The Shadow Queen Strikes Back

By Red Koopa

Shadow Queen: My goal is closer by the minute.

The Shadow Queen laughs sinisterly.

Count Bleck: We need somebody who can build this!

Shadow Queen: Do you know anyone around here?

Bleck: WellÖ I need to pop them up.

Bleck pulls out a TV remote and presses a button. A TV opens upon the wall across from the Shadow Queenís throne. Bleck types in ďscientistsĒ. A picture of E. Gadd appears as well as one of Ludwig.

Shadow Queen: What about that one?

The Shadow Queen points to E. Gadd.

Bleck: I think he would be fine.

Shadow Queen: Good! Beldam! Marilyn! Come here!

Beldam and Marilyn appear out of the shadows.

Beldam: Yes, my Queen?

Shadow Queen: I need you to fetch somebody for me!

Beldam: But weíre supposed to stay here!

Shadow Queen: Ignore my last order!

Beldam: Yes, my Queen! We will fetch him!

Marilyn: GUH! (Thereís no way we can lose!)

Several hours laterÖ

Luigi: My old mansionís right about here!

Bowser: Why are we looking for your mansion?

Luigi: Because E. Gadd lives right next to it.

It is dark outside, and raining. Luigi, Bowser, and Lord Crump are standing outside E. Gaddís lab.

Lord Crump: Letís go in! Weíre all wet here!

Luigi nods, and opens the door. Bowser and Crump walk in followed by Luigi, who shuts the door.

Luigi: E. Gadd! Itís me Luigi!

E. Gadd walks in and sees Luigi, Bowser, and Lord Crump.

E. Gadd: Luigi! Itís been awhile! Have you been putting the Poltergust 3002 to work?

Luigi: WellÖ yes! But I need your help!

E. Gadd: What can I do?

Luigi, with assistance from Bowser and Crump, tells E Gadd everything that has happened so far.

E. Gadd: I see! So your brother has got into another mess then. But Luigi! Why are you hanging out with Bowser?

Luigi: Bowser canít takeover Plit until the Shadow Queen in defeated.

E. Gadd: Who is this one?

Lord Crump: I am Lord Crump! Leader of the X-Naut regime! I am helping them so I may get revenge on the Shadow Queen.

E. Gadd: I see! Well Iíll help you wi-

Beldam appears from the shadows.

Beldam: Surprise! Iím back!

Bowser: You again! Havenít you had enough, hag?

Beldam: Not quite, turtle!

Marilyn appears from the shadows.

Beldam: Iím afraid Iíll need Mr. Lab Coat over there!

Voice: And Doopliss!

Doopliss jumps in through the window.

Doopliss: Ow! Glass it hurts!

Marilyn: GUH! (Itís called a door, stupid!)

Luigi: Why do you need him?

Beldam: My queen needs him!

Luigi: I wonít let you!

Doopliss: Letís take it outside if weíre going to fight.

Luigi, with an angry face, agrees. Luigi, Bowser, Crump, Beldam, Marilyn, and Doopliss walk outside.

Bowser: Falcon punch!

Doopliss: You are weird!

Bowser falcon punches Doopliss in the face. Doopliss gets up and smiles.

Doopliss: Watch this, sucker!

Doopliss descends into the shadows. A blue ring forms around Bowser. The ring dissolves and another Bowser rises up from the shadow that Doopliss was in.

Doopliss (in Bowserís voice): Not bad, huh? I feel like an idiot in this body!

Bowser: You take that back!

Bowser tackles his doppelganger and starts punching it. The fake Bowser grabs his arm and throws him over to a tree, then kicks the real Bowser in the tail. The real Bowser breathes fire and sets the fake oneís tail on fire.

Doopliss: Ow, Ow, Ow!

Bowser grabs the fakeís hand and smashes it into a tree. Bowser does this continuously until the fake elbows him in the face. Bowser falls back, his nose bleeding. Bowser jabs Doopliss in the face. Doopliss falls back but runs behind Bowser and grabs him by the tail.

Bowser: Why does this always happen?!

Doopliss swings Bowser by the tail and spins around until he launches Bowser away, deeper into the woods. Doopliss returns to his original form.

Meanwhile Lord Crump is fighting Marilyn.

Crump: Man, youíre dumber than you look!

Crump punches Marilyn in the face and pulls her hat over her face. Crump drags her over to a tree and starts slamming her head into it, but Marilyn is able to grab Crumpís head and smash it into the tree. Crump is immediately knocked unconscious. Marilyn has been weakened though.

Luigi is fighting Beldam over by the former spot of the mansion.

Luigi: Youíre too weak of a hag!

Beldam: Letís test it!

Beldam summons ice particles and directs them at Luigi, who rolls to dodge them. Luigi charges at Beldam and grabs her by the neck. Beldam is choking.

Beldam: *gaspÖ* Stop!

