Super Larry 64 DS

By Larry

Chapter 52: Snowman’s Land! Don’t You Just Love Boring Chapter Titles?!

Larry is sleeping in the entrance room, cuddling the newly obtained key like it’s a Teddy Bear.

Larry: Zzz…Zzz…

Larry! Wake up!

Larry: Zzz…No! Zzz…

An anvil lands on Larry waking him up.

Larry: Ow! What was that for!? Wait, how long have I been here?

I dunno. At least a year.

Larry: Lazy Author…

Author: I had other things to work on!

Larry: Whatever. What am I doing again?

Bowletta took over Peach’s Castle and kidnapped you, Iggy, and Culex. Dodo came in and saved you, ring a bell?

Larry: Hmmm… You’re right! I remember now. Time to go *in a dramatic, booming voice* UPSTAIRS!

Larry runs up the stairs and smashes through the locked door.

Larry: Ow…

Jelly Jiggler: Why didn’t you use your key?

Larry: Great, the first page of this update and you’re already back.

Jelly Jiggler: I know, right?

Larry pushes Jelly Jiggler down the stairs and runs up the second set.

Larry: Hmmm…Where to first?

Larry goes into a room with a carpet around the door and is in a large mirror room.

Larry: Hey…What the?

Larry looks at his reflection and sees a Lakitu with a camera behind him.

Larry: Go away!

Lakitu: No.

Larry: *makes Okay meme face* Okay.

Larry notices in the reflection, the wall to his left has a snowman painting, but the real wall has no painting.

Larry: I wonder…

Larry jumps into the wall and is warped to Snowman’s Land!

Larry: It’s so c-c-c-cold…

Larry sees a large red object on top of the Snowman’s head.

Larry: That seems like it shouldn’t be there. On the other hand, I’ve never been here…

Larry notices a Chill Bully on a nearby platform.

Larry: Hey, you! Fiend!

Chill Bully: Good day sir, would you like a free scone?

Larry: Die!

Larry sets Chill Bully on fire, causing him to melt.

Larry: I’m so awesome…

A Power Star appears and Larry collects it.

Chapter 53: On Top of the Snowman’s Head!

Larry’s legs go into his shell and he floats in midair as jet engines come out of his shell’s leg holes. They go off and Larry flies onto the Snowman’s head. His jet engines retract and his legs come back out.

Snowman: Please get this tower off of my head!

Larry: I might. Depends on my mood.

Larry jumps up onto the red object, now revealed to be a tower.

Larry: What is with this thing anyway?

Voice: Hey! Weird Turtle-Thing! Get off of my tower!

Larry: Jelly Jiggler?

Voice: What? No! This is General White, and this is Muscle Tower! Get off, or die!

Larry looks up and sees a speaker with a security camera next to it.

Larry: Hey, do you have a Power Star up there?

General White: Well…yes.

Larry: Excellent!

Larry breaks down the door to the tower and enters a large circular room with two figures.

Torte: Guten Tag!

Apprentice: What he said!

Larry: Why won’t you guys leave me alone?!

Torte: I hold a grudge forever.

Apprentice: If I don’t obey him, he won’t let me watch TV for a week!

Larry: …

Torte: Get him! Raus, Raus!

The two Chefs charge at Larry, who simply smacks them out the window with his nose hairs.

Larry: Lame. So very lame.

Larry goes up the stairs. He doesn’t notice a man in a business suit carrying a briefcase was watching him from the doorway. He smirks, straightens his tie, and walks out the building. Oddly, General White’s cameras couldn’t see him. Larry, meanwhile, gets to the third floor and sees a giant of a man.
Major Metallitron: Intruder! Prepare to die!

Larry: Good DAD this guy is big!

Major Metallitron: DIE!

Major Metallitron charges surprisingly fast at Larry and punches him in the face, knocking the poor Koopa into a wall.

Larry: *rubbing head* What is he, made of metal? No matter, it’s my turn!

Larry launches nose hairs into the floor, which come right back out and hits the Royal Koopa in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

Larry: Argh…My rectus abdominis…

Major Metallitron: …

Larry: Time to get serious! Super Fist of the Nosehair: Jump Ropes of Death!

Jump ropes come out of Larry’s nose and continuously whip Major Metallitron.

Major Metallitron: *is knocked over from the attack* How is that so strong?!

General White (over intercom): C’mon Major! Beat this freak!

Major Metallitron: Yes, General!

Major Metallitron opens his mouth and a missile comes out and barely misses Larry.

Larry: Geez! This guy must be a robot…

The top half of Larry’s head opens up. Instead of any brains, there’s a floor, with three small fighter jets.

Major Metallitron: WHAAA?!

Larry: Go, my underlings!

The three fighter jets fly at Major Metallitron and fire small bullets at him.

Major Metallitron: …

He swats at the jets and destroys two of them.

Fighter Jet Pilot: Nooo!!!

A small chunk of another jet cuts through the remaining jet and destroys the engine.

FJP: No! I can’t control it! I must sacrifice myself!

Larry: Don’t do it! Think of your family!!!

FJP: Yaaaargh!!!

The FJP flies into Major Metallitron’s head, causing a surprisingly large explosion, destroying the machine’s head.

Larry: It’s finally over…

Suddenly, there are three rice-sized graves in front of Larry.

Larry: I shall miss you nameless pilots.

Major Metallitron: Des…troy…

Larry: Wha?!

Major Metallitron’s headless robotic form starts slowly walking to Larry.

Larry: This robot is persistent!

Major Metallitron raises his left arm and fires his fist at Larry, who dodges easily.

Larry: Time to finish this!

Larry shoots a pillar of fire that destroys Major Metallitron.

Larry: This has gone on long enough!

This is only the third page you’ve been in the tower…

Larry: I don’t care!

Larry launches through the ceiling. Ninja Murasaki was standing over where Larry launched through the floor and was hit in the chin and flew into the ceiling, and went through along with Larry. They both go through the next floor and ceiling in a maze room, and end up in General White’s room. Ninja Murasaki is paralyzed from the pain.

Ninja Murasaki: Who…What…?

General White: Gah! J-Just what ARE you?!

Larry (dressed as Batman): Your worst nightmare!

Larry throws a batarang at General White and hits his forehead. The costume suddenly vanishes.

Larry: Why are you here, anyway?

General White: My commander instructed us to move here, and some strange…being in a cloak used some sort of dark magic to transport the whole tower. I don’t really understand it all.

