The Great Invasion of Isle Delfino

By Goomba

One day Mario and Luigi were sitting in their house.
Mario: I'm bored. Hey Luigi! Wanna watch TV?
Luigi: Okay.
Mario turns on the TV and sees that the news is on.
News Guy: We are reporting live from Delfino Plaza, where Corona Mountain is just about to erupt. Of course, everyone knows that the Corona Mountain eruptions are very beautiful, but we must ask everyone to get on the boat, where you will be safe from the lava.
That night...
Mario: Let's watch the Corona Mountain eruption on TV!
Luigi: Yeah!
So, they do.
At Delfino Plaza...
Pianta: Everyone shut up! The volcano is going to erupt!
Instead of erupting, a HUGE Blargg creates a giant hole in the volcano, causing lava to pour out and also letting the Blargg out. And this Blargg is about 10 times the size of Shine Gate.
Blargg: GABLAAAAAAAARRRRG!!! (Free at last!)
Mario: Holy!
Luigi faints.
Mario: We have to go to Isle Delfino! And quick!
Mario grabs Luigi and drags him to the boat station.
Mario: We want to go to Delfino Plaza.
Toad: Are you sure, Mario? It's being terrorized by a Giant Blargg.
Mario: I want to go there to beat the Giant Blargg.
Toad: All right. Anchors away!
At Delfino Plaza...
Chief Pianta: All right men, OPEN FIRE!!!
The Pianta Police fire a bunch of Banzai Bills at the Giant Blargg, but he just swats them away, which reflects them back at the cops. But as they fly back they’re no longer just Banzai Bills, they're MAD Banzai Bills.
Cops: AHHHH!
When the Mad Banzai Bills hit, the cops go flying in all directions.
The chief runs away.
Mario: Finally, we're here!
Luigi: AAHH! The Big Blargg.
Mario: Attack it!
Mario and Luigi jump at it, but the Blargg just grabs them and flings them all the way to Pinna Park.
Meanwhile at Castle Koopa...
Bowser: I'm bored. I want to take something over.
Bowser looks at his map.
Bowser: Hmmm... Isle Delfino looks good, because I know Mario won't be there. KOOPALINGS! COME FORTH!
All the Koopalings report to Bowser.
Bowser: We're going to takeover Isle Delfino.
Ludwig: But-
Bowser: No buts! Get in the Clown Copter.
All the Koopalings crowd into one Copter.
Bowser: I'll get into another Copter.
Bowser jumps into another one.
Bowser: Let's go!
When the Koopas get there, they find the unpleasant surprise of the Blargg.
The Blargg picks Bowser out of his Clown Copter.
Bowser: Put me down!
Blargg: GRAAAAAAAR!! (Your worthless squirming is absolutely laughable!)
Bowser: What?! GRRRRRR!!!
The Blargg just flicks Bowser all the way to Pinna Park.
All the Koopalings except Roy: *gulp*
Roy: I can take this pansy! Lemme at 'im!
Blargg: Grr! (How dare you call me a pansy?!)
The Blargg picks up Roy and flings him into the ocean, along with the other Koopalings. Then it resumes wreaking havoc upon Isle Delfino.
Ludwig: What should we do?!
Lemmy: How should I know? You're the genius!
Wendy: *sigh* Just follow me.
Wendy (the only Koopaling who bothered to learn how to swim) grabs everyone else and starts the looooong swim to Pinna Park
Meanwhile in Pinna Park…
Bowser: Oh no! Not you idiots!
Mario: Bowser? What are you doing here?
Bowser: Well, I came to takeover Isle Delfino, but that big Blargg just flicked me all the way here.
Luigi: Well that's no surprise. That Blargg is bigger than anybody.
Just then a big Nep-enut the size of the Blargg comes out of the ocean!
Nep-enut: RAAAAAAWR! (I'm with Pooky!)
Mario: What? Who in the world is Pooky?
Nep-enut: Grr. (The Blargg.)
Mario, Luigi, and Bowser: ... HAHAHAHA!!!
Nep-enut: GRRRRRRR!!! (How dare you laugh at the great name of Pooky?!)
Luigi: Well, what's your name?
Nep-enut: Grr. (Codename: 7X4.)
Luigi: Oh.
7X4: Grr, GRAAAAR!!! (Well, now I'll have to EAT YOU!)
Bowser: Wait, wait, wait. I have to tell the Super Stupid Bros. something.
7X4: Gr. Rawr! GABLAAARG!!! (Fine. But no tricks! I'm watching you!)
Bowser: (whispering) How about we have a race to see who can stop the Blargg first.
Mario and Luigi: You're on!
Bowser: Gwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Good luck with that!
Bowser pulls out a Clown Copter and flies away in it.
Mario: 0_0
7X4: Gwa?! (What? He might have gotten away, but I still have you two!)
7X4 gobbles up Mario and Luigi.
7X4: Grr hr hr hr hr! (Gwa ha ha ha ha!)
7X4 sinks back into the water.
Back with the Koopalings...
Wendy: Hey, guys, I can see Pinna Park from here.
Larry sees 7X4 swimming around them.
Larry: Uhhhh. Guys?
Everyone turns around and sees the dark, ominous shadow of 7X4 in the water.
Everyone: AAAAAAHHHH!!!
Wendy turns around and swims so fast she is just a blur.
Elsewhere in the ocean...
Fisherman: Wow. That's one fast speedboat.
The waves the Koopalings are making flip over the fisherman's boat.
Fisherman: Wooahh!
Back with the Koopalings...
Roy: Swim faster! It's catching up!
A couple minutes later...
We see all the Koopalings lying on the beach of Pinna Park panting heavily.
Morton: What... was... that?
Ludwig: I... don't... know.
Iggy: Well... nobody... seems... to… be... here.
Lemmy: That… is... bad.
Back with Bowser...
