Ludwig and Karma: The Fight for the Mushroom Kingdom

By Ludwig X

Written: August 20th 2009

September 12, 2009

“WEDDING?!” screamed Bowser.

“Yes,” answered Ludwig, now 21 years old, “three weeks from Tuesday.”

Bowser stood there, alarmed. “So you, and Karma Koopa, are going to get…” Bowser took a deep breath, “MARRIED?”

“…Yes,” said Ludwig with a twinkle in his eye.

A slow smile spread across Bower’s face. “Ludwig,” he started, “I knew this day would come with my second oldest son.  Roy never wanted to get married… so that left… you.” Bowser burst into tears, and hugged Ludwig close. “I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!”

Ludwig went on to explain the details: “The wedding will be on that Tuesday, so invite everyone you can think of.  Karma will be ready for the wedding at 3:00 PM, at the castle.”

Bowser dried his tears and took out a notepad. “So,” he said, “who first?”

“Larry, I want him to be my best man, and  Lemmy could be the ring bearer.”

“Who is the flower girl?” asked Bowser.

“Well, since Wendy is the maid of honor… I guess Iggy will have to be the flower girl.”

“That’ll be a sight…” mumbled Bowser.

“You will be at the wedding of course, and then there are the rest of my brothers. They can be the groomsmen for the bridesmaids.  And then… we should give invitations to everyone in the whole castle!”

Bowser quickly jotted down all the guards in the castle.  “So, who else?” he said, sweat running down his face.

“Well, we should get Mouser, Triclyde, and that all-purpose Koopa of yours.”

“What about your grandma?” asked Bowser.

“WHAT?!” screamed Ludwig. “HER?!”

“She IS your own grandma,” Bowser put in.

“I know,” said Ludwig, calming down. “But she’ll make you sit in the corner for six days if everything doesn’t go right…”

“I know,” said Bowser, “but at least she gives you plumb pie.”

“All right.” Ludwig sighed, “invite her.”


Mario and Luigi sat in their house, biting into the spaghetti and pizza that was in front of the them. “These are really good, Peach!  Where’d you get them?”

“Mario,” said Peach, “I didn’t get it— I made it.”

“Even better!” said Mario, with his mouth full.

“Hey Peach,” said Luigi, “I hear something outside.”  Luigi got up from his pizza and went to investigate.  “Hey! It looks like the daily mail has been delivered.”

Luigi stepped outside and greeted Parakarry.  “Hey there buddy!” said Parakarry. “Long time no see!”

“So, what we got today?” the younger plumber asked.

Parakary dug into his bag.  “Well,” he started, “first is a magazine, something about a wheelchair…”

“Wheelchair?” thought Luigi. “How old do they think I am?”

“Some junk mail, and a formal invitation of some kind; looks like it’s to a graduation or a wedding…  And that’s it!”

“Nice,” Luigi remarked.

“Well, gotta run: a postman’s job is never done!” Parakarry stated, lifting off.

“Byebye!” Luigi called after him.  Taking the mail in his hands, he looked it over. “A wedding invitation?”  Luigi opened up the letter.  “FROM THAT ‘KOOKY’ VON KOOPA?! Why would he send an invitation to us?!”

The letter read –

Dearest Mario and Luigi,

We hope to see you at  me and Karma’s Koopa’s wedding!

Do not worry,  I now claim this a peace day,  and all other good guys are invited too!

When: 3:00 PM,  September 15th.
Where: At Bowser’s Castle.

Hope you can make it.  Please RSVP by September 1st.

Signed: Ludwig Von  Koopa

Luigi kept wondering about the letter. “I guess I should go in and tell Mario and Peach the news.”  Luigi stepped inside and said, “Hey Bro, I think you should know about THIS.” He held the letter up in front of Mario’s face.

Mario opened the letter and read it aloud. After pausing for a moment of thought, he said, “I guess we should go; I mean, it would be just plain rude not to go to your worst enemy’s wedding.”

“I agree.” put in Peach.

“But, you guys!” Luigi cried. “There is no way that we would survive one second in there!  Look, there is the whole castle population in one room, all of the Koopalings (most of them are now adults), and Bowser himself!”

