The Entity

By Black Ghost

A palace. Filled with dark crystals. This is where King Boo waits. And waits. Waiting for his servant. The one named Black. The one he had banished to a wasteland long ago. In his desperation to defeat the Marios, he summoned him back. It may not have been the smartest move, but he seemed loyal so far. Finally he had returned. He was in his shadow form.

Black: Forgive me. I have been discovered.

King Boo: What about the bottled shadows I gave you?

Black: That's the good news. You see, I used them to knock all of them out. Except one, his body was different and could not be knocked out. But he was scared enough to keep his mouth and eyes shut.

King Boo: Why are you not possessing one of them? You we're supposed to possess one of them!

Black: That would be too obvious. I know how people work. They would automatically think that I possessed one of them.

King Boo: What about the final battle? You know you can't fight without a host!

Black: Believe me, I have set up everything to be in the place I want it to be. My- I mean our victory is assured.

King Boo: All right, but you know what happens if you fail me.

Black: All too familiar, my king.

King Boo leaves. Black is alone.

Black: I'll get revenge on that fool, and carry out my own evil scheme. I will redeem myself for being weak, and the thought will never cross my mind again.

At the Mario house, everyone (except Yoshi) is still arguing.

Mario: Luigi, he possessed you once, he's already familiar with your body!

Luigi: He possessed Peach too!

Peach: He would confuse us by possessing someone we wouldn't expect!

Yoshi: This dumb.

Toad: Maybe, you're all Black!

Mario: He can only possess one person at a time!

Toad: How would you know that unless you were Black!

The argument continued on, until...

Yoshi: QUIET!!!

Everyone turns silent.

Yoshi: Why we not go after King Boo?

Luigi: That's... actually a good idea.

Peach: Really?

Luigi: If we all stay together, Black will eventually HAVE to reveal himself. Also, if anyone tries anything or leaves the group, we all know who Black is.

Mario: I hate to admit it, but that's a good idea.

Toad: I don't see anything wrong with that.

Peach: All right! It's decided, we go after King Boo!

Luigi: Now we just need to find out where he is.

Everyone looks at Peach.

Peach: Why are you looking at me like that?

Luigi: You said Black went to King Boo in your body. Where's the hideout?

Peach: In the Mushroom Forest. A clearing, I think.

Yoshi: Let's go!

They all exit Mario's house. They head to Peach's Castle, then to the Mushroom Forest.

Yoshi: Where hideout?

Luigi: I bet that's a pretty safe bet!

Luigi points to a HUGE crystal palace. (No, not the one from Paper Mario.) The crystals are completely black, as if they are sucking in light.

Peach: But it was a rock! Not a huge, elaborate crystal cave!

Toad: King Boo IS a ghost. He can do weird stuff.

Luigi: You're right. He probably can.

Mario: Let's go!

They enter the crystal cave. The room turns completely dark.

Toad: I can't see anything!

Yoshi: Yoshi go blind?

Mario: No, it's just dark.

Luigi: Hey, I see a light!

Peach: I see it too!

True, there is a light. Even though it in't very bright, it still allows our heroes to (kinda) see. They run to it. They enter a large room filled with crystals. There is also a lantern, the source of light. That isn't important, what is important is who is in the room. King Boo.

King Boo: So, you've finally made it. Although the plan didn't go as expected, I still have the trump card.

Mario: Why don't you put your money where your mouth is?

King Boo: As you wish.

He vanishes. He soon reappears behind Mario and Co. He then breathes blue fire. Peach jumps out of the way, but everyone else is hit. Thinking fast, Peach hits King Boo with her frying pan while he's still solid. He shrinks to a slightly smaller size. Mario, getting the message, distracts the ghostly monarch. Luigi jumps on Yoshi. Yoshi jumps, then Luigi jumps off of Yoshi and ground pounds the ghost lord. King Boo has only one hit left. He then teleports over away from the gang.

King Boo: Not bad, but as I said, I have a trump card. Black! Show yourself!

Black appears in his shadow form.

Luigi: But- that means...

Black: None of you are possessed! Brilliant deduction, Shroomlock! But one of you will be…

Luigi: Not if my flashlight has anything to say about it!

Luigi turns on his flashlight, instantly the light is sucked into the crystals.

Luigi: What?

Black: These crystals absorb light. Your flashlight is useless. Just like that stupid ghost.

King Boo: WHAT?! I shall punish you for that!

Black: Face it, I'm going to destroy all of you, except one. That one I will possess and assume their life.

King Boo: But you said it yourself! Luigi resisted!

