! Was it just me or did me and Mario get brainwashed?

Iggy: You got brainwashed to think that you were Mr. M and Mr. L.

Luigi: Oh, well me and Mario want to help you defeat that awful mastermind Queen Boo.

Mario: Yeah.

Iggy: Well Mario Bros, Queen Boo is in the next room, so if you really want to help me, then you can.

Mario: Okay! Let's-a go!

Luigi: Let's-a go!

Mario, Luigi, and Iggy run into the real throne room and see "Clawdia" standing there.

Queen Boo: I see you have defeated Lou.

Mario: Lou is King Boo's first name?!

Iggy: Yeah, it was in his diary.

Queen Boo: Anyway, it's time to fight!

Final Boss: Queen Boo

Mario starts off the fight by throwing a fireball at Queen Boo, which does minor damage.

Queen Boo: Rrrrrghhh!!!

Queen Boo breathes a fireball onto Luigi.

Luigi: Hot! Hot!

Iggy: I'm not going to let you half-slaughter Mario and Luigi like King Boo did to my ghost friends.

Queen Boo: Oh rea-

Iggy makes Queen Boo stop talking by smacking her in the head with his bat.

Queen Boo: Argh!!!

Queen Boo breathes fire on Iggy.

Iggy: OW!!!

Mario grabs a Smash Ball that just happens to be floating around, and releases Mario Finale on Queen Boo.



Queen Boo faints and comes floating out of Clawdia's body. Iggy has hearts in his eyes.

Iggy: Wow...

Queen Boo shares traits with Peeka and Lahla, who work for Don Pianta, but with a crown instead of cat ears. Iggy is still just standing there, gazing at Queen Boo.

Mario: Oh stop that, Iggy!

Mario grabs Iggy's bat and starts whacking the lights out of Queen Boo. Iggy shakes his head and snaps out of it, then grabs his hockey stick and starts pounding the lights out of Queen Boo too.

Luigi: Ah! A Smash Ball!

Luigi grabs the Smash Ball and starts performing Negative Zone, which makes Queen Boo fall asleep, but Mario and Iggy don't stop whacking the living daylights out of Queen Boo until they're sure she's out.

Iggy: We have just beat Queen Boo.

Mario and Luigi: Yeah!

Suddenly the Koopalings and Bowser come in and Clawdia recovers.

Bowser: Now that... was definitely one of King Boo's more hostile attacks. But thank you for saving us again.

Iggy: Don't mention it. But how are Doopliss, Boolossus, and Spooky Speedster?

Ludwig: We called an ambulance for them. We haven't heard results yet.

Iggy: Oh...

Mario and Luigi: I think we're going to go now.

Mario and Luigi run to Mario's house.

1 month later...

The doorbell at Bowser's castle rings, and Iggy answers it. And I'm sure you can guess who it is... If you guessed Doopliss, Boolossus and Spooky Speedster, then you're right!

Doopliss, Boolossus and Spooky Speedster: We made it out of the hospital alive, and we decided to visit you.

Iggy: You guys! You survived! That's AWESOME!!!

Doopliss: So did you get that fandonium out of your body?

Iggy: Yeah. Bowser blackmailed King Boo into taking it out, so he did.

Boolossus: Well, that's good.

Iggy: Plus, we don't expect to see more attacks from King Boo for awhile.

Spooky Speedster: That's good.

So the quartet spend the rest of the day hanging out with each other and relaxing.


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