Mario's Snowboard Saga

By zz1666

August 15, 2009

Prologue: Old Man Winter Pays a (Unexpected) Visit

"This better work, Ludwig," called Bowser.

"I'm almost ready," called Ludwig.

Ludwig had been working on an invention that he was sure could help Bowser conquer all of Plit. His new invention was designed to shoot the sun and block all sunlight from Plit, in hopes of plunging Plit into an ice age, with the exception of Dark Land.

"If this fails, you're dead!" Bowser called out.

Ludwig fired the beam at the sun. Everyone watched. All of a sudden, a huge burst near the sun could be seen. After the smoke cleared, a thick field of clouds formed around the sun and soon filled the sky.

"It worked..." Ludwig said in amazing.

"YEAH!" exclaimed Bowser. "Ludwig, you're a genius!

Everyone in Dark Land burst into cheers, knowing that while they were still going to enjoy warmth, the rest of the planet would be in sub-zero temperatures with lots of snow.

"Stop your celebrations!" yelled Ludwig. Everyone turned to him with puzzled faces.

"What do you mean 'stop'?" asked Bowser.

"You see, when we hit the sun, eight pieces of it broke off," Ludwig explained. "If someone was to gather those eight pieces and stand at the magnetic north of the planet, they would be able to free the sun and return everything back to normal."

"Well, that is a problem," Bowser said, not sounding too worried. "So, looks like the army is going to have to find those pieces."

All the members of the army looked at Bowser with puzzled faces.

"I'm not joking. Go find those eight pieces so we can destroy them, and be sure this doesn’t fail. Now go!"


"Mario, come check out this news report," Luigi called to Mario. Mario came running down the stairs, curious to see what was on the news.

"Well temperatures are now at minus thirty degrees Fahrenheit, and we are stuck in about six feet of snow, and it doesn't look to be stopping. We don't know how this strange weather is happening, but all we know is that this is looking like a disaster," the newscaster Toad said.

"Luigi, you actually believe that? You know that those newscaster Toads always mess up the weather. And come on, yesterday it was warm and sunny, the weather couldn't have changed that quickly," Mario said.

"You're right," agreed Luigi. "I think I'll head out and get the mail."

Luigi went to open the door, but when he did so a giant wave of snow and cold air came crashing in.

"Luigi!" Mario called out.

Luigi emerged from the snow pile.

"Wow, they got the weather right for once," Luigi joked. Luigi's joking attitude was a mere hint of his worries for how this had occurred.

While Luigi was pondering this, he was unaware of a rocket sled heading straight for their house, which ended up running over Luigi.


On the sled were E. Gadd and Peach.
"E. Gadd, do you know what is going on?" Mario asked.

"Yes, I do," replied E. Gadd. "This is precisely the reason why I came here. You see, this is all an evil plan of Bowser. He fired a laser at the sun and blocked the sun from the sky, which is why we have this horrid weather."

"Can we fix it?" asked Peach.

"Yes," E. Gadd replied. "You see, when the laser hit the sun, eight pieces of it broke off. If one were to gather those eight pieces and stand as close to the sun as possible at the northernmost point on the planet, then the sun can reemerge and end all this. So Mario, will you tackle on this challenge?"

"Yes, why wouldn't I?" said Mario.

"I think I'll pass," said Luigi, although I'm sure that's the response everyone would have expected.

"Mario, take this," E. Gadd said.

E. Gadd handed Mario a snowboard.

"Let me explain," he said. "You see, with all this snow, traveling my foot would be hard. So, here is a snowboard to help. There is even a motor to power it when it isn't going down a slope. Well, this is all I have for you."

"Thanks!' Mario cheered. "Well, do you know where one of the pieces is?"

"Mario, I only know that there was a report of something like a piece of the sun found somewhere near Beanbean Castle," answered E. Gadd.

"Thanks," said Mario. "I'm off. Bye everyone!"

"Do be careful," said Peach. "I know you can do it!" However, for the first time Peach wasn't sure that Mario could do it. Oh, how she wanted to ensure herself he could…

Chapter 1: Familiar Friends and Foes

Mario left the house on his snowboard.

"Let's see," he thought. " I'm sure there has got to be someone who is after these besides me. There always is. Now, how can I use this snowboard as a weapon?"

While Mario was in the middle of his thought process, a Goomba dressed like an Eskimo appeared.

"What are you wearing?" Mario asked the Goomba.

"It’s Eskimo clothing, to keep me warm," Eskimo Goomba said.

