Super Wario Sunline

By ducky.10

In the last episode, of Super Wario Sunline, Wario's search for the Sun Stones began. He was transported to the fishy Tuna Town and was given a partner called Goombradley. While searching for the mystical gems, the pair had a brief run-in with the clumsy Count Cannoli and won by a fluke. Wario and his partner then happened upon a strange underground chamber and were told of an eerie dog-like monster by an odd, mask-wearing gentleman. Will Wario and Goombradley's adventure stop here? Find out in this addition of Super Wario Sunline!
Chapter 2: Tunnel Troubles
"Are you sure, stranger?" the Clown Guy asked, scratching his head. "It's sure to be a dangerous feat, facing off with that thing."
"Shaddap, weirdo!" Wario spat back. "I've dealt with monsters before, what do you think I am, a newbie?"
"Well, do it at your own risk," the odd Shy Guy replied, shrugging. "I ain't telling you what to do. Oh, you might want to take this with you, though." The Shy Guy pulled a mining hat from his pocket and slapped it atop Wario's head.
"All right, Goombrady or whoever," Wario said to the sailor Goomba, "let's-a go!"
At the same time, Wario and Goombradley leapt into the dark hole. As they both landed, they couldn't see in the darkness. "I'll turn on the headlight." Wario stated, flicking the switch atop the helmet, brightening the way before him and revealing a large tunnel dug through solid brick.
"Wow," Goombradley exclaimed nervously. "L-look at that! It seems that whatever's down here dug a whole tunnel for itself!"
"Let's go find whatever's down here and show it who's boss!" Wario laughed, cracking his knuckles.

Wario and Goombradley entered the tunnel, revealing a maze of trails with teeth marks and toppled rocks in every direction. Wario then noticed some carvings on the wall beside him. "Huh?" he grunted. "What's this? 'N W E W'? What does that mean?"
"Gulp!" Goombradley yelped, shaking. "I-I'm not sure I wanna do this, Wario! I mean, this thing looks big, really big! A-aren't you even scared?"
"No way," Wario replied, smiling. "Wario's not afraid of anything!"
"Well, okay," Goombradley muttered, looking down the north tunnel. "I just hope we can find it before it finds us!"

Wario and Goombradley advanced into the north tunnel and soon came to another fork. "Oh, no," Goombradley groaned. "Which way do we go? ... Wait, Wario, what did that carving on the wall say?"
"It said 'N W E W'," Wario said. "Why? What does it mean?"
"I think it means north, west, east, west," Goombradley thought. "It might have been carved by someone else who wandered down here."
"Okay, so let's go west." Wario said, pointing west.
Wario and Goombradley then travelled into the west tunnel, leading them into another room with a fork. They both headed east, came into another forked room, and headed west, leading them into another portion of the tunnel, with a smashed wall over across the room.
"I've got a bad feeling about this," Goombradley shuddered. "Maybe we should turn back."
"No can do, Goombuddy, we've got to keep moving!" Wario replied, determined.
They then entered a room with a large straw nest in the middle of it and no further tunnels. Within the nest, something glimmered, which immediately caught Wario's attention. The greedy plumber gasped and leapt into the nest, grabbing the shiny item and holding it high.
"Oh, it's just a key." Wario groaned. "I was hoping for this to be some money or something good."
"That must be the key to the door in that chamber!" Goombradley told him.
"Darn, I forgot my way back up!" Wario yelled, stomping his foot. "How're we supposed to get back up there?!" Wario then kicked the nest over, revealing a large hole underneath it with a cannon inside it.
"Woah!" Goombradley exclaimed. "That's odd... What would a dog-like monster want with a cannon?"
"Who cares? We can get back up now," Wario said, climbing into the cannon, with Goombradley not far behind.
Suddenly the cannon shot Wario and Goombradley high into a tunnel above, sending them flying into the room on the other side of the locked door.
"We'd better let that one guy in," Goombradley advised. "After all, he did give you that helmet."
Wario then used the key and unlocked the door. Suddenly the Shy Guy ran in, grabbed the key from Wario, and locked the door behind him.

