Paper Mario 4: The Shadow of Darkness

By Bandy Andy

Prologue: The Story Begins

Toad Town

Mario is in the outskirts of town when he hears an explosion.

Mario: What was that?

A Toad runs up.

Toad: Bowser's attacking the town again!

Mario: Than what are we waiting for?

Mario dashes into the town square, where Bowser is using his Koopa Klown Kopter and attacking the square.

Bowser: Bwarararararhahaha! It's that pesky plumber again!

Mario: Why do you do this? You can never win!

Bowser: That is where you are wrong, my dear plumber. I already have the princess and Luigi! Give up now!

Mario: Never, Bowser!

Mario runs up to battle and the curtain drops.

RPG Battle!

Mario 10/10
Bowser 30/30

Mario: What?

Bowser: You will never defeat me!

Mario used Jump. 2 damage!

Bowser used Fire breath. 4 damage!
Mario: Ouch!

Mario 6/10
Bowser 28/30

Mario used Hammer. 2 damage!

Bowser used Instant KO Attack. Instant KO!
Mario: Ughhh...

Kamek: Lord Bowser! Let's get out of here!

Bowser and Kamek leave. Then a Bandit wearing a yellow robe and sunglasses walks up to Mario.

Bandit: Dude, are you all right?

Mario: Yeah.

Bandit: Swingin!

Mario: Well, how am I going to defeat Bowser this time? Oh yeah, what's your name?

Bandit: Swiper is the name, stealing is my game!

Mario: Swiper, how would you like to help me get back the princess and Luigi?

Swiper: That would be swingin!

Swiper joins the party! Swiper can steal from his opponents in and out of battle. He can also Ram and Punch the opponent very well.

Swiper: Now let's steal those cats back from big cat!

Koopa: I'm very lucky I missed the train home! Now I can tell King Koopa that Mario and A Bandit are coming!

Mario is walking in Toad Town when he sees Merlon waving at him.

Mario: Strange... Merlon is never like this.

Mario walks into Merlon's house with the spinning roof.

Mario: What can I do for you today, Merlon?

Merlon: The world is in great danger!

Swiper: Say wha?

Merlon: You see, there are these stars called Shadow Stars. These Stars are like the Crystal Stars only with dark power. Bowser has collected all 7 of these Shadow Stars and given them to his minions. You must take them back!

Mario: Where are they?

Merlon: The first one is in Bolt Fields.

Mario: How do I get there?

Merlon: With the power of a magical warp. It's in Lower Toad Town by the train station.

Mario: What does this warp look like?

Merlon: It looks like a building, but if you run and jump in the window, you will come out in Bolt Field.

Swiper: Swingin! Let's move, dawg!

Mario: All right, Swipe. Let’s go!

Mario first goes into a shop and buys three Mushrooms.

Mario: Now I'm ready!

Mario and Swiper run into Lower Toad Town and run at the house and jump through the window.

Chapter One: Of Fields and Lightning

Bolt Field

Mario looks around and sees a bunch of flowers and bushes that look like bolts.

Swiper: So that's why those cats call it Bolt Field.

Mario suddenly sees a bunch of electrically charged Goombas coming toward him

Swiper: Woah! Watch out!

Goomba 1: Intruders! Let's terminate them and Lord Ludwig will give us a raise!

RPG Battle!

Mario 10/10
Swiper 10/10
Goomba 1 5/5
Goomba 2 5/5
Goomba 3 5/5

Mario used Jump! One damage to himself!
Mario: Youchies!

Swiper used Invisible Kick! One damage to Goomba 1!

Goomba 1 used Shocked Headbonk! Mario defended! 2 damage!

Goomba 2 used Charge! Power increased by 2!

Goomba 3 used Shockwave! 2 damage to everyone except Goomba 3!

Mario 5/10 Danger!
Swiper 8/10
Goomba 1 2/5
Goomba 2 3/5
Goomba 3 5/5

Mario used A Mushroom! 5 Heart Points restored!

Swiper used Triple Punch'n'Kick! 4 damage to Goomba 2! Goomba 2 fainted!

Goomba 1 used Shocked Headbonk! 2 damage to Mario!

Goomba 3 used Charge! Power raised!

Mario 8/10
Swiper 8/10
Goomba 1 2/5
Goomba 2 Fainted.
Goomba 3 3/5

Mario used Hammer! 2 damage to Goomba 1! Goomba 1 fainted!

Swiper used Triple Punch'n'Kick! 4 damage to Goomba 3! Goomba 3 fainted!

Battle Over. Mario and Swiper gain 15 Star Points!

Mario: Hey, we gained some useful information from that battle! We know that Ludwig is in charge! (No pun intended.)