"Whatever, you guys just think of more ways to act weird," Mario said, as he and the Goomba could tell it was time for a fight.

Mario HP: 10/10
Eskimo Goomba HP: 2/2

"Hmm... Now how can I hurt this thing?" Mario thought to himself. "I got it!"

Mario started moving toward the Goomba on the snowboard and then jumped just before reaching the Goomba and landed on top of him.

"Pain!" cried the Goomba.

Mario HP: 10/10
Eskimo Goomba HP: 0/2

The Goomba lay there hurt.

"That was awesome!" cried Mario in excitement. At that moment, Mario realized he was going to like this journey. He then got an idea.

"Let's see, there is always more than one of these things around," said Mario.

Mario moved forward a little and looked down at an Eskimo Spiky Goomba.

"Ahh! Where did you come from?" asked the Spiky Goomba, seemingly shocked to see Mario this quick.

Mario HP: 10/10
Eskimo Spiky Goomba HP: 2/2

Mario ran up to the Spiky Goomba. Instead of jumping on him with the snowboard, Mario stepped off, picked up the snowboard, and whacked him as if it was a hammer. "Whack!" Mario cried out with enjoyment from whacking the Spiky Goomba.

"Ouch!" the Spiky Goomba cried.

Mario HP: 10/10
Eskimo Spiky Goomba HP: 0/2

The Spiky Goomba scurried away, flat like a pancake.

"Oh, this is going to be fun," said Mario.

Mario continued through the fields, looking around. Mario could barely see the tops of the houses that were trapped under the snow. After a few minutes of downhill snowboarding, he reached the border between the two kingdoms. He saw the two Sledge Bros. who guard the border outside on top of skis.

"I'm thinking there's no border jumping today," Mario asked.

"Correct," one of the Sledge Bros. said. "Instead of border jumping, you know must border ski."

"Does snowboarding work?" asked Mario.

"Sure," replied the other Sledge Bro. "Now, in border skiing, you must beat both of us in a race down this hill on either skis or a snowboard. If you beat us, you may pass through. If you lose, you can always try again. You ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be," replied Mario.

"Good," said the Sledge Bro. "Now, on my whistle, you will race Ed here. Take your starting positions."

Ed and Mario lined up at the top of this hill.

"Ready... set... go!" yelled the Sledge Bro.

Mario got a quick start. Ed slowly started to catch up, but the speed of the motor on Mario's snowboard easily beat him.

"Wow, I've never seen someone do it that quickly," said the Sledge Bro. “Congratulations Mario, you may pass.”

"Thanks!" answered Mario.

With that easy task done with, Mario continued on to the Beanbean side of the border.

"Now let's see," Mario thought to himself. "There should be a pipe near here to take me to the Beanbean Castle."

Mario took a look around, and realized the pipe must be buried by snow.

"That stinks. I guess I can either dig my way under, or just take the long way. Well, I don't think there is anything here that I can use for digging, so it looks like it's going to be the long was for me."

Mario continued through the snow until he saw a few Koopas in Eskimo clothing.

"Oh dear, please don't tell me you guys are using the horrible clothing that those Goombas are using, too," Mario asked.

"Hey, shut up," said the Koopa, as he charged toward Mario, signaling a fight.

Mario HP: 10/10
Eskimo Koopa HP: 4/4
Eskimo Paratroopa HP: 4/4

"Woohoo!" Mario called out as he ran up to the Koopa and hammered him with the snowboard.

"Is that the best you got?" asked the Koopa.  The Koopa then started spinning in his shell toward Mario.

"Whack!" Mario called out, as he whacked the Koopa away with his snowboard.

"Wimp," called the Paratroopa, who quickly charged at Mario. Not having time to swing the snowboard, he raised it in front of himself as a form of defense, and reduced the impact..
Mario HP: 9/10
Eskimo Koopa HP: 1/4
Eskimo Paratroopa HP: 4/4

"I wonder what else I can do with this," thought Mario. "That's it, I got the perfect idea!"

Mario threw the snowboard sideways, and it hit both foes and returned like a boomerang.

"Sweet!" Mario exclaimed.

Mario HP: 9/10
Eskimo Koopa HP: 0/4
Eskimo Paratroopa HP: 2/4

"Hey, you hurt my friend," said the Eskimo Paratroopa. The Paratroopa then lunged toward Mario, but like last time, he was able to put his snowboard up in defense.

"Curse you!" exclaimed the Paratroopa.

