The Last War of Plit

By Donkey Kong!

The Last War of Plit
Mario and his 3 companions walk to the entrance of the Outpost.
Yoshi: This is it. You know, I never got out of this place without a fight.
Mario: Usually it’s just a small little village.
Kooper: Yeah, I liked it better.
Smoke is coming from one of the buildings.
Koops: It could be a chimney.
Kooper: In the desert? A chimney?
Koops: Point taken.
They walk up to the front gate and knock. A Goomba answers.
Goomba: You want in? Wait…
He looks at Mario.
Goomba: That clothing is banned, young Koopa. Wait, you are Mario.
He looks around.
Goomba: There’s Koopas in there looking for you.
He walks out.
Goomba: Follow me.
Yoshi: Why should we trust you?
Goomba: Why trust anyone?
They follow him to a grate on the village’s east outskirt.
Goomba: In here.
The four jump in.
Goomba: You’ll appear in the center of the city. It’s easy to blend in, so don’t worry. Koopas never did have good eyesight.
Kooper: I protest. We get a bad rep just because the REST of my species wiped out half the life on Plit.
Goomba: Whatever, good luck.
He closes the lid.
Mario: Can anyone see anything?
Yoshi: I’m all right.
Kooper: I can’t see anything.
Koops: That guy had a point.
Yoshi: You two get on my back, then.
The duo jump onto Yoshi’s back. As the four start walking they start hearing footprints and chatter. Once they reach the end they hear something.
Mario: There are Koopas right above us. No one else.
Yoshi: He led us into a trap. I should’ve known not to trust him.
Mario: Don’t fret.
He glows that golden aura and jumps through the metal without any effort.
Koopa 1: What the-
They are blasted by multicolored fireballs. The others jump up through the hole Mario made.
Yoshi: What happened to you?
Mario: Zork took a risk too dangerous.
He looks toward a bar.
Mario: There.
Koops: What is it?
Mario: We’ll find our help there, there’s a pulse that’s telling me to go there.
They walk through the streets and observe Koopas taking away a young child for playing with a Mario doll. Yoshi tries to intervene but is stopped by Mario.
Mario: No.
Yoshi: But he’s a kid.
Mario: Look closer.
Yoshi: Oh.
The Koopas simply take the doll away, and the kid pulls another one from a drawer.
Kooper: AHH!
He takes Koops and hides behind a crate as he sees a Koopa handing out wanted posters of the two.
Mario: You two stay there.
Mario walks to an alley and pulls in the next person who takes a wanted poster.
Yoshi: Mario?!
The person, a Nimbian woman, walks out smiling and winks at the Koopa duo behind the crate. Then Mario walks out.
Mario: I told her everything.
Yoshi: How can you trust her?
Mario: I can tell.
His eyes glow, signifying another new ability.
Kooper: Well, she looks as if she was overjoyed to see you.
Mario: She was.
The duo get out from behind the crate.
Mario: The resistance is quite popular among the people here.
The four walk into the bar. The bartender Bob-omb sees them.
Bartender: No Koopas.
Mario: You two wait around the back.
Kooper: All right, come on.
The duo walk out the door and make sure to stay low.
Yoshi: Aren’t you worried about getting noticed?
Mario: No.
A Podoboo comes up.
Podoboo: You should be, but when is the great Mario scared?
He flames up but is egged by Yoshi, rendering him powerless.
Mario: There was a peaceful way.
Yoshi: You can tell, while I can’t.
Mario: Fair enough.
They look around. Geno and Donkey Kong are sitting at a table. Geno spots Mario.
Geno: There he is!
DK: Finally.
The two run up. Mario is overjoyed, but before he can say anything, Geno silences him.
Geno: Come with us, Chosen One. You too, Yoshi.
They follow the two to a row of apartments outside the bar.
Geno: In here.
The four walk in and sit down on the low-quality lounges in the foyer.
Geno: We’ve been waiting years for this.
Mario: You called me Chosen.
Geno: Yes, I am the Decider. On your quest to save this planet I am appointed to help you.
DK: I’m the Recorder. I record the events that happen. DAD has spoken. I’ve already started.
