The Arrival of a Visitor

By Lemmy Koopa

One sunny day, the Koopalings were all kooped up in the castle, at an "urgent" meeting. Bowser had drawn a large picture of Mario and was about to give an educational talk on him. "This is Mario," Bowser explained.

"This is awful!" Wendy wailed. The other Koopalings nodded in agreement. Whenever Bowser wasn't looking, they returned to what they had been doing before the meeting. Ludwig continued the write-up of his latest experiment, Lemmy juggled some balls, Roy punched Iggy, Iggy tried and failed to struggle away, Wendy applied make-up, and Morton gave a more complex version of Bowser's speech. Larry, the only Koopaling not doing what he had been before the meeting, was searching the room for a way out.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. The Koopalings, looking for any excuse to get out of the meeting, smiled. Bowser, annoyed that his informative lecture had been interrupted, frowned. The Koopalings raced out of the room towards the front door, with Bowser following close behind. Just as Wendy put a hand on the doorknob, Bowser, as if remembering something, smiled. "It must be one of your cousins," he said. "Who else would be stupid enough to come here?"

The Koopalings looked more miserable than they had at the meeting. Wendy sighed. "I bet it's Susan," she pouted. She pulled the door open a tiny crack. The Koopas couldn't tell who it was, but they could tell that it wasn't Susan.

Larry pushed Wendy out of the way. "I bet it's that twirp, Nick," he muttered. He pulled the door open a little more. The Koopas still couldn't tell who it was, but they could tell it wasn't Nick.

Roy pounded Larry out of the way. "If it's Derrek, he'll be in for a pounding!" he declared. He opened the door a little more. The Koopas still couldn't tell who their very patient visitor was, but they could tell it wasn't Derrek.

Iggy, who looked the most miserable of all, squeezed in around Roy and started to open the door. "It is probably-"

"Blade!" Bowser welcomed, finally able to recognize the Koopa Cousin. "It's so nice to see you!"

The Koopalings hadn't expected to see this cousin. Blade often gave them gifts, and was the only cousin the Koopalings liked at all. They watched eagerly as their cousin made his way inside.

Blade was slender, like Larry, but was almost as tall as Bowser. His hair was like Iggy's but longer and more colorful. He was on a pair of roller skates, and wore a large "lucky" emerald around his neck. He was even stronger than Roy, but usually he was very composed. Perhaps most peculier was his mystical color-changing magic wand.

Blade was smiling and his wand was blue. "Shut up," he told Bowser.

That was another reason why the Koopalings liked him- he didn't kiss up to Bowser. "Welcome to our abode, beloved relative," Ludwig grinned. Even he liked Blade, since Blade often helped with his experiments.

One Koopaling, however, was less than impressed with Blade's arrival. "What are you doing here?" muttered Iggy.

Blade frowned a little and his wand turned a darker blue. "I just came to visit you," he pouted. "I brought you all gifts." He held up a bag.

"Gimme gimme!" The Koopalings pushed towards Blade. All except for Iggy, that is. "They're broken, I'm sure," Iggy announced.

Blade frowned again, and his wand turned purple. "What do you mean? I spent a lot of coins for these!" He started to open the bag while six Koopalings waited eagerly around him.

"Junk," Iggy taunted.

Blade looked quite annoyed and his wand turned brown. "Please, Iggy, I'm only trying to be nice. If you don't want a gift, please just say so." He started to reach into the bag.

Lickety split, Iggy raced through the crowd and pushed Blade to the floor. The bag of gifts sailed to the other end of the room, and the Koopalings, except for Iggy, followed. "So much for your gifts," Iggy grinned.

Blade growled, and his wand turned black.

Larry reached the bag of gifts first and looked inside. "Hey, there's nothing in here but a Star!" he pouted. He touched it and it disappeared. "Useless."

Iggy stuck out his tongue at Blade. Suddenly, Blade leapt to his feet. "That's it!" he screamed. He raised his black magic wand and shot a blast at Iggy.

It looked like Iggy was a goner. but then, using supernatural skill, Iggy dodged the blast. Instead, the blast hit a mirror and rebounded right back into Blade. Blade fell to the floor, and the impact knocked off his head. Except it wasn't his head, it was only a mask. In fact, it wasn't Blade at all. It was actually...

"Mario!" everyone gasped.

"That's right!" snapped the fat plumber. "It's-a me, Mario!"

"What's he doin' here?" Roy asked Bowser.

"Yeah, what are you doing here?" demanded Bowser.

"I was spying on you," Mario explained. "And I found out you were holding a meeting about me. I decided to interrupt the meeting so that you wouldn't get a chance to organize."

"Oh, that's okay," smiled Lemmy. "You can interrupt our meetings any time!" Bowser glared at him.

"And I would've gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for that brat," Mario glared at Iggy.

That's when Iggy pulled off his own head... er, mask. He wasn't Iggy at all. He was actually...

"Blade?!" everyone gasped.

"That's right!" smiled Blade. "I was spying on Mario. When I found out what he was planning, I decided to lend him a costume. Then, with his guard down, I would stop him. And I did!"

"I don't understand," Bowser held his head. The other Koopalings nodded in agreement.

"It's very simple," Blade explained. "Mario wanted to sabotage your meeting, and needed a costume. I found out, and helped him make one- of me. This way, I would know when he showed up, and could stop him. He brought a Star so he could become invincible and beat you, but I, dressed as Iggy, got it away from him and stopped him."

Bowser and the Koopalings thought about this for a while. Blade retrieved his skates, emerald, and magic wand from the fallen intruder. "If you're Blade, then where's Iggy?" Wendy finally asked.

Blade grinned. "Iggy's lost somewhere in Pipe Land. I've been going around as Iggy for a week. I didn't think you'd mind."

No one did. And they certainly didn't mind when Blade produced a real bag of gifts. He gave Larry a notebook, Morton a Yack Back, Wendy some expensive make-up, Roy a punching bag, Lemmy a joke book, and Ludwig a high-powered microscope. He also gave Bowser a golden crown, but he had no gift for Iggy.

"Thanks for saving the day, and for the gifts," Bowser praised. Some servants dragged Mario to the dungeon, where he remained until Bowser foolishly allowed him to escape.

"Shut up," snapped Blade.

Everyone laughed. "Hey, where'd you get all that money to buy these great, wonderful, Kooptacular things anyway?" asked Morton.

"Oh, I found it somewhere," Blade shrugged.

Everyone laughed again.

A week later, Iggy finally found his way home. But when he got to his room, he found that his piggy bank... and his safe... and his bowling ball were all drained of their coins. "BLADE!!!"

The End

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