Mario HP: 8/10
Eskimo Koopa HP: 0/4
Eskimo Paratroopa HP: 2/4

"Well, time to finish this!" said Mario.

Mario jumped on top of the Paratroopa, knocking it to the ground.

Mario HP: 8/10
Eskimo Koopa HP: 0/4
Eskimo Paratroopa HP: 0/4

Mario continued on as the two Eskimo Koopas lay motionless in the snow.

"Hmm... I guess I can have some fun," said Mario, narrowing his eyes.

Mario piled snow on top of the Koopas, burying them.

"Haha!" said Mario, bursting into laughter.

Mario continued on his snowboard, not seeing any more enemies. For once, Mario was a bit sad that there was no one for him to fight. So, Mario continued on, passing through Stardust Fields, until he eventually came to Hoohoo Village.

"Woah, this place got hit hard," said Mario to himself.

Just then he saw Blablanadon descending from above.

"Mario, how did you get here through this snow?" asked Blablanadon.

"It's nothing important. Now, what happened here?" Mario asked.

"Well, there was an avalanche," Blablanadon said. "You see, all the snow on the mountain came crashing down and buried this place."

"Did everyone get buried?" asked Mario.

"No, most did though," said Blablanadon. "The people who got buried near the top were able to get out, and then I flew them to the top of Hoohoo Mountain, as it's the safest place. Most of the snow up there is gone, as it all fell down."

"About how many people are up there?" asked Mario.

"Maybe ten at the most," said Blablanadon without much emotion. "Hey Mario, would you like to come up to the summit? Maybe you can help the few of us up there figure out what to do."

"Anything to help people," said Mario.

"Wonderful. Now, please grab hold of me so I can carry you up the mountain," Blablanadon said, as he lowered his back so Mario could hop on. He did just that.


"So have we found anything?" asked Bowser.

"Sorry, we got nothing," said Ludwig.

"Are you sure?" asked Bowser again.

"Yes King Dad," said Ludwig.

"Well, maybe since we're having such a hard time finding these, that means that other people will too, right?" asked Bowser.

"I'm pretty sure," replied Ludwig. "Most likely these pieces may be under the snow, which would make them hard to find since the snow won't stop."

"Yeah, but continue searching anyways," said Bowser. "We wouldn't want to take any chances now that we've gotten this far, would we?"


Blablanadon landed with Mario at the summit of the mountain.

"Help!" cried a voice.

Mario turned to the direction the call was coming from and saw that the people from Hoohoo Village were being attacked by a weird machine.

"Leave 'em alone," shouted Mario, who was charging into battle.

Mario HP: 15/15
Snow Blower HP: 6/6

"You cannot *clank* defeat me," shouted the Snow Blower.

"We'll see about that," cried Mario.

Without a moment of rest, Mario charged at the Snow Blower and hammered it with the snowboard.

"That was *clank* useless," said the Snow Blower. "That did not hurt me one bit, now time to *clank* feel pain!"

The Snow Blower shot out snow quickly at Mario, burying him in snow.

Mario HP: 12/15
Snow Blower HP: 6/6

"I need to find a new attack," said Mario. Using quick thinking, Mario ran at Snow Blower while holding the snowboard, and jabbed it into the place where the snow comes out.

"Ouch!" cried the Snow Blower

Snow Blower then started blowing more snow at Mario. However, he put the snowboard up to block some of the snow.

Mario HP: 10/15
Snow Blower HP: 3/6

"Well, let's just do it again," said Mario. Mario then did the same thing he did last time.

"No!" cried Snow Blower. "*clank clank clank*"

Mario HP: 10/15
Snow Blower HP: 0/6

Snow Blower burst into a small explosion, and fell to the snow in pieces.

"Great job," said Blablanadon.

"No problem," said Mario.

Mario and Blablanadon walked over to the townspeople.

"Mario, we must thank you," said a townsperson who appeared to be the mayor.

"Anything for you guys," replied Mario.

"So, I must ask, what brings you here?" asked the mayor.

"Well, it's a long story, but I’m searching for some sun pieces," said Mario.

"Sun pieces? I think I saw one of those," said the mayor.

"Really? Where?" asked Mario.

"I saw something that looked like it came from the sun fly over our village, and it looked as if it may land in Bean Valley," said the mayor.

"Well, I’d better be on my way," called Mario.

"Thank you for everything!" cried the villagers.

And with that, Mario was off on his way. "Hmm... This appears to be the quickest way down..." said Mario, looking down at the frozen waterfall. With that, Mario jumps onto the ice and started racing down the frozen waterfall. "Wahoo!" cried Mario.