He pulls out the book Dimworth will one day have. Mario is in shock.
Yoshi: Can we have some backstory?
Geno: Sure.
Star Haven is under siege by the Koopas during their massive assaults in the early days of the war. Geno watches as the stars retreat to the planet to become mortals. He is already half mortal so he doesn’t mind becoming fully mortal. He still has his doll form. He sees Eldstar with a knife in his back as he then collapses.
Geno: Master.
He runs up.
Eldstar: Listen to me. You must help Mario on his quest to save the world.
Geno: I already did that, remember?
Eldstar: This is different, young Decider.
He dies. His body turns into a piece of parchment. It explains everything. Geno takes it and runs off to the planet. Once in a safe place, he reads it. He remembers it all: Dry, Dry Outpost, the Recorder, and Mario…
Geno: It told me everything. It’s been two years but I’ve had Donkey keep me company.
DK: My story is slightly similar.
DK is sailing away from DK Island on a rowboat. Just two hours ago his mother’s spirit form passed away. Her tombstone popped out of the ground and explained his destiny as the Recorder. He had to say goodbye to everyone he knew. He even sent a letter to K. Rool warning him to not come to the island. Later the Kremlings would be reported missing after a battle with the Koopa Empire. Saying goodbye to his friends was hard, but Donkey rejoiced as a wedding with Candy took place a while before he left. Her tears against his face was a feeling he wouldn’t forget, but he promised to return.
Yoshi: The way you said it was completely different, but yes, similar circumstances.
DK: Me and Geno have been waiting for ages but have been occupied with beating up gangsters. Gangsters led by your cousin, Mario: Wario.
Mario: That’s embarrassing. Does he personally take the hits, heh?
Geno: Well if you saw the state he’s currently in you’ll realize why. His brother does most of it.
Mario: Waluigi.
Geno: He conducted espionage during the war, for the wrong side.
Mario: I wonder what the war would be like if I was there the whole time.
Yoshi: Seeing innocents die isn’t something you want to be around for. Hey, we forget about Koops and Kooper.
Geno: You have more guys?
Mario: Yes, and I know you may not agree with this, but we’ve got to stop and rescue Peach from the empire.
Geno: All right.
Mario: Hmm?
Geno: We’re fine with it.
DK: We have an airship.
Mario: I sense she is being held in the main dreadnought of the Koopa Fleet.
DK: Is it called the Orgoth?
Mario: Why yes.
DK: On second thought-
Geno: Orgoth or not, DK, we’re still rescuing her. She is very important to events in motion.
Mario: Excuse me?
Geno: Never mind. So anyway, the rescue.
Mario: Yeah, where’s this airship of yours?
Geno: DK and I will prepare it; you two get your friends.
Yoshi: All right; come on, Mario.
They walk out of the bar.
DK: Is Peach really that important?
Geno: Well her being lost won’t help the Chosen One, so I must save her. Besides, we’re good friends.
DK: I guess. She’s nothing compared to Pauline, though.
Geno: Excuse me?
DK: Let’s go. I’m married now, remember?
Geno: Of course.
They leave, but Geno is stopped by a thug. DK stops.
Geno: What’s this about?
Thug: Wario.
Geno: Tell him to meet us at my ship.
He blasts a random wall, killing a hidden sniper.
Geno: And nothing funny.
The two continue as the thug stays to pick up his friend. Meanwhile, Mario and Yoshi have exited the bar.
Mario: Where are the others?
The other two come, beaten up.
Koops: Don’t ask.
Kooper: Thugs.
Yoshi: Sent by Wario?
Kooper: Really?
Mario: We’ll explain everything later. We’re gonna save Peach from the Orgoth.
Kooper: Mario, are you serious? The Orgoth?
Yoshi: We’ll explain on the way to the airship.
Koops: Airship?
Kooper: I’ve gotta hear this.
The four walk off. Meanwhile, Geno and DK have reached the airship before the other four, but Wario and his thugs are waiting. Wario is sitting in a chair that is moving around due to his girth.
Wario: Ah yes, my old friend, Geno.