"The monster!" he panted, waving his arms frantically. "It came up from the hole! Run! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"
The Clown Guy then sprinted past Wario and Goombradley, waving his arms above his head. All of a sudden the entire wall before Wario exploded open, and a massive Chain Chomp tore through the rocky chamber toward the pair, barking fiercely.
"AAAUGH!" Goombradley hollered, leaping off the ground. "RUN FOR IT!"
Goombradley and Wario began running as hard as their stubby bodies could muster away from the destructive Chain Chomp, leading them to a brick wall.
"Oh, no!" Goombradley whined, turning back to gaze at their impending doom. "A dead end! Wait, we could do the High Jump!"
"Good idea, Goombobby!" Wario complimented, jumping on Goombradley's head.
"1... 2... 3... NOW!" exclaimed the pair as they successfully dodged the Chain Chomp, causing it to smash through the brick wall behind them and revealing a large maze.

"Oh, and for the record," Goombradley said to Wario, "my name's Goombradley."
"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Wario yawned. "This place just keeps getting weirder and weirder... Why is there an underground maze?"
The Clown Guy then crawled out from under a rock and looked to the left and the right before stepping over to Wario. "I owe you one, stranger," he said to them. "If you hadn't’ve opened that door, I'd have been a goner. Here- let me repay you with this map I found down here... It may or may not be useful, but hey, you did save my life."
The peculiar Shy Guy handed Wario the map, and Wario gave it to Goombradley. "This is a map for one of the hidden treasures," the Goomba stated, squinting to read the directions given. "And according to the map, the treasure is somewhere within that maze!"
Wario's eyes widened and he let out a bellowing “YIPPEE!” before grabbing the Shy Guy and hugging him tightly. "You're my best friend in the whole world, Mr. Clown Guy!" the purple-overalled fiend laughed, spinning around with the Shy Guy held tightly in his grip.
"*gasp* The name's Maurice... and I would appreciate it if you put me down, stranger."
Wario then dropped Maurice flat on his behind harshly. He then got to his feet and brushed himself off. "Now," Maurice spoke, "the thing you must remember about this maze is... not everything is as it seems. I was told that a few days ago by a strange man in green robes and hat."
"A strange man in green robes and hat...?" Wario repeated, scratching his head. "... I know! It's that Eldmack guy!"
"My name is Eldmitch, Wario," Eldmitch's voice called, "and you must continue your adventure... Heed my words, enter the maze, and do not trust your eyes. Defy all your mind tells you and power on through, for the Sun Stone is near, and its user has used its power to cast a spell over the maze. Go now, Wario, Goombradley, and Maurice... The fate of the world is at stake."
"Wait, wait, wait," Wario said, placing a hand over his eyelids, "I get another partner?"
"Fear not, Wario," the green-robed elder told him. "Maurice will not be your partner permanently. But he holds a particular power that can help you greatly in the maze. Oh, and you must take this."
Suddenly a small flash of light glimmered before Wario and a hollow gold ball appeared. Wario grabbed it and held it up to his face. "So how much is this thing worth?" Wario asked, grinning.
"That is the Partner Orb,"Eldmitch explained. "With that, you will be able to switch between partners using its power. The unused partners are sealed temporarily within the orb and await their time of need."
"What's it like inside?" Goombradley asked eagerly.
"Very nice, it's a five room, three bathroom," Eldmitch said, smiling. "I'm sure you'll enjoy it."
"Okay, but what can Clowny here do?" Wario questioned, crossing his arms.
"Well," Maurice began, "I have a spell that can allow you to see what is reality or illusion. This works on objects, places, and even enemies."
"That's helpfully specific," Goombradley remarked. "I think we'll have to depend on your magic, then."
"Alrighty, people," Wario said, stretching his arms. "Let's get a move on!"
Wario then pulled open the Partner Orb and a ray of white light shined out. Goombradley casually stepped inside and Wario closed it up again.
"C'mon, Maurice," the greedy plumber called. "Let's go find that hidden treasure!"