Larry: Hooded figure? This ends now!!! Super Fist of the Nosehair: Flower Attack!

Larry throws some seeds into General White’s clothing and sprays water on them from a water gun. Flowers immediately bloom and somehow General White is knocked onto his back and crippled with pain.

General White: What…?

Larry sees the Power Star floating on the other side of the room and collects it.

Larry: I’ll spare you. Consider yourself lucky. *in a goofy tone* Buh-Bye!

Larry teleports out the stage. The businessman from before enters the room.

Ninja Murasaki: Who are…you?

General White: Are you with that turtle?!

Mysterious Man: *speaks oddly, as if uncomfortable speaking the human language* You could sssssssay that, Mister White. Unfortunately, this is bad news for you. *inhales in a wheezy fashion* I cannot let there be too many wwwwitnesses to these eventssss who are againssst the onesss I can use. This is goodbye, Mr. White, Mr. MuraSAki.

The man walks out of the room and vanishes, just as the tower is engulfed in an explosion, killing anyone inside.

Chapter 54: Rescuing Culex!

All right Larry, go away. Iggy is needed.

Larry: Aww…

Larry somehow teleports to his room and Iggy reappears where Larry was. Iggy notices flowers in the mirror room.

Iggy: I wonder…

Iggy touches a flower and becomes transparent. He then notices a portrait of Luigi, although the reflection shows Jack Sparrow instead.

Jack Sparrow: I’ve got a jar of dirt, and guess what’s inside it!

Iggy: …

Iggy walks into the reflection, and into the last pirate painting. The nerdy Koopa appears in an icy world.

Iggy: I’m not nerdy!

Yes you are!

Iggy: …

Iggy notices an icy slide ahead of him, he goes down it on his belly, suddenly dressed as a penguin.

Iggy: Whooo!

Iggy then goes off the slide in midair.


Suddenly, magic wind carries Iggy to a platform, as the penguin suit vanishes.

Iggy: That was weird…Thanks, magic wind!

Magic Wind: No problem!

Iggy: Did that wind just talk?

Nearby Bully: No.

Iggy: Oh.

He pushes the bully off of the platform. Iggy continues on, jumping on platforms and killing Bullies. Eventually, he reaches a pit.

Iggy: This has been way too short!

Fine. A dozen Bullies appear and start beating up Iggy.

Iggy: Ow! Ow! Ow! Okay! This is been long enough! Ow!

Good. The Bullies suddenly vanish to the Twilight Zone.

Iggy: All right. Time to do this!

Iggy jumps in the hole and lands on a platform, facing Chief Chilly.

Chief Chilly: Well, well, well. Iggy decided to show up!

Iggy: How did you know I was coming?

Chief Chilly: I read the script!

Iggy: Oh…

Chief Chilly charges at Iggy. Iggy does the same, holding sunglasses.

Chief Chilly: Th-Those sunglasses!

Iggy and Chief Chilly charge past each other, with Iggy swinging his sunglasses. Kinda like sword-wielding fighters do in action movies.

Chief Chilly: …

Iggy: …

The wind blows. Chief Chilly coughs up Star Points.

Iggy: Star Points?! WRONG SERIES! Besides, didn’t another story do that?

Chief Chilly: Shh! Do you want to get sued?

Iggy: Good point.

Iggy charges at Chief Chilly and pushes him into the water. Chief Chilly yelps in pain and jumps back on the platform.

Chief Chilly: Gah! My weakness!

Iggy: Well, why are you on a platform surrounded by your weakness?

Chief Chilly: I… don’t know…

Iggy: *hits Chief Chilly with a baseball bat* Idiot!

Chief Chilly: *is sent flying into the water again* GYAH!! *jumps out* That really hurts! You mustache-less freak!

Iggy: *suddenly has a mustache much larger than Chief Chilly* How dare you?!

Chief Chilly: Where did he get that!?!

Somehow, this “attack” sends Chief Chilly into the water.

Chief Chilly: NOOOO! How could I have lost?!

Iggy: You are a horrible fighter, that’s why!


Chief Chilly melts and a key with a golden “C” in it appears. It also has Culex’s horns.

Iggy: Success!

He collects the key and teleports to the room with five doors. He uses the key on the door with a “C” above it and goes in. Culex comes out.

Culex: Finally! Freedom! *demonic laughter* It’s been forever since I’ve had a line!

Good for you. NOW SHUT UP! You get one world, each member gets one last world.

Culex: *anime-style tears flowing from his eyes* That’s…hurtful…*stops crying* All right, time to go kick butt!

Iggy: *from inside the room* The mini-fridge is empty!

Culex: Stop using that joke!

Culex goes to the second floor and sees the Wet-Dry World paining. A shadow casts over his eyes as he launches fireballs at the paintings, burning them up.


Culex sees the painting for Tall Tall Mountain and squeezes himself in.

Chapter 55: That Stupid Ukiki!

Culex appears on Tall Tall Mountain.

Culex: This mountain is tall!

Nearby Goomba: Well, duh!

Culex eats the Goomba whole and starts floating along the path leading up the mountain. Suddenly, a shadowy figure appears.

???: Stop!

Culex: Huh?

The shadowy figure reveals himself to be… a giant tea cup with arms, legs, and a face? Huh?

Tea Cup: I will destroy you!

Culex: … Huh?

Tea Cup: You heard me! Die!

Tea Cup charges at Culex, who dunks a banana in the tea inside Tea Cup’s…head(?).

Tea Cup: You soiled my tea!

Culex: *eats the banana* … *spits it at Tea Cup’s face* Ew! Nasty!

Tea Cup: Take me seriously! *charges at Culex*

Culex: Enough of this!

Culex punches Tea cup and shatters him.

Culex: What a waste of time!

Culex continues on and sees a Ukiki.

Ukiki: Hi!

Culex: How adorable!


Culex: Wha?! How mean…*starts sobbing*

Why are you being such a wuss?!

Culex: I don’t know…*stops sobbing* All right, have you seen a Power Star?

Ukiki: Like this one?

He produces one from his…pocket?

Culex: Exactly like that one!

Ukiki: Can’t say I have. Sorry.

He puts the Power Star away.

Culex: Oh. Thanks anyway…

Culex keeps going. One hour of just floating there later…


Culex teleports back to the Ukiki.


Ukiki: No!

Culex swipes at the monkey, but he’s too fast. Ukiki climbs up a cliff wall with Culex following, only for Ukiki to drop down and kick the demon’s face.

Ukiki: Loser!