Geno: Save it, fatstuff.
Wario: People who insult me are not the most protected.
Geno: What do you want, me to pay you?
Wario: You owe me a new sniper.
Geno: A weapon or a guy?
Wario: A new lackey.
Geno: Listen, your best soldier is your filthy brother, the one who did espionage in the war. At least he fought, even if it was for the wrong side.
Wario: I did what I could.
Geno: What- eat, drink and give yourself an even worse reputation?
DK just stops himself from laughing out loud.
Geno: You’ll get your sniper.
Wario: You get me a sniper, you get your ship.
Geno charges up an energy blast and points it at Wario, causing a commotion.
Geno: What if I told you that I can’t get your infernal sniper unless you get out of my way, and that your cousin is here?
Wario: Mario? He died years back.
Geno: Dead or not, you’re in my way.
Two thugs pick up his chair and walk off.
Geno: That’s better.
DK: Should the others hear this?
Geno: It depends. They’re still spying on us.
He points to a hidden sniper.
DK: Don’t blast him this time.
Geno: I won’t, don’t worry.
The others come in.
Yoshi: Ship ready?
Geno: We were held up, give us another minute.
Yoshi: Sure.
The sniper is shocked.
Sniper: He IS alive.
Koopas are patrolling the streets when Wario arrives on his chair.
Wario: Excuse me, fine soldiers, but two punks were threatening me behind Vespik Inn.
Koopa: We’ll look into it.
They run off.
Wario: I love it when I get people to do things for me.
On the ship…
Geno: It’s ready, get on.
They all walk aboard. Geno is about to walk on, when…
Koopa: HALT!
Geno quickly runs aboard the ship.
Geno: Get us out of here, Donkey.
The Koopas attack but it does nothing to the airship. It flies off after a while.
Koopa: Don’t tell anyone.
They walk off. On the ship…
Mario: What do you call this ship?
Geno walks in.
Geno: I never did name it, you know.
Koops: The Super Star.
Kooper: Lame.
Mario: Luigi.
Geno: Hmm?
Mario: The ship’s name, Luigi.
Geno thinks for a second.
Geno: I like it.
He walks into the cockpit.
Yoshi: I can’t believe he didn’t make it.
Koops: Is Zork gonna pay?
Kooper: Koops, I don’t think you should ask-
Mario: One reason or another, we all want him dead.
Yoshi remembers his friends. The Koopa Duo remember lost comrades from the Koopa Resistance.
Mario: And what of this Varax?
Yoshi: He killed Bowser.
Mario: It was him?
Yoshi: It’s what we’ve been told.
In the cockpit….
Geno (on intercom): We’re stopping at Toad Town for supplies. Though we were heading there anyway before this Orgoth stuff.
DK: I can’t believe it still exists.
Geno: Believe it. It’s an advantage.
The Luigi, as it is now called, flies away from Dry, Dry Desert. Elsewhere…
Peach: Uuuhh…
She is in a cell, guards are around.
Koopa: She’s awake. Tell the master.
Another walks off down the hall.
Peach: What…
Koopa: I’m permitted to answer your questions, so I must. You’re on the Orgoth and you’re subject to an interrogation in the control room.
She blacks out again.
Koopa: You’re coming regardless.
He opens the cell and picks her up over his shoulder and walks off to the control room. He walks through corridors until he finds the control room. The ship is circular with antennae on the top and bottom sides. He finds his way eventually.
Koopa: Sir, I have her.
Varax is in the room with a Magikoopa clad in back and yellow, and others.
Varax: She isn’t awake? Never mind, I’ll get Lurtz to test her skills.
The Magikoopa speaks.
Lurtz: Thank you.
She snaps her fingers and Peach awakens.
Peach: What do you want? Just kill me.
Lurtz: We won’t kill you.
Suddenly the whole room is on fire, and in an instant it closes onto Peach. Suddenly everything’s back to normal.
Lurtz: Don’t doubt my abilities of illusion.
Varax grins under that mask.