“Man Luigi, you act like we're going to die in there!” Mario remarked.

“If I did, I meant to,” said Luigi.

“Well anyway,” said Peach, “I think we should still go, it would be wrong not to.”
Luigi eventually agreed, but only on the condition that Mario would be his complete servant for a whole day when they got home.

And so, very early on September the fifteenth, they started the long walk down to Dark Land.  “I wish it was a bit more tame in the Mushroom Kingdom,” Peach brought up. “Grass Land is all right, but in Desert Land you get so hot, Water Land you have to take a boat across, in Giant Land you have to watch out for giants, you can always fall in Sky Land, it’s so cold in Ice Land, you can get lost in Pipe Land, and Dark Land is just wrong.”

“I know,” Mario agreed, “but at least I know my way.”

After crossing a bit of Desert Land, a big spiked ball dropped right in front of them!  “AHHHHHHH!” screamed Peach. Mario and Luigi took their battle poses as the ball uncurled.  It was Morton Koopa!

“Hello, greetings, where have you been all my life, opposite of goodbye, hi!”

“Morton?” said Mario.

“Yes, correct, right answer; but not on good terms with you!”

Morton – 40 HP
Mario – 50 HP
Luigi – 50 HP

Morton charged for the super duo, and slammed into Mario with all his might, but Luigi took out his hammer and bashed Morton on the head when he was turning around from his attack!  The big-mouthed Koopaling retreated into his shell, and
once again slammed into Mario.  Mario quickly put on his fire gloves and burned Morton on the tail, which made him go back into his shell.  Spinning around, Morton got out of his shell and jumped for Luigi.  He grabbed onto the green clad plumber’s face, and brought him down to the ground!  Mario quickly jumped on Morton’s shell, which hurt both Morton and Luigi, who was under him. Luigi got out and started for Morton, who quickly dodged, and gave Luigi a face full of sand.  Then the fiend blew a good-sized fireball at Mario, hitting him.

“Ha!” cried Morton. “Please accept that!”

While Morton was gloating over the burned Mario, Luigi took out his lightning glove and shocked the Koopaling in the back!  “Yow!” he screeched.  Recovering his balance, he said, “Halt, stop, cease, desist from attacking me!  Halftime!”

“Not on your life!” cried Luigi, bringing down his hammer on Morton, and defeating him.

“Ahhhhhh… Oh well, I’ve got to get to the castle to sneak a bit of wedding cake. See ya!” Morton said suddenly, pulling out a magic wand and making himself disappear.

Morton – 0 HP
Mario – 18 HP
Luigi – 26 HP

Luigi whipped the sweat off his face, and took out some Mushroom Drops and Refreshing Herbs for him and his brother.

“I thought Ludwig was at peace with us today?” said Mario.

“Me too,” said Peach, “but it looks like we will have to get though all of the Koopa Kids to get to the, Peace castle.”

Mario, Luigi, and Peach continued on through Desert Land until reaching a beach.  “This is the beginning of Water Land,” Mario announced, taking up a rowboat parked on the dock.

“But where is the captain of the boat?” said Peach.

“Probably at the wedding, what do you think?” Mario answered. “The captain is a Goomba anyway.”

“I refuse to get on a dirty old rowboat that doesn’t have a captain!” Peach protested, stomping her foot in the sand.

“Come on, Peach, it could be a romantic ride: just me and you.” Mario grinned. “Luigi could go in the other boat…” He pointed to a beatdown canoe that was dirtier than the rowboat.

“All right!” Peach quickly agreed.  Luigi got into the other boat and started to follow Mario and Peach, grumbling all the way.

The trip across Water Land was the most pleasant part they would have on their trip.  Just then, a giant Cheep Cheep came up from under Mario and Peach’s boat, and bit a hole in the bottom!  “Luigi!” cried Mario. “Help!”  Luigi quickly cut the cord connecting him to Mario and Peach’s boat, then reeled it back in and threw it to them!  Mario grabbed Peach and the rope, and Luigi pulled the sopping plumber and princess in.

“Thanks!” Peach said to Luigi.

