Paper Mario 4: The Shadow of Darkness

By Bandy Andy

Authorís Note: Switching to prose form and past tense.

Mario leapt into the air and grinned. He had gotten the second Star. "Oh yeah!" he shouted in excitement.

Kamakle smiled. "Nice job," she said.

Lemmy groaned. "My dad's gonna kill me..."

"Yeah. Dawg, we did it!" Swiper exclaimed.

"Let's get out of here," Mario said.

They ran towards the warp pipe, when suddenly it disappeared. "Hey!" yelled Swiper. "Who did that?"

"Kekekeke! I've found you!"

"Kammy Koopa!" Mario groaned. She was Bowser's third in command, after himself and Kamek.

Kamakle gasped. "Oh no!" she cried.

"What is it?" Mario questioned.

"She's my old and horrible master."

"Kamakle?" Kammy said.

Kamakle groaned. "I've turned against the Koopa empire."

"Then die!"

RPG Battle!
Mario: 25/25
Swiper: 25/25
Kamakle: 25/25
Kammy Koopa: 90/90

"I think we're in trouble..." Kamakle mumbled.

"Yep," Swiper said.

Mario used Ultra Hammer! 8 damage to Kammy!

Swiper used Spin Kick! 5 damage to Kammy!

Kamakle used Power Up! Party's attack rose.

Kammy used Shadow Fire! 10 damage to Mario! Kammy can't attack next turn.

Mario: 15/25 (Powered Up)
Swiper: 25/25 (Powered Up)
Kamakle: 25/25 (Powered Up)
Kammy: 77/90

Mario used Sky Jump! 12 Damage to Kammy! Mario can't jump anymore.

Swiper used Smash Punch! 8 damage to Kammy!

Kamakle used Ice Spell! 3 damage to Kammy! Kammy is frozen!

Kammy is frozen!

The Power Up spell wore off.

Mario: 15/25
Swiper: 25/25
Kamakle: 25/25
Kammy: 54/90 (Frozen)

Mario used Hammer! 3 damage to Kammy!

Swiper used Crack Kick! 4 damage to Kammy! Kammy is no longer frozen!

Kamakle used Protect! Kamakle cannot be hurt this turn.

Kammy used Fire Swell! 7 damage to everyone but Kammy and Kamakle!

Mario: 8/25
Swiper: 18/25
Kamakle: 18/25
Kammy: 47/90

"You know what? This isn't worth it" Kammy flew off on her broomstick.

"Err, all that for nothing?" Swiper moaned.

But someone was thinking. "I fooled Mario good. That was too easy."

"Well, to the pipe," Mario said.

The party agreed it was so. They jumped through the pipe to Toad Town Sewers, where they realized the bridge to the pipe out of the sewers was gone.

"Umm..." Lemmy said, "how do we get out of here?"

"The bridge is up there!" said Swiper. The bridge was on a rock with something attached to it.

"How did it get up there?" Lemmy

"Someone was fooling with the switch. The switch is in a room through there," Mario said. He pointed at a door.

"And we have to find the switch that releases the bridge from its hidey-hole. How swell," Kamakle grumbled.

"Well, let's go," said Mario.

So they raced through, annihilating some Dark Koopas, and then got stuck in a room with a door on a ledge but no bridge across.

"Um, how do we get across?" said Lemmy.

"I can get across, but I don't know about you," said Mario.

"Couldn't you carry us, one at a time?" said Kamakle.

"Why can't you go across yourself? You're a Magikoopa," Swiper questioned.

"I can teleport, but I was just learning as I left. I couldn't make it that far. I can only use basic spells."

"Right on, right on," Swiper said.

"Maybe there's a hidden way to get across," Mario offered up.

"Wait, not all of us need to go. Mario can do it himself," Lemmy said.

"I'm still pretty low on energy right now. All of you need to come and help."

"I'm just going to try walking across," said Swiper. He then walked across an invisible bridge to the other side.

"Didn't you know this was here?" Kamakle asked.

"No, I always jump across," Mario replied.

So they continued on, meeting no enemies, until they were walking across a bridge over real water, not sewer water.


"What in the world was that?" yelled Swiper.

"I don't know!" Mario yelled.

Then a giant Blooper jumped out of the water.

RPG Battle!

Mario: 7/25
Swiper: 18/25
Kamakle: 18/25
Giant Blooper: 40/40

Mario used Sky Jump! 9 damage to Giant Blooper! Mario can't jump anymore.

Swiper used Smash Kick! 6 damage to Giant Blooper!

Kamakle used Fire Swell! 2 damage to Giant Blooper! Giant Blooper got burned!

Giant Blooper used Tentacle Swat! 4 damage to Swiper! Giant Blooper takes 2 damage from the burn!

Mario: 7/25
Swiper: 14/25
Kamakle: 18/25
Giant Blooper: 21/40

Mario used Ultra Hammer! 6 damage to Giant Blooper!

Swiper used Spin Kick! 6 damage to Giant Blooper!

Kamakle used Electric Storm! 9 damage to Giant Blooper! Giant Blooper fainted!
Mario and Co leveled up!

"Whee!" Swiper grinned.

"Hey, there's a treasure chest. Open it," Kamakle said to Mario.

Mario opened the chest to reveal the switch to the bridge. Mario then stomped it, and threw it down the fainted Giant Blooper's mouth. "Let's get out of here," Mario said.

So they raced into Toad Town and went to the inn to stay the night.

To Be Continued...

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