The Entity

By Black Ghost

The party is well over and it is now the dead of midnight. Everyone is asleep, so no one notices the window of Princess Peach's bedroom open. Peach begins to sneak out the window, which is easy as she floats down. She heads deep into the heart of the forest until she finds a certain rock, and speaks.

Peach: Come, my king.

She repeats this seven times until King Boo appears.

King Boo: So you have returned...

Peach: Yes, my king.

King Boo: I trust you were successful?

Peach: Yes, the Mario Bros. now hate each other, now they should be relatively easy to defeat.

King Boo: And what of the body you are in now?

Peach: He was starting to resist, I had to switch before it got out of hand, and this "Princess Peach" was the closest body available. Besides, she apparently has links with the Mario Bros.

King Boo: You fool! Now he will surely tell Mario!

Peach: Relax, my king. Now Mario won't listen to anything his brother says. Our success is assured.

King Boo: For your sake, you’d better be right.

Peach: Believe me, I am right.

There is an evil glint in Peach's eye. King Boo retreats into his rock and Peach returns to the castle.

The next morning is hectic in the Mario Bros’ house.

Luigi: But Mario, I'm telling the truth!

Mario: Yeah, and Mushrooms are growing out of my ears! Just leave me alone!

Luigi has tried to explain what happened, but Mario won’t have any of it.

Mario: Not only do you start a fight with me, you make excuses too!
Possessed?! I mean, come on, you'd have to think I'm pretty stupid to believe that!

Luigi sighs. Suddenly a knock is heard.

Mario: I'll get it.

Mario gets the door. On the other side of the door is Princess Peach.

Peach: May I come in?

Luigi remembers what happened in the empty room.

Luigi: No, don't let her in!

Mario: (making sure to be loud enough so Luigi can hear) Sure, come in!

Luigi slaps himself in the face. Mario makes a face at Luigi.

Peach: What's he talking about?

Mario: He's been on this possessed thing all day. He says you've got the "bug" or whatever.

Luigi: It's a black, shadowy thing!

Mario: SHUT UP!!! *to Peach* You want me to get something to eat?

Peach: Sure.

Mario leaves the room.

Luigi: I know who you are.

Peach: Keep talking, he'll never believe you.

Luigi: You may have Mario fooled, but I'm smarter than that.

Mario reenters the room.

Mario: We're outta food, I'm gonna run down to the store.

Luigi: Mario, don't go! She's really possessed!

Mario (completely ignoring Luigi): See-ya!

Mario heads out the door. Peach turns to Luigi and flashes an evil smile.

Peach: Time to do what I came here for.

Luigi: You mean...

Peach: The best part is that you can't lay a finger on me.

Luigi: Why not?

Peach: Because your brother won't even let you live in the same house anymore.

Luigi knows she is right. The only thing he can do is run, so he does.

Peach: Get back here!

Luigi runs out the door. Peach follows, frying pan in hand. Luigi, however, is able to run faster and escapes.

Luigi: *pant, pant* Time to find someone who will believe me!

Luigi runs off toward the only place he can think of, Peach's castle. There he finds Toad.

Toad: Hey Luigi, what's up?

Luigi: There's something I have to tell you, it's absolutely true, you have to believe me!

Toad: What is it?

Luigi explains everything.

Toad: Wow, that really sounds... weird.

Luigi: But you believe me, right?

Toad: Of course I believe you, it's just kinda weird.

Luigi breathes a sigh of relief.

Toad: We should tell Yoshi, he might be able to help.

Luigi: Where is Yoshi?

Toad: Where do you think?

Luigi looks up, Yoshi is sleeping on the roof of the castle.

Luigi: Oh, duh. But how to we get up there

Toad: How do you think?

Luigi looks over at the cannon.

Luigi: Oh, duh.

Luigi and Toad go over to the cannon and make their way to the roof.

Luigi: Yoshi, wake up!

Yoshi: Ohh, five more minutes mommy. Yoshi tired.

Luigi: WAKE UP!!!

Yoshi: AHH! You scare Yoshi!

Toad: Never mind that, We have a crisis!

Toad and Luigi explain everything.

Yoshi: So Princess, not Princess?

Luigi: Yeah!

Yoshi: Yoshi will help!

Luigi: Great!

Meanwhile, back at Mario's house, Mario has just returned.

Mario: Hey Peach!

No answer.

Mario: You there?

Still no answer.

Mario: Luigi!

Once again, no answer.

Mario: Luigi must have done something stupid! Wait, he wouldn't do that just to preserve an excuse. Maybe he's telling the truth!

Peach: That's as far as you go, Mario.

Peach steps out.

Mario: So, Luigi was right...

Peach: You finally figured it out. But it doesn't matter, I'll switch to your body and dispose of this one.

Mario: I'll stop you!

Peach: You can't stop me!

Back at the castle, Luigi and Co. have climbed down from the castle to try to figure out where Peach could be.

Toad: I just don't know

Yoshi: Yoshi clueless.

Luigi: Wait, she's gotta be at my house! Dang it, Mario still doesn't know! We have to get over there!

Will Luigi and Co. make it in time? What does this guy mean by redemption? Why did I start doing this question thing just now? Find out next time on, The Entity!

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