After a few minutes of sliding on the ice, Mario came to Bean Valley. He got onto the shore and saw Beanbean Castle up ahead.

"Best I go there," said Mario.

Mario rid his way to the Beanbean Castle gates, only to find that the gates were buried under snow.

"This could be a problem," thought Mario.

Just then, Prince Peasley came flying in.

"Ha ha ha!" laughed Peasley. "What brings you here, Mario?

"I'm looking for these eight pieces of the sun," said Mario. "You see, if I find them all I can make the sun reappear and melt away this snow and give us warmth."

"Oh, I saw one of those!" exclaimed Peasley.

"You did?!" Mario asked with excitement and joy. "Where?"

"In the sewers of the castle," said Peasley. "However, the sewers are now completely filled with snow."

"I can clear the snow out," suggested Mario.

"You will?" asked Peasley. "Sweet!'

"Now since the entrance to the castle is blocked off with snow, how do we get in?" asked Mario.

"We will get in this way," said Peasley with an unusual amount of confidence in his voice.

"How?" asked Mario.

"With this," said Peasley, as he held up some weird gadget. Peasley then clipped the gadget to Mario's snowboard. Mario's snowboard then started to click, and the snowboard folded up into a shovel.

"I see," said Mario.

"Yup," said Peasley. "Now, let's start shoveling!" exclaimed Peasley, pulling out a shovel of his own.

The two started to shovel, making quick work of clearing the entranceway. All of a sudden, Mario saw something jump out of the snow.

"Ahhhh!" screamed Mario. "Oh wait... It's just you."

"Hey, I'll destroy you!" said the Snow Beanie, which is a Beanie wearing a beanie. You know, those winter hats.

Mario HP: 10/15
Snow Beanie HP: 5/5

"Mario, you can also use the shovel in battle to throw massive piles of snow at the enemy," said Peasley.

"Hmm... Good idea," agreed Mario.

Mario picked up a pile of snow with the shovel and hurled it at the Snow Beanie.

"Ahhhh, cold!" shouted the Snow Beanie. "You'll pay for this, take this!"

The Snow Beanie took off its beanie, and the beanie then grew spikes. Then the Snow Beanie tossed the beanie at Mario, who jumped out of the way, avoiding it completely.

"Ha ha, you missed!" taunted Mario!

While Mario was taunting, the spiky beanie came back around and nailed Mario from behind before returning to the Snow Beanie, who then put the beanie back on his head without the spikes.

"Hey, that was cheap," shouted Mario.

Mario HP: 8/15
Snow Beanie HP: 2/5

"You know what they say: don't try to reinvent the wheel," said Mario, as he picked up another pile of snow and chucked it at the Snow Beanie.

"No!" shouted the Snow Beanie. "The cold!"

Mario HP: 8/15
Snow Beanie HP: 0/5

The Snow Beanie then shivered on the ground, half frozen.

"Hey, you cleared the entranceway," said Mario.

"Indeed" said Peasley.

They both put their shovels away and proceeded to enter the castle.

"Oh my," started Mario. "It sure is cold in here."

"Come," called Peasley.

Mario followed Peasley over to a room in the castle, where Queen Bean and Lady Lima were huddled around a fireplace.

"Mario, you've come!" cried Lady Lima.

"You've helped us before and I bet you're here to help us again!" cried Queen Bean.

"Actually, I came here to look for a piece of the sun, which I've heard has fallen in your sewers," said Mario.

"I think I saw that," said Queen Bean. "You may look for it. However, you see, something down there knocked off the heater switch, and is the reason why this castle is turning to ice. While you're down there, could you please turn the heater switch back on?"

"Certainly," replied Mario.

"Good luck!" all three of them cheered simultaneously.


"King Dad, we think we have located one!" cried Ludwig.

"Speak now!" demanded Bowser.

"We have heard reports that a piece may have fallen into Beanbean Castle," said Ludwig.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" said Bowser. "Send our troops there immediately!"

"Um... That's your job," said Ludwig.

"Right," Bowser said, as he reached for the loudspeaker microphone in order to shout his orders.


"If we want out sun back, we must get her what she demands," said a voice. "And she is demanding the pieces of her outer shell that got knocked off during the attack."

"So we must-" said another voice.

"Indeed," replied the voice that spoke first. "It is time we do something our people have never done before..."


Mario started descending down into the sewers.

"Woah, there's a lot of snow that needs to be cleared," said Mario.

