Luigi's Thanksgiving

By Ludwig X

It was Thanksgiving day on Plit, the day when the Koopa clan and Mushroomers were, for once, not fighting, Instead they were preparing for a grand supper traditionally held at six oíclock. Both Mario Brothers were in charge of cooking the turkey for a dinner Peach was holding. Mario and Luigi were in the kitchen, just taking the turkey out of the oven.

Luigi: What a beautiful turkey!

Mario: It sure is!  Letís-a set it on the windowsill to cool off.

Mario placed the turkey on the the open sill, the cool breeze already cooling off the steaming turkey.

Luigi: Wow, Mario, the feast today will be great!

Mario: Yeah! ... Hey... Is that college football on TV?!

Luigi turned around, and saw indeed that college football was on TV.

Luigi: Ooh! Mario, remember our days back in Brooklyn as football players?

Mario: How could I forget! I still have our old game ball in my trunk!

Luigi: Go get it! Quick!

Mario went into his room and dug up the old football he had saved from college.

Mario: Hey, Luigi!  Go long!

Luigi backed up, and Mario hurled the ball... Of course, the ball broke a window.

Mario: Uh oh.

Luigi: Oh man, what are we gonna do about burglars? Bandits are all over the place on Thanksgiving!

Mario: Yeah, I'm gonna have to run into town to get a guy who can fix this.

Luigi: I'll stay here in case a burglar happens to come.

Mario: We really don't have much worth stealing, though... except for our 42 inch HD flat screen TV, our 24 karat gold trophy we received from saving Peach over 25 times, our Ipod Nano, our chest full of power-ups, the life savings you have hidden under your mattress, Lemmy's password onto Lemmy's Land, our giant speakers, and the keys to some car that I found on the side of a road.

Luigi: So yeah, not much.

Mario: I'll be back in a bit. Be sure nothing happens to that turkey, Peach is counting on us.

Luigi: Okey-dokey-smokey-artichokey!

Mario: ... Don't do that.

And with that, Mario headed into town to get someone to help repair his window. Meanwhile, someone had been too lazy to buy a turkey of his own, and was lookin' for trouble.

Bandit: Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe... Looks like this chump is too busy watching football to guard his turkey...

Luigi had already forgetten about what Mario had said, and was watching football.  The Bandit snuck into the house, tip-toeing his way into the kitchen. He licked his lips at the sight of the turkey.

Bandit: Hehehehehe... Come to papa!

The Bandit picked up the turkey by its platter's sides, and began to silently creep out... but stepped on a piece of glass from the broken window.


Luigi sprang up.

Luigi: What in the world do you think you're doing?!

Bandit: I'm stealin' your turkey! And I would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for this broken glass!

Luigi: You know, the windowsill the turkey was on was wide open, and you didn't have to even come into the house!  You could have been long gone by now!

Bandit: Yeah, this wan't one of my better ideas.

Luigi: Just give me the turkey already!

Bandit: No! You'll call the cops!

Luigi: I've stomped Bowser's butt too many times to count! I am the cops!

Bandit: D'oh!

The Bandit dove out the window the turkey was cooling in, with Luigi hot on his tail.


Mario was in town, looking for anyone who could help him fix his window.  But no one was in town, and the shops were all closed.

Mario: Drat!  It's no use!  Everyone is probably at home, cooking their dinners!

Mario was about to give up, when he saw that a store was open.

Mario: What luck!

Mario headed in and began speaking with the Toad in charge.

Toad: What can I do for you?

Mario: I broke a window at my house, and I need it to be repaired as soon as possible.

Toad: I'll do my best! It's not often I have customers, and I like to give them the best service I can! ... That'll be 30 coins, sir.

Mario: WHAT?! ... Fine... No wonder you don't get customers...

Mario paid up, and he and the Toad began walking back to his house.


Bandit: You'll never take me alive!

Luigi: You fiend! That turkey is mine!

Luigi had been chasing the Bandit for five minutes now, and was growing weary... but he remembered what Mario would do to him if the Bandit got away. The two were running alongside the creek, and Luigi began to close in on the Bandit. Luigi dived for the Bandit, and the two were sent tumbling into the stream. The water was moving very quickly, and it was hard to stay above water.

Bandit: Augh! You'll pay, you green freak!