Ukiki jumps down on one of the towering Mushrooms, with Culex in pursuit. Ukiki jumps from the Mushrooms back onto the mountain and jumps off the edge, being caught by magic wind. Culex pursues, but gets tired and collapses on the mountain.

Culex: Too…*pants* fast…

Ukiki runs around a corner and bumps into someone. He looks up to see the Mysterious Man.

Mysterious Man: Hello. Lllllittle monkey.

Cut back to Culex, who hears the Ukiki screech. He goes around the corner to see the Man and the Power Star. The Ukiki had vanished.

Culex: Who are you?! Are you trying to kill me too?!

Mysterious Man: No. Trusssst me. Now, take your Sssstar.

Culex takes the Power Star.

Culex: Who are you?

Culex blinks and suddenly the man isn’t there anymore.

Culex: Weird…

Chapter 56: To the Top of the Mountain!

Culex: All right, time to climb this thing!

Culex floats to the top.

Goomba: Cheater!

Culex: I don’t care!

Culex reaches the top, and sees an opponent!

Big Bob-omb: I’m back!

Culex: But…you don’t show up here…

Big Bob-omb: Well, yes, but I didn’t really get to have a fight.

Culex: Fair enough.

Culex shoots flames at Big Bob-omb, but it doesn’t seem to do much. Big Bob-omb charges at Culex and bear-hugs him.

Culex: Guba!

Big Bob-omb: *starts hugging harder* Had enough?!

Culex: Never!

Culex shoots lasers out of his eyes that scorch Big Bob-omb’s flesh slightly, causing him to let go.

Culex: Super Fist of The Underwhere: Tickle Attack!

Culex’s horns turn rubbery and stretch out to Big Bob-omb and start tickling him mercilessly.

Big Bob-omb: *laughing uncontrollably* No! Nooo! St-Stop it! IT’S TOO MUCH!

Culex: Suffer, mortal! *laughs evilly*

Big Bob-omb grabs Culex’s horns and starts swinging him around. Big Bob-omb lets go and sends Culex flying through the air. The Final Fantasy-esque demon stops in midair and flies at Big Bob-omb.

Culex: Super Fist of The Underwhere: Demon Meteor!

Culex is surrounded by a purple flame as he flies right into Big Bob-omb, causing a large explosion. A large amount smoke obscures Culex’s vision.

Culex: Victory!

Big Bob-omb: Not quite!

The smoke clears and Big Bob-omb is still standing!

Big Bob-omb: Time to die!

Big Bob-omb throws a Bob-omb at Culex, who swats it back at Big Bob-omb, who is knocked back slightly.

Culex: (That gives me an idea!) KYA! *palm thrusts Big Bob-omb in the face*

Culex continues to “KYA!”, and with each yell, palm thrusts Big Bob-omb in the face, slowly pushing him closer to the edge of the mountain.

Big Bob-omb: *realizes Culex’s motives* Le Gasp!

With one final “KYA!” Culex palm thrusts Big Bob-omb off the mountain.


He falls into the void and DIES! A Power Star appears and Culex collects it, then warps back to the castle.

Chapter 57: Bird Vs. Bird!

Culex exits the Tall Tall Mountain painting. Dodo is standing directly in Culex’s face.

Culex: *startled* AAHHH!

Dodo: AAHHH!!

Culex: AAAHHH!!

Dodo: AAHHH!!

Culex: AA-

Nearby Toad: Get on with it!

Author: Yes, get on with it!

The view pans to a large army of Goombas in a field. The view goes back to the screaming duo.

Goomba Army: GET ON WITH IT!!!

Culex: Sorry, we just-


Dodo: Alrl ight! Yeesh! Anyway, it’s been forever since I got to do anything! Tag me in!

Culex and Dodo high five as Culex teleports to his room.

Dodo: All right, where to now…?

Dodo sees a nearby door and enters. Ahead of him is a painting of a small Goomba and a bigger Goomba. He dives head first into the painting, and learns the hard way that it doesn’t lead to any worlds. What an idiot.

Dodo: Hey! That’s not nice!

Too bad. Dodo then notices two hallways in the room. He goes down the one on his right and sees the same painting, only smaller. He tries to enter it, but he’s way too fat.

Dodo: Stop that!

Never! So the fat ugly bird turns around and sees a huge version of the previous two paintings. He waddles over to it and finally manages to enter Tiny-Huge Island.

Dodo: *sitting on the ground sobbing* Y-You’re so m-m-meaaaan! *sobs louder*

Dodo spontaneously gets over it and looks around-

Dodo: No I didn’t! *stops sobbing*

Told you.

Dodo: Clever…

Dodo looks around and sees Goombas twice as big as he is!

Dodo: This place is messed up!

Dodo sneaks around the giant Mushrooms as he enters another area, with a giant Sunglasses-Wearing Fish!

Bubba: ‘Sup?

Dodo eats Bubba.

Dodo: Mmmm…Sushi…*drools like Homer Simpson*

Dodo looks up and sees a giant Klepto.

Dodo: Judging by the title of the chapter, I assume he has the Power Star…

Dodo miraculously is able to fly (despite being a Dodo), and pecks at his head, Dodo is so small, the Klepto barely felt it.

Klepto: Huh? What?

Klepto turns in midair to see Dodo. He narrows his eyes and grins.

Klepto: Lunch!

Dodo: Oh dear…

Klepto tries to swallow Dodo whole, but the dumb bird dodges and flies upward, with the giant Klepto in pursuit.


Klepto: Come back here, lunch!

Dodo: Super Fist of Feathers: Bombs Away!

Small bombs (like Bob-ombs without legs and eyes) appear in midair and start falling on Klepto.

Klepto: Ow! Ow! Ow! Where did those come from?!

Dodo: Narnia!

Klepto: Whaaaaaa?!

Dodo: Go Aslan!

Aslan comes from Dodo’s mouth and attacks Klepto.

Klepto: Agh! No! Argh! N-Nice kitty! Owie!

Thanks to Aslan, Klepto can no longer fly straight and nosedives into a mountain and makes a large hole on its summit. Klepto dies and the Power Star appears.

Dodo: Thanks Aslan!

Aslan: Whatever, fatty.

Aslan climbs back into Dodo’s mouth. Dodo holds back tears as he collects the Power Star.

Chapter 58: This Chapter Really Bugs Me!


Dodo: What the?!

Jelly Jiggler: It wasn’t me.

