The Luigi Chronicles, Episode I: Vengeance of Royalty

By Jalvo the Slime


"Where are you going?" was the first thing the Red Plumber heard from his brother.

"I am off to save the princess."


"Yes, again." That was the last thing he said before he headed out the door.

With his big brother gone again, what could be left for this poor plumber? Before he knew it, an adventure would be calling…

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Noise

Luigi was once again watching the house while Mario was going through 8 different lands, battling Bowser, and saving Peach, all before returning home. Luigi on the other hand was dusting his prized possession, the deed to his mansion. Luigi looked at it for a while. He went to the couch and started to remember his adventure to save Mario.

Luigi was dreaming until he heard something. He started to wonder what that noise was. He walked over to the autographed picture of Princess Daisy. Then he heard that noise again. He walked outside to see if he could hear that noise once more. He started to look around, then...


It was a Boo. His heart started pumping. He ran inside the house and down to the basement. He saw his pride and joy, his Poltergust 3000. He strapped it on and ran out side once more. The Boo was confused. Luigi grabbed the handle of the Poltergust and started to suck in the Boo.

"Mercy! Oh, please have mercy!" the Boo cried out.

Luigi stopped the suction. He walked over to the weakened Boo. "What is your reason for being here?" Luigi questioned.

"K-K-King B-B-Boo h-has been resurrected!" the Boo stuttered.

"How?" Luigi said once more.

"I'm not saying."

Luigi started to go for the handle of the Poltergust.

"By the Emperor Boo!" the Boo quickly announced.

Luigi still grabbed the handle and sucked in the Boo. "I guess it's time for an old reunion with my mansion," Luigi said to himself.

Luigi started walking to the warp pipe in front of his house. Once he jumped in, he appeared at Toad Town. He started walking
around and noticed Fice T. "Can I go through the Forever Forest?"

"No!!! Oh, wait, are you Luigi? The one who destroyed King Boo?" the Toad asked

"Yes. That’s me."

"Then go ahead. Just don't get lost!"

Luigi went through. He knew that the Forever Forest lead to Boo Mansion and his mansion. He started to walk through the forest. Luigi started to get lost until he remembered something. "The way there needs a warp pipe. The pipe is disguised... Oh, the stump with a hole in it!" Luigi yelled

Luigi found that stump and jumped through. Once he appeared on the other side, he noticed the Mansion was the same as normal, normal meaning clean. Luigi noticed that a little shack was still there.

Chapter 2: An Odd Reunion

Luigi quickly ran to this little shack. Once inside he noticed a little man in a lab coat. "Professor?"

"LUIGI!!! How has it been?"

"Well I have something to tell you, I caught a Boo outside of my home. He told me King Boo is alive. Do you know any reason
why?" Luigi asked.

"Well... yes."

"Then tell me!"

"All right... One day I went to check out the gallery of ghost portraits. I noticed that King Boo was blinking. I started to wonder
why. Then something flew into the gallery. It was a huge Anti-Boo with a bigger crown than King Boo’s."

"Emperor Boo..."

"Emperor Boo?" E. Gadd questioned.

"He is the one that resurrected King Boo."

"Well, if you are going to destroy this Emperor, you might need an upgrade for your Poltergust- the Poltergust 5000! It can destroy anything with ease. The only thing is, it might have a problem with Boos and Anti-Boos. Other ghosts will be no problem."

Luigi exchanged E. Gadd his Poltergust for the Poltergust 5000. It was slightly bigger than his old one. He grabbed the handle and looked at it. It had a switch that could flip between Ghosts and Boos. A dial on the handle featured three settings. They were Stun, Freeze, and Fire. He put the handle back on the hook, which was on the side of the Poltergust.

"Wait, could you release that one Boo stuck inside the old Poltergust?"

E. Gadd nodded and released the Boo. "I AM FREE!!!" the Boo screamed

"Can you put some sort of device so it has to stay with me?"

E. Gadd nodded again. Luigi grabbed the handle of his new Poltergust and changed the switch to Boo. He started it up. He rotated the dial to Stun and stunned the Boo. E. Gadd put a collar on this Boo. "If this poor feller tries to go, he’ll get all the settings on the dial to shoot at him, all at once."

Luigi put back the handle. The Boo was back to normal. "Where is this Emperor and King at, Boo?" Luigi questioned.

The Boo tried to flee but the collar sent fire, stun, and ice at him. "OW OW OW! THE ROYALTY IS AT AN ABANDONED TOY FACTORY! Will you let me go?"

"Not until I get them."

Luigi and the Boo left the Mansion.

Chapter 3: What Factory?

Luigi and the Boo strolled out of the Forever Forest. They were ok until...


Fice T. ran and cowered.

"Why did you do that?"

"I needed a scare."

They were strolling around Toad Town. When they came to the docks the Boo had something to say. "The factory is out on Isle Delfino."

"Out there? Are you sure?"

"Yes, I am sure about the situation."

"Hmm. I am thinking you are lyin' to me."

"No I'm not!" The Boo slapped Luigi. Luigi got mad and went for the Poltergust. "NO! NOT THAT!"

"I know you are scared of this thing. Wait, if I recall when Mario went to the Shy Guy Toy Box, he had to go to the store and get a train."

"So your point is…?" the Boo questioned.

"We go to the store and maybe ask where the train was shipped from."

Luigi and the Boo ran to the Toad Town shop in the south sector. When they rushed in they saw the storekeeper taking
inventory. "Um, excuse me, sir. My brother Mario came in here and got a toy train from here. Do you have an idea where it shipped from?"

The storekeeper stopped and looked at Luigi. "Hrrm. Let me see the packaging." The Toad went to the back room. "In fact I do. This train came from Toadme Toy Factory. This should be found in... Koopa City."

"Where's Koopa City?”

“The city is five miles past Koopa Village."

"Ok, thanks for your help!"

The duo left the shop. "Ok Boo, we are going to the city!"

To Be Continued...

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