Luigi: Not until you tell me how to return Mario to normal.

Beldam: Iíll never tell you!

Luigi squeezes harder.

Beldam: GaspÖ ackÖ okÖ gaspÖ Go toÖ Rogueport! Find the Crystal Stars!

Luigi lets go of Beldam. Beldam falls, gasping for air. Then Marilyn whacks Luigi from behind, knocking him unconscious.

Beldam: Thank you, Marilyn.

Doopliss walks over.

Doopliss: That scientist is ours!

Beldam: Very good, you two!

Marilyn walks inside the lab and walks out with a tied up E. Gadd.

E. Gadd: Someone save me!

Beldam uses her magic to quiet E. Gadd. Soon after they arrive back at the Shadow Queenís hideoutÖ

Beldam: We have returned!

Doopliss: Do I get paid?


Doopliss: Uh oh!

Shadow Queen: You are forgiven this time, Duplighost!

Doopliss: Thank you!

Doopliss leaves. Marilyn throws E. Gadd in front of the Shadow Queen.

Shadow Queen: Is this him?

Beldam: Yes, my Queen! As you requested! We ran into trouble as we got him. It was those three again. But they were taken care of easily.

Shadow Queen: Untie him! Bleck, show him the design!

Marilyn unties E. Gadd. Bleck lays the design in front of him.

E. Gadd: An atomic bomb! That is too destructive! Plit would not survive.

Shadow Queen: I only want the radiation! Can you make that happen?

E. Gadd: Probably! It would take at least three weeks to make it though. Maybe longer!

Shadow Queen: Then work on it!

E. Gadd: Are you sure you want to use this? I donít know what it would do to a Mushroom citizenÖ

Shadow Queen: Do you want to make your life worse?

E. Gadd: No! Not at all! Iíll get to work on it right away, Your Highness!

Shadow Queen: Good!

E. Gadd leaves, followed by Beldam and Marilyn.

Bleck: Count Bleck predicts it will melt their brains!

Shadow Queen: Just as I planned!

Outside E. Gaddís lab, Luigi wakes up on the spot where his mansion used to be. The rain has stopped and the full moon is showing.

Luigi: No! They must have taken E. Gadd!

Luigi runs inside E. Gaddís lab and doesnít find him.

Luigi: Iím sure they took him!

Luigi looks over at Lord Crumpís body. He runs to it.

Luigi: Heís still out cold! Whereís Bowser?

Luigi remembers Bowser being thrown deeper into the woods.

Luigi: Shoot! I have to look for him!

Luigi runs inside E. Gaddís lab. He grabs a Poltergust 3000, a flashlight, and a rope. Luigi ties the rope to Crumpís leg and starts dragging his body by pulling the other end.  Luigi walks deeper into the woods with a beam of light in front of him. Luigi does not know that Boos are watching him from the trees.

Luigi: It sure is spooky out here! I hope the ghosts donít live here anymore.

Luigi walks further until he comes to a split path.

Luigi: Oh darn! Which path?

Luigi chooses the left path. Luigi walks through several shrubs and trees. The trees show red eyes when Luigi is not looking. More Boos are now spying on Luigi.

Luigi: Did I go the wrong way?

Luigi comes up to a lake. The full moon reflects on the water.

Luigi: Dead end!

Luigi sees the moonís reflection turn into a Booís reflection.

Luigi: This isnít right!

Luigi turns around to see many Boos flying out of the water. They scream as they come out. Luigi screams himself.

Boos: We shall consume you!

The Boos fly at Luigi and stick their tongues out at him until Luigi blacks out.

An hour laterÖ

Boo 1: Wake him up!

Boo 2: You do it!

Boo 1: Fine!

The first Boo slaps Luigi, causing him to wake up. Luigi screams as he sees the Boo. Then he realizes heís in E. Gaddís lab.

Luigi: What do you want?! I already have a problem as it is!

Boo 1: We know your problem, Luigi!

Boo 2: Our leader has agreed to meet with you!

Boo 1: Heís outside!

Boo 2: Come!

Both Boos push Luigi outside. Luigi sees Bowser and Lord Crump. King Boo appears.

Luigi: Not you!

King Boo: Luigi! I know what has happened! Boos spread news very quickly. I know everything.

Luigi: About Mario?

King Boo: Yes! I will to help you as well.

Luigi turns his back to King Boo and shakes his head.

Luigi: No! Nope! Sorry! Three is good enough!

King Boo screams, causing Luigi to whimper.

King Boo: You will take me with you or I will put you in a painting!

Luigi: But youíre a Boo!

King Boo: I am willing to put our past aside for this one time.

Luigi: All right, but Bowser and Crump have to agree.

Bowser: I agree!

Crump: He can come as long as he doesnít scream at me.

King Boo: I shall join you! Just donít let Petey know about this.

The three nod, and they leave.

Crump: What about Magnus?

Bowser: We went after the less intelligent brain in the MK.