Dodo glares at Jelly Jiggler and hops in the hole. He lands in a kung-fu pose. As does Jelly Jiggler and Elvis on either side of the big bird. An angry Wiggler glares at the trio.

Wiggler: It was you three, wasn’t it?! Elvis must have done it!

Elvis: Huh?!

Wiggler headbutts Elvis into a wall, knocking him out.

Dodo and Jelly Jiggler: Elvis! No!

Jelly Jiggler stands on Dodo’s shoulders and the “big-boned” bird charges at the Wiggler.

Dodo and Jelly Jiggler: Combined Super Fist: A Wobbly Feather Can Bite Back!


Dodo (with Jelly Jiggler) crashes into the Wiggler, slamming the angry bug into a wall.

The Wiggler blows steam out of his nose and charges, ramming into the duo and sending them into the ceiling.

Both: Pain…

They fall back onto the floor.

Both: More pain…

Wiggler: Had enough?!

Jelly Jiggler: N-No…*turns to Dodo* Goodbye…old friend.

Dodo: Jelly?!

Jelly Jiggler jumps onto the Wiggler’s back.

Wiggler: Get off of me!

Jelly Jiggler: *starts glowing* This is the only way…

Dodo: Don’t do this!

Jelly Jiggler grows brighter and explodes, destroying himself and the Wiggler.

Dodo: NOOOOOO!!!

Bah, don’t cry. He’ll probably appear later on.

Dodo: Way to ruin a moment!

I do what I can. Anyway, the Power Star appears and Dodo collects it. He failed to notice the Mysterious Man watching him from the hole in the ceiling as Dodo teleported back to the castle.

Chapter 59: Time’s Almost Up!

Dodo emerges from the painting and Iggy is waiting for him.

Iggy: My turn!

Dodo: All right…That went by so fast…

Dodo vanishes to his room as Iggy goes back to the main room of the second floor.

Iggy: Time to go up the stairs, I guess.

Voice: No!

Iggy: Jelly Jiggler?

Voice: What? No! This is Bowletta! Turn back now, and you might survive!

Iggy: How would I not survive if I turned back?

Bowletta’s Voice: Um…Er…Sh-Shut up!

Iggy: Whatever.

Iggy goes up the stairs and charges the Star Door, destroying it.

Iggy: I don’t care if Larry’s supposed to go through those! I’m a rebel!

Nobody cares.

Iggy: I care…*sniffle*

Why is everybody crying?!

Iggy: Good question…

Iggy shrugs off the question and looks at the giant clock in front of him.

Iggy: I smell a level!!!

Iggy jumps into the face of the clock and is warped into Tick Tock Clock.

Iggy: This place is huge!

Iggy starts scaling the giant clock, dodging pendulums, and comes across a large treadmill leading to a platform.

Iggy: Awww…Running!

Iggy sprints as fast as he can, but only makes it midway and trips, and is sent flying backward into a wall.

Iggy: Ow…

Iggy grows wings and flies to the platform…WHAT?!

Iggy: With all the randomness going on, is it really a surprise?

I guess not…Anyway, Iggy reaches the top platform and sees the Power Star…on the other side of large pendulum obstacles and Thwomps.

Iggy: I must get through there…

Iggy focuses all of his energy and a golden aura surrounds him. He has found his inner peace.

Random Goomba: There’s no way he can fail like that!

Iggy calmly walks forward…and a pendulum swings and hits him, sending him into a wall.

Random Goomba: …

Iggy jumps off the wall onto a Thwomp’s head.

Iggy: I meant to do that!

Goomba: Liar!

Iggy: Shut up!

Iggy jumps from the Thwomp to a pendulum, and keeps going until he reaches the Power Star.

Iggy: That was easy! Too easy…

???: You’re darn right!

Iggy turns around and sees…Jelly Jiggler!

Jelly Jiggler: I agree, that was too easy!

Before Iggy can tell Jelly Jiggler to go away, the jelly man vanishes.

Iggy: …Weird.

Iggy turns back to get the star, but it’s gone!

Iggy: What the…?

???: Looking for this?

Iggy turns and sees a red-haired man. He’s holding the Power Star and smirking.

Red-Haired Man: This Power Star belongs to the Red Ribbon Army.

Iggy: Red Ribbon?

Red-Haired Man: Yeah, the whole army has been hired to kill you and your friends, and any other odd jobs our employer wants us to do.

Iggy: Who are you?

Red-Haired Man: The name is Colonel Silver.

Colonel Silver pockets the Power Star.

Colonel Silver: I’m afraid you will have to die! *gets in a fighting pose*

Iggy: I’m ready for you! *does a handstand*

Colonel Silver: …What are you doing?

Iggy: Super Fist of the Palm Tree Hair: Upside-down Punch!

Iggy punches at Colonel Silver, but since he’s using his hands for support, Iggy just falls and hurts his head.

Iggy: Ow…

Colonel Silver: …

Iggy: Let’s try that again!

Iggy shoots a fireball at Colonel Silver, who simply sidesteps.

Colonel Silver: Are you honestly trying?

Iggy: *sniffle* Yes…

Colonel Silver: I don’t have time for this.

Colonel Silver lunges at Iggy and kicks him into a wall.

Iggy: Guba!

Iggy kicks of the wall and headbutts Colonel Silver in the gut.

Colonel Silver: Gah!

Colonel Silver grabs Iggy and throws him into a nearby Thwomp. Unfortunately, the Thwomp chose that moment to rise, so Iggy landed under the Thwomp as it went back down, crushing him.

Colonel Silver: Too easy.

The Thwomp rises again to show Iggy in a body cast sitting in a wheelchair.

Iggy: I’m completely unharmed!

Colonel Silver: *eyes bugging out, think of what Beauty and Gasser always do in Bobobo* YOU ARE NOT OKAY!

The Thwomp crushes Iggy again, and when it rises, Iggy has an anvil and has no cast or wheelchair.

Iggy: Die!

Iggy jumps in the air and slams the anvil on the top of Colonel Silver’s head.

Colonel Silver: GUBA!

Iggy: Super Fist of the Palm Tree Hair: Rocket Launcher!

A rocket launcher appears in Iggy’s hands.

Colonel Silver: E-Easy with that thing!

Iggy fires the rocket launcher and a stick with a flag with the word “BANG!” on it fires out and pierces Colonel Silver’s arm.

Colonel Silver: What the?! This is madness!

Iggy: Madness? THIS. IS. SPARTAAAAA!!!