Lurtz: Now, we understand that the plans for the Orgoth were stolen by a vessel that YOU were on. They have been tracked to Desert Land, where they have been lost. We can’t do anything about that, unfortunately, but we can prevent a potential attack by destroying a vital target of the resistance.
Peach: They’ll continue fighting no matter what you do!
Lurtz: We’ll see. We are currently in position above Toad Town. Being merciful enough, Zork has allowed one last Mushroomer Post on Plit on the condition they don’t support the so-called resistance. But we’ve gained evidence that they are delivering supplies. Is this true?
Peach doesn’t respond.
Varax: I’ll take that as a yes.
Peach bolts into action.
Peach: They’re not!
Lurtz: I’m sorry, dear. Once Varax says something, it can’t be undone. He doesn’t joke around.
Peach runs up to the controls only to be knocked down by Varax.
Varax: How I dislike the brave ones.
The antenna on the top glows purple followed by the bottom one; it unleashes a giant purple electrical blast that heads for Toad Town. But in the village itself…
Toad 1: Is that the Orgo-
The village of peace is vaporized by the blast. What remains is a crater. Back in the Orgoth…
Peach: I don’t…
She pinches herself in an attempt to wake up.
Lurtz: This isn’t an illusion, dearie.
She starts crying as she watches her birthplace village burn.
Varax: Back to your cell.
Peach: Kill me.
Varax: As much as I’d love to, I cannot.
Guards take her away.
Lurtz: What will Zork say?
Varax: He won’t care. He made the order.
Meanwhile the Luigi is flying on the outskirts of the place once called Toad Town.
Geno: And here we go, a few more seconds and we can find a team and rescue the princess.
DK: She isn’t a princess anymore.
Geno: Lighten up.
DK: Whatever. I’ll look for a place to land.
He looks on a monitor to his left.
DK: Did Wario do anything to sabotage this? It’s not reading anything.
Geno: What do you mean?
DK: I’m looking at a CRATER.
Geno: What?
He looks through, seeing a blackened stretch of land with bodies lying on the ground.
Geno: This isn’t right. Open the window views.
The walls open up, revealing see-through walls.
Geno: Oh DAD, this isn’t right.
He turns around..
Geno: Everyone, get up here.
The other four run up.
Yoshi: Is that T-T-Toad Town?!
Koops: I was there a week ago. This is recent, but we would have heard about it, right?
Kooper: Right.
Mario stares at the blackened ground with horror, but notices something.
Mario: Is that a shadow?
They all look at a large, circular shadow that is covering most of the area.
Yoshi: Orgoth.
Geno: Retreat-
Mario: No! This is our target, isn’t it?
Geno: In our position, we’re DEAD.
There is a rumbling.
Geno: If I’m not mistaken, we’re being sucked into it.
DK checks a screen.
DK: Tractor beam. We ARE dead.
Yoshi: Don’t you realize an opportunity here?
Mario: He’s right, we can use this to get inside. This is the perfect moment.
Geno: There’ll be search teams.
Mario: We are FIGHTERS!
Geno smiles.
Geno: Gotcha. We can hide under the floor panels and attack when they arrive to search us.
On the Orgoth…
Koopa 1: Master Lurtz, this doesn’t look like a resistance ship. Why are we looking into it?
Lurtz: I can tell when an enemy is near. I don’t know who’s on there or what they want, but they’re not our friends. And those who aren’t our friends…
Varax walks in.
Varax: We crush. I’ve heard this speech before.
Lurtz: Haven’t we all?
Varax: Is this a wise move?
Lurtz: Who can stand against us?
Varax: You’re always right, Lurtz.
The airship is sucked into the Orgoth’s loading dock. The heroes hide in the panels.
Geno: All right, so we kill anyone who comes in, unless it’s Varax. In that case we TRY.
2 Koopas come running in.
Koopa 1: There’s nothing here. Check around-
Yoshi jumps up and swallows him.
Koopa 2: HEY!
The shell is spat out into the 2nd Koopa. It goes flying into a wall, putting it out of the fight. The rest jump out.
DK: No fair stealing all the fight.
Mario: Never mind that, we’ve gotta sneak through this battle station, and there are probably more Koopas outside the ship.