Swiper: Come on, dawg!

But they don't know someone has been watching.

Ludwig: Those fools. They think that they can beat me? Well, they’d better think again!

Mario is walking down Bolt Road when he sees a giant Troopa that is charged with electricity.

Troopa: Mario! Die!

Mini-Boss Battle!

Mario 10/10
Swiper 10/10
Troopa 30/30

Mario used Jump! 2 Damage!
Swiper used Punch! No Damage!
Troopa used Shell Slam! 4 Damage to Mario!

Mario 6/10
Swiper 10/10
Troopa 28/30

Mario used Hammer Jump! 4 Damage!
Swiper used Pickpocket! 2 Damage! Swiper stole a Mushroom!
Troopa used Stomp! 5 damage to Swiper!

Mario 6/10
Swiper 5/10
Troopa 22/30

Mario used Sky Jump! 6 Damage! Mario can't jump anymore!
Swiper used a Mushroom! 5 HP restored!
Troopa used Punch! 4 Damage to Swiper!

Mario 6/10
Swiper 6/10
Troopa 16/30

Mario used Fireball! 7 Damage!
Swiper used Punch'n'Kick! 4 Damage!
Troopa used Shocked Spin! 5 Damage to Mario!

Mario 1/10 (Peril)
Swiper 6/10
Troopa 5/30

Mario: Let's finish this!

Mario used Fireball! 5 Damage! Troopa fainted!

Mario and Co gain 23 Star Points!
Battle Over

Mario: All right, we won!

Ludwig: Grrr... How did they beat Super Troopa? Well they will not beat me!

Mario: Let’s go into the castle!

Swiper: Swingin!

Mario and Co enter the castle. It is full of guards, which Mario and Co. avoid.  Mario sees a switch, which he presses. A bunch of robots attack him, but they explode before contact. They make it to the top after leveling up once each.

Swiper: So this is where the big cheese is.

Two Koopatrol guards charge at them.

Koopatrol: Bowser is gonna give me a raise after this!

Mario just kicks them out the window, and they die. Then Mario opens the door of the main chamber.

Ludwig: So you got to me, eh? Well, you will never get the Shadow Stars!

Boss Battle!

Mario 15/15
Swiper 15/15
Ludwig 35/35

Mario uses Jump! 2 Damage.
Swiper used Triple Punch'n'Kick! 5 Damage.
Ludwig used Fireball! 4 Damage to Swiper.

Mario 15/15
Swiper 11/15
Ludwig 28/35

Mario used Hammer! 3 damage.
Swiper used Double Punch! 4 Damage.
Ludwig used Shell Slam! 4 Damage to Mario.

Mario 11/15
Swiper 11/15
Ludwig 21/35

Mario used Super Jump! 8 Damage! Mario can't jump!
Swiper used Spin Kick! 3 Damage.
Ludwig used Fire Shell! 6 Damage to Swiper.

Mario 11/15
Swiper 5/15 (Danger)
Ludwig 12/35

Mario used Hammer! Mario missed!
Swiper used Pickpocket! 4 Damage. Swiper stole 5 coins.
Ludwig: Time for my true power!
Ludwig’s power increased by 2! Ludwig used Fireball! 7 Damage to Swiper.
Swiper: Ugh!
Swiper fainted.

Mario 11/15
Swiper Fainted!
Ludwig 8/35

Ludwig: This can't be!

Mario used Hammer! 4 Damage!
Ludwig: Ugh... Can't last much longer.
Ludwig used Fireball! 8 Damage!

Mario 3/15
Swiper Fainted!
Ludwig 4/35

Mario used Hammer! 4 Damage!
Ludwig: NOOOO!

Battle Over

Ludwig: I have been defeated! Take the Shadow Star, and let me go!

Swiper: Get out of here, slime!

Ludwig runs toward the portal.

Mario: Woohoo! I got it!

The first Shadow Star has been found! Bowser sure isn't happy about this! Now Mario must find the other 6 Shadow Stars! But for now, let's see how Bowser got this Star, anyway.

Bowser: What a great place! No Mario Bros, no distractions, and no king duties!

Suddenly, Bowser sees an oddly colored star in front of him.

Bowser: What is this?

Kamek: Lord Bowser! That's a Shadow Star! Those things have incredible power! It is said that if you find one, the next one will become clear.

Suddenly a Phantom Magikoopa appears.

Phantom Magikoopa: Another Star can be found in Ice Circus!

Bowser: You mean that old, abandoned circus out on the ice?

But the Magikoopa is gone.

Bowser: Curses! Well, at least I know where the next one is. Come on, Kamek!

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