Iggy kicks Colonel Silver off the platform and the unfortunate man lands on a platform underneath, and is stunned with pain. The Power Star flies out of Colonel Silver’s pocket and flies to Iggy, who collects it and teleports out.

Colonel Silver: *struggles and manages to take out a walkie-talkie* C-Commander…

Commander Red: What? What’s going on?

Colonel Silver: I-I…

Suddenly, the walkie-talkie short-circuits.

Colonel Silver: What the…?

A Mysterious Man walks up to the fallen Colonel.

Mysterious Man: Well, well. If it isn’t Colonel Sssilver.

Colonel Silver: Who are you?

Mysterious Man: I’m afraid I am not entitled to tell you.

Suddenly the two men are transported to an odd, dark, and swamp-like planet.

Mysterious Man: I cannot allow you to *inhales sharply* llllive after interfering to this exxxtent. Have fun, Colonel.

Colonel Silver: What?! What is this place?!

Mysterious Man: Goodbye.

The Man vanishes as a giant green tentacle emerges from the ground.

Colonel Silver: What is that?!

The tentacle lunges at Colonel Silver.

Colonel Silver: AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Chapter 60: The Final Battle!

Iggy exits the clock and sees Larry, Dodo, and Culex.

Iggy: What are you guys doing here?

Larry: The four of us are going to fight Bowletta together!

Culex: We gotta show that witch who’s boss!

Dodo: We cannot lose if we work together!

Jelly Jiggler: I love you guys!

Rest of the Group: GO AWAY!

Jelly Jiggler: I want to help!

Larry: I guess every troop counts.

Jelly Jiggler: Yay!

Culex: We could always use a shield anyway!

Jelly Jiggler: WHAA?!

Culex: Just kidding! *to the other so Jelly Jiggler can’t hear. His face turns blue and he grows a mustache* I lied! *face returns to normal*

Larry: All right! Let’s go!

The quintet marched up the stairs to the Star Door.

Iggy: Do we even have enough Stars?

Larry: Who cares?!

Larry uses Jelly Jiggler as a battering ram to destroy the door. The Jelly-Man doesn’t even seem to notice.

Larry: Let’s go!

The group goes up the stairs. They go up…and up…and up…and up…Okay, something is wrong here!

Dodo: These go on forever!

Larry: What do we do now?!

At the top of the never-ending stairs (try to wrap your head around that~), the Mysterious Man is standing in front of a square hole.

Mysterious Man: I can be of assistance…

The Man doesn’t seem to do anything, yet the stairs change to normal stairs. The quintet spots the Man.

Culex: You again?!

Larry: Again?

Culex: I’ve seen him before!

Dodo: He looks like a G-Man!

The G-Man: *ignores Dodo* I have been watching you two Koopasss and the rest of your group as they appeared sssince your first adventure against thisss witch. Ever since you defeated Zaraxxx, my employersss have been interested in you.

(Author’s Note: Zarax was the antagonist of my first story on this site, which I asked Lemmy to take down because of how horrible it is. It can be accessed by going to Zarax’s page on Larry’s Bios. I DO NOT recommend this. All you need to know was Zarax was the antagonist, but Larry beat him. You should know this if you read my Mario RPG story.)

Larry: So, basically, you’ve been stalking me?

The G-Man: That’s one way of putting it.

Iggy: You creep!

The G-Man: Now, now. Don’t be ssso angry. I’ve been helping you ssslightly. Have you ever noticed how sssometimes your problems are sssolved in a very convenient manner?

Iggy: Yeah…

The G-Man: That wasss me. I cannot help you too much, but I do what I can. Now then. I mussst be off.

Larry: But who-

The G-Man: I’m afraid I cannot say for now. Goodbye.

For some reason, the quintet’s eyes all start itching. They rub them, and when they finish, The G-Man is no longer there.

Larry: Odd…

The group jumps in the hole, being warped to a dark world. It’s rather small, with jst two platforms, one where the group is, and another with a Warp Pipe. The platforms are connected by a bridge.

Larry: What happened here?!

Culex: Where’s the rest of the level?!

Dodo: None of us have been here, how do we know what the level even looks like?

Iggy: Shut up, Dodo.

Dodo: …

Jelly Jiggler: (Glad someone else is getting verbally abused!)

Larry: Shut up, Jelly Jiggler!

Jelly Jiggler: …

Culex: Perhaps that witch is just eager to fight us?

Larry: Well, that’s a mistake she’ll soon regret! Let’s go!

The quintet enters the Warp Pipe and appears on a large, black platform in the sky. Bowletta is there sitting on a fancy throne, Fawful is standing next to her, and Princess Peach is trapped in a giant, floating pink crystal.

Bowletta: Well, well. Look who decided to show up!

Fawful: Eyahahaaha! I have chortles!

Bowletta: Quiet!

Fawful: The yesness…

Peach: Hey! You’re the hero who saved me from Booster!

Larry: I’m not a hero, you dunce!

Peach: So modest!

Larry: *face palm* All right Bowletta, leave my dad’s body! It’s seriously creepy!

Bowletta: I don’t think so. Kill them, Fawful!

Fawful: Yes, my mistress of Bowletta!

Fawful’s headgear appears and he hovers above the group. He starts shooting energy balls.

Larry: Quick! Use the shield!

Everyone in the group takes turns using Jelly Jiggler as a shield against the deadly balls.

Jelly Jiggler: Ow! Ow! That burns! Ack! Stop it!

Fawful stops his attack and Jelly Jiggler is bruised and hurt.

Culex: How dare you do this to our comrade?!

Peach: *eyes bug out* YOU ALL USED HIM AS A SHIELD!

Larry: I’ll never forgive you, Fawful!

Larry throws Jelly Jiggler at Fawful and hits the small green man out of the air. Jelly Jiggler, meanwhile, almost falls off the edge.

Jelly Jiggler: That was close!

Dodo: He’s still here!

Dodo opens his mouth and a rocket comes out and hits Jelly Jiggler, causing an explosion and sending the expired jelly high into the air.

Bowletta and Fawful: …

Dodo flies at Fawful and swallows him whole.

Dodo: Yum…

Fawful struggles inside of Dodo’s stomach and starts punching and kicking.

Dodo: D’oh! Agh! My insides!

Dodo spits Fawful back up.

Fawful: Eeeeyuck! That was most revolting, like Justin Bieber’s singing!


Culex: I’ll end this! Super Fist of The Underwhere: Demon Punch!

