By Fred the Mole

It was midnight in Dark Land and the moon was full.  There was a light flickering in the kitchen.  Ludwig was getting a glass of water.  “I don’t know why I suddenly got so thirsty,” he thought to himself.

He opened the cabinet and pulled out a glass.  Then he stepped up to the fridge.  Suddenly, the light shut off “Must be a blackout,” he thought to himself, again.

He opened the fridge and a light shot out. “Weird.  Only the kitchen light went out,” he thought.  Still, he ignored it.

He poured himself a glass of water and then something bit his tail! “Youch!” Ludwig exclaimed.

He turned around just to see that no one was there.  Ludwig rubbed his tail.  It was bleeding. “It was probably just Bagels thinking that I was a burgler,” Ludwig thought.

He grabbed a bandage and wrapped it around his tail.  Then, he went back to his room.

The next morning, Ludwig woke up feeling excited.  He had plans for a toaster that could deliver mail.  He ran down the stairs and into his laboratory. “Now to work on my machine,” Ludwig thought.

Then, there was a huge bang from upstairs. “WOULD YOU KEEP IT DOWN?!  I’M TRYING TO WORK!” Ludwig yelled.  However, nothing came out of his mouth. “What’s going on?” he tried to yell, but there was no sound. “HELP!!!” he mouthed.

“What happened to me?!”  Ludwig thought.  He thought it might have had something to do with what bit him.

The eldest Koopaling started back to the kitchen.  In the dining room, everyone was eating breakfast at the table. “Ludwig, come and eat your breakfast,” Clawdia said

“No thanks,” Ludwig mouthed

“What was that, dear?” Clawdia asked. “I couldn’t hear you”

Ludwig turned to Clawdia.  “I said ‘no thanks’.”

“Don’t play games with us, boy!  Talk normally!”  Bowser yelled.

“I can’t!”  Ludwig mouthed

“That’s it!  Go to the dungeon!”  Bowser exclaimed.

“I think you’re being too hard on him, dear,”  Clawdia told Bowser.  Then she turned to Ludwig.  “What’s wrong, Ludwig?”

Ludwig ran into Bowser Jr’s room and grabbed a piece of paper off of his easel.  He ran back down to the table and wrote down, I can’t talk for some reason.  Something bit me last night.

“That’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever said!”  Bowser yelled.  “Now either sit down or get out of here.”

Ludwig walked into the kitchen. “Now to investigate” Ludwig said.

Ludwig started scanning the kitchen for something out of place.  He soon saw something orange on the tiled floor.  He bent down and picked it up.  It was some type of fur. “Hmmmm.  This isn’t Bagels’s fur.  It’s a completely different color.” Ludwig got back on his feet.

“Ieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” A scream came from the other room.

Ludwig ran back through the kitchen doors and found the dining room deserted. There was a note on the table saying “I’ve been muted!”  The mysterious force had struck again.

Fred the Mole: Ok, so let’s back it up a bit.
It was midnight in Dark Land and-
Fred: Not that far. Go forward a bit.

The End
Fred: NO, NO, NO! Just a couple minutes before a couple minutes ago! Right after Ludwig left the Dining Room
That’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever said!” Bowser yelled. “Now either sit down or get out of here.”
Ludwig walked into the kitchen.
“That boy, always playing games with us,” Bowser growled
“What if he’s telling the truth?” Clawdia said
“He might be. I did think I saw something with orange fur last night when I was looking for my ball,” Lemmy said
“Lemmy, you’re so dumb! It was just a stupid animal!” Bowser snapped
“Hey! Don’t call me dumb!” Lemmy protested
“What-ever. Let’s just go run some errands. I’m full,” Bowser said, rubbing his stomach.
Bowser, 5 of the Koopalings and Clawdia left. Lemmy stayed behind and helped himself to some more bacon.
“How dare he insult me? I’ll just stay here, they don’t need me. They won’t even notice I’m not there,” Lemmy muttered.
Lemmy sat and ate his bacon. Suddenly the lights in the dining room went out.
“Hello? Is anyone there? Show yourself. I’m armed!” Lemmy said while picking up a frying pan.
Suddenly something conked Lemmy on the head and he fell to the ground.
Some time later, Lemmy woke up on the cold cellar floor, his tail and head throbbing. “What, what was that?” Lemmy said, though nothing came out of his mouth. “Oh, no. Ludwig was right! Something did happen!”


A few hours earlier, right after Ludwig saw the Dining Room empty…
“This can’t be happening! It can’t be!” Ludwig thought franticly.
Ludwig sat down in a chair and found the only plate that was left had food that was completely frozen. “Lemmy,” Ludwig thought. “He had to be the next one. But where did he go?”
Suddenly Ludwig felt a huge bump on the back of his head.


Back to where I left off with Lemmy…
Lemmy ran up to the door. The doorknob wouldn’t budge. “Locked,” Lemmy thought. “I guess I’m trapped.”
Something hit Lemmy on the back of the head. It was a crumpled piece of paper. It read,
You and me both.
Lemmy turned around. Ludwig was sitting with his back on the wall.
Lemmy knew Ludwig wouldn’t be able to hear him. He would have to find another way. Lemmy walked up to Ludwig and wrote in the dust with his finger, Do you know why we can’t talk?
Ludwig wrote: Might be something that bit us.
Lemmy: Come to think of it, my tail really hurts.
Ludwig: That’s where it bit me.
Lemmy: But why are we down here?
Ludwig: Maybe so we can’t tell anyone else about it.
Lemmy didn’t have anything else to say. It took him a while to notice that there were a couple other Koopa Troopas and Goombas down there with them. None of them made a sound.
Ludwig decided to ask around, now that Lemmy had given him the idea to write in the dust. He first went to a Paratroopa sitting on a barrel. Ludwig wrote: When you got muted, what did you see?
The Paratroopa jumped down on to the hard floor and wrote: Not much, just a bit of orange fur.
“Hmm, so that was what probably bit me,” thought Ludwig.
Ludwig went around to the others. “Nothing interesting,” he thought to himself.
Suddenly the door shot open. Ludwig decided to see if he could get out so he ran up, but the door closed with a slam. Then a Koopa Ludwig couldn’t recognize fell down the stairs, unconscious. Ludwig walked up to him, as did Lemmy. At first Ludwig couldn’t tell who it was, but after a while he could. I mean, it’s not easy to recognize this Koopa without his shades.

To Be Continued...

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