Bowser: This is weird. Everywhere else is quiet... Oh, that's right. Everyone on Isle Delfino went to Delfino Plaza to see the eruption. Good.
Bowser flies to Delfino Plaza.
Bowser: Tremble with fear, Bowser is here!
Pooky: Grar har har! (Didn't I send you all the way to Pinna Park? And by the way, that line is very cheesy!)
Bowser: Eat flames, big lava monster!
Bowser breathes fire all over Pooky, but they don't do anything.
Pooky: Grrrrrrrrr grrrrrrr. (You idiot! Flames will only power me up!)
Bowser: What?! How could I be so stupid?!
Pooky: GRRRRRAAAARRRR HAR HAR HAR!!! (Because you are stupid!)
Pooky destroys Bowser's Clown Copter.
Bowser runs into one of the few houses that aren't on fire, grabs a Pianta kid cowering under his covers, throws him outside, and... starts cowering under the kid’s covers.
Back with the Marios...
Mario: This place is gross. Here's a big boat that got swallowed whole.
A Koopa Troopa sailor stumbles out of the boat, along with his crewmates.
Koopa: Oh. We have new citizens. Welcome to 7X4's belly.
Mario: Thanks. Who are your friends?
Koopa: Well, I'm Koopan. This is Goombetty, this is Bob, and this is Poker.
A Goomba, a Bob-omb, and a Pokey step out of the boat.
Luigi: Nice to meet you.
Bob: 'Round these parts, it's pretty borin', but I'm sure you'll find some way to entertain yerselves. Koopan here's been pretty sad ever since we wound up here. 7X4 just gobbled us up this one day.
Luigi: Sounds horrible.
Back with the Koopalings...
Roy: I've got an idea! Let's set up camp!
Wendy: That's a great idea!
Just as they are setting up camp, 7X4 comes out of the water.
7X4: GRRRAAAAARRR!!! (So you're the prey that escaped me earlier!!!)
Everyone: Gaah!
Everyone turns around and sees 7X4 towering over them.
Iggy: What is THAT?
Ludwig: According to my studies, it's a Nep-enut. They're like Blarggs but they live in water. But this one is unusually big.
Everyone, too petrified to move, gets gobbled up.
All the Koopalings (falling down 7X4's throat): AAAAAHHH!!!
The Koopalings land in a pile.
Mario and Luigi: What the? The Koopalings?
The Koopalings: What the!?Mario and Luigi?
Poker: So who are these people, Mario and Luigi?
Mario: The one with the blue mohawk is Larry, the one who has a star across his face is Morton, the girl is Wendy, the one with the glasses is Iggy, the one with a pink head and shades is Roy, the one with the ball is Lemmy, and the one with crazy blue hair is Ludwig.
Poker: Oh. Do any of you think you can get us out of here?
Ludwig: Well, I might be able to modify the ship to make it fly, but I'll need the proper tools.
Koopan: (surprisingly enthusiastically) There's a wrench, hammer, screwdriver, and saw over here!
Ludwig: Perfect.
Hours later...
Ludwig: Finished!
The ship is now upright instead of smushed into the ground, has big metal wings, and has "S.S Ludwig" written on the side.
The scene switches to the S.S Ludwig flying up 7X4's esophagus at a bewildering speed.
7X4: Gra. Grawr. (I think I need to burp.)
7X4 burps up the S.S Ludwig.
7X4: RAAAAAAAWWWR!!! (NOOOOOOO!!! Not you again!)
7X4 tries to swat the S.S Ludwig out of the air, but Ludwig drives right into 7X4's chest.
7X4 sinks back into the depths of the ocean.
Everyone: I think we did him in.
Back with Bowser...
Bowser is clutching a teddy bear while the Pianta kid is pounding on the door.
Bowser: I think I'll finally get up the courage to look out the window.
Bowser looks out the window and sees the S.S Ludwig. His jaw drops.
Bowser: A giant boat with metal wings?! Ludwig, you're a genius!
When the ship lands the Marios, the Koopalings, and the crew get out. When the police force see Mario and Luigi they grab them and cuff them.
Mario and Luigi: What the- Why are you arresting us?
Police: We saw you break open Corona Mountain to get the Blargg out.
Mario and Luigi: What?!
Police: You heard me! We're not letting you leave this island until you destroy that Blargg! Here's something to help you.
The police hand Mario and Luigi FLUDDs.
Mario: FLUDD!
Luigi: FLUDD2!
Mario and Luigi then sneak past the Blargg and go into the big hole in Corona Mountain, where they find Shadow Mario and Shadow Luigi.
Shadow Mario and Shadow Luigi: ...
Shadow Mario and Shadow Luigi turn into Lord Crump and a big Elite X-Naut.
Mario: The X-Nauts!
Luigi: How?!
Crump: Allow me to explain. We made Corona Mountain our new hideout. Then we discovered and befriended the giant Blargg named Pooky. Then Pooky broke out and made a friend, a Nep-enut. We codenamed him 7X4 and made him patrol the ocean. But then you defeated him and now, here we are. ATTACK!
RPG Battle!
Mario - 40 HP
Luigi - 30 HP
Lord Crump - 40 HP
Commander X-Naut - 30 HP
Mario used FLUDD Squirt! 5 damage!
Lord Crump - 35 HP
Luigi used Spring Jump! 8 damage!
Lord Crump - 27 HP
Lord Crump used Body Slam! 4 damage!
Mario - 36 HP
Commander X-Naut used Potion Throw! 6 damage!
Luigi - 24 HP
Mario used Mario Finale! 20 damage!
Lord Crump - 7 HP
Commander X-Naut - 10 HP
Luigi - 4 HP
Luigi used Rocket Nozzle! 7 damage!
Lord Crump fainted!
Commander X-Naut used Ram! 5 damage!
Luigi fainted!