Culex’s fist burns with a purple flame as he uppercuts Fawful and sends him straight up. He goes so high up, he exits the stage and crashes through the ceiling of the castle and keeps going, eventually arching and falling in a field somewhere.

Bowletta: That was…unexpected. Fine. Go, my Koopa minions!

Chef Torte and Apprentice appear. Dear DAD, not again…

Torte (to his Apprentice): From now on, losing is verboten!

Apprentice: Right!

Larry: Why won’t you two leave me alone?!

Torte: I already told you, DUMMKOPF!

Larry: You did.

Apprentice: What’s with that remark?!

The two chefs charge at the group, but before they can do anything, Jelly Jiggler drops back down from the sky and lands on them, knocking the chefs out.

Bowletta: *face palm* My underlings are worthless…

Nelson: Haw haw!

Bowletta backhands Nelson off of the platform and gets her fat self off her throne.

Bowletta: Hey!

Jelly Jiggler: *gets up, suddenly unharmed* You guys are such bullies!

Peach: How did he survive?!

Jelly Jiggler: Through the power of friendship!

Bowletta: ENOUGH!

Bowletta shoots a large pillar of fire at the quintet.

All Five: Combined Super Fist: Friendship Beam!

The quintet charges up a beam…which fires straight up.

Peach: *eyes bugging* That’s going the wrong way!

The quintet is hit by the fire and is covered in soot.

All Five: Our friendship beam failed…
Peach: No kidding!

Jelly Jiggler shakes off his soot…and is now shaped like a sausage.

Jelly Jiggler: What happened to me?!

The rest of the group shakes off their soot. Larry is now a broom, Iggy has the body of a bodybuilder wearing shorts, Culex is Link, and Dodo is a roasted turkey.

Rest of the group: What’s going on?!

Bowletta and Peach: HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!

The odd quintet charges at Bowletta, knocking her on her back.

Bowletta: I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

Odd Group: Haha! Victory!

Suddenly, another Larry, Iggy, Culex, Dodo, and Jelly Jiggler appear.

Larry: Get out of here!

Culex: Yeah, quit taking the spotlight!

Odd Group: Then…what are we?

The Odd Group vanishes as Bowletta manages to get up.

Bowletta: How did that happen?!

Larry: How did what happen?

Bowletta: Grrr! Die!

Bowletta lunges at the group. Culex, dressed as a football player, rams into her and knocks her back.

Culex: Time to unleash my power! YEAAAAGGGGHHH!

Culex starts glowing, especially in his horns, which start giving off electricity.

Bowletta: Those horns must be the source of his power…

Culex: *rips off his horns* These things are getting in the way!


Culex shoots a purple bolt of electricity at Bowletta. The witch swats it away and it hits Jelly Jiggler.

Jelly Jiggler: AAAGGHHH!!

Bowletta: Bwahahaa!

Bowletta waves her hand and a hundred swords appear.

Dodo: Since when could she do that?!

Bowletta: Eyahahahaha!

The swords fly at the quintet, who performs a bunch of Matrix-esque dodging moves.

Larry (stabbed by several swords, but somehow isn’t bleeding): You missed!

Bowletta: ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You got hit!

Iggy (also stabbed by swords, somehow not bleeding) Stop lying!

Dodo (impaled by a spear): Honestly, Bowletta, you’re so immature!

Bowletta: I didn’t even use any spears!

Larry glows green.

Larry: Super Fist of the Nosehair: Nervousness Typhoon!

Larry starts dancing in place, like he has to go to the bathroom.

Larry: What do we do…? What do we do…?

He keeps repeating the phrase as he slowly starts spinning. He increases speed and a tornado forms.

Everyone Else: WHAAA?!

Bowletta is sucked into the tornado. Random objects from nowhere hit her as she flies through. This includes a piano, a cow, and a bookcase. The tornado stops and Bowletta falls face first into the ground. She gets up and rubs her head.

Bowletta: Ow…

Iggy appears behind Bowletta.

Iggy: Leg Snap!

Iggy knees the back of Bowletta’s legs very lightly.

Bowletta: …

Suddenly Bowletta is dealt a great deal of damage and blown upwards, before landing on and breaking her throne.

Bowletta: THAT’S IT!!!

Bowletta changes into Dark Bowletta!

Iggy: OH SNAP!

Dark Bowletta: I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!!!

Dark Bowletta summons a meteor show to rain upon the quintet.

Dodo: Not a meteor shower!

Larry: *in a shower, complete with a curtain* I love showers!

A meteor crushes him and his shower.

Larry: Guba!

Iggy: *dodging meteors like a ballerina, occasionally uses Jelly Jiggler as a shield* This is dangerous!

Jelly Jigger: I’ll say!

Everyone hides behind Jelly Jiggler. The meteors soon stop.

Dark Bowletta: Had enough?!

Everyone but Jelly Jiggler is in a body cast.


Dark Bowletta and Peach: THEY USED YOU AS A SHIELD! And you already did that!

Iggy: Those twin women are right! We used that joke twice!

Rest of the Group: NOOOO!!!

Dark Bowletta and Peach: TWINS?!

Dark Bowletta punches Larry into Iggy, stomps Jelly Jiggler, and uses Dodo as a weapon against Culex.

All Five: GUBA!

Larry kicks Dark Bowletta in the face, but it barely hurts her!

Larry: This is bad! What do we do?!

Iggy: I know! Super Fist of the Palm Tree Hair: Normal Punch!

Iggy’s fist grows five times its normal size and punches Dark Bowletta with it. She is scooted back about an inch, but that’s it.

Dark Bowletta: EYAHAHAHA!

Iggy: Our Super Fists don’t do anything either!

Culex: I know our solution! We must use fusion!

Dodo: There are five of us! One person needs to be left out of the fusions! I vote Jelly Jiggler!

Culex: I agree.

Larry and Iggy: Us too.

Jelly Jiggler: You’re all bullies!

Dark Bowletta: Go ahead and fuse! It won’t help you!

Larry: All right! Fusion!!!

Larry swallows Dodo and starts glowing. Culex does the same to Iggy and glows as well.


Larry changes into a man with orange, spiky hair. He wears a blue cape and has green armor shoulder pads on. He is wearing chainmail instead of a shirt, and he wears black pants with white flip-flops. On his head, he’s wearing Ze Goggles from Team Fortress 2.

???: My name… is Dorry. I have five minutes in this form.

Culex changes into…a large green beaver wearing the Tyrant’s Helm from Team Fortress 2.

