Snifit X Season 3 Paper Snifit The Thousand Year Warp Pipe

By Red Shy Guy

February 13, 2010

Red Shy Guy: Hello there again. If you are a person who forgot what happened last season, read this. Last season the Snifits went to a party. However, Smithy crashed the party. The Snifits then had to rescue the 7 Star Spirits. While on their journey they recruited the bosses from PM as their partners. Punchinello was the Jr. Troopa of this story. Soon the final battle occurred. The Snifits and their partners defeated Smithy. They wished to bring Grate Guy and Knife Guy back. They went to the Underwhere, and Knife Guy and Grate Guy defeated Bonechill. They celebrated, yada yada yada. Anyway, this story occurs 6 months after they defeated Smithy. Now begins Season 3.

We see the tower and we see Snifits 1, 2, and 3 as well as Grate Guy and Knife Guy.

Snifit 1: I’m booooooooooooooooooooooooored.

Snifit 2: Yeah. Where’s Booster and Valentina?

Snifit 3: And Dodo?

Grate Guy: How many times do I have to say it?

Knife Guy: They are at Rogueport enjoying their vacation, and we were left to guard the Tower.

Parakarry: Mail Call.

Grate Guy: Huh?! Hey, we got a letter from Booster and Valentina.

Knife Guy: Well let’s read it!

Grate Guy: Okay, this is what it says.

Dear Grate and Knife Guy and Snifits,

How’s it going? Please come to Rogueport as soon as possible. Valentina stole- I mean borrowed this cool-looking map. We need your help. Dodo will be waiting for you at the docks. Look more at this letter. The map is in it too. Well come on over faster!

Sincerely, your pal,
Booster and Valentina
PS. Valentina wrote this since I can’t read or write.

Grate Guy: Huh? Look, the map! Let’s go!

The Snifit group go to Toad Town and leave for Rogueport.

Snifit X Season 3: Paper Snifit, The Thousand-Year Warp Pipe

Prologue: A New Journey Unfolds

Mushroomer: We’re here!

Snifit 1: So this is Rogueport? Lame.

????: YOU!

Snifit Group: !

They look and see Dodo and a fat guy.

Lord Crump: You know something about that map, so give it to me!

Dodo: What are you talking about?

Lord Crump: Grr. Well I might as well have some Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Dodo: *gulp*

Snifit 1: STOP!

Lord Crump: Who are you?

Snifit 1: Attack!

Snifit 1 10/10
Snifit 2 8/8
Snifit 3 7/7
Lord Crump 20/20

Snifit 1: ? Hey, what happened to all our HP? Oof.

Lord Crump tackles Snifit 1. Snifit shoots him and does 2 damage.

Snifit 2: What happened to all our attack? Oof.

Lord Crump bodyslams Snifit 2. Snifit 3 attacks Lord Crump. Lord Crump slaps Snifit 3. Snifit 3 slaps him. Lord Crump slaps him. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

Knife Guy: Enough!

Knife Guy stabs Lord Crump. Lord Crump faints.

Battle Over. Snifits win 15 Star Points.

Lord Crump: Grr. X-Nauts attack!

The X Nauts attack and rip their heads off.

X-Naut: ? Sir, this is cardboard.

Lord Crump: WHAT?!

The real Snifit group have run away and make it to the center of the town.

Snifit 1: Huff. Hey Dodo, who was that guy?

Dodo: I don’t know?

Grate Guy: Hey, where’s Booster and Valentina?

Dodo: Kidnapped by a guy who looked like a robot.

Snifit 2: Welll, you know what this means…

Snifit 3: It means adventure time!

Grate Guy, Knife Guy, and Dodo join the party.

Snifit 3: Hmm. This map is strange… We need an expert, fast!

The Snifits break through random houses. They blast all the doors.

Knife Guy: Ever heard of privacy?!

Snifit 3: No.

They blast another door and see a library.

Snifit 2: Sweet!

They get in and throw books around.

Grate Guy: We’re not supposed to trash this place.

????: HEY!

Snifit 1: Crud.

Professor Frankly: What are you doing?

Snifit 3: Um. Boo.

Proffesor Frankly: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Oh, heart attack. Ugh.

Knife Guy: Great going!