Mario began shoveling himself a path of snow. "Now, where is the heater anyway?" Mario thought to himself.

Mario continued to shovel until he saw a moving pile of snow come out. "What the-" Mario said.

The pile of snow then started racing toward Mario.

"Looks like it's go time!" exclaimed Mario.

Mario HP: 8/15
Snow Slug HP: 8/8

"Well, since it doesn't seem like shoveling is going to work, I think I'll beat this thing the old fashioned way," said Mario, as he proceeded to jump on the Snow Slug, but it didn't seem to have much effect.

"That was a waste," the Snow Slug said.

The Snow Slug then hurled a giant snowball out of its mouth, and hitsMario square in the stomach.

"Ahh, wasn't expecting that!" screamed Mario.

Mario HP: 5/15
Snow Slug HP: 7/8

"I think I need some healing," said Mario, who then pulled out a Mushroom and ate it.

"No fair!" shouted the Snow Slug as he attacked Mario the same way as before, only this time, Mario dodged the snowball.

Mario HP: 15/15
Snow Slug HP: 7/8

"Well, jumping didn't have much of an effect, so let's try hammering it," thought Mario.

Mario used the snowboard as a hammer, only it had the same effect as before.

"Ha ha, didn't hurt either!" exclaimed the Snow Slug, who this time started rolling toward Mario, gathering snow the further he went until he was a giant snowball. Mario evaded the rolling snowball, but his legs got caught by it, doing some damage.

Mario HP: 14/15
Snow Slug HP: 6/8

"None of this seems to be working," thought Mario. "I know, I'll equip this badge I have here!"

Mario equipped the Snow Quake badge, which allows Mario to create an earthquake, sending the foe, as well as snow, up into the air.

"Let's try this," said Mario.

Using the power of the badge, Mario lifted the front part of his snowboard, and then released it toward the ground, hitting it hard and sending all the snow around Snow Slug, as well as Snow Slug itself, shooting up into the air. After a minute everything came crashing down.

"Oww..." cried the Snow Slug.

"I have got to get more of these badges," said Mario.

Mario HP: 14/15
Snow Slug HP: 3/8

Just then the snow on Snow Slug fell off, revealing a Spiny.

"Snow Spiny!" cried Mario. Knowing that there wasn't any extra snow to protect it, Mario went back to hammering it.

"Curses, snow is gone," said the Snow Spiny. The Snow Spiny then spun in its shell toward Mario, but thanks to Mario's experience fighting these things, he was easily able to avoid the spinning shell.

Mario HP: 14/15
Snow Spiny HP: 1/8

"Time to finish you off," said Mario, as he got ready for one final hammering.

"Ouch!" cried the Snow Spiny, who was downed.

Mario HP: 14/15
Snow Spiny HP: 0/8

"I need to get more of these badges once I return from these sewers," said Mario.

Mario continued on shoveling until he reached the area where the heater switch was located.

"Now all I have to do is move this pile of snow, then I can start searching for the sun piece. It's got to be down here somewhere," said Mario.

Mario took one scoop of the snow, clearing the pile, and right there, before his eyes, was a figure holding what looked to be a sun stone.

"Hey, that's what I've been looking for!" exclaimed Mario.

"Get your own," said the figure rudely.

"Hey, I know you," said Mario. "You're Popple, that idiotic thief."

"I am not just Popple, I am Popple the Elf!" exclaimed Popple the Elf, as he put on his little elf hat.

"Well whoever you are, I want that sun stone," said Mario.

"In your dreams, pal!" exclaimed Popple the Elf.

"Well, I've beaten you three times before, why not make it four?" Mario said.

"Oh, I see where this is going. This time I will not be defeated!" exclaimed Popple the Elf.

Mario HP: 20/20
Popple the Elf HP: 20/20

"Just like old times, ey Popple?" Mario said as he hammered Popple the Elf with the snowboard. However, when he was doing that, Popple the Elf pulled out a shield, protecting himself from the hit.

"What?" said Mario out of shock.

"I told you you're not going to beat me this time," said Popple the Elf. "Now it's my turn!" Popple the Elf started running at Mario. Mario, who was expecting him to steal something, tried to hammer him when he was in range, but at the last second he jumped out of the way and hurled a Snow Bob-omb right at Mario's unguarded face, exploding into snow there.
Mario HP: 16/20
Popple the Elf HP: 20/20

"You've improved," said Mario. "However, so have I." Mario then picked up his snowboard and smashed it on the ground, sending the snow, as well as Popple the Elf, up into the sky.

