Mr. L Saga: Mr. L's Rebirth

By Green Thunder

It has been only one day since Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser returned from Flipside. Since there has recently been a triumph of any sort for the Mushroom Kingdom...

Luigi: Mario! We got a letter!

Mario: Who's it from?

Luigi: Guess.

Mario: Uhhhhhh…

This continues for a full minute until...

Mario: -uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Aha! Yoshi!

Luigi: No. It's from Peach.

Mario: Darn it!

Luigi: It says, "Dear Mario, Tonight there's going to be a party to celebrate our return from Flipside. I would be delighted if you would come. Sincerely, Princess Peach."

Mario: We'd better get ready!

Luigi: Okeydokey!

Meanwhile, as Mario and Luigi prepare for the party, there's something going on in Castle Bleck. In the room where Bleck was defeated, Dimentio flips into view.

Dimentio: So, those fools really think they've done me in. That fool Bleck. A shadow of my power? What does that even mean? But, what to do now?

Dimentio sees something lying on the ground.

Dimentio: Hmm... What's this?

Dimentio picks up the item. It is a robber mask with white eyes.

Dimentio: I wonder...

He flips out of the castle.

At the same time, Bowser is plotting a plan to kidnap the princess... again, only Ludwig is with him.

Bowser: So, Ludwig, have you completed the exploder gun?

Ludwig: Yes, King Dad.

Bowser: Great! Give it here!

Ludwig hands Bowser a silver gun.

Bowser: Now, I will use this gun to blow up Mario and kidnap the princess. Bwahahahaha!

Now we find out where Dimentio went. Nastasia is standing in her usual spot in Flipside. Dimentio flips in behind her.

Dimentio: Hello, Nastasia.

Nastasia jumps so violently, her hypnotic glasses fly off of her face. Dimentio snatches them out of the air.

Nastasia: D-Dimentio! I thought-I-I-

Dimentio: Yes well, anyway, I have all that I came here for, so...

Dimentio snaps and a box appears around Nastasia.

Dimentio: Ciao!

Dimentio snaps and the box explodes.

Dimentio: Now to the Mushroom Kingdom...

He flips out.

By now, Mario and Luigi have made it to Peach's party, and everything's going great until, as usual, Bowser crashes in through a window in his Clown Copter. The Toads begin to panic.

Bowser: Bwahahaha! Come out, Mario!

????????: Yes, and please, bring your green brother with you.

Bowser: Hunh?! Who said that?!

Dimentio flips behind Mario. Mario turns around.

Mario: Dimen-

Dimentio quickly hits him with one of his magic shots, knocking him out.

Dimentio: Now, where might I find the green plumber, Luigi?

Luigi slowly comes out of a group of Toads.

Luigi: H-Here I am!

Dimentio: This is going to be easier than I thought.

Dimentio takes Nastasia's glasses and Mr. L's mask. Meanwhile, Bowser is taking aim with his gun.

Dimentio: Time for the return of an old friend!

Bowser: ...And FIRE!!! DIE, LUIGI!!!

Dimentio: Wha-?

The beam hits both the mask and the glasses, then carries them over to Luigi. They then explode in a large cloud of smoke. The Toads are now standing there, gaping in awe.

Dimentio: What did you just do, you great buffoon?!

Bowser: Uhh... Fired?

The smoke clears. There are now two Luigis, one wearing the mask.

Bowser: Two?!

Dimentio: I could use this to my advantage. I wonder if my changes worked.

The Luigi wearing the mask now gets up and starts spinning. When he's done, he's in his Mr. L outfit, except his old scarf is now a cape.


Dimentio: Mr. L, use your new powers to control the other Luigi!

Mr. L: I don't take orders from you, Dimentio.

Dimentio: What? But if it weren't for me you wouldn't be here!

Mr. L: Technically, It's because of you, Bowser, and if I'm not mistaken, Nastasia.

Mr. L raises his arms and Dimentio is struck by green lightning, literally, Green Thunder. Dimentio is stunned, but somehow shakes it off.

Dimentio: Well, I can see you won't be of any use to me. Ciao!

Dimentio flips out.

Bowser: Uhhhh.... IIII'mm goooonnaa go!

Bowser flies out the window and retreats to his castle.

Mr. L: I guess there's nothing left to do but...

Mr. L claps and disappears in a puff of green smoke. He reappears next to Peach, who is hiding in a group of Toads.

Mr. L: -kidnap the princess! L Power!

He disappears again, but doesn't reappear in the castle. Mario and Luigi both begin to stir.

Mario: Wuzzgoinon....

Luigi: Whahappun...

Random Toad: Mr. L is back!

Mario: But Luigi's right there.

Luigi: Yeah.

Toad: Yeah, but now there's two of you, Luigi!

Luigi: Really? Weird..

All of a sudden, a Toad Guard rushes out from a door to the basement.

Toad Guard: The Stars of Heart are gone!

Mario: The wha?

Toad Guard: The Stars of Heart control our emotions. Since they're stolen, us Toads will soon have no more emotions.

Luigi: o_O

Mario: Oh no! Anyone know where they might be?

Toad Guard: When Mr. L took them, I heard him say something about the Grassy Mountains. You should check there!

(Before we go any further, I would like to explain that the Grassy Mountains are a mountain range a deep canyon, so the tops of the mountains are very high above sea level and can sustain much more plantlife. This makes the tops of the mountains green rather than white with snow. BACK TO ADVENTURE!)

Mario: Let's-a go!

Luigi: Okeydokey!

Mario and Luigi rush out of the castle.

Meanwhile, at the top of the Grassy Mountains, Mr. L has just caught a Mega Mole, which is in a very large cage.

Mr. L: Mega Mole, will you help guard this Star?


Mr. L: No? Then I'll have to make you.

Mr. L takes a mask just like his own out of his pocket.


In the next part, Mario and Luigi will travel to the Grassy Mountain Range to recover the first Star of Heart. We will also find out just what Mr. L did to that Mole, along with what Dimentio and Bowser are both doing. Next time on the Mr. L Saga!

To Be Continued...

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