Chapter 3: Mayhem in the Maze
With that, Wario and his new partner, Maurice, entered the maze. As they travelled through the many winding paths, they would reappear back at the entrance to the maze, no matter which path they took. Wario's face began to grow redder and redder with each time they appeared back at the start, until finally...
"WAAAAUUGGH!" Wario screamed, stomping his feet. "This is so annoying! How do I keep coming back here?!"
"Perhaps you should let me use my spell," Maurice suggested. "After all, Eldmitch did say not to trust your own eyes."
"Good idea," Wario complimented, slapping Maurice's back. "Make it happen!"
Maurice then began waving his arms around him in a circular motion, causing several electric orbs to appear and float around him. He then shot his arms into the air quickly and a shockwave was released, causing a wall in front of them to appear red.
"There," Maurice said, cracking his knuckles. "I have revealed the hidden paths you may take. The fake objects are highlighted red. Hurry, my magic can only last for so long before dissipating!"
Wario began walking through the red walls and soon was in another part of the maze with many other red walls around him. He then pulled out the secret map and began reading it.
"'Head to the east and heed the carvings,'" Wario read aloud. "'Keep in mind all is not what it seems. Head west and north to have the treasure in your grasp and to lower the maze'. What does 'heed the carvings' mean?"
"Maybe it is telling us to look out for carvings," Maurice estimated. "But we need to head down the east path first."
The pair entered through the east fake wall and entered a sealed room with carvings. Wario began reading the carvings with Maurice.
"'Hobblegoblins are terrifying creatures that patrol this maze, searching for food. They appear as large beasts with hammers and hoods. Be careful, their large ears are super sensitive to any sounds and they will attack at random,'" Maurice read aloud. "Well, it seems like these Hobblegoblins are sure to give us trouble... What should we do if we see one?"

Wario facepalmed himself and turned to Maurice with a sour expression. "We run, dummy!" Wario barked, grabbing the Shy Guy by the shoulders and shaking him. "What else?! Are you suggesting we fight them?!"
"I thought you weren't afraid of anything, Wario!" Goombradley's voice called from inside the Partner Orb. "Were you lying?"
"Err, no," Wario grunted, his face turning red. "What would make you say that?! I was... just telling Maurice that if we... fight them, he may collapse and... hold me back. Yeah, that's it."
"Riiiiiight," Maurice remarked, rolling his eyes behind his clown mask. "Anyway, the map said 'Keep in mind all is not what it seems'. What could that mean? These messages appear so cryptic."
"I guess we'll find out later," Wario sighed, adjusting his hat. "In the meantime, we're stuck in this room, so try to use your power to get us outta here."
Maurice then used his magic to make the wall in front of them appear red. As they stepped through the wall, hoping to find another part of the maze... they happened upon something far worse. There- at the far end of the passage- stood a Hobblegoblin, clutching its hammer menacingly.

Wario and Maurice froze, afraid a sudden movement would alert the beast, which would send them to their doom. They stood very still, unsure if the Hobblegoblin's beaming red eyes could see well from under its dark hood or not.
"Wario," Maurice whispered, "what do we do...?"
"I don't know," Wario muttered back. "Stay still and maybe it won't see us."
The frightening staredown between Wario, Maurice, and the Hobblegoblin lasted a few minutes. During those minutes, the only thing that could be heard was the reoccurring pounding of Wario and Maurice's hearts and the heavy breathing of the hammer-wielding monster until... the monster stepped away and headed down another path in the maze. Wario and Maurice let out a sigh of relief simultaneously and looked at one another.
"What was that?" Maurice said, smiling behind his mask.
"That Hobblegoblin must need an eye test," Wario chuckled, patting Maurice on the back.
Suddenly several more Hobblegoblins came storming from the place the other had exited, and the pair of adventurers froze once more. The beasts began grunting and growling to each other, as if speaking in an unknown language. Suddenly one raised his hammer and let out a loud screetch, sending the other Hobblegoblins to come sprinting at the pair, swinging their hammers wildly into the air, thus, starting a battle.