???: WHAT AM I?! Er…anyway. I’m Iglex! I have seven hours in this form.

Bowletta: Let’s just go with five minutes…

Jelly Jiggler: *puts on the Whoopee Cap, I’m sure by now you know where it’s from* I want a hat too!

Dark Bowletta: Tch. That still won’t be enough! Go, my Dragon!

A giant Komodo Dragon appears and charges at the trio. Dorry punches the Dragon in the nose as it gets closer, completely freezing the beast in its tracks. After a few seconds pass, the Dragon disintegrates.

Dark Bowletta: Maybe you have SOME skill… No matter! I can still defeat you!

Dark Bowletta shoots a pillar of white flames at the three heroes.

Iglex: Jelly Jiggler, get behind me!

Jelly Jiggler: Right!

Jelly Jiggler hides behind Iglex as the two fused beings are hit with the flame. As the attack finishes, the trio is completely unharmed.

Dark Bowletta: Wh-What?! That’s not possible!

Dorry: Oh, but it is.

Dorry, in the blink of an eye, dashes at Dark Bowletta and punches her gut. He follows this up by roundhouse kicking her in the face, sending her flying.

Iglex: My turn!

Iglex appears where Dark Bowletta is flying towards and punches her back to Dorry. Dorry kicks her back and this repeats for a little bit.

Jelly Jiggler: *standing there, watching the fight* Umm…*picks up a rock from the ground and half heartedly throws it at Dark Bowletta and misses* Take that.

Eventually, Dorry catches Dark Bowletta and lets her fall to the ground. She’s battered and bruised and panting heavily.

Dorry: Surrender?

Dark Bowletta: N-Never! (What do I do?! I can’t beat them! Wait! I know!) A-Actually! I do! I give up!

Dark Bowletta points to the pink crystal and it floats over to Dark Bowletta and vanishes, freeing Princess Peach. Dark Bowletta then turns back into regular Bowletta.

Bowletta: Here’s the princess!

Iglex: All right, now give up Bowser’s body!

Bowletta: I…don’t think so!

Dorry and Iglex: Huh?

Bowletta snatches Peach and swallows her whole, then starts glowing.

Dorry, Iglex, and Jelly Jiggler: OH NO!

Bowletta grows larger, her teeth and nails become sharper. The ribbons (or whatever they are) on her head are replaced by golden horns pointing at a 45-degree angle. Her tail grows longer and has spikes on the end. Her eyes turn red with white glowing slit-pupils. Her shell turns pink and the spikes grow sharper and a bit longer. Her hair turns purple and Peach’s crown is perched on her head, with the hair going through the empty space. She roars, which shakes the whole platform.

Super Bowletta: Ahh…I can feel immense power!

Iglex: I won’t let you do a thing!

Iglex punches at Super Bowletta but she blocks with ease.

Iglex: Oh no…

Super Bowletta smiles and swings Iglex into Dorry, then throws Iglex into Jelly Jiggler.

Super Bowletta: You cannot win!

Dorry: Maybe a combined Super Fist in our fused forms will be enough?

Iglex: It’s our only choice.

Jelly Jiggler: Let’s do it!

Dorry and Iglex: Combined Super Fist: Dorry and Iglex’s TV Network!

Suddenly, the four are in a large field.

Super Bowletta: This won’t work! No matter how hard you try, you will still fail!

Dorry: We’ll take you go through a day of our TV Network! We’ll go from Six in the morning to Midnight!

Super Bowletta: WHAAA?!

Iglex: At 6:00, it’s the Jungle Wake-Up News!

The field turns into a jungle as the hero trio vanishes.

Super Bowletta: Where did they go?!

Suddenly she hears Tarzan-esque yelling from behind her as she turns to see the hero trio on vines swinging toward her. Before she can do anything, they all kick her as they swing. Oddly, they are all in medieval clothing.


Dorry: First, the news. Our top story: Super Bowletta is a jerk that deserves to be trampled by horses!

Super Bowletta turns and sees a dozen horses running toward her.


The horses trample over Super Bowletta and then board a plane and fly away.

Super Bowletta: GUBA!!

She gets up and sees Iglex with the lower half of his body in the mouth of a crocodile, while he happily points to a weather chart of some unknown country.

Iglex: Today, it’ll be below forty. Quite nippy; of course, that could be the crocodile!

Super Bowletta: Why is there a crocodile?!

Jelly Jiggler suddenly appears and kicks Super Bowletta in the face.

Super Bowletta: What does that have to do with the news?!

Jelly Jiggler: Nothing! *giggles stupidly and runs away*

Super Bowletta: Grrr…

Dorry: At 7:00, we like to soothe our sleepy audience with peaceful music.

Super Bowletta: That sounds easy to get through…

The four are warped to a stage where our heroes are playing really loud Rock Music.


Super Bowletta: THAT’S NOT PEACEFUL!

Iglex: Says you!

The three whack Super Bowletta with their guitars.

Iglex: It’s 8:00! Time for everyone’s favorite kid show, “Can We Build It?”!

The four are warped to a colorful room with Dorry dressed as a construction builder.

Dorry: *to an unseen audience* Hey kids! It’s time for “Can We Build It?”!

Unseen Audience of Children: Yaaaaaaayyy!

Dorry: SHUT UP, YOU ANNOYING BRATS! Anyway, today we’re going to build an H Class Battleship out of a toothpick!

Super Bowletta: That’s kind of complicated, don’t you think!?!

Dorry: Alrighty! Let’s see how everyone did.

He walks up to Iglex, who is standing next to a medieval cannon.

Iglex: How’d I do?!


Dorry fires the cannon, sending a cannonball into Super Bowletta’s gut.

Super Bowletta: GUBA!

Dorry: Now let’s see how Jelly Jiggler did!

Jelly Jiggler has an exact replica of “The Scream”.


Dorry picks up the painting and hits Super Bowletta, making her head go through the paper. The four are warped to what seems to be an interviewing studio.

Jelly Jiggler: At 9:00, we play the game “Force Me To Laugh!”.

Dorry, Iglex, and Jelly Jiggler each have a microphone and are looking depressed.


Dorry: *sniffle* …and that’s how my hamster died.

Jelly Jiggler: *stifles a laugh, Dorry and Iglex glare at him* Waa! I’M SORRY!

Jelly Jiggler runs away. Suddenly, everything goes freeze frame as Super Bowletta is in the air and the hero trio look like they punched her there. They still look sad, and like they put little efforts into the punches.