“Don’t mention it.” he answered.

Continuing on, they soon came to the shore of Giant Land, and stepped off the boat.  “What a ride!” said Mario, emptying the water out of his boots over the side of the dock.

Mario, Luigi and Peach continued onward into Giant Land, the land of giant things. Just as they were walking by, a giant Piranha Plant took a snap at Peach!  “AHHHH!” she screamed.  Mario and Luigi both jumped on the carnivorous plat just as it was about to eat the princess. Furious, the Piranha decided to take a snap at them!

Piranha Plant – 15 HP
Mario – 50 HP
Luigi – 50 HP

Mario and Luigi started by putting both their hand powers together, then they jumped up and smashed it down on the Piranha’s head; this dished out massive damage!  The Piranha Plant then took its jaws, and clamped down on Luigi, hard.  “That’s-a gotta hurt!” thought Mario. He jumped into the fight and pried the Piranha off Luigi, then the two did their Splash Brothers move they had learned in Superstar Saga to finish it off.

Piranha Plant – 0 HP
Mario – 50 HP
Luigi – 10 HP

“Ouch!” Mario cringed when he saw Luigi’s bite marks. “You’d better take this Super Shroom.”

He was about to give the Shroom to Luigi when a figure rushed past and took it.  Then the figure rushed by again and took both the Bros’ hats!  “You’ll be weaker without these!” he said. Then he stepped into plain view… it was Larry!

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” screamed Peach.  This took 30 HP off everyone in the field and defeated Luigi.

“Quiet!” Larry yelled at Peach.  Then he said, “Let’s get to the fight, Mario…”

Larry – 10 HP
Mario – 20 HP

Larry began to rush at Mario. “AHHHH!!!” Peach screamed again. This knocked Mario out and sent Larry on his head, doing the same to him.

Larry – 0 HP
Mario – 0 HP

Peach quickly took a 1-Up Mushroom to both Mario and Luigi, and the Brothers got their caps back from the unconscious Larry.  Then they continued on towards Sky Land.

Taking the castle up, they soon were in the land of clouds.  It was all peaceful around Sky Land, and it looked like Roy wasn’t anywhere to be seen!  The sky was completely blue except for one brown cloud. The gang continued on, and didn’t notice that the brown cloud was getting closer.  Finally, it got close enough to see: it was Roy’s doomship!

Roy jumped out from it onto a solid cloud, and said, “Ha!  Didn’t know that you would be meeting the great Roy up here, did you?” Roy was bigger now, in fact, he was almost as bad as Bowser, and with an HP of 100, he was not to be taken lightly.

Roy – 100 HP
Mario – 55 HP
Luigi – 55 HP

Mario and Luigi quickly jumped up into the air and landed on Roy, which didn’t do a thing to him.  Roy socked Mario in the face, leaving him stunned for a second and dishing out massive damage.  Luigi ran towards Roy and slammed his shoulder into his gut, but he bounced back three feet from the blow.  Roy then sent shockwaves out towards Mario and Luigi, which hit them and caused damage.  “Need a popsicle break?” Roy teased.

Roy - 99 HP
Mario – 1 HP
Luigi – 1 HP

Mario and Luigi quickly ran back to Peach and took a Mushroom or two. “That guy is tougher then Bowser!” exclaimed Mario.

“How’re we gonna beat him?” Luigi asked.

“Strategy is all I can recommend,” said Peach.

Roy – 99 HP
Mario - 55 HP
Luigi – 55 HP

Mario and Luigi entered the battle again, with an idea on what to do.  Roy charged at them; the Brothers moved out of the way, and just as the brute was passing, Mario burned his tail with Firebrand.  “Yow!!!!” screamed Roy as he ran to try to cool it off. Just as he was nearing the edge, Luigi threw his hammer, which hit him in the face and made him fall down off the clouds!  “AHHHHHH!” screamed Roy as he fell.

Roy – 0 HP
Mario – 55 HP
Luigi – 55 HP

After Mario and Luigi celebrated a bit, they went on to Ice land. Nothing much was there, and they slipped though.  Pipe Land was the same, because they stayed underground first to avoid the enemies, then to get ready for the wedding.  “I guess the other Koopalings aren’t here because of the wedding preparations,” said Mario.

