Koopa Bots: Vengeance

By Cubone

"IIIIIIIIIGGYYYYY!" roared Bowser.

It was dinnertime at Castle Koopa. Almost all of the family members were gathered at the ridiculously long dinner table. There was a seat reserved for each member of the family. Iggy's seat had been empty for days.

"What's the guy been doing?" asked Larry. "He's been up in his room for weeks! He only leaves to grab food every now and then."

"He even asked ME, Morton, the best child, to get him a sandwich! Can you believe the nerve of that guy?" Morton exclaimed.

"Heh, I wouldn't mind you as a personal slave," said Roy. "Now, fetch me salsa, peasant."

Morton lost his temper and chucked his bean burrito at Roy, missing Roy's bald, pink head.

"There is no throwing bean burritos at this dinner table!" said Clawdia sternly. "I made this Mexican meal to coax your brother out of his room, not so you too can start a food fight!"

"Yes, Mom..." moaned both Roy and Morton.

Bowser rose from the table and walked over to the hallway entrance and bellowed, "IGGY, WHATEVER YOU'RE MAKING CAN WAIT TWENTY MINUTES SO YOU CAN HAVE A DECENT MEAL WITH YOUR FAMILY!!!"

Bowser walked back to the table calmly, and everyone could here footsteps above them, apparently Iggy's.

Moments later Iggy appeared through the doorway and took a seat at the table.

"Sorry I was late," said Iggy. "I was adding the finishing touches to my latest project."

"Does that mean you'll get your own food?" scowled Morton.

"You never even got me any food, you just had a hissy fit and threatened to tell Mom," said Iggy, who was rolling his eyes.

Morton leapt out of his chair, sprinted over to Iggy, and tackled him out of his chair. Morton, who was on top of Iggy, had him by the hair. Iggy had his foot in Morton's stomach and was pushing Morton's face away.

Ludwig instinctively sprung out of his chair and separated the two. Iggy's glasses were dented and Morton was red in the face.

Clawdia shouted, "There is ABSOLUTELY NO fighting at dinnertime! Morton, you should know better!"

Morton growled and sat down in his seat, sulking.

Iggy dusted himself off and muttered something under his breath, including the word "barbaric" in particular. Iggy took his seat at the table and took a bite out of a bean and cheese burrito.

"Doesn't everyone love dinner with the family?" said Wendy in a comedic way.

Lemmy, with a mouth full of nachos, asked, "What have you been working on anyway, Iggy? I tried to peak but you caught me and said a whole bunch of words that I didn't understand."

Iggy hesitated before answering. "I believe it would be better to show you after dinner." The nervous inventor took a bite out of a taco and sipped his water.

"It's that breathtaking?" asked Ludwig curiously.

"No," said Iggy, eating his burrito. "I just haven't had food like this in a long while, and I don't want to stop dinner."

"Fair enough," said Bowser.

The family from then on continued dinner with no further interruptions except for someone attempting to create petty small talk. By the end of dinner, the phrase "Wonderful weather we're having" had been spoken six times, "How was your day?" had been spoken seven times, and the word "Meh" had been spoken twelve times.

Lemmy had finished his dinner quickly in order to see Iggy's invention. "Can we go see the whatever it is now?"

Iggy got up from his chair. "Fine by me."

The Koopa family followed Iggy up into his room. Iggy flipped the lights on in his room, and revealed a large mechanical structure that was built like a cube.

"Brilliant, isn't it?" said Iggy.

"I don't get it," said Morton.

"You see, what it does, to put it simply, is duplicate any mechanical device, only you can make it bigger, or change its color or design."

"Eh. So?"

"So..." Iggy pressed a button on a remote controller that he whipped out of his shell. Before the family's eyes, a shiny white pick-up truck drove out from behind the invention.

"Do you remember two months ago when we attacked the Mushroom Kingdom as robots, yet failed? Well for one month now, I've been working on this."

"And now we get revenge..." said Ludwig.

"Vengeance..." said Larry, "will taste so sweet..."

Clawdia merely shrugged. "If you want to do this, then I can't stop you."

"Don't worry, Clawdia," said Bowser. "The kids will be fine."

"Not just us, Dad," said Iggy slyly. "I can replicate my robot and redesign it to be bigger, stronger, and more intimidating."

"Really..." said Bowser, who was grinning horn to horn. "Then if I come along, you've got nothing to worry about, Clawdia."

"Well, I feel a little better now," said Clawdia.

Lemmy was bouncing up and down on his ball. "Then can we go beat up those Mario guys now?! I wanna test my robot!"

"Woah there, trigger!" said Larry. “They haven't even been made yet!"

"Oh," said Wendy, "but they will..."

"Vengeance is ours!" howled Ludwig.

You can almost feel the same excitement as the Koopas as you read this, and they could only wait for what will happen tomorrow...


"... Come on, Bro, it's almost eight o'clock."

Mario groaned and opened his eyes. Mario had always hated having to wake up at this time of the day. He enjoyed going to work, seeing the Toads' happy faces, but for some reason he always hated the beginning of his mornings.
"What's on today's list to fix?" Mario asked, rubbing his eyes sleepily.
"Actually, nothing," said Luigi with a grin. We get the whole day to just visit with friends!"
"The whole day?" asked Mario, now much more happy Luigi had woke him up. "Mamamia!"
"Well," said Luigi, "I suggest you throw on some clothes. I already called up Peach, Yoshi, Toad, and Daisy. We're all going down to play tennis."
Luigi exited the room and Mario got dressed happily. They began their long walk into the Mushroom Kingdom, chattering amongst themselves the entire way.