Dodo: I hear somebody! Hide.

Snifit 1: Quick, I have some invisible spray!

Snifit 1 sprays around the Snifits but then he reads the label.

Snifit 1: Beetle Poison!

Snifit 2: Why do we always read the labels after we use them? Ugh.

Grate Guy: Crud. Quick, I’ll teleport us to safety.

Grate Guy teleports them. They are behind a warp pipe. They see Mario’s partners from Thousand-Year Door looking at the unconscious Frankly. Grate Guy teleports them underground.

Knife Guy: They’re going to find us and we don’t have high stats.

Grate Guy: ! Down that warp pipe!

They go down again and keep traveling. They continue and see another warp pipe. They go down. They see weird creatures that spin a lot. They ignore them and head up. They see a panel that looks like a paper airplane.

Chest: Can you get me out?

Snifit 1 walks up and throws the chest into the sewer water.

Grate Guy: I can’t teleport us anymore!

Dodo: I can hear them coming!

Snifit 2: Help me, mayonnaise!

He eats it. The rest of the Snifits glow and become Mega Snifit. They jump across and continue. They break a wall by accident. They see a big old warp pipe that has been clogged. There is a pedestal below the warp pipe. Snifit 3 jumps there. The map glows strangely. It shows Hooktail’s castle and then shows a Golden Plunger.


Snifit 3 throws the map away.

Snifit 2: It most be possessed.

Grate Guy: Listen! If we’re going to find Booster and Valentina we need to go where this map tells us to.

Knife Guy: This is complicated.

Grate Guy: Yeah, but It will probably be clear in another chapter! Now let’s go!

Snifit 1: Wait! We need to be in disguise.

50 minutes later…

Grate Guy: I still don’t see why you had to paint us blue.

Snifit 1: Because no one would ever think Spookums are terrorizing.

Knife Guy: Just because Spookums can’t speak perfect English doesn’t mean we should act like them.

Snifit 2: We’re not being racist, okay? They are nice people who have a nice language and culture. Now let’s go!

Snifit 3: Act cool.

They walk by and Koops notices them.

Koops: Hey you!

Snifit 1: ?Que Pasa?

Koops: Have you seen some Snifits and jesters with a fat bird?

Snifit 2: No Senor.

Koops: Well then, bye.

Snifit 3: Si.

The Snifit group flee.

Snifit 1: Suckers.

Koops: I heard that!

Snifit 1: Crud, run!

They run and see a gap and the paper airplane panel again.

Snifit 1: Dang it.

Dodo: I can fly, remember?

Dodo carries them over the gap and goes into the other room. He squishes a Tentacle.

Dodo: Oops.


A giant Blooper appears.

Grate Guy 15/15
Knife Guy 13/13
Dodo 20/20
Tentacle 5/5
Tentacle 5/5
Blooper 15/15

Grate Guy kicks his ball towards the Blooper. The Tentacle slaps the ball and it hits Knife Guy. Knife Guy throws his butcher knife and it hits the Tentacle. The Tentacle faints. The other Tentacle slaps Dodo silly. Dodo bites it. The Tentacle slams Dodo into Grate Guy and Knife Guy. Dodo bites it again. Blooper gets upset. He sprays so much ink they get covered in it. The Blooper slams them out of the ink. They hit the wall. They get an idea.

Grate Guy 5/15
Knife Guy 1/13
Dodo 7/20
Blooper 15/15

Grate Guy kicks his ball again. Blooper spits ink out. Knife Guy jumps and stabs Blooper with his flame sword. Dodo quickly gets Knife Guy before he is hit by an ink blast. Grate Guy uses Meteor Blast. The Blooper hits the wall. Knife Guy throws his butcher knife. Blooper hits it away and it hits Dodo. Dodo falls with Knife Guy and they make an explosion when landing. Grate Guy kicks his ball again but Blooper dodges. Grate Guy dodges a Bob-omb. The Blooper ducks underwater.

Snifit 1: What was that?



Punchinello: You can’t win this time! Falcon Punch!

RPG-like battle

Snifit 1 10/10
Snifit 2 8/8
Snifit 3 7/7
Punchinello 30/30

Punchinello just punches Snifit 1.