"Ahhhh!" screamed Popple the Elf, who on his way up hit the ceiling and took extra damage. "Oww!" exclaimed Popple the Elf. "You're going to pay for that!"

Popple the Elf did the same thing as last time, only when he threw the Snow Bob-omb, Mario deflected it using the snowboard, but Popple the Elf dodged the counterattack.

Mario HP: 16/20
Popple the Elf HP: 15/20

"Let's try this," said Mario.

Mario scooped up snow with his shovel and hurled it at Popple the Elf, but he avoided some of the snow thrown. "Hehe!" laughed Popple the Elf.

Popple the Elf ran at Mario, who was expecting the Snow Bob-omb, only this time, Popple the Elf ran up to Mario and stole a Mushroom from him.

"Hey, that was cheap," said Mario.

Mario HP: 15/20
Popple the Elf HP: 14/20

"Back to basics," said Mario. Mario jumped on Popple the Elf.

"Well that didn't hurt too much," said Popple the Elf. "Enough small talk, time for the kill!"

Popple the Elf pulled out a stocking and started grabbing Snow Bob-ombs from inside it and chucking them at Mario, who helplessly got bombarded by snow explosions.

"Ahhhh!" screamed Mario as he got hit by one last Snow Bob-omb.

Mario HP: 9/20
Popple the Elf HP: 12/20

"Well, I’d better do what worked best for me," said Mario. Mario slammed his snowboard on the ground, sending Popple the Elf up into the ceiling just like last time.

"Oh man, that hurts pretty bad," said Popple the Elf. "However, it's time for me to finish you." Popple the Elf pulled out a stocking and started throwing more Snow Bob-ombs. Mario avoided the first few and deflected a few, then Popple the Elf messed up and threw the Mushroom he stole from Mario.

"No, my Mushroom!" cried Popple the Elf.

"I'll be taking that!" exclaimed Mario, who grabbed the Mushroom and ate it.
Mario HP: 19/20
Popple the Elf HP: 7/20

"As they say, don't reinvent the wheel," Mario said. Mario did what he did last time, and sent Popple the Elf into the ceiling, once again.

"I don't know how much more of that I can take!" shouted Popple the Elf, who ran up to Mario and threw a Snow Bob-omb, catching Mario off-guard and hitting him.

Mario HP: 15/20
Popple the Elf HP: 2/20

"I think I can finish you off with just this," said Mario, who simply jumped on Popple the Elf.

"Ooof!" cried Popple the Elf. "No, I can't continue! How did he beat me?"

Mario HP: 15/20
Popple the Elf HP: 0/20

"Told you I could beat you again," said Mario. "Now I'll be taking this."

Mario grabbed the sun piece from Popple the Elf, and the sun piece started glowing as a map formed on the piece, showing a location unfamiliar to Mario along with a picture of another sun piece.

"Ah, so this must be the location of the next sun piece," said Mario. "However, I don't know where that is, so I think I'll head back and ask E. Gadd. First, better turn the heat on."

Mario flicked the heat switch on, and returned to the main part of the castle, where he saw the ice starting to melt and Lady Lima, Queen Bean, and Prince Peasley waiting for him.

"Thank you very much," said Lady Lima.

"Yeah, thanks to you the heat is back on!" cheered Queen Bean.

"So did you find what you were looking for?" asked Peasley.

"I did," said Mario, showing them the sun piece.

"Sweet!" said Lady Lima.

"Well, I must head back to E. Gadd now. See you guys later," said Mario.

"Good luck," they all said to Mario as he left.


"So this is what it's like here," said a voice.

"Indeed," said another voice.

"Now, we must start searching," said the first voice.

"Indeed," said the second voice again. "Where should we start?"

"There's so many places to look, let's just start here," said the first voice.

"So wait, we're just going to kill anyone in our path, correct?" asked the second voice.

"Pretty much," said the first voice. "We must recover the pieces of the sun at any cost.


A small army led by Kamek reached Beanbean Castle.

"Who goes there?" asked Prince Peasley.

"It is I, Kamek," said Kamek. "We want the sun piece that you guys have!"

"Oh, Mario got that," said Peasley.

"Mario?" Kamek said out of astonishment. "Mario is always after what we want, and he is always one step ahead of us."

"Bowser isn't going to be happy to hear that Mario got the piece before him," said a Hammer Bro.

"Yeah," said Kamek. "I think Bowser is going to have to deal with Mario himself. I think now Bowser is going to start searching, as he's the only one who has come somewhat close to beating Mario."

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