The Mole: Plit Deception

By Bandy Andy

Mc Ballyhoo: Nine ordinary Plit citizens will be competing as a group to win tests that will add money to a group pot that only one player will win. But among the players is a traitor, a saboteur, The Mole. The winner will be the one who answers the question of, Who Is The Mole?

Is it Snift, a 28-year-old policeSnufit from Desert Land?

Or is it Daisy, a 25-year-old florist from Sarasaland?

Or is it Kamek, a 68-year-old magician from Dark Land?

Or is it Shine Guy, a 24-year-old track runner from Shy Guy's Toy Box?

Or is it Lemmy, an 11-year-old circus operator from Ice Land?

Or is it Boo, a 48-year-old store clerk from Forever Forest?

Who Is The Mole?

Mc: Hello, and welcome back to The Mole. Last week, we had some fun tortur- err, running through mazes! Shine Guy, a track star, somehow ran like Bowser-

Bowser (watching from home) #@@##@@##@!

Mc: -and then Lemmy acted like an idiot and made them lose money. Axem Green had his butt kicked by yours truly, and was executed. Six remain, and yadda yadda yadda.

Lemmy: (reading book) I've decided to become a professor.

The book is an Amazee Dayzee coloring book.

Lemmy: Díoh!

Mc: Today, you will be going to the beach and will be looking in the sand for a clue, a brightly colored figurine of me, to where you will find a slip that you will bring back to me on the beach. If you do this in 30 minutes, 30,000 coins will be added to the pot.

Current Pot - 50,000

Kamek: Can we use-

Mc: No magic.

Kamek: Aww...

Mc: Get on the bus that will take you to the beach now.

***Lemmy: I was spooked. I thought for sure I was a goner, but my last guess, which I picked in desperation, worked!

***Kamek: Axem. Freak he was, he's gone now though.

Bus Driver: Letís-a go!

Boo: @#@#@#! It's Mario!

Mario: Do the robot!

On the way to the beach, they are involved in 57 crashes and one murder. After getting rid of Mario in jail and getting a real bus driver, they arrive at the beach.

Mc: All right, time starts now!

Time: 30:00

Shine Guy: I see something!

He runs up, only to find it's a seashell.

Shine Guy: Darn...

***Boo: Lucky for us, Snift has good vision.

Time: 28:24

Snift: I see something gold!

They all race over, to find that it is a figurine; of Wario.

All: Doh!

Daisy: I know! We should split up, and go in direct lines, until we find it.

Snift: No need, there it is!

***Daisy: Being a police officer, Snift has really good vision.

Boo: *Reading Words on Statue* Koopa Oil!

Lemmy: Time ta fly!

They swiftly race to a koopa in a bikini to ask for directions.

Lemmy: Oh...

Shine Guy: Outta the way, idiot. 'Scuse me miss, could you tell us where Koopa Oil is?

Koopa Girl: I'm the owner. It's right on the beachfront a mile away to the east. We have discounts for motor oil!

Snift: Thanks, bye.

They leave dragging Lemmy behind them.

Time: 20:07

Daisy: There it is! And there is a picture of Mc!

They run up, and grab the slip.

Boo: Let's skedaddle!

Shine Guy: Righto, chap. I'll hold it.

As they are running, Shine Guy trips, and the slip flys away.

Lemmy: Get it!

Boo: I'll get it!

He floats up, and chases it for a while, before finally catching it.

Time: 8:06

Snift: Hurry, hurry!

They race up to Mc with 0:08 left on the clock.

Mc: Congratulations! 30,000 coins have been added to the pot.

All: Oh yeah!

Mc: Back to the hotel!

Total Pot - 80,000

At the hotel...

Mc: Well, good job today. Now, I have a small question for you. Which one of you is a more skilled gymnast then the others?

Daisy: I do gymnastics on the side.

Mc: Very well. Come with me, or I'll let P.T out of jail.

Daisy: Yessir!

Mc leads her to a trampoline. In front of the trampoline is a locked door. Suspended from a pole above the trampoline is an exemption card.

Daisy: Aha!

Mc: What you have to do unlock the trampoline is no simple feat. You have to defeat well known gymnast Courtney Rose in a balance beam competition to receive the key. If you lose, you can have the key at the expense of 5,000 dollars being lost from the pot.

Daisy: Ah.

Mc: Whoever can stay on the balance beam longer while avoiding fireballs being shot at them, wins.

Courtney, a dark green Bandit with a pink rose on the front of her robes, walks out.

Mc: On the beams!

They climb up.

Mc: Go!

Fireballs start spitting out at them. Courtney dodges with ease, while Daisy almost falls.

Courtney: Come on, flowerface!

Daisy leaps over a fireball, then kicks the next one at Courtney.

Daisy: I'm a blackbelt in Mushroom-kwon-do!

Courtney: Psh.

However, while Courtney is distracted, a fireball hits her and knocks her off.

Courtney: Not bad, Flower, not bad.

Mc: Key for you! But only if you give me a sandwtch.

Daisy: Let me grab my moonsand!

An hour later...

Daisy: Great, huh?

Daisy has made a sandwich.

Mc: (eating it) Yep. Here is the key, now you have to jump to get it. You have two minutes.

Daisy jumps on.

Mc: Go!

Time - 2:00

Daisy starts jumping, but realizes this won't be easy, seeing the 10-foot pole.

Daisy: Woah!

She starts jumping higher, but it is still out of range by a lot.

Daisy: I've gotta start putting all my weight into it.

Time - 1:09

Daisy is about 3 inches short of grabbing it.

Daisy: Just a little farther... Got it!

Mc: You are exempted! You may not tell the other players what has happened, however.

Daisy: Míkay.

They walk back in, to stares from everyone else.

Boo: Whaddya do?

Daisy: None of your Buzzarwax!

Mc: It's time for the execution.

They all walk to a small villa.

Mc: Ready?

Question Number 1: Has the Mole had a challenge that no one else did?
Yes 3
No 3

Question Number 2: Did the Mole sabotage today's challenge?
Yes 5
No 1

Question Number 3: Did the Mole help today at all?
Yes 1
No 5

Question Number 4: How old is the Mole?
24 1
25 1
11 2
48 0
28 1
68 1

Mc: It is now time for your fourth execution. If the screen shows a green thumbprint, you are safe. If a red thumbprint shows, you will be strapped to a King Bomb- err, you'll will be sent away via limo.

Lemmy: Did you get some medication? You don't seem as crazy.

Mc: No. *sob* Mommy took away my candy!

Boo: Just read the names already!

Lemmy: Me first.


Lemmy breathes a small sigh of relief.



Boo: Aha! That's what you were doing!



Mc: Let's go.

He drags him screaming outside, and straps him to a King Bomb.

Mc: Bye bye!

The others hear an explosion.

Boo: I don't even want to know...

Lemmy: The old hag is gone!

Lemmy dances.

Daisy: ... Well...

Kamek, the Mole's 3rd victim, wasn't sure of his answers, and guessed wrong, sadly for him. The others aren't very sad, but one is satisfied of a job well done.

A clue to the Mole's identity:

Kamek: 5 is my unlucky number; I thought I'd be the fifth, and therefore the last one eliminated. It's too bad, because 4 is my lucky number...

To Be Continued...

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