Dorry: *depressed voice* Super Fist of Bummer: Attack and Destroy…

The group appears in a kitchen.

Jelly Jiggler: From 10:00 to Noon we have “Extreme Cooking”!

Super Bowletta: Whaaa?!

Dorry puts a popcorn bag in the microwave.

Super Bowletta: HOW IS THAT EXTREME?!

Dorry picks up the microwave and slams it into Super Bowletta’s face.

Dorry: Extreeeeeeme!!!

Super Bowletta: Guba!

Iglex takes cookies from the oven and whacks Super Bowletta in the gut with the baking sheet.

Super Bowletta: MY DAD THAT’S HOT!

Jelly Jiggler starts slapping Super Bowletta silly.

Jelly Jiggler: EAT ME! EAT ME! EAT ME! EAT ME! EAT ME!

Super Bowletta: NO!!!

Jelly Jiggler: Okay…

Dorry: It’s noon! Time for every kid’s second favorite show, “Stick Man”!

Dorry flips through a flipbook that shows a Stickman picking his nose.

Super Bowletta: That’s so lazy!!

Dorry whacks Super Bowletta in the face with the book.

Dorry: SAYS YOU!

Iglex: It’s 1:00! Time for sports!

The group appears on a baseball field.

Dorry: Let’s do this!

Dorry whacks Super Bowletta with a metal baseball bat.

Super Bowletta: Gyuba!!!

Jelly Jiggler drops a bowling ball on the witch’s head.

Super Bowletta: Why do you have that?! This is a baseball field!!!

Iglex drives over Super Bowletta with a NASCAR racing car.

Super Bowletta: That’s not even a sport!

Dorry: It’s 2:00! Time for “Who Wants To Be In A High-Speed Chase?”!

Dorry and Iglex are driving a car with a rope dragging Super Bowletta behind them.

Super Bowletta: THIS ISN’T A CHASE!

Jelly Jiggler appears on Super Bowletta’s stomach and punches her in the face.

Super Bowletta: Guba!

Iglex: 3:00! It’s a Two Hour Movie Time! Today we have…Cinderella!

Super Bowletta: WHY?!

Dorry is dressed as a pretty princess.

Dorry: I’m Cinderella!

Super Bowletta: YOU ARE NOT!

Dorry roundhouse kicks Super Bowletta in the face.

Dorry: So rude!!!

Iglex appears unchanged except for a “Hi! I’m Cinderella!” tag on his hat.

Super Bowletta: That’s just lazy!

Iglex: I’m not lazy!

Iglex does something that hurts Super Bowletta.

Super Bowletta: THAT’S LAZY TOO!

Jelly Jiggler is dressed as a scuba diver.

Super Bowletta: HUH?!

Jelly Jiggler: *hits Super Bowletta with a shark* THAT’S FOR THE SEVEN DWARFS!!

Super Bowletta: Wrong fairy tale!

Dorry: When the clock strikes 5:00, it’s time for a seven-hour punching show!

Super Bowletta: WHAAA?!

The hero trio continuously punch Super Bowletta for seven hours.

Super Bowletta: …Pain…Wait, it’s midnight! The attack is over!

Dorry: Actually, I lied! We have five hours of wrestling shows!

Super Bowletta: I HATE LIARS!

The hero trio all, at the same time, punch Super Bowletta in the face.



The attack ends and the four are warped to the platform.
Super Bowletta: Grr…I can still fight!

Dorry: Not for long! We only have ten seconds left!

Super Bowletta: ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!

Dorry, Iglex, and Jelly Jiggler create a large beam of energy and fires it at Super Bowletta, defeating her.

Super Bowletta: NOOO!!!

Super Bowletta is forced to cough up Peach while Dorry and Iglex split into their original forms.

Peach: Eww…Slobber!

Larry: We did it!

Iggy: That wasn’t too hard!

Bowletta: I…I won’t let you wiiiiin!!!

Bowletta focuses all her remaining power and starts glowing…and smoking. Huh?

Bowletta: I’m going to blow myself up! KILLING YOU AND DESTROYING THIS CASTLE IN THE PROCESS!!

Larry: We have to get out of here!

Dodo: No duh!

The six warp out of the level.

Culex: How do we stop the explosion?!

Larry puts a cardboard square over the hole leading to the level.

Iggy: That will never work!

Jelly Jiggler: We’re all gonna die!!!

Bowletta: DIE, LARRY!!!

Bowletta explodes, destroying the level she was in. By some odd miracle, the cardboard square contains the explosion.

Peach: SERIOUSLY?! Oh well, at least that witch is dead!

Larry: So is our father!

Iggy: He’s died before.

Larry: Really?

Iggy: It’s implied in Luigi’s Mansion.

Larry: Ah.

Peach: For saving me, I’m going to bake you all a cake! My heroes!

Larry: *suppresses a sigh* (Just go with it Larry, at least there’s cake!)

Culex: OH YEAH!

Later, outside the castle, Peach finishes the cake and brings it out.

Bundt: How did we get here?!

Raspberry: I have no idea!

The heroes laugh, then suddenly Larry bites Bundt.


Up on the roof of the castle, The G-Man is watching the group. He adjusts his tie and walks behind the castle’s tower and vanishes.

Epilogue: A New Foe!

The Hooded Figure is talking to his unseen master.

Hooded Figure: It appears Bowletta has died.

???: WHAT?! She was crucial to getting my body back!

Hooded Figure: I know, we’ll think of something.

Red Alloy: How about letting me give it a shot? I had to sit this plan out!

Hooded Figure: No! I know exactly who to use! King Boo! Get in here!

King Boo: *appears* Yes, sir?

Hooded Figure: I have a little mission for you…

???: Don’t you dare fail it!

King Boo: O-Of course… M-Master!

Here’s what happened to everyone I find important!

Larry: Dyed his hair blue again and went back to doing hiatus-filled interviews!
Iggy: Continued being a nerd! Also, something about winning a mansion? I dunno.
Culex: Partied in The Underwhere.
Dodo: Went to another all-you-can-eat buffet.
Jelly Jiggler: Went from store to store, seeing if someone would buy him. Nobody did.
Chef Torte and Apprentice: Somehow survived the explosion and woke up in a field somewhere. They are now plotting revenge against Larry and his group. So persistent!
Shy Ranger: Found out this adventure was happening and was mad he missed it.
Fawful: Woke up in a field and decided to sell badges for beans.
Cackletta: Dead.
Bowser: Dead (for now).
Project MM: ???

The End!

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