Punchinello: !  What happened to my power? Oof.

Snifit 1 blasts Punchinello in the face. Punchinello rams toward Snifit 1. Snifit 2 trips him. Snifit 1 blasts his face. Punchinello picks up Snifit 1. He spins him around and makes him fire bullets. The other Snifits get hit. Snifit 1 gets an idea and slaps him in the face. Punchinello gets mad and buries him in the ground. Snifit 2 uses Bolt. Punchinello gets electrified. Punchinello throws many Bob-ombs. The Snifits can’t dodge them all. Punchinello charges at high speed. He trips on a pebble and he and the Snifits fall into the water.

Snifit 1 5/10
Snifit 2 8/8
Snifit 3 7/7
Punchinello 20/30

Snifit 1: I still have something I got from General Guy when he left.

Snifit 1 pulls out the HP badge. The Snifits get +5 more HP. Punchinello grabs them. The water shakes and the Blooper comes back out. It grabs them and throws them at the wall. Grate Guy appears and uses recover on the Snifits. The Snifits regain their HP. The Blooper slams at them but Grate Guy uses Meteor Blast. Punchinello kicks Grate Guy’s ball away and uses Flame Choke. Grate Guy falls down. Snifit 3 quickly shoots Punchinello. The Blooper hits the Snifits. Punchinello uses Drain Punch on the Blooper. Punchinello +5 HP. The Blooper blasts them with ink but misses them. Punchinello gets mad and throws a Bob-omb at the Blooper. The blooper collapses on Punchinello. Punchinello gets madder.

Snifit 1 8/15
Snifit 2 6/13
Snifit 2 5/12
Grate Guy 4/15
Punchinello 14/30

Punchinello uses Drain Punch. The Snifits quickly move away. Punchinello hits the wall and a piece of it falls on Grate Guy. Grate Guy uses Meteor Blast. Punchinello throws a bomb. There is smoke and Grate Guy can’t see. Punchinello punches Grate Guy away. Grate Guy is defeated. Punchinello makes a bigger Bob-omb appear. He throws it, making a huge explosion.

????: HEY! It’s those Snifits.

Knife Guy: Huh? Crud.

Punchinello throws a bomb at the ceiling, blocking the exit/entrance to the place. Some rocks fall into the place, making it like a cave-in. The Snifits are now trapped and Mario’s partners can’t interrupt the fight. Punchinello throws more bombs. Knife Guy rushes in. Punchinello grabs him and flame chokes him. Knife Guy falls down. Dodo headbutts him. Punchinello throws him at the Snifits. The Snifits get squished. The Snifits throw him off. Punchinello uses Drain Punch. Snifit 1 uses Bolt. Punchinello throws more explosions. The Snifits keep running around and shooting him. The rest of the partners surround him. Punchinello sees no hope and uses a suicidal attack. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Everyone except the Snifits faint. Dodo and Knife Guy took the entire hit. The wall from the cave-in starts to break down. The Snifits grab their partners and go into the other warp pipe.

Battle Over. Snifits win 50 Star Points.

Grodus side…
On the moon…

Grodus: What do you mean you were defeated by three Snifits?!

Lord Crump: Those Snifits were tough.

Grodus: Don’t you see, that map contains the locations of the Golden Plungers. We need those in order to get to the place to awaken the other shadow monster.

Lord Crump: ? What other shadow monster?

Grodus: I will tell you when we get there. Where are the prisoners?

X-Naut: Right here, dude- I mean sir.

The X-Naut gets struck by lightning and dies.

Grodus: Never say DUDE!

Other X-Naut: *gulp* Yes SIR!

Booster: Nice place.

Grodus: What do you know about the map?

Valentina: We just stole it!

Grodus: Take them back to the prison room! We will wait ‘til they confess about that map.

X-Naut: Yes sir.

They leave.

Grodus: Those Snifits... How could… They couldn’t have beaten Lord Crump. Hmm. I should investigate these Snifits, maybe find a weakness.

What is going on here? Can the Snifits handle this journey? Where did the warp pipe lead them? Why is Punchinello in Rogueport? Did Professor Frankly really die? What is Grodus planning? Stay tuned for the next part of Paper Snifit TTYWP.

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