Luigi: Like youíre smarter!

Bowser: Iím not the smart one! My son Ludwig is! He would build his robot!

Crump: Where does he live?

Bowser: My castle of course!

King Boo: Lead us there!

Bowser: I donít know the way out of the woods.

Luigi: Iím taking the Poltergust 3000 in case King Boo gets out of control.

So Bowser, Luigi, Lord Crump, and King Boo leave the woods where Luigiís mansion used to be. Meanwhile, Peach is still sitting in her cell.

Peach: How will I ever get out of here?

Peach grabs her stomach.

Peach: Iím hungry.

Peach looks out to see if any guards are near. There are none.

Voice: I can help you.

Suddenly Vivian appears from out of the shadows.

Peach: Why arenít you with your sisters?

Vivian: When I heard my sisters were going to revive the Shadow Queen, I left them and tried to figure out what they would do next.

Peach: Did you know she possessed Mario? And now he worships her like a god?

Vivian: Mario was possessed? I didnít think he would be possessed at all.

Peach: Now I donít know what to do. Iíve been sitting in this cell for several days now. I donít know how to get out.

Vivian: There may not be guards here, but since there was a breakout a few days ago theyíve tightened security like you wouldnít believe.

Peach: I donít think Iíll be getting out unless Luigi, Bowser, and Lord Crump rescue me.

Vivian: I can listen to the conversations between Shadow Queen, that clown Doopliss, and my sisters. I have to be careful though.

Peach: Bring any information to me, ok?

Vivian: You got it, Princess!

Peach: By the way, can you steal some food up there?

Vivian: Sure!

Vivian falls into the shadows and leaves. Peach sits on her cell bed.

A few hours later at Bowserís castleÖ

Ludwig: You want me to build a robot?

Lord Crump: I have the designs right here.

Lord Crump hands Ludwig the blueprints.

Ludwig: I think I can build this. It will take maybe three weeks to build it completely.

Bowser: Get it finished ASAP or itís the dungeon for you, Ludwig!

Ludwig: Iíll start right away.

Luigi pulls Bowser over to the side for a moment.

Luigi: I know how to save Mario.

Bowser: How?

Luigi: That witch mentioned the Crystal Stars found in Rogueport.

Bowser: Iíll get the airship ready.

Lord Crump: I will stay here and make sure your kid builds my robot right.

Bowser: Thatís fine! Whereís King Boo?

Luigi: He was talking to the Boos in the castle.

Bowser and Luigi walk to King Boo.

Bowser: Weíre going!

Luigi: Do you have what you need?

King Boo: What I need to scare you!

Luigi: Iím bringing my vacuum in case you get out of control!

King Boo: Iím too good right now!

Bowser: How do we get to Rogueport again?

Luigi: You said by your airship!

Bowser: Of course!

Bowser throws Luigi into the airship and walks in, King Boo floating in behind him.

Luigi: That hurt!

Bowser: I felt the urge to throw something!

Meanwhile in the Shadow Queenís palace, the Shadow Queen is planning something.

Shadow Queen: Bleck! Tell me the whereabouts of our enemies!

Count Bleck: It seems we have three to deal with! They picked up a third person.

Shadow Queen: Thatís fine, three people will not stop us! They donít know what will happen in three weeks! I need my test!

Count Bleck: Ah, the radiation tests! E. Gadd finished his first batch!

E. Gadd is escorted in by Marilyn and Mr. M.

Shadow Queen: Bring in the test subject!

A tied up Toad is brought in by three purple Bob-ombs.

Shadow Queen: Now I want to see if my experiment works!

E. Gadd: I do not know what will happen. Are you sure?

Shadow Queen: Yes! I am sure! Question me like that again and your own experiment will kill you!

E. Gadd: Very well!

E. Gadd brings out a bottle from his lab coat. He pulls out a safety suit to protect himself. He puts it on and opens the bottle. He throws it at the Toad. It hits him and the Toad starts to glow purple. His skin starts to peel and his Mushroom head turns to the color of a Poison Mushroom. His skin falls off and starts making weird noises like a zombie.

E. Gadd: The result is the loss of skin and being turned into a zombie.

The Shadow Queen smiles evilly.

Shadow Queen: How long will it take to make enough to cover Plit?

E. Gadd: The same as before, about three weeks. You canít rush a genius.

Shadow Queen: Very well! Get back to work!

E. Gadd is escorted out.

Shadow Queen: Where are the fools heading now?

Count Bleck: They are heading for Rogueport!

Shadow Queen: I will sendÖ the joker this time.

Dimentio appears.

Dimentio: Iím no Batman hunter, but I am a hero hunter, my Queen!

Shadow Queen: Rid me of the heroes! At least slow them down!

Dimentio: I shall, my Queen!

Dimentio disappears. Vivian is seen listening from the corner before disappearing.

To Be Continued...

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