Wario equipped his yellow hammer and hit one of the Hobblegoblins, doing a total of one damage. "Boy, these guys are strong!" Wario said nervously.
"Wait," Maurice paused. "'Keep in mind all is not what it seems'... I've got it! These guys aren't Hobblegoblins, they're just illusions! Let me use my power."
Struck with an idea, Maurice charged up his magic and shot a ball of energy at all three of the Hobblegoblins, revealing the menacing beasts to be nothing more than two Shy Guys stacked up.
"Ah-ha!" Wario laughed, pointing at the Shy Guys. "You little runts actually had us going there for a minute! But now, we're gonna kick your butts!"
All the Shy Guys toppled over and each one scrambled to their feet. Wario used a Bag of Bullet Bills and defeated two Shy Guys, leaving four to go. Maurice used his Electro Charge attack and defeated two more. Wario then tackled the last two, ending the battle.
"Wow, that was really easy," the yellow plumber said, brushing himself off.
"'Head west and north to have the treasure in your grasp and to lower the maze'. I think we've got this maze just about wrapped up," Maurice said, reading the map. "We just need to find the hidden treasure and we can high-tail it outta here."
Maurice used his magic one last time to reveal a red wall to the west of them. They headed through the wall and turned north into a room with a large chest in the middle of it. Wario's eyes widened as he leapt at it, pushing the hatch open and revealing a large diamond. "Wahoo!" Wario hollered, holding the diamond above his head with both hands before shoving it in his pocket. "This oughta be worth a fortune!"
Suddenly all the maze walls around the pair lowered into the ground, revealing a long but clear path to a door. Wario and Maurice high-fived and began running toward their exit, excited to escape the underground chamber... when seemingly out of no where, a familliar top hat-wearing mechanical spider dropped from the ceiling and blocked the exit. The hat lifted off the robot, revealing the dastardly Count Cannoli.
"I swore you hadn't seen the last of me, Wario," he said, smiling. "And I'm a man of my word!"
"So you're back for more, eh, Cannoli?" Wario yawned, stretching his arms. "Fine, looks like you'll have to explain a second failure to Dr. Reldiface or whoever."
"Ah, not this time, my friend," the count said, adjusting his glasses. "This time, you will be the one to get pummelled! For you see, my robot is now empowered with an energy amplifyer, and that is powered by a Sun Stone, thus making my-"
A very loud belch bellowed from Wario's mouth, interrupting Count Cannoli's monologue. The man's face grew very red and he slammed a button on the robot's control panel, lowering the hat back onto the robot. "Fine, don't listen to me," Cannoli fumed. "Let my robot's artillery do the explaining!"
Several hatches opened on the sides of the robot spider, releasing twin missile launchers preparing to fire. They entered a battle.

As Wario's opening attack, he used his last Bag of Bullet Bills and broke off three of the robot's six legs. Maurice used his Electro Charge attack and broke off the other three, sending the robot's legless body to the ground. Suddenly the robot fired several homing missiles that Wario dodged and Maurice did not, resulting in a four-damage hit.
"Getting tired?" Cannoli teased. "I'm just getting warmed up!"
"Bring it on, Cannoli!" Wario hollered, readying his hammer.
Wario then smacked the robotic spider with his hammer, doing five damage. Maurice also shot several electric orbs at the robot, doing three damage. Suddenly the hat exploded off the spider's head, leaving the count vunerable. "You're gonna have one POUNDING headache, Cannoli!" Wario laughed, smacking Count Cannoli with his hammer and doing six damage.
"Oh, now you've asked for it, you yellow-dressed twit!" the count yelled as the hat returned to the robot. Hatches opened from the sides of the spider and rotating buzzsaw arms extended out. They slashed at Wario and Maurice, but they successfully dodged. Wario then smacked the robot with his hammer, doing four damage, and Maurice used his Electro Charge, also doing four. Suddenly the entire robot exploded with a thundering BOOM! and pieces of jagged metal flew in every direction, landing with several clangs and bangs.