When they were ready, Mario guided them through some pipes he had marked from previous adventures, and before they knew it, they were in Dark Land.  Castle Koopa didn’t look right with white lace surrounding it.  “Wow,” said Luigi, “I can’t believe we’re actually at Castle Koopa.”

Stepping inside, they saw Ludwig, who shook their hands and said, “Wonderful to see you again!”  Mario and Luigi quickly agreed and advanced on.  It was packed with all of Bowser’s army, and all of the other armies as well.  Just then, Mario saw Ludwig step into a room.  He secretly followed him and listened though the door.

“It’s all going to be fine,” he could hear Ludwig saying. “After the wedding, we will takeover all of Pipe Land!  And soon after, the entire Mushroom Kingdom!  Ryhuhuhuhuhuhuhu!”

“All right,” Mario could hear Karma saying, “but I do hate being on good terms with the Mario Brothers.  They always ruin everything…”

“I know,” Ludwig agreed, “but it’s only until after the ceremony. They won’t suspect a thing after the way we were so nice to them; after that, we can wreak havoc!  We’ll capture them and all the good guys we invited, and King Dad will deal with them while we make plans for domination!”

“That’s why I love you, Ludwiggy…” Karma crooned. “You’re such an adorable, evil genius.”

“Thank you, thank you; my little turtle-dove.” Ludwig blushed.

The two continued to gush about each other, but Mario had heard all he needed to know. “I was right!”  he thought. “I knew this was all getting too good to be true!” Mario stepped over to a nearby jar of Fire Flowers and turned himself into Fire Mario, just in case…

“Please report to the hall— the wedding will soon begin!” came a Goomba’s voice from a loudspeaker.

Mario quickly found Peach and Luigi and took them aside. “Guys, I just heard Ludwig talking about taking over Pipe Land again; then he’s making plans for the rest of the kingdom!”

“How do you know that?”  Peach asked.

“I just heard it right from the lizard’s mouth.  Just listen through that door…”

Luigi and Peach followed Mario’s lead and listened.  “What were Morton, Larry and Roy doing before the wedding?” they heard Karma ask. “They looked all bruised and dirty when they went to get ready.”

“I don’t know… but I hope they weren’t goofing off.  I told them to make Mario and Luigi feel more welcome at the castle.”

“You don’t suppose they thought…?”  Ludwig slapped his paw onto his forehead. “Those dorks!  Well, let’s just hope that’s not the case.  Mario, Luigi, and Peach looked like they believed we we’re still on peace terms when they came…  It should be all right.  Let’s keep up the act for a while longer, and I’ll mention a quick warning to my brothers not to mess it up.”

Peach and Luigi looked at Mario with wide eyes.  Mario nodded in a ‘see, I was right’ way, then silently motioned for them to go to the great hall, whispering a plan to them on the way.

Taking their seats in a PINK row (yes, pink), they awaited the bride's mother.  Of course, there was no bride's mother, so the wedding advanced.  Lemmy came though the doors (rolling on his ball, of course) carrying two rings on a pillow.

They then saw the most ridiculous sight: Iggy was the flower girl!

He was NOT content with his part, but it was funny to watch him try to throw the flowers.

Big Boo started to play the organ. (You know how Luigi probably felt, I mean, a big ghost playing the organ and all.)  Then Ludwig and Karma started their walk down the hall.

“Do you, Karma, take this Koopa to be your husband?” asked a Lakitu.

“And do you, Ludwig Von Koopa, take this... um.. er... Koopa-Yoshi thing to be your wife?”

Karma gave the Lakitu a sharp look. “I-” started Ludwig.

“Don’t!” finished Mario, standing up in his seat.

The whole crowd gasped and focused their attention on Mario.  “Well,” said Ludwig, looking at Mario, “am I right to suppose that you have something against this marriage?”

“You’d better believe it!” Mario glared, forming a fireball in his hand.