Meanwhile, everyone else was present at the tennis court. Daisy was impatient, having arrived half an hour ago.
"Where could they be?! I didn't come all the way with this gear for nothing!" said Daisy, tapping her foot against the ground.

"They'll probably be here soon!" said Yoshi, who was usually very patient, but was also becoming annoyed.

"There's no need to rant and rave," stated the always peaceful Peach. "They have a much longer walk than we do, and you know how hard it is to get Mario out of bed and awake."

"True," said Yoshi, who was preoccupying himself by practicing backhands, a weakness of his in tennis.

Neither of them knew they were being watched, however. A lone Mushroom Car (the kind you see in certain levels of Mario Kart: Double Dash!) was parked outside of the tennis court. The person inside was cackling to himself for the actions he was about to perform.

The Car's parts began to shift in every direction until a humanoid figure could be made out. The robotic figure jumped the fence of the tennis court and let out a roar that startled Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, and Toad.

"What in the world is that thing?!" shouted Toad.

"I'm your worst nightmare!" the robot shouted. The robot's left arm transformed into a missile launcher and fired a barrage of missiles.

Daisy and Peach dove out of the way. Yoshi used one of his high jumps and leapt of the missiles.

Toad wasn't so lucky.

A missile hit the ground right near Toad, and the explosion sent him hurtling ten feet. Toad hit the ground hard, but wasn't scraped up too bad. He stood up and was grabbed by the foot and suspended in the air by the bulky red and white robot. "I suggest you just stand back calmly and don't try anything, or the little guy gets it," stated the robot coldly.
What could they do but just listen to the robot? Toad's life wasn't worth risking, and they couldn't possibly win a fight against the robot anyway.
The robot began to access the Internet using an installed computer system. It scanned an online flamethrower, and the bot's hand began to shapeshift until it was an oddly-shaped cannon. The cannon began spewing out flames, scorching a nearby building. The princess watched in horror as a local sports shop was burned to the ground.
"You've got to love how this bad boy was designed...." muttered the robot.

The robot scanned a picture of an old tank from the Internet's Google images. Suddenly the robot's colors began to turn green. It crouched down on all fours and began to transform, almost as if the robot exploded into a thousand pieces, and rearranged itself into a tank.
The tank's main turret began to rotate until it stopped, pointing at a fire hydrant. It fired, causing the hydrant to explode, water rocketing up in the air. Locals came out of their houses to investigate the disturbance, but one warning shot from the tank was all it took to send them cowering back.
The Mario Brothers were watching the chaos from afar as the tank shot buildings. They were unarmed, much smaller, and in no way could defeat the tank.
The Brothers ran inside a nearby shop, whose manager was watching the chaos as well. "Mario Brothers!" said the Toad. "What can I do for ya? There's a giant killer tank thing outside, and whatever you battle it with is free of charge!"
Mario looked at all the items, and ran behind the desk and grabbed the chainsaw. "It's not a power-up item, but it's still-a useful," said Mario.
Luigi's weapons were six bricks. "I can't use these, but I know someone who can!"
The Toad motioned for them to hurry and fight, and the Mario-Luigi duo were out the door.
The tank took aim, and fired at another house. The house caught fire on one side, and exploded on the other side.
Suddenly, a red and blue figure jumped out of nowhere and landed on top of the tank. It was Mario, and he began slicing away at the main cannon with the chainsaw.
"Hey!" screamed the one piloting the robot. The pilot pressed the transform button, and the tank did so, standing as a tall, green, bulky robot. Mario was still hanging on, but dropped to the ground and swung the saw at the robot's foot. The foot was sliced, but not in two.
Luigi was busy running over to his friends, his bricks in tow. He handed the bricks to Yoshi. "Eat these, and throw them at that robot," Luigi said. "Dang. I swear, whoever's in that thing is gonna get sued by Hasbro for copying Transformers."
Toad, who had been freed when the robot transformed into the tank, chuckled at Luigi's remark.
Yoshi on the other hand, was swallowing bricks, muttering to himself how bad they tasted. He eventually swallowed them all and lay eggs that contained bricks. "These are really heavy!" whined Yoshi, attempting to lift one. Instead he set them down and used his tongue. He hurled one at the robot, who was dangling Mario by his feet. The egg hit the robot square in the chest, knocking him back a bit and freeing Mario.
"I'm getting scratches already, and this is a brand new robot..." said the robot, looking at himself. He used the Internet, researching a small helicopter, scanned it, and flew off.
Mario, awestruck, couldn't help but stare.
Peach finally spoke. "What was that?"
The helicopter eventually reached Castle Koopa. Iggy came rushing up to the copter.

"Did you love the scan and get whatever you want feature?" asked Iggy.

The copter's door swung open. Ludwig von Koopa stepped out, grinning. "Brilliant."

Iggy also flashed a grin. "Father and our siblings were watching the test run of the robots.  Looks like, with some adjustments to the armor's quality, we'll be ready for a full scale attack! Soon!"

To Be Continued...

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