The Bandit began to wrestle Luigi underwater, but Luigi used all of his might to throw the Bandit off of him and began slamming the Bandit's head into the side of the muddy stream.

Bandit: Ow! Cut it out, you jerk!

Luigi: Give me my turkey then!

Bandit: I lost your turkey when you pushed me into the water!

Luigi: O_o AAAAAAAAUUGH! We have to find that turkey!

Luigi swam underwater, but couldn't see the turkey. It was long gone. Luigi swam back up.

Luigi: I'm dead meat when Mario finds out...

Bandit: Just go buy a new one! Someone's got to still have turkey in stock, right?

Luigi: I wish it was that simple, they've got to be sold out by now. Stores are closed anyways...

Bandit: Eh... Stinks for you. Bye!

Luigi and the Bandit crawled out of the running water, and the Bandit took off. Luigi didn't care though... It didn't matter anymore.


Mario and the Toad were inspecting the damage.

Toad: ... Yup, it's not bad. I can get the glass replaced as quick as can be! I'd just have to run back down to my shop and get the materials.

Mario: Okey dokey! ... Is that my brother?

Luigi was trudging up the hill, soaked to the bone.

Mario: Are you ok?

Luigi: Yeah... but I lost our turkey...

Mario: What?! How?!

Luigi: A Bandit got it... I chased him down to the creek and we lost it in a fight...

Toad: No worries! I happen to have a turkey in stock at my place! You can run down and buy it in a jiffy!

Luigi: Hehe... Jiffy...

Mario: Ok! Let's all go!

The Mario Brothers and the Toad all jogged into town, where they entered the shop.

Toad: Uh oh! Stay back!

Mario: What?

Toad: Some guy is robbing the store! That guy there, the one in the blue hoodie and ski mask!

Mario: Looks's like a typical Bandit up to typical tricks!

Luigi: No, he's not a typical Bandit... That's the guy who stole our turkey!

The Bandit was browzing through the food aisle, and was holding a turkey.

Toad: There goes my last turkey...

Luigi: Oh no, he doesn't!

Bandit: What the...?


Bandit: AAAUGH!

Luigi began chasing the Bandit all over the store with Mario and the Toad hot on their heels.

Luigi: Give me that turkey!

Toad: Stop!! Thief!

Mario: Let's get him, Luigi!

Mario and Luigi leapt for the Bandit's heels, and managed to bring him down, the turkey sliding out of his arms... out into the road... and into a sewer...


Toad: ... If you two can hold him, I'll call the police.

Bandit: ... Can you two get off?

Mario: SHUT UP!

Bandit: Meep!

Luigi: What are we going to do now?

Mario: We'll have to fess up to Peach.

*****Later, after the Bandit had been jailed and the window fixed...*****

Peach: Hi Mario! My grandpa Toadsworth, Daisy, and Toad (not the store manger one in the story) are all in the castle waiting for you guys and Yoshi! Where's the turkey?

Luigi: *sigh* Well, Peach... The truth is...

Luigi told her all about what had happened, including the turkey on the windowsill, the broken glass, the chase by the stream, the turkey being lost to the sewage, and the fight at the store.

Mario: We're really sorry, Peach.

Peach: It's okay... You two actually went to all that trouble dealing with a Bandit, just for the turkey?

Luigi: Of course!  We didn't want to let you down!

Peach: But Thanksgiving isn't about turkey, It's about being thankful for everything you have, including your friends. I don't know what I would have done if either of you had gotten hurt trying to get that turkey back...

Mario: Well, we're all fine, and that's what matters. It's too bad we have no turkey, though.

At that time, Yoshi came trudging up the hill... with a turkey in tow!

Yoshi: Hi guys!  I'm ready to eat!

Mario: Yoshi! You have a turkey!

Peach: Well, I was afraid you guys might not get the job done, and I had Yoshi make a spare turkey just in case.

Luigi: (sarcastically) Nice to see you have faith in us, Peach.

Yoshi: Is it dinnertime? I'm hungry for turkey, pie, potatoes, green beans, and other yummies!

Mario: It sure is! Letís go eat!


Oh, and I want to say Happy Thanksgiving, to everyone at Lemmy's Land! I hope you've all had a good Thanksgiving! Bye!

For Real, THE END

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