Black: You idiot! I was lying! People can't resist when they're possessed! I said that because I tried to takeover Peach's body to rule the Mushroom Kingdom! But Luigi ruined it!!! I tried to kill him, but Peach's body was so weak! I couldn't even keep up! I knew Luigi was going to tell everybody, so I was sunk! But I came up with a new plan. And it involves killing you all.

Peach: You're sick!

Black: And as for you, "King" Boo, I'm going to send you to the same wasteland you sent mee!

King Boo: FOOL! You can't make a dimensional vortex, but I can!

King Boo creates a dimensional vortex to the wasteland he sent Black to years ago.

Black: Idiot.

A hand reaches from the wall, pushing King Boo toward the vortex. King Boo is now being sucked into the vortex. He grabs a crystal hanging from the ceiling to slow the suction on him.

King Boo: LUIGI! Take this!

Luigi winces, expecting an attack. Instead he sees a small stone. He catches it.

King Boo: That will knock him out of his possessed body! He has to be weakened, or else it won't work!

Luigi: Why are you helping us?

King Boo: Don't worry, I'll have my revenge soon enough. This is just so Black is defeated!

Luigi: Ok, thanks.

King Boo: Don't thank me, you imbecile! Destroy him!

King Boo purposely lets go. He flies into the vortex.

Black: Isn't he charming?

Luigi: Apparently you must be defeated.

Toad: Let's get him!

Mario: I wanna take him out for hurting my brother!

Yoshi: Yoshi ready to fight!

Black: Don't bother, my attacks can't hurt you, but you can't hurt me either. That's why I'm assuming one of your lives.

Everybody gets in front of Peach.

Mario: You're not taking over the Mushroom Kingdom!

Black: Let's get started, shall we?

Black slithers to the floor. He continues to slide across the ground until he is under the group.

Black: Eeny Meenie Miney Moe, I choose you!

Black vanishes. The possession has begun. Mario starts to cough. The coughing turns into a violent hacking as Mario rises into the air.

Black (in Mario's body): Time to kill all of you! Then I, the great hero Mario, will sadly inform the Mushroom people that all of you died. Since the beautiful princess is gone, someone has to rule the kingdom. And that someone is me! The great hero MARIO! WHO WOULD OBJECT?

Peach: You're not Mario! You're just a sick parody of Mario!

Black: And you…

Black points to Luigi.

Black: You're the reason King Boo sent me to that wasteland in the first place!

Luigi: I was?

Black: Oh, you don't remember me? I was the one possessing the rocks! I WAS BOULDERGEIST!

Luigi: And I defeated you.

Black: That was my first chance to show my strength! And you ruined it!

Toad: Quit talking! Let's fight!

Black: Yes, let's fight.

Black shoots a fireball at the group. Everyone dodges it. Black begins charging up another fireball, only to be conked in the head by Luigi. Black then fires a barrage of small fireballs at Yoshi. Yoshi eats them and fires them back. Black takes out Mario's hammer and hits the fireballs Yoshi spat at him. One fireball hits Toad dead on, knocking him out. Luigi, however, is preparing another super jump. It, once again, hits Black dead on. Black is beginning to get annoyed.

Black: You may have weakened me, but I still have you where I want you!

Luigi: Weakened... The stone!

With a quick flick of the wrist, Luigi throws the stone he got from King Boo, with precision. It's so quick, Black doesn't have time to get out of the way. Smash!


Black starts writhing. Mario's body is now separated from Black. Mario falls to the ground, while Black flies into the same vortex he pushed King Boo into.

Black: You haven't seen the last of me!

Black completely disappears. Only, Peach, Luigi, and Yoshi are left standing.

Peach: Yoshi, can you carry Mario?

Yoshi: Yoshi'll manage.

Luigi: I wanna do it, Yoshi, you carry Toad.

They all head back home.

Luigi is depressed. He's been on the couch doing nothing for days. Mario goes to cheer him up.

Mario: What's wrong?

Luigi: I said some awful things, didn't I?

Mario: It wasn't your fault.

Luigi: But you hated me.

Mario: I didn't hate you. I never did. We're brothers. Even if it was you who said that, it wouldn't matter.

Luigi smiles.


In the crystal caverns, a vortex opens at midnight. Out comes King Boo.

King Boo: The fool thought he could stop me by sending me in here. I can create vortexes out!

King Boo floats out, but doesn't notice as the shadow crawls out behind him.

Black: The Mushroom Kingdom is too bright anyway. I have a better plan.

Black creeps away.

The End, for now

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