“Meddling pests,” said Ludwig as he formed a fireball in his mouth. Ludwig took all the power that he had, and put it into the fireball.  “Eat this!” he screamed.  He shot it out with force, and it hit the floor beneath Mario, Luigi, and Peach so hard that they tumbled into the dungeons, along with Lemmy the ring barer, Iggy the flower girl (uh, boy), and a few other Dark Koopas that were too close by.

“How can the wedding go on without the ring bearer?” asked Karma, looking at Ludwig.

“Drat,” he stated, looking furiously around the room.  “I hope Lemmy and Iggy have enough sense to get the Marios down for the count, lock them in the dungeon, and get back here. But in the meantime, we can have Bowser Jr. paint a little wedding portrait!”


Mario and the gang woke to find Lemmy and Iggy peering into their faces. “You messed up big time! Big brother is gonna be so mad!” they said at the same time.

Lemmy said, “We’ll deal with you-”

“And then get back in time to finish the boring ceremony!” finished Iggy.

Iggy – 40 HP
Lemmy – 45 HP
Mario – 60 HP
Luigi – 60  HP

Mario and Luigi quickly took action by shooting fire and lightning at the twins. They bounced back, and Iggy threw his flower basket onto Mario’s head! “Glad to get rid of THAT!” the Koopaling mumbled.

Lemmy got onto his ball and started to roll towards Mario and Luigi at lightning speed. Luigi did a sliding kick and knocked the ball out from out under Lemmy’s feet, and it bounced all around the room. Lemmy did a flip in the air and landed on his feet. Reaching into his shell, he took out a blue-colored gun that he pointed at the bros. “Freeze!” he yelled, and fired a freezing beam at Mario and Luigi.  Mario was able to block the blast with his fire hand, but Luigi was helpless, and fell to the dungeon floor, frozen.  “Ha!” laughed Lemmy.

Iggy came from behind Mario, and then did a jump kick at his head.  Mario fell to the floor and quickly rolled out of the way before the twins could land on his face. Mario went to Luigi and healed his freezing with Firebrand.  Lemmy was aiming his Freeze Gun again, but Luigi quickly ran up to him and disarmed him of it. “Hey!” screamed Lemmy. Then, he and his brother got mad.  They jumped up into the air and onto the Mario Bros.  Mario and Luigi made their way to the wall of the dungeon and jumped off it, landing on the twins.

For their next attack, Lemmy and Iggy blew a whistle, and Dark Koopas stepped out from behind them. “Attack!” yelled the Dark Koopas as they ran towards them.  Mario and Luigi easily took care of most of them, but got bit a few times.  Then the heroes jumped up into the air and landed with force on the twins, dealing damage.

Lemmy and Iggy were losing HP fast, so they did their final attack: Double Fireball.  Mario took out his hammer just as the two fireballs were coming, and whacked them back, defeating the twins.

Lemmy – 0 HP
Iggy – 0 HP
Mario – 39 HP
Luigi – 22 HP

“Now to get back up there and defeat Ludwig!” said Mario.

After they used Lemmy and Iggy’s heads to unlock the dungeon door, they ascended the long flight of stairs into the wedding room. There was Ludwig, getting ready to kiss his bride.  Mario gave them a little mercy and let them finish before they barged in.

Just then, the door to the wedding room burst open, and there stood Peach, Mario, and Luigi. “AHH...” said Ludwig. “So you survived. Well, prepare yourselves for this!”

Ludwig Von Koopa – 150 HP
Mario – 65 HP
Luigi – 65 HP

Ludwig started the battle by blowing a massive blue stream of fire that Mario and Luigi dodged. “Do you like fire?!” asked Mario as he threw a fireball at Ludwig.  He shrugged it off, and it seemed to help more than hinder him.

“Let's go with a Bros. Move!” said Luigi as they went into their Chopper Bros. formation.  Ludwig took the hit, but he wasn’t near being defeated.  The evil groom took a Mini Bob-omb out of his vest pocket and threw it at the Mario Bros.  Obviously Mario wasn’t thinking, as he tried to shoot it with fire before it could hit them.  This caused it to explode into massive damage for the Mario Bros. and health for Ludwig.  Luigi tried his lightning hand, but it only created static in Ludwig’s hair and made him impossible to touch!  Ludwig retreated into his shell and slammed into Mario and Luigi, electrifying them.  Then he started to blow fire out of the holes of his shell, so he was like a spinning, spiked, electrified flamethrower! He slammed into Luigi, knocking him out.