Kooper: I have a strategy just for this…
Koops and Kooper are seen walking out of the Luigi with four crates.
Koopa Guard: What ya need those for?
Kooper: Supplies on the ship.
Koopa Guard: Ah...
They later walk out with two more crates each. They are struggling.
Koopa Guard: Need help?
Koops: What does it look like?
Koopa Guard: It looks like you need help.
Kooper: Don’t worry, we’ll live.
They carry the crates up a flight of stairs and into a small room just as Varax walks into the hangar.
Varax: What’d they find?
Koopa Guard: Boxes, I guess.
Varax: No people?
Koopa Guard: I haven’t the slightest idea.
Varax: Why do I sense a familiar presence?
Koopa Guard: I’m pretty new here. It couldn’t be me, could it?
Varax: Shut up and put security on alert.
Koopa Guard: I don’t know if I can do that.
Varax: For the love of DAD!!!
He speed-walks off.
Koopa Guard: I think I got off ok.
Meanwhile, the good guys have gathered in this room.
Geno: Ok, so we’re saving Peach AND trying to find a way to shut off that beam, otherwise there’s no way we’ll be able to lift off.
Mario: I must save Peach, the rest of you shut off that beam-
Geno: Woah woah, you don’t even know where to go.
Kooper: Here are some maps I found.
Mario takes one.
Geno: You won’t be able to sneak through those guards without help, even if you are this chosen hero. I am the Decider, after all.
Mario: All right, you can help me.
DK: I’m Recorder.
Mario: Can you write and fight at the same time?
DK: Takes some practice, but yeah.
Yoshi: Guess I’ll find the beam. Hand me a map.
Kooper hands him a map.
Yoshi: Well, there doesn’t seem to be many guards on this route here. We’ll go there and split halfway through.
Mario: All right, let’s go.
Kooper: What do we do? We ARE the finest soldiers of the resistance.
Mario: Wait here.
The four sneak out the door and run silently down the hall.
Koops: They seem confident enough.
Kooper: Guess we lost the finest warriors title.
The four sneak past guards by moving from behind one crate to the next, one at a time. Eventually they reach a passageway.
Yoshi: Looks like your stop.
Geno: Let’s go.
They start walking off, but Yoshi stops Mario.
Yoshi: Mario… Luigi’s proud… and so am I.
Mario: Thanks. We’ll fight the empire side by side after this.
Mario runs off with the other two.
Yoshi: I’m not so sure.
He continues down by himself. Meanwhile, the others find themselves in an area with no guards.
Mario: What’s the plan?
DK pulls out a smoke bomb.
Geno: Where’d you get that?
DK: Stole it off the Koopa guards.
Geno: Do you even know how to set it?
DK: No idea.
Mario takes it.
Mario: I know how.
They walk through a few more rooms with no soldiers.
Mario: This doesn’t make sense.
Geno: If I were a soldier I wouldn’t wanna be in the same ship as Varax.
Mario: Limited crew, huh?
Geno: Oh yeah.
Lurtz is disguised as a statue in the background.
Lurtz: (silently) Fools. They don’t fear Varax. They fear ME.
The three are unaware of the rat, and run into the next room, which happens to be a corridor with prison doors on the side.
Geno: So now-
Mario: She’s in that one.
Geno: What makes you think-
Mario: I can tell. You save the other prisoners.
Geno: I think she’s the only one they’ve spared in a while.
DK starts writing entries in the book, but Geno knocks it out of his hand.
Geno: Quit that.
Mario glows gold and places his palm on the cell door. It opens and he enters.
Mario: PEACH!!!
Peach looks up and screams.
Peach: Stay away, you infernal Magikoopa! You’re an illusion!
She runs up and grabs his arms in hate, but suddenly lets go and starts crying.
Peach: It IS you!
Without thinking they embrace in a kiss that seems to last forever.
Geno: Good to see you again, Princess, but we HAVE to go.
Koopas are surrounding the area.
Peach: What is going on?
Mario: We’ll have to explain later.
He glows gold and prepares for battle.

To Be Continued...

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