Mario Hoops: Masters Tourney

By birby6

We see birby6 in the middle of a basketball court.

birby6:  Hello! Welcome to Mario Hoops: Masters Tourney! I’m the host, birby6, and we’re going to have some heated matches!

Completely Fake Audience: Yay!

birby6: Now let’s introduce the teams!
1. Team Cuties
Teammates: Ella (the baby pink Yoshi), Blueytroopa (the rare, blue-shelled Paratroopa), Toad

2. Team Kong
Teammates: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong

3. Team Hammer
Teammates: Hamma, Bamma, Flare

4. Team Mario
Teammates: Mario, Luigi, Peach

5. Team Evil
Teammates: Bowser, Clawdia, Bowser Jr.

6. Team Sub-con
Teammates: Wart, Susan, Nick

7. Team Smarty
Teammates: Ludwig, Karma, The Eyeless Goomba

8. Team Fears
Teammates: Boo, Glum Reaper, Dry Bones

9. Team Young
Teammates: Iggy, Lemmy, Larry

10. Team Wizard
Teammates: Kamek, Kammy, Kamella

11. Team Roy
Teammates: Roy, Pokey, Mack

12. Team Other
Teammates: Wendy, Morton

birby6: Whoops! We’re short one player!

He looks around. He then notices someone.

birby6:  You there! Random Koopa!

Random Koopa: Who, me?

birby6: You’re now joining this competition!

Random Koopa: What… Aah!

(birby6 drags him over to the other teammates.)

birby6: Ok! Now that we have all of our teammates, let’s get down to buisness. Any questions?

Roy raises his hand.

birby6: Yes?

Roy: Why do I have to be with Mack?

birby6: He was the first Sports Hall champion!

Roy: Well I want to be with Larry so I can beat him up!

Larry: Hey!

birby6: Any more questions?

Toad raises his hand.

birby6: Yes?

Toad: What’ll we be playing for?

birby6: I’m glad you asked! You’ll be playing for a solid gold trophy and an endless supply of pancakes!

Everyone besides birby6: Yay, pancakes!

birby6: Any more questions?


birby6: All right, lets do the competition! First up is Team Cuties vs. Team Kong!

Ella: You’re going down fatty!

Diddy: Bring it!

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