Just then, out from the wreckage of the robot, floated the Sun Stone, this time, looking like a ruby. Wario snatched it from the air and stuffed it into his pocket before dancing on the spot with Maurice. "YES! Wahoo! Oh, yeah!" he cheered, while doing the moonwalk.
"I can't believe we did it," Maurice laughed, dancing with Wario. "We got the Sun Stone!"
"Laugh and cheer while you can," Count Cannoli growled, covered in ash. "But this is far from over, Wario! Dr. Reldemire will make you pay for this!"
"I'm sure he won't," Wario chuckled, shaking his rear at Cannoli, "because he'll be too busy making you pay for losing to me twice!"
All of a sudden, the whole underground chamber began shaking vigerously. This alerted both Wario and Maurice, as well as Cannoli while he was sulking in the fragments of his robot, and got them on guard. Then the ground beneath them began bulging, and eventually broke open, revealing the massive Chain Chomp that Wario and his two partners outran previously.

"My land!" Cannoli cried, wiping his glasses in disbelief. "What on earth is that thing?!"
"What we're running from," Wario yelled, grabbing the count's arm and dragging him toward the exit. "Now let's get outta here!"
The group dashed through the door and began running through the tunnel, too frightened to look back. They finally lucked out when they found a long rope ladder leading up to the surface, where a tiny ray of light could be seen. "Up the ladder, quickly!" Wario ordered, pointing up at it.
They all began climbing frantically. The higher and higher they climbed, the higher and higher the giant Chain Chomp behind them would speed toward them. As they reached closer and closer, Wario began to notice the Chain Chomp growing angry. "Uh oh," Wario exclaimed, looking at the Chomp's red face. "That thing's getting mad! We gotta pick up the pace, people! Climb faster or you're monster chow!"
The Chain Chomp began barking louder and louder as it grew closer to the group, chomping its massive teeth at them as it hoped to get a meal. Finally, Wario reached the surface, grabbed Maurice and Cannoli by the hands, and flung them away from the hole before diving from the Chain Chomp, which became stuck in the hole, too big to fit through.

"Whew," Wario panted, wiping the sweat from his forehead. "That was a close call, eh, guys?"
"I'd prefer not to relive it, thank you," Cannoli sighed, getting to his feet.
"That was nuts," Maurice said, brushing himself off. "But at least you got the Sun Stone, Wario!"
"Yup, and now I've got four more to go!" Wario stated before walking over to Count Cannoli and laughing in his face. "You hear that? Four more to go! So you go tell your master Dr. Reldefank or whoever that I BEAT YOU AGAIN!"
"You baffoon," Cannoli smiled, crossing his arms. "You honestly think that you will ever collect the remaining Sun Stones? It is inevitable that you will fail by the hand of Dr. Reldemire even if you do collect them, which is impossible nonetheless!"
"I didn't understand a word you just said," Wario grunted, pointing at Cannoli, "but I'm still gonna get all the Sun Stones, and you or that stupid Dr. What's-His-Name can do nothing about it!"
"Ugh, you incompitent fool!" Count Cannoli fumed, facepalming himself. "I can't stand to be in your presence any longer. Good day, Wario, and don't be surprised if you see me again!"
Cannoli then pulled out his remote and clicked a button, releasing his hotair balloon hat to activate, and off he flew, leaving Wario and Maurice.
"You did very well, Wario," Eldmitch complimented. "You have successfully retrieved the second Sun Stone, and I must say, congratulations."
"Yeah, yeah, Eldmax, just transport me to wherever the next Sun Stone is," Wario demanded, snapping his fingers.
"My name is Eldmitch, Wario," he sighed.
After scavenging deep underground and barely escaping a massive Chain Chomp twice, Wario- with the help of his temporary partner, Maurice-  finally collected the second Sun Stone from Count Cannoli, leaving the other four. Will Wario be able to retrieve the other Sun Stones from Dr. Reldemire's minions? What location is Wario travelling to next? And will his dream ever come true? You'll find out if you keep reading...

To Be Continued...

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