The princess pitched Mario a 1–Up Mushroom, which he quickly used to heal Luigi.  Luigi got up and began to run at the blue-haired brute.  Ludwig grabbed Luigi and threw him through one of the stain glass windows!  “After the wedding, Grandsonny, you’re paying to replace that window!” Ludwig’s grandma cried out from the crowd.  Mario ran at Ludwig and smacked his hammer in his face!  Ludwig took the hammer and threw it at Mario, hitting him hard.  Mario took the hammer and threw it at Ludwig, but Karma quickly reacted from the sidelines and took the hammer in her tongue.  Mario was helpless— no fire, no hammer, and he didn’t want to jump on him.

Then, from the roof, a hammer burst through, and Luigi fell back into the room!  He threw his hammer down at Ludwig, but he wasn’t down yet.  Ludwig burst from his shell again and blew his fire at Mario and Luigi, hitting them. Then Luigi took all his power into his best hammer stroke, and threw it, nailing Ludwig in the face!  Mario put all his power into jumping onto Luigi and into the air, landing on Ludwig with all his fiery force.  Ludwig started to pant, but then he jumped on Mario, crushing him.  Luigi looked at Peach with a, Give Mario a 1-Up Mushroom look.  Peach looked back at him with a Don’t have any 1-Up Mushrooms left look.  Luigi turned around, just in time to see Ludwig jumping on him!  Both Bros. fell to the floor, and Ludwig started to laugh.

The princess started quickly rummaging though her backpack for anything that could help the Mario Bros.  Then she came upon a Poison Mushroom. “Score!” she thought.  She hurled the Poison Mushroom into Ludwig’s mouth!

“Gargh!” screamed Ludwig.  Swallowing by instinct, he poisoned himself!  Then, screaming with all her might, the princess threw her high heel at Ludwig, nailing him in the face. Then she peered over at Luigi.  He was still on the ground, but he was holding Lemmy’s Freeze Gun out to her!  She quickly grabbed it and fired, screaming again!  “NOOOOOO!!!” yelled Ludwig as he crumpled to the floor, frozen, poisoned and out.

Ludwig – 0 HP
Mario – 0 HP
Luigi – 0 HP

Peach took a 1-Up Mushroom from Karma and used it on Mario and Luigi; then she froze Karma.  Mario, Luigi, and Peach quickly ran towards the door, and Peach called out for all of her people that were there to follow.  Bowser’s army stared blankly at the scene for a second or two, until Bowser came back from the bathroom (he had been crying and trying to compose himself), took in the scene, and yelled, “Koopa Pack: ATTACK!”  The bad guys started to give chase, but Mario took a Bob-omb, and quickly threw it back towards the hallway. A loud explosion could be heard from the room, and Mario and the gang made it outside, took a nearby warp pipe, and made their escape from Castle Koopa.


“Well,” said Peach, “I guess I should beef up security in Pipe Land and keep Ludwig from taking it over, if he even wants to after all of that.”

“It’s too bad that they weren’t really on peace terms with us,” Mario mentioned as they neared home.

Mario, Luigi and Peach came back to cold spaghetti and pizza.  “Will those Koopas ever learn not to mess with the Mario Bros?” asked Luigi

“No,” they all said at once.

“Mario,” said Luigi suddenly.

“What?” asked Mario.


Mario groaned, remembering his promise to be Luigi’s servant for that day… so he took up the broom and began to clean.


Back at the castle an hour later, Ludwig and Karma got up, along with all the other Goombas and Koopas.  “OUCH,” said Ludwig.

“OUCH,” said Karma.

“Well,” mentioned the blue-headed Koopaling, “there’s still the feast!”

All of the villains started towards the dining chamber.  When they opened the door, they were in for a surprise: Morton lay there, all fat and round.  Not even a crumb of the wedding cake was left!

“MORTON!!!” screamed Ludwig.


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