Mario used Jump! 2 damage! 2 damage!
Commander X-Naut - 6 HP
Commander X-Naut used Supersize! Commander X-Naut used Potion Barrage! 34 damage!
Mario - 2 HP
Mario used Hammer! 5 damage!
Commander X-Naut - 1 HP
Commander X-Naut used Ram! The attack missed!
Mario used Jump! 2 damage!
Commander X-Naut fainted!

RPG Battle end.
Lord Crump and Commander X-Naut: Retreat!
Lord Crump and Commander X-Naut run away. Mario and Luigi fight their way through a whole bunch of X-Nauts until they encounter Grodus, who is just a head.
Grodus: Gack ack ack ack ack! You'll never defeat me!
Mario steps on Grodus.
Grodus: Ooooor not.
Grodus drops an orb.
Grodus: Take it! Pooky gets... um... vulnerable when that orb is in the hands of a noble person.
Pooky: GRRRRAAAAARRRR!!! (What?! I feel... vulnerable!)
Mario and Luigi run outside, where they find Pooky and the other guys.
Mario: Pooky! Prepare to die!
Pooky: AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGG!!! (We'll just see about that!!!)
The heroes (Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Koopan, Goombetty, Bob, Poker, and the Koopalings) all prepare to fight. Mario starts off the fight by squirting pooky with FLUDD, But Pooky swats Mario, damaging him. Then Bowser sneaks up on Pooky and claws him, but Pooky rolls over Bowser, causing gigantic damage. Goombetty then headbonks him and Pooky attempts to smush her with his arm but she dodges just in time. Koopan then uses Shell Toss on Pooky, damaging him but also knocking Pooky onto Bowser, who gets knocked out. Then Lemmy uses his Freeze Gun on him, damaging him greatly, but Pooky counterattacks by using fire breath, knocking out Lemmy. Larry gets revenge by using whirling fortress on Pooky, knocking him over and putting him in perfect position for Luigi to use Turbo Nozzle on him, but that knocks Pooky back up and he sweeps the ground with his hands, knocking out both Mario and Koopan. Then Morton bodyslams Pooky and lets Roy punch him, and finally Ludwig finishes off by driving the S.S Ludwig right into Pooky's chest. The damage is too great for the Blargg and he faints. Then the police take Pooky to Mt. Lavalava, where he belongs.
Police: Thank you all so much for defeating that foul creature. We couldn't have done it without you. You're all heroes.
Mario: Well, you're absolutely right.
Koopan: Wow. No one's ever called me a hero before.
So the heroes all go back to what they were doing before. Koopan, Goombetty, Bob, and Poker start sailing the S.S Ludwig, the Marios return to lounging around their house, and of course, Bowser and the Koopalings plot to takeover someplace.
But we can't forget about Pooky and 7X4, can we?
Pooky: GRRRRAAAAAARRRR!!! (Wow! This volcano is even better than Corona Mountain! Thanks for showing me around it!)
Lava Bubble: Don't mention it.
And 7X4 is... taking a nap in an ocean cave.

So that's an accurate description of the great invasion of